Even Stevens: Ren's Day Off
by D.R.T

Ren Stevens groggily opened her eyes to the warm ray of sunshine entering
her room it was Saturday and Ren slowly rolled over to look at her alarm
clock. It read 8:47. Way to early to be up on a Saturday Ren thought so
she started to drift back to sleep when she realized this was no ordinary
Saturday. This was the day Ren had decided to take off in her on going quest
to be perfect. Her brother and father were gone all day on a father son
fishing trip, and her mother was gone to visit a sick family member. She had
the whole day and the whole house to her self. She threw off the covers and
hopped off the bed. She was in her usual sleeping attire, nothing; she loved
the feeling of the cool sheets against her soft skin. She was tall to be 14,
she had long black hair, her breasts were just beginning to bud, and she
had a tiny patch of pubic hair just beginning to sprout. She still wore a
training bra. Ren headed for her closet to grab a T-shirt to put on when
she remembered there was no need to. The idea of walking around her house
in the buff really turned her on. Ren walked out of her room and bounded
down the hallway towards the family bathroom.

Ren left the door open behind her as she started a nice hot shower. She
turned on the stereo and climbed in. Ren spent several minutes soaping up
and singing along with the stereo when all of the sudden she became
incredibly horny again. Ren loved to masturbate; it was the best way she
had found to relieve all the stress in her life. She masturbated at least
five times a day and often been known to slip into the bathroom at school
to relieve some midday tension, she was constantly searching for new ways
to increase her pleasure. She looked down at her tiny tits and her nipples
were standing at full attention. Ren brought her left hand to her right
breast and slowly used her middle finger to trace circle across her aerola.
She ceased this action and began to pinch her nipple between her thumb and
index finger. All this attention to her breast brought a tingling to Ren's
clit, while she continued to caress her breast she slid her other hand down
to her aching pussy. Her hand gently rubbed the lips of her pussy and she
began to loudly moan knowing no one would hear her. She began to smell
the aroma of her sex in the air, and removed her hand from her pussy and
brought it to her mouth. She sucked her sweet juice from her warm fingers
and savored the taste. Ever since the first time she masturbated she always
licked her own fingers clean; there was no other taste in the world she
loved more.

This action only increased the sensation building in her body; she suddenly
remembered something she had learned the day before. She had been surfing
the web and had become quite horny. She decided to see if she could find
any new masturbation tips and found a site called masturbation techniques
for women. Most of the things she had already tried, such as different
finger techniques, anal, vegetables, and grinding into various objects. As
she neared the bottomed of the page she found a passage on how to get
yourself off with the showerhead. And now as she stood here it all came back
to her. She removed the shower from the bracket on the wall and turned the
setting to massage. Ren didn't tease herself at all. She spread apart her
pussy lips and shot the flow of water straight up her cunt. The feeling of
water swirling around inside her was the best thing Ren ever felt in her
life. Ren stood perfectly still for the next several minutes not moving
anything, she let the showerhead continue its work on her insides. As she
slowly came back to reality she removed her hand from her pussy lips and
moved up to her clit, she pulled back its hood revealing Ren's favorite part
of her body. She now turned the showerhead's attention to her clit as well.
Ren screamed when the jet hit her clit, the force of the water was almost
too much for the sensitive organ. She kept from puling away and soon felt
a huge orgasm building inside her. Ren began to scream in pleasure and her
hands trembled, she had never experienced anything so powerful. Suddenly it
hit her, Ren's knees buckled and she nearly fell over. Ren could see the
cum shooting from her pussy and she collapsed to the floor of the tub. Ren
looked at the showerhead lying between her legs shooting against the wall.
She lay there for a few minutes before she had the strength to get up. She
dried herself off and headed back to her room.

She walked past the open door to her parents' room and paused for a moment.
She knew she shouldn't go through her parents' things but after what she just
went through she couldn't resist. Ren stood in the doorway a moment scanning
the room. She started with her mother's dresser. She opened the top left
drawer and hit the jackpot on the first one. In the drawer before her were
all of her mother's sexiest underwear. Ren picked up a couple of the items
and examined. One was a white silk thong printed with red hearts. This
intrigued Ren because she had never even seen a thong before but she finally
remembered over hearing the school sluts talking about them in the cafeteria
and put it all together. Ren couldn't help herself, she knew it was dirty but
she put the thong on anyway. She couldn't believe how good it felt to have
this string running between her ass cheeks. She closed this drawer and walked
over and sat on her mother's side of the bed. She reached over and opened the
drawer to her mother's nightstand. Ren's jaw dropped at what she saw before
her; there were porno mags, lube, handcuffs and more vibrators and dildos
than could be counted. Ren couldn't believe her conservative mother had so
many sex toys, she continued to stare at the assortment. As Ren recovered
from the shock her disgust of the sight was replaced with arousal. She
started with the stack of pornos, as she read all the titles she realized
most of them were lesbian magazines. She began to wonder if her mother was a
lesbian until she saw a few straight ones. Her mother must be bisexual.

Ren surprised herself by picking a lesbian magazine with to little preteen
girls on the cover. Ren began to flip through the pages, the magazine was
full of little girls, most of them with bodies hadn't even begun to develop,
licking and fucking each other. After several minutes of looking at the
magazine and playing with her twat she returned her attention to the drawer.
She saw a pair of crotchless panties with a remote control lying on top of
them. Ren picked up both and pressed the only button on the remote control.
The panties began to buzz in her hand and a smile came across her face. She
pulled the panties on over the thong and found that the vibrator fell
perfectly on her clit. Ren's pussy instantly shot out another wave of girl
cum. Ren now continued her search through the drawer. She eventually found a
12-inch dildo with a suction cup on the bottom. This would work perfect.

Ren suctioned the dildo to the hard wood floor and grab a tube of lube she
squirted some on her finger and worked it around the rim of her rectum,
pushing the thong deep into her asshole. She next loaded the dildo with lube
and through the tube on the bed. Ren was now ready. She positioned herself
over the dildo, the tip just at the entrance to her asshole. Ren decided it'd
be best to do it quickly so with one quick thrust she buried the dildo to the
balls. Ren screamed and a few tears ran down her face. She took a few moments
to recover from the pain before continuing. She slid up and down the plastic
cock quickening her pace as the walls of her asshole stretched to fit the
cock. As Ren's pleasured increased so did her speed. Her small breast jiggled
with each bounce. She became so frantic she almost slipped off the cock
several times. After only a couple minutes Ren felt that familiar feeling and
prepared for a final thrust, she slid all the way up to the tip and the
slammed down with all her force. Ren looked down as her ass slammed onto the
balls and her pussy juice shot all over the floor. Ren fell over and the
dildo popped from the floor, she could still hear the soft hum of the
panties. After several seconds she heard a low giggle over the hum. She
turned her head in terror towards the door. It was that son of a bitch Beans.

"What the fuck are you doing in here?" Ren Screamed, "Get the fuck out!"

Beans just continued to stand there laughing.

"I'm going to kill you, you little son of a bitch!" Ren couldn't believe the
language she was using.

She began to run towards Beans and he screamed. She chased him all the way
out the front door screaming all the way. Ren went back upstairs and began to
clean up everything in her parents' room.


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