This story is pure fiction and not to be taken seriously. This is pure erotic
fantasy and should not be read by anyone under 18.

Even Stevens: Slumber Party (mf,ff,inc,inter,anal,voy,humil)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Louis Stevens was having a dream. He saw himself walking down the hallway at
school in a suit of armor. Tawny came up to him.

"Oh Louis nice suit!"


"Oh Louis you look so cool!"

"Well, thank you Tawny."

Tawny leaned in to kiss him softly, Louis woke up quickly as her lips touched
his. Later that day he told his friend Twitty about his dream. Ever since
Louis saw that suit of armor on the Internet he knew he had to have it. He
and Twitty tried to come up with a way to get the suit, but neither one of
them knew how they would raise the money. Louis made his way home and told
Twitty he would be over at his place later.

Going in his house everyone was sitting down in the kitchen, and his older
sister Ren was discussing something with them.

"Hey guys wassup, I'm really hungry I was just gonna make me a special shake
with a little bit of everything in it, so if you guys want some....Right

With that his sister Ren stopped him from getting in the fridge. She slammed
the door shut.

"You are late! Grab a chair!" Insisted Ren.

"Is this fair?" He asked his parents.

"I would do what she says." His dad responded.


With that he threw his hands in the air as if to say whatever.

"OK Friday night several of my girlfriends will be sleeping over. This is
not a slumber party so please don't call it that. Slumber parties are for 4
year olds. This is a young woman's all night forum."

Ren was interrupted by the loud sound of the blender as Louis was pushing a
cucumber into it. Ren immediately unplugged it.

"Hey Ren I was making a quality cucumber shake here!"

"NOT on my time!"

"Now I love you all very much yes I do, but you are just not gonna be here
this Friday, OK?"

"Not a problem, your mother and I will be out late, we have a symphony to go
to." Said her dad.

"Oh I won't be here either, I have a date." Said Donnie (Ren's brother).

"And YOU cucumber boy, will definitely not be here!" Ren said to Louis.

"Why would I wanna be around a bunch of lame girls huh? Tell me. I don't
think so, I'm sleeping at Twitty's."

Later that day at Twitty's, Louis was playing mini golf in Twitty's basement.

"Twitty what would you pay to see what girls do and say when guys aren't

"Hmm I'd say about a thousand dollars."

"Well, Twitty I was thinking of like ten bucks."

"Yeah Louis I...uh....don't have that much either."

"Well, I was thinking of using my camera and charging 10 bucks a person to
see Ren and her buddies in their pajamas. Can you see that?"

Twitty's eyes lite up. "Oh yeah, that's brilliant Louis!"

"Come Monday Twitty, I'm gonna be walking down the hallway in my new suit
of armor. Let's get the word out that were hosting a pay per view in my

The two high fived and couldn't wait until Friday.

The next day was Friday. Luckily though Ren had gone out shopping for things
for her party with Ruby, and that gave Twitty and Louis time to set up the
cameras. Originally they were gonna go with just one camera in the front
room, but decided they weren't gonna pass up on the chance of putting a
camera in Ren's room.

They got their next door neighbor a young kid named Beans, to pass out flyers
for their pay preview. "The secret world of girls" it said in big letters.
They set it up in Louis's basement. All together there were 15 guys who
showed up giving Louis $150, enough for the suit of armor. The show began
with the girls in the front room. They talked about make up, guys, and this
and that. Then they decided to up stairs and change into their PJ's. The guys
cheered when Twitty changed cameras to Ren's room. The 5 girls consisted of
Ren, Ruby, a blonde cheerleader named Marlo, Danielle a chunky black girl
and Tawny who was Louis and Twitty's friend.

They watched intently as the girls peeled of their clothes. Ren stripped out
of her top and pants. Then off came her bra revealing firm but small breasts.
Her panties were next, revealing a sexy pussy with dark pubes.

"Dude your sister is hot Louis!" Exclaimed Twitty.

"Please Twitty, who cares!" He insisted.

Louis had to admit though, as much as he despised his sister she was quite
sexy. He stole a glance as she slid into her light blue silk chemise. The
guys all watched as her matching blue panties slid up her sexy long copper
legs and made there way to her tight ass.

Louis was really more interested in Tawny though and started watching her
undress. As she pulled off her shirt he was treated to the sight of her nice
tits (Tawny wasn't wearing a bra). Her tits were nicely sized for a 14 year
old girl, gravity defying, round, and had dark red nipples.

"Damn no wonder she doesn't wear a bra, she don't need to those things stand
up on their own!" Said Louis.

The guys all admired Tawny's hot bod, especially Louis. Tawny put on a long
white with pink trim, baseball jersey shirt (no bra of course) to go along
with pink cotton panties. The guys were so busy checking her out, that they
ended up only seeing Danielle and Marlo with their PJ's already on. In other
words they missed seeing any real skin from those two girls. They all caught
a glimpse of the almost dressed Ruby when Tom Repalsky exclaimed, "Look,
Ruby shaves her pussy!"

Sure enough, Ruby's pussy lips were complete exposed on her bald snatch. Her
lips were dark pink and they had all the guys looking getting hardons.

"Damn that girl's pussy is so fucking hot!" Exclaimed Twitty. All the guys
whistled in agreement. They all watched as her pussy disappeared under white
panties. After that the girls all made their way back downstairs. They all
sat around and talked about boys and such. Twitty had control on the camera,
the zoom on the camera caught many sexy glimpses here and there of the girls
panties and cleavage when they bent over.

Ren looked at Ruby with weary eyes, hoping that Ruby had an idea for what
they would do for fun. Ruby got the hint.

"So should we give each other makeovers, or play light as a feather?"

"I think we should play truth or dare!" Insisted Marlo.

All the girls reluctantly agreed. This caused the guys to hoop and holler in

"OK, Tawny truth or dare?" Asked Marlo.

"Um, truth I guess."

"OK, do you not wear a bra because you hope your friends Louis and Twitty

"Um well.......I........."

"You have to tell the truth Tawny, that's part of the rules." Said Ruby.

"Well,......I guess I do."

Louis and Twitty both looked at each other in shock. Tawny admitted that she
wanted them to notice her boobs. Louis always though Tawny had a little more
bounce to her tits than some of the other girls, it wasn't until now that he
realized why. Twitty recalled a time or two when he caught a brief glimpse
down her shirt. He thought he was just lucky to catch her without a bra. Now
he knew though, she wanted him to look.

"OK, Ren truth or dare." Asked Ruby.


OK Ren, I dare French kiss..........Tawny!"

"Kiss another girl?" Exclaimed Ren.

"Hey, its part of the rules." Said Marlo.

Ren looked at the others girls for sympathy but found none. Ren knew she
wasn't a lesbian or anything, and who says she had to kiss Tawny if she
didn't want to? Still she decided she didn't wanna be the party-pooper at
her own party, so she agreed.

She got right up to Tawny and leaned in to her. They started to kiss softly,
then gradually slipped each other the tongue. As they nudged closer, Ren
suddenly felt something, Tawny's breasts were pressed up against hers. Not
only that, she could feel that's Tawny's nipples were rock hard and pressing
through her thin shirt. As they kissed Ren felt herself getting aroused and
her own nipples poking through her blue chemise. The kiss went on and on
much to the guys delight. Ren's hand rested on Tawny's thigh as Tawny placed
one hand on Ren's hip and the other in the brunette's sexy hair pushing
their mouths together.

When the kiss finally ended, they were somewhat embarrassed to see that
the other girls were staring at them. Not to mention noticing their erect
nipples. Especially Tawny's as they were easily visible with her shirt
being white.

"OK, well then Ruby truth or dare?" Said Ren trying to move on.


"OK, well we noticed you shaved you know.....DOWN THERE so I want you to
shave.....Tawny." Said Ren.

"Wooohhhhhhhoooooo yeah!!!!!!" Said all the guys together.

"Dear God you may be my sister, but I love you for this one Ren!!!!!"
Exclaimed Louis.

Ruby smiled as Tawny had a 'you got to be kidding' look on her face. Ruby
took off upstairs to the bathroom and came back with a Venus razor a cup of
hot water and shaving cream. All the girls looked at Tawny. There was a long
pause before Tawny took a deep breath and started to slid her panties off.
The guys were wishing they had a 52 inch screen TV right now, even though it
was a decently sized 27 inch screen.

Ruby started rubbing it into Tawny's dark pubes. Tawny saw a lustful smile
on Ruby's face that said that she was enjoying herself as she rubbed the
shaving cream on the brunettes muff. When that was done she started to shave
her. She used the hot water to clean the razor after each stroke. When she
was finished Tawny's pretty pussy was bare and her dark vagina lips totally
exposed. After that, much to the guys disappointment, she put her pink
panties back on.

The guys were all into this and enjoying themselves thoroughly until things
changed. Louis's new friend Beans the next door neighbor was distracting the
guys trying to tell jokes and being loud where they couldn't hear what the
girls were saying. Finally one of the guys spoke up.

"Louis this kid is freaking me out I want my money back!"

"Beans hit the road your freaking out the customers!"

With that Twitty grabbed the 8 year old kid and pushed him out the basement

So with Beans gone they concentrated on the women again. It was Danielle's
turn and she had dared the cheerleader Marlo to do a striptease. Marlo was
about to do it, then the doorbell rang.

All the guys got upset, knowing they missed out on something big. To their
shock it was Beans at the door. Beans unplugged the sound cord and started
talking to Ren. Then he pointed to where the camera was. Louis knew what
this meant. Beans had ratted them out. The girls found the camera then
disappeared. The guys heard stomping of feet coming their way to the
basement. The guys all quickly started darting out the window. Unfortunately
Louis was the last one to start climbing out and was pulled back in by Ren
and the other girls.

"Oh hello ladies how are you tonight?" Louis said in his best naive to what's
happening voice.

"Secret world of girls, Louis?" Ren said holding up the flyer that had
Louis's name on it as the host of the pay per view.

"I've never seen that before in my life." Lied Louis.

"Girls we are gonna play the most fun game ever!" Smiled Ren.

The girls pulled Louis upstairs. They wasted no time in tying him up. After
that they got out the make up and gave him a make over, lipstick, blush,
eye shadow, mascara, then Ren put him in a blonde wig left over from last
Halloween. The girls pointed and giggled at the humiliated Louis. It only
got worse though as Marlo came from upstairs and announced that there was a
camera upstairs in the bedroom too.

"Louis you little perv, you actually watched us all undress?"

"Lets strip him, he got to see us, we should be able to see him!" Said Ruby.

They all undressed Louis leaving him naked on the chair. Danielle whispered
something to Ren. Ren grinned and left the room momentarily. When she came
back she had some of her undies with her.

"Louis you are my dear brother so I'm not gonna allow you to be naked during
this so hear we go. Ren held up one of her black bras and a pair of her
black silky panties. The girls all forced Louis into those clothes. they had
even more fun with him too, calling him Louise instead of Louis. Then the
girls noticed that his cock was hard and sticking out of the top of the too
tight panties.

"Well, girls look at that!" Said Danielle.

All the girls eyes got big seeing his hard on, and the head poking out.
Suddenly the girls moods seemed to change. Tawny went over and pushed his
cock back in the silk panties and began to rub it against the smooth
material. This only got Louis harder.

"Your brother's got a big cock Ren, look at this!" Said Tawny.

"Ewww I don't even wanna see my brothers cock, sorry!!"

Tawny got another idea and sat on Louis's lap with her back facing him. She
then preceded to grind her crotch into Louis's. Danielle and Marlo joined in
too rubbing their hands up and down his legs all the way to his balls, still
confined in his big sisters panties. They teased Louis as they lifted their
tops showing him their tits and pushing them towards his mouth, but pulling
away every single time he got close to sucking one of their breasts.

Louis was a good 9 inches when he was rock hard, and rock hard he was. Ren
was totally disgusted by this and took off. Ruby followed her upstairs to
her room. Ren sat back on her bed and started to work on her homework. Ruby
walked in and sat next to her.

"So I guess you figure you got left out of the fun, with Louis being your
brother huh Ren?"

"Yeah might as well get started on my homework I guess."

"Who's to say you have to get left out Ren? I saw how much you liked kissing
Tawny, there's no denying the way your body responded." Ruby put her hand on
Ren's silky smooth thigh.

"Well, it did feel kinda naughty kissing another girl, not to mention
different, I mean her lips were so soft, not like Bobby Deevers."

"I have soft lips too Ren." Smiled Ruby.

Ren felt Ruby's hand slid up her thigh and to the crotch of her blue panties.
She then leaned in and started kissing her neck. Ren protested a little, but
she loved having her neck kissed, and not even Bobby had touched her pussy
before, and here was Ruby rubbing on it through her panties. Soon Ruby's lips
found Ren's and mouths opened and their tongues met. Ruby's hand slowly slid
under the blue panties and was now touching Ren's pussy. She rubbed on her
clit and would teasingly slid a finger in and out of Ren's honey pot.

Ren wanted to return some of the pleasure to her friend, so she went up
Ruby's babydoll top and started to cup one of her breasts. Ruby moaned into
Ren's mouth, and erotically sucked on Ren's tongue. When Ren broke the kiss
Ruby was sure that Ren wanted to stop. However she was pleased to see Ren
only stopped to help Ruby out of her top. She then helped Ruby out of her
panties showing that incredible shaved pussy of hers again. Ruby pulled off
Ren's chemise then gave Ren's breasts a nice fondling. Ren then slid off her
panties, leaving both of them naked.

Once again the two girls were kissing this time they were laying down on the
bed together as their breasts and horny clits rubbed together. Ren cooed and
moaned at the feeling of Ruby's shaved pussy rubbing against her clit. Ren
was sure she was gonna cum already with just that feeling. She didn't get
the opportunity though as Ruby pulled away and squatted her pussy over Ren's
face. Ren looked at the beautiful hairless mound. It didn't take long for
her to figure out what to do.

Ruby moaned as Ren's tongue started licking her lips up and down. Ruby pulled
on her own nipples and rode her friends face as she felt Ren's hot breath on
her saliva coated pussy. Ren cupped Ruby's ass cheeks and her tongue started
to snake inside of Ruby's wet box. Ren was using her tongue like a little
cock poking in and out of Ruby.

"Ohhhh Ren yesssssss that's it baby ohhhhh use your tongue on me oh Ren
ohhhhhh I love that!"

Ruby looked down into Ren's beautiful brown eyes as her long time best
friend munched on her box. Ruby never wanted it to end, she wanted Ren to
stay between her legs all night, but soon the pleasure began too much. Ruby
started to cum, her body spasmed as she arched her back and her hot female
juices flooded over Ren's face. Ren graciously licked it all up, finding it
to be a sweet and addicting taste.

Ruby slid back down to kiss Ren again, there by kissing her own juices. Then
Ruby broke the kiss.

"There's something else I've always wanted to do with you Ren, are you game?"

"Sure, what you have in mind?" Asked Ren as she stroked her new lovers hair.

"Get down on all fours, with your ass arched in the air."

Ren smiled and gladly complied, knowing that it was her turn to receive the
pleasure. Ruby looked and behold the incredible sight. A sight that secretly
had her fingering herself some nights when she was alone. That sight was Ren
Steven's ass. So many times she would admire Ren's ass, when they were
changing clothes, or when Ren was bent over. Now Ruby sat there in awe of
the sight of Ren's bare ass, her back arched, and that ass of hers presented
to Ruby. Ren looked at her with questioningly eyes. Ruby then became aware
that she was so busy admiring she hadn't done anything to Ren yet. Not
wasting anymore time Ruby slid a wet finger into Ren's tight pussy.

She felt Ren's muscles wrap tight around the finger and sucking it in. This
really turned Ren on, but there was so much more pleasure to come. Ruby stuck
out her tongue and shoved it in Ren's asshole. Ren moaned out loud at the hot
feeling of something in her ass. Ren had never had anything there before and
she thought that it would be a nasty thing to have something there. She was
certainly wrong though! Ruby started darting her tongue in and out of her
puckered opening. Her finger pushed in and out of Ren's tight pussy.

"OOhhhhhh Ruby yessss Ohhhhh God that feels good oh don't stop ohhhh please
don't stop!!!"

Ruby didn't stop she went on and on. She pushed a second finger deep in
Ren's pussy. She felt Ren's hymen and was careful not to push to hard and
deep not wanting Ren to loose her cherry this way. Ren dug her nails into
the covers as Ruby continued to tongue fuck her butt. Ruby started to rub on
Ren's clit with one hand and finger her with the fingers on the other hand.
This soon became too much for the overachiever Ren, and her body exploded
into a huge orgasm. Ruby fingered her faster, making Ren's orgasm continue
on and on.

Ren collapsed face first on the bed, and Ruby hugged her from behind.

"You know Ren, if you like something up your ass so much, I do have an idea!"

Ruby whispered something in Ren's ear. Ren's eyes grew big, and look at Ruby
with an expression that said 'no way.'

* * *

Louis was going crazy being teased by these three girls, his cock straining
against Ren's panties while Tawny rode him. Then Tawny removed her panties
and pulled out Louis's cock. Marlo and Danielle both started to pinch on
Louis's nipples through Ren's bra, they even let him get a lick here and
there on their breasts. What really got Louis's attention though was Tawny.

Tawny positioned her newly shaven pussy right above Louis's cock and
squatted down onto his rod. Louis watched as Tawny's boobs bounced in his
face, as her pussy lips gripped his shaft. He was in heaven at the tightness
of her pussy as she rode him hard. Tawny, (at least at this moment) wasn't
as mad at Louis, she just wanted his cock, so she let him suck one of her
nice boobs in his mouth while she rode him. Louis saw that Danielle and
Marlo were now on the floor. Marlo was spread eagle as Danielle had her big
black booty in the air and was eating the pretty cheerleader out. Despite
how hot that looked, Louis kept his attention on Tawny.

Tawny fed her other breast to Louis's mouth and felt all 9 inches of his
meat slid into her pussy. Louis could tell she knew what she was doing,
though he was surprised that her cherry was already gone. Louis and Twitty
had a bet going on who would take Tawny's virginity, but apparently someone
had already beat them to it.

"Ohhhhh Louis ohhh your so big, ohhhh that feels heavenly Louis! Oh I love
your big cock yeah baby tear my pussy open, ohhhh I'm gonna cum ohhhhhh
Louis yessssss I'm gonna cum, I'M CUMMMING I'M CUMMMING I'M CUMMING

Tawny came and came all over Louis. She came so quickly Louis never had a
chance to cum himself, so he was disappointed when she got off of him.

"Sorry Louis, that's was incredible, but we aren't here for your pleasure,
your here for ours."

"You got that right Tawny!" Said a naked Ren who had joined them in the
front room.

"Look my little brother is still hard." Giggled Ren.

"I know what he can do with his cock now!"

All the girls watched in amazement as honor student Ren Stevens grabbed her
brother's cock, and turned around with her back to him and pushed it towards
her tight ass. Louis couldn't believe his sister as he saw her hot derriere
slid down onto his rod. 'I'm gonna fuck my sisters ass' he thought to
himself. Surprisingly he wasn't disgusted by this, he got hard at the thought
of fucking his sisters ass, maybe because her ass was incredibly sexy. Or
maybe it was the sweet taboo knowing that his sister who rats on him all the
time admitted that she wanted his cock in her ass. Either way the hardness of
his cock and him being tied and unable to move, made in clear that he
wouldn't be able to resist.

Ren spread her ass cheeks and gently pushed Louis's rod into her behind. It
was a tight fit, but luckily they both had lube from their previous sex
sessions otherwise this rod would have never fit. Ren pushed the first few
inches of him in her ass. Louis moaned as his sisters ass practically
suffocated his rod. The other girls looked on at this taboo, Ruby and Tawny
were rubbing on their bare pussies at the sight of this brother-sister taboo.
Danielle and Marlo were an a 69 on the floor and even took some time to watch
this act.

Now Ren had three quarters of his cock up her ass and started to ride him.

"Oh Louis ohhhhhhhh your cock feels so good ohhhhh, I guess you are good for
something little brother ohhhhhh yeah your cock feels so good!!"

Ren gave a hard thrust down and now his entire cock was up her ass. Louis
moaned at the feeling he loved watching his rod go in and out of Ren's
asshole. The combination of how tight it was and how incredible it looked
sent Louis over the edge.

"Oh fuck, oh here it comes Ren ohhhhh I'm gonna cum in your hot fucking ass

Load after load of her own brother's semen went up her ass and that feeling
sent Ren to her own orgasm as well.

"Oh Louis ohhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

They both collapsed exhausted, then the girls heard a car pull up in the
driveway. They all immediately got their robes on, and put the wig and a
robe on Louis, just in time to hear the key hit the lock and Ren's parents
come in.

"Hey sweetheart" said dad.

"Oh hey you two, how was the symphony?"

"Well Ren, the only sounds I somewhat enjoyed was your father's snoring."

"Well, at least I was in tune." He smiled. "So how are you girls doing?"

"Well, we're giving Louise here a makeover." Said Ruby.

"That's right, she is gonna be a new woman!" Said Ren.

Luckily her parents didn't recognize Louis in the make up, and they shrugged
their shoulders and they made their way to bed.

"I had my doubts Ren but you really know how to throw a slumber party!" said

"Mmmmmppppphhhhhh," Louis said through his gag.

"What's that little brother? Oh you want another facial huh?"
(mppppppppppphhhhhhh nooooooooo). "Yes, you do! Coming right up!"

Ren started pouring out a ton of facial cream in her hand and started rubbing
it in his face. Louis knew he had no chance of getting away, he was theirs
until they decided he had enough. Until then, his hell had just begun.

The End


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