Even Stevens: That's What Friends Are For (ff,anal,oral,cons,exhib,spank)
by Dimes N. Nickels ([email protected])

Between the desolate walls that contained the Lawrence Junior High bathroom,
an audience of three girls crowded around a lonely stall door. It was closed,
as well as locked, in hopes that its resident, Ren Stevens, could disappear
quietly into a world of her own. In the past, Ren had reveled in the
popularity that came with her outstanding academic record, but the attention
that was being bestowed upon her at that moment was not what she had

Instead of burying her eyes between the pages of a text book or glaring at
the words recently typed for a term paper, Ren Stevens' cinnamon-dipped
saucers were leaking a storm of tears onto the palms of her hands. As if it
was a form of fuel, the three gossipy young girls had their ears pressed
against the metal, thriving on each whimpering release.

Even without words to accompany Ren's sobbing, the three ladies listened
intently as they pieced together the reasons for the spectacle in their
imaginations. One girl thought that it had to do with Ren's recently
ex-boyfriend, Bobby. Another girl dreamed of a story depicting a failing
grade and the severe nervous breakdown that followed. The third and final
girl was a little slow, and before she could conjure up a fabrication to
spread across the halls of the school, the door to the ladies' room slammed
open and interrupted her thought process.

Six eyes immediately turned to the petite strawberry blonde who was the
mastermind behind the distraction. Standing nearly five feet with a neon
pink backpack slung around her shoulder and two hands on her hips, she was
a jewel whose value was priceless to Ren Stevens. Even before she opened
her mouth to display a demand coated in a Brooklyn-accent, the girls had
begun to run out of the room. Nevertheless, Ruby Mendel decided to make her
purpose perfectly clear.

"Scatter," Ruby commanded, swatting her hands in the air as if the girls
were flies. "Scatter, you little parasites, before I consider starting a
rumor about you all."

The ruckus of the girls' feet tapping on the cement floor as they left only
temporarily covered up the distress in the stall. It took only a few seconds
for the spotlight to return on Ren, as Ruby rolled her eyes, and marched to
the gray stall door the best she could in a pair of blue jeans that hugged
so tightly to her curves that it left little to the imagination.

"Ren?" she asked, knocking on the door. "That you in there?"

Ruby's investigation was met only with more crying, and the unflattering
noise of Ren blowing her nose. "Ren, it's only me. There's no one else
around," Ruby pleaded. "I heard what happened, and to be honest, it's
nothing to flood the bathroom floor over."

At long last, Ren responded by muttering through a series of coughs, "Ruby,
just leave me alone."

"Ren," Ruby quickly retorted, as if possessed with the soul of a bumble bee.
"You remember when I was all bummed out because Dexter broke up with me?"

Ren remained silent as she was visited by a new complication: a headache.

"Which," Ruby continued, oblivious to Ren's disinterest. "Even though he said
we drifted apart I believe it's because his ex-girlfriend just came back from
Topeka and suddenly..."

"Ruby," Ren begged.

"He wanted to have his cake and eat it too. I mean it's awfully convenient
for us to just drift apart as soon as some girl comes to town. Like, oh my

"Ruby!" Ren cried out, in an attempt for her friend's rambling to cease.


"What's your point?"

"You're my best friend; you didn't let me down, and you stayed with me and
you told me that no man, or boy for that matter, could dictate my emotions.
So dang it, if you don't open this door right now, so help me, I'll crawl
under the bottom!"

Even though it was slight, the unmistakable sound of the lock opening was
a welcomed tune to Ruby's ears. However, when the contents of the stall
revealed herself, Ruby was far less enthusiastic. There, sitting on the
cold toilet seat was a disheveled Ren. The allegations of her crying were
true, but the fashion statement Ren was trying to make was hard to believe.
In fact, the torn flower dress and the exposed undergarments were probably
best left unsaid.

"Oh my gosh Ren, you're a mess," Ruby said, walking into the stall, and
closing the door behind her.

"Thanks a lot Ruby."

"Oh Ren, cheer up, so a few people saw you in your underwear, big deal."

"This is humiliating," Ren cried from under the blankets of her fingers.
"How am I ever going to show my face in this school again?"

The hands that once hid the face of a troubled sixteen-year old girl were
removed as Ren looked up to meet Ruby's ocean-blue eyes. For the first time,
Ren showcased the smeared makeup, the puffy cheeks, and the red skin that
was a result of the embarrassment.

Ruby kneeled down and massaged Ren's thigh like a kitten that was eager to be
petted. As the talkative tart stared up at Ren, she thought quickly for a few
comforting words. Her eyes though, could not be removed from the current
sight as she was seemingly drawn to Ren's healthy complexion and the
smoothness of the skin.

"Ren, it's going to be fine. No one is going to remember that your dress got
hooked on the chalkboard during third-period math class and ripped until
everyone knew the color of your bra."

There was a short period of silence followed by Ren's answer, "You seem to
remember it pretty well."

Ruby glanced over the fabric of the controversial dress that was barley
holding together in its current state. The rip had begun at the bottom, just
below her knee, and carried to the farthest reaches of her back. No jacket
could disguise the wardrobe malfunction and there was no chance of Ren
covering it up during the next four hours of school. That was, unless she
wanted to be sent to the principal's office for indecent exposure.

"Ren, I'll just go and talk to Mr. Wexler, I'm sure he'll understand. He'll
just call your parents to bring over some new clothes. I can go right now.
I'm already six minutes late for science anyway and it's not like I learn
anything in the class anyway. After all, who's failing science?"

"You are?"

"You better believe it, after all, with me not being there, there's less of
a chance for me to blow something up and for me to get an even worse grade.
My teacher's really getting tired of that, so it's like you're actually doing
two people a favor by asking me to head over to Wexler's office. I'd actually
owe you."

"Ruby, it's not just that. What am I going to do? People are going to be
laughing at me as soon as I set foot out of this stall."

"Ren," Ruby said sternly, as she stood straight up and unfolded her body.
"What are people honestly going to be laughing at, huh? For crying out loud,
you have nothing to be ashamed about. How many girls in this school can
honestly say they are as slender as you? Very few. It's only your bra and
panties anyway. What's the difference between that and a swimsuit? Very

"Yeah, but people don't normally wear a swimsuit while they do geometry in
front of a class, Ruby!"

Frustration overcame Ruby as she watched her best friend simply wallow in her
own muck. For being a girl who prided herself on being an idea person, the
inability to rectify Ren's situation was disheartening. Ruby wanted to not
only reassure Ren that the worst was over, but to also retrieve the dignity
and stability that had been lost. She wanted to share the pain of the

I wish... I wish, Ruby thought.

The closeness of the two bodies prompted Ruby to yearn for the openness
expressed by her friend. The low-cut jeans, the opinionated "I am a diva"
shirt and even Ruby's ankle-length socks were repressing her innermost
desires. She could feel a surge of energy in the bead of sweat on her
forehead, the twitch in her fingers, and the unexpected tickle between
her legs.

"Ren?" she said softly, barley over a whisper. "What if I was to show a
little of me, would that make you feel less alone in this?"

"Ruby, it's a nice offer, but what if..."

"What if someone walks in? It's during class. Who is going to walk in?
Anyway, I locked the door on the stall. No one can see."

"Ruby, no, I don't think it's a good idea."

"Well, I'm doing it," Ruby decreed. "I want to do it."

It was a deep breath, and the subsequent tucking of her tummy, that
instigated Ruby's first shedding of her school clothes. Unfortunately, the
nervous shaking in her hands only hindered the act as it caused a number of
misplaced pulls and tugs. Her backpack fell to the floor without incident,
but her jeans were much more stubborn. Ruby's hands were glistening and to
get a grip on the button was becoming increasingly futile. It wasn't until
Ruby transferred some of her giddiness into her hand/eye coordination that
the button loosened its grip and the zipper lowered.

Pink, Ren contemplated. Ruby Mendel's underwear is pink.

The jeans, however, were far too constricting for Ruby to just remove. She
would have to bend over, and in unison, peel the denim off of her rear. In
order to achieve this position, Ruby would be forced to place her derriere
inches from Ren's face. She did so, without warning, and along with her pink
panties, Ruby formally introduced the heart shape which was her ass to Ren.
For added assistance, Ruby wiggled as her lower body became liberated from
the clutches of the brand-name's designer fit.

If I was to stick out my tongue, Stevens' thought. If I had a sudden desire
to lick my lips, her rear would be unavoidable. If I had to, I mean if I HAD

As Ruby left her jeans scrunched around her knees, and guided her hands up
her velvety-smooth thighs, she faced the critical pressure of her friend.
However, if Ms. Mendel was expecting a harsh review, she was greatly
mistaken. Ren's eyes darted to the recently-shaved vagina that exposed a
pair of succulent lips, as she trembled at the sight of the flesh that
resembled the fragility and softness of porcelain.

Ruby whipped her blonde locks off her shoulders, and asked, "My shirt too,

Ren reassigned the responsibility of responding and in place of vocally
answering, she nodded, knowing that a drought had developed within her mouth.
She licked her lips, swallowed and basically attempted to generate some
saliva, but it did little to help the situation. Even briskly sucking on the
tip of her fingernail proved to be useless. Nonetheless, when Ruby took hold
of her self-centered shirt, Ren gathered enough spit to speak.

"Can you... your pants... all the way off?"

Ruby's right eyebrow lifted in a curious manner that represented the
uncertainty of the request. Was her voluntary stripping still an action to
alleviate the uncomfortableness of the past half-hour, or had it began to
manifest itself to a higher bond between the two friends? Did the removal of
her 501's create some insight as to why all the boys watched as Ruby walked
down the hallway? Could it be that it wasn't her choice of fashion, but what
was under it that directed each iris to the swing in her step?

Hardly loud enough to be heard, Ruby dedicated a simple "uh-huh" to Ren. The
strawberry blonde took a seat on the chilly floor, and contrasted it with the
warmth of her two perfectly-rounded cheeks. It surprised her at first, as it
sent a bolt up her spine that was quickly melted away when she noticed Ren
gnawing at her raspberry lips. Ruby untied the terribly-unattractive tennis
shoes that she had donned for gym class and peacefully set them aside. It
was, however, Ruby's legs that the focus shifted to, as she raised them in
the air and delicately displayed them outstretched on the knees of the
humiliated girl.

If either girl would have been able to deviate their attention from the
impromptu striptease, they would have noticed that Ren's eyes, once
resembling a waterfall, were now dry. An occasional sniffle into a ball of
toilet paper was all that Ren could muster, and the reason for the tears was
an afterthought Ruby's white socks had been stuffed in her shoes while her
jeans were reduced to a blue rag on the ground. Descending her legs to the
floor, Ruby extended her hand to Ren. It took all of her might for Ren to
assist Ruby to a newly standing, newly-bare-from-the-waist-down stance.

Ruby's breasts were similar to her personality. They were small and
unimposing at first glance, but upon further research revealed a perkiness
that could not be refuted. Her twins were elevated slightly off the base of
her chest and stood firm. The tiny nipples were almost never limp, which
turned into a bit of burden when she would accidentally brush up on various
objects. However, they could not be coaxed into settling down, and neither
could Ruby when her mind was made up.

Just rip it off, Ren found herself hoping.

While the shirt was lifted above Ruby's head, her breasts were gently lifted
as they got caught in the fabric. The word "diva" was stretched and mangled
as she tried to unveil her sports bra to Ren. Several groans and one amateur
belly dance later, the shirt was levitated north, before gravity made it
another addition to the makeshift closet on the floor.

The sports bra met a similar fate when it slipped down Ruby's silky
shoulders, like a leaf dangling off of a branch. It collided with the
floor without the slightest sound while Ren's heartbeat battered a drum
of awakening that reverberated through the claustrophobic setting.

"Well," Ruby began with an understanding smirk on her face. "Now you're not
the only one to lose their clothing in school today."

She has to have something left to take off, Ren thought. She can't be...

She was correct. Hanging from Ruby's neck was a silver necklace that carried
a small circular locket. That locket relaxed between the crevasse of Ruby's
tits and reflected the gleam Ren had in her eye. It was easily identifiable
to Ren, because she had purchased it for her dear friend on Ruby's thirteenth
birthday. The inscription that the straight-A student had placed inside was
as true three years ago as it was now.

"Love is best when it comes from you."

Ren was never at a loss for words. Yet, now, when it mattered, she couldn't
find a single syllable to express herself.

"Ren, please, say something, I'm beginning to have a few regrets and these
knees ain't gonna quit knockin' anytime soon."

The English language was devoid of a word fitting Ren's gratitude, so instead
she opted for a soft kiss to Ruby's naval, leaving a lipstick mark in its
place. Ren probed her tongue deep into her belly button, as Ruby reacted by
arching her head backwards and hissing uncontrollably. The two lengthy arms
of Ms. Stevens wrapped around Ruby's small frame and in conjunction, Ruby
lost her hands through the brunette's shoulder-length hair.

"Ren, I'm so sorry this happened to you. You don't deserve it. Not you. Not

"Would you hold me... just for a few moments. Just until we have to go."

Ren reclined back on the icy toilet seat while disconnecting her hold on
Ruby's waist. Uncertainty dominated the next several moments as Ren fumbled
in silence to remove her shoes without the care of her hands. Each side
eventually fell off, as Ruby and Ren's gaze remained locked on each other's
eyes. "Ren, there's so little left anyway. Why don't you just take it all
off?" Ruby rationalized, with one hand hovering over her quim and an index
finger to the other hand being bitten by the edge of her pearly-whites.
"I'll help you with it."

Ren hesitated. Her jaw quivered as she stuttered, "I don't know Ruby, what
if someone comes in?"

"Ren," Ruby began to analyze. "It's not like this is the first time you've
lost your clothes toady. It's not like you're the only one."

Ruby bent down without heeding Ren's permission. Those blue cotton undies
that Ruby had first seen during countless slumber parties and that revealed
themselves whenever Ren happened to bend over were now in the control of her
selfish fingers. She pried them from Ren's thighs with a yank that had no
regard for subtly. In the process, Ren scooted forward, planting her crotch
in reach of Ruby's mouth.

The severely torn dress of Ren's casually fell to the side, as did her bra.
It was the long-awaited premiere of her undeveloped tits. As in the case of
Ruby, Ren was a teenage girl whose body was still awaiting adulthood. The
peaks had their trouble filling a dress, but were not fearful of greeting
Ruby by standing at attention. Two nipples, colored a shade of maroon, had
proved her well during an experiment in the bathtub with a shower handle.
They expressed the same type of glee, if not more so, from Ruby's passionate

"Ren?" Ruby whispered between soft pecks on Ren's inner thigh.

"What?" Ren asked.

Ruby was afraid to ask the question at the risk of sounding naive. "What...
what do I do now?"

Ren giggled and paused to reflect. "I think you kiss it."

"Kiss what?"

"You know... it."

Ruby glanced down at the brown hair that hid the dripping muff. "That?" she


Ruby inhaled a scent so sweet that it caused her mouth to water. After a
brief search for the culprit, she found that the intoxicating aroma was the
product of Ren's innocent flower. Two petals clutched together to form a
precious pussy and an unflinching anticipation for Ms. Mendel. While Ruby's
approach bordered on beginner, it was soon forgotten when the flower bloomed
around two inserted fingers and a ripe, unpicked cherry was served.

The initial stretching gave Ruby the feeling that her fingers were stuck in
a tiny oven. A series of back-and-forth motions followed to the delight of
Ren and her roaming hands. Somewhere between Ren fooling around with her
nipples and Ruby puncturing the delicate folds, a situation arose: Ruby's
fingers felt a rip. Ren's first response was a bodily spasm.

"Oh my gosh," Ruby screamed, jetting her fingers out and backing up against
the stall door. "I think I went too far or something."

Ren held her stomach and rocked like she was trying to put a baby to sleep.
The sensation rippled through each bone and ever socket.

"My gosh," Ruby exclaimed with a face that was a cross between shock and
curiosity. "Did that... did it... did it... hurt... did I... did I... break

"Ruby," Ren lovingly explained and giggled, while biting her lower lip to
deal with the pain. "It looks like you're my first."

A smile appeared on Ruby's face that contained enough wattage to light the
room. Using her woman's intuition, she planted her face between Ren's thighs
and stretched out her tongue. As she dived through the lips, Ren became
aquatinted with the feeling of sexual stimulation and Ruby became friendly
with the taste of a woman's succulent juices. Ren cradled Ruby's head in her
lap, kissing tenderly, as the pain shifted to pleasure.

My mouth, MY mouth is on Ren Stevens' vagina, Ruby thought.

Ren bent her head back and bit her lip to refrain from moaning in pleasure.
The rush, though, was too much and Ren released a whimpering shriek. The
sound bounced between the walls like a mouse trapped in a maze.

Ren's natural reaction to Ruby's midday munch was an inspired face
smothering. Her thin hips enveloped the fruit-inspector's head until Ruby
was unable to be identified. With each moan-inducing lick courtesy of Ruby
Mendel came a gradual increase of pressure from Ren's feet, which were
pressed up against the stall's walls. Ecstasy jolted through Ren's body,
as she crossed her eyes and began to kick the back of the door.

There was no soul alive who was more deserving to view Ren's fevered flesh
at that moment than Ruby Mendel. Unfortunately, Ren Stevens (who was known
as being empathetic towards the needs of others) took careless disregard for
her partner's point of view. Lost in the lustful darkness of Ren's thighs,
Ruby was also losing her ability to breathe. Her nose was nestled on a garden
of Ren's pubic hair, and her mouth was too busy attending to a growing bud
to remember the fundamentals of oxygen. Even though Ruby's hands were tightly
woven around Ren's legs, the admirable attempts at a separation were

While digesting any of her friend's cum was bothersome, Ruby swallowed at
every opportunity that arose. It would stick to her lips or gather under her
tongue. When she would lower her face to take a long-lasting lick, Ren's
nectar would become drool, file out, and attach to her chin. Nonetheless,
those treasured moments when it would sink to the back of her throat were
cherished with a yelp that matched the ones erupting out of Ren.

Despite not receiving pleasure, Ruby indirectly had an orgasm boiling in her
body. Her tiny toes, each painted a shade of pink, were bending every way as
her nipples grew to be as equally as excited as Ren's. None of these alarms
were as surpassing as the long, thin stream of juice that dripped down Ruby's
thigh. At first she thought that water had unexpectedly splashed on her leg,
but she determined that the liquid had come from her own source. The
proprietor of the cum was Ruby's own bald mound.

Ren disgraced her own overachieving reputation when she began to prematurely
orgasm. With her legs wrapped around Ruby's face, she squeezed her thighs
together, nearly choking Ruby in the process. Ren continued by encouraging
Ruby to "not give up" and to continue "whatever in the world she was doing."
Surprisingly, Ren interjected unladylike and unsavory language into her
normal vocabulary. Ren Stevens, a child born into wealth and privilege by
means of her senator mother and lawyer father was using the word "slut" in
place of Ruby, "fucking" as an adverb, and "cunt" to describe a female body

Together the words compiled, "You fucking slut taste my fucking cunt."

Ruby's ears, draped around a set of thighs, interpreted it as, "Moo bucking
mut baste my fucking cunt."

Despite the inaccurate translation of the statement, Ruby had no problem
discovering its true meaning.

Still, this temporarily distracted Ruby from her duty, and it made her
unprepared when a pool was drained into her open mouth. Moments later, a
second wave of female cum mixed impeccably with her saliva. When her
mouth reached its maximum volume, she closed it, only to have a third
wave splash in the middle of her nostrils.

Class president. Board member of the Young American Overachievers Club.
Head of the Lawrence Junior High Activity Committee. Now, Ren Stevens could
add "squirter" to her resume. Those who doubted such a highly prestigious
honor would only have to ask Ruby Mendel why she could not refrain from
licking her lips for months to come.

Ren quickly weakened to the point that she could no longer maintain the
force in her legs. Her feet sank to the ground as she leaned backwards. Her
stomach's erratic motions represented irregular breathing.

After her near-death experience, Ruby was clinging to every last breath,
holding her chest and coughing recklessly into her hand. The once vanilla
hue of her face was switched in favor of a darkened red and looking every
bit of a clown. Ren burst into a tangent of laughter aimed at her pal,
which lightened the mood for the first time since the classroom incident.
Not amused, Ruby shook her head, raised an eyebrow and used her arm to
wipe Ren's residue off of her chin.

"You wouldn't be... be... laughing... if you... YOU... blacked out..." Ruby
reasoned, hyperventilating.

"You still got some on your nose," Ren chuckled, holding her stomach with
each heaving laugh.

Noticing that her arm had its fill of drying fluids, Ruby pondered her
options. She could have easily chose a square of toilet paper, or used her
other arm, but neither was very much fun. The real answer lay in a pair of
undies that belong to someone other than herself, and that someone was
having a marvelous time at Ruby's expense.

Ruby lifted the panties towards her face and pretended to clean the tip of
her nose. Ren dropped her jaw in disbelief and dared, "You wouldn't."

"I would, I will, I am," and Ruby did, cleansing her face with one quick
wipe. Her only hesitation was when she faintly sniffed the panties, which
Ruby felt she deserved after what she went through.

"Ruby, I was going to take back what I called you before, but now I think it
suits you beautifully."

"Oh please, it probably isn't the first time you've had a stain of that
kind on your underwear." Ruby dropped the panties and looked back up at
Ren. "Did I do it.. did I do it right Ren?" The question was sincere and

"If you didn't, I don't want you to be right."

"You feeling better now, Ren?"

"Much better."

Ren affectionately draped her hands around the curves of the hungry student's
cheeks, and drove Ruby's face towards hers. In another example of their
naivety, they both fumbled to properly adjust their noses so as not to
collide in the close quarters. A giggle sounded from both girls, before Ren
lost her tongue in Ruby's mouth. Ruby imitated her friend, but then showed a
glimpse of her creative side by closing her lips and sucking.

"I guess... I guess I better get dressed now," Ruby said, concluding that the
school day was far from over. The blonde and the brunette silently agreed by
nodding, to which Ruby took as a sign to turn around and hope that her outfit
had not noticeably wrinkled. She bent down, exhibiting a pair of luscious
legs connected to her firm fan-friendly fanny to dig through the rubble.

Ren was in the middle of retaining her composure when her hazel eyes twinkled
at an undisclosed secret. The long stream of "cunny juice" that Ruby had not
openly acknowledged was beckoning Ren to chase up her thigh to a welcoming
wiggle. Her pupils took the long trek upwards until Ren became completely
fixated and distracted.

"Ruby?" Ren asked as her eyes remained locked.

"Yeah?" Ruby answered, trying to determine which clothes were hers and which
were Ren's.

"Do you know what the guys say about you?"

"That I gossip too much?"

"Well, yah but..."

"That I am to blame for the breakup of half the couples in school because of
my column?"

"Well, I never heard of..."

"That I..."


Ruby turned towards Ren. "What is it?"

"I want to be the one who tries it for the first time."

"Try wha..?"

As the final T was about to spring from Ruby's lips, it was replaced by a
moan of ultimate euphoria. Ren had taken it upon herself to deflower the
heavenly hole, by pulling each cheek apart and playing hide-and-seek with
her tongue. The sensation forced Ruby to lean on the door and close her
eyes, as her legs trembled and the ability to stand became an exercise in

Ruby was not the type of girl to sit idly by, so she sent one hand to feel
blindly for the long locks of her best friend. Once she was able to tangle
her fingers around the strands, Ruby pushed, force feeding her ass to Ren.
The result was immediate as Ren encountered the exact same suffocation that
she had dished out to Ruby moments before. Ren released her grip on the
cheeks and swung her arms wildly to indicate that unconsciousness could be

If only Ren could have seen the smile that was perched upon Ruby's face,
because then she would have known the happiness that Ren's desperate squeals
were brining.

"Bit... ch," Ruby whispered, as if the word had escaped behind guards.

Ruby dropped the clothing that she was clutching and repositioned her hand
around her vagina. At first, she could only fit her index finger inside her
snatch, but she was determined to send an accomplice, her middle, along on
the mission. They burrowed into her labia and pulsated to accommodate the
blossoming of a new woman.

"I'm not going to last long..." Ruby revealed with the aftertaste of Ren
still lingering in her mouth.

"Mph mhpph mphhhhhh mphh," Ren responded as best she could.

Only a few short inches from Mendel's masturbation was Ren Stevens' face.
After nearly a minute, Ren opened her palm, desperate and exhausted, to graze
upon Ruby's left cheek. As quickly as she provided comfort, Ren reneged with
a frantic spanking. While Ren thought this would release some of the pressure
of Ruby's lunch etiquette, it instead urged her to smother her friend's face
further. Several more subsequent slaps haphazardly landed on their desired
target before Ren gave Ruby a red hand mark as a souvenir of their afternoon

"What did I do to deserve that?" Ruby grunted as she delved deep into
herself. The two fingers dug until they uncovered a shy clitoris, which they
sandwiched and slithered out of the retraining pussy walls. Now in control of
each arousal, Ruby Mendel rejoiced in each flicker.

"Ren! Ren! I found it! Ren I found it!" Ruby announced. Just as she found
her pleasure point, Ruby surprisingly could sense weight on her chest. The
additional baggage came in the form of a pair of breasts. Even though the
movement was little, it was unmistakable that her body was developing. Over
the past year, she had noticed them growing, but now, along with a heightened
appreciation for her nipples, Ruby could feel them too.

"Ren! I have breasts! I have breasts!!!"

"Mph pmh pmh," Ren said as she dined on the sweet backdoor and finally
succumbed to Ruby's energetic participation. With a wide-open mouth, Ren
unleashed her tongue to the tunnel, which opened without effort, and circled
it madly. This gave Ruby further incentive to finger with additional energy.
A couple flicks of her clit later, and she gushed down the length of her leg,
drenching her pretty red fingernails, and hollering a number of obscenities
that included a new nickname for Ren.

"Bi... tch."

Ruby dropped her hold on Ren to add another hand between her legs, as she
felt the alien vibrations control her system. Ren leaped away from Ruby's
rectum and inhaled the open air. When the flashes of light dissolved from
Ren's eyesight, she chuckled at Ruby's reaction, but stopped when it was no
longer funny.

"I... I just keep cumming Ren," Ruby said with a sensitivity that had
been lost since Ren began her oral assault. Ren could easily detect the
vulnerability of Ruby, because all she could do was watch as her best
friend huddled in the corner of the stall, frightened. Ruby moaned to
herself with each release, but she was too afraid to enjoy.

Ren opened her arms, gesturing for Ruby to sit on her lap. With one hand
firmly covering her vagina, Ruby did her best to catch the juices, but it
seeped out between her fingers as she crawled onto Ren. At first Ruby was
reluctant to remove her hand, but Ren took it, placed it on her shoulder,
and told her to "hold tight." A caressing pat on Ruby's back provided
security and companionship. "I guess I'm not the one who was going to
flood the bathroom floor, now am I?" Ren remarked, as the gyrations of
Ruby's muscles tightening were transferred to the wet droplets that rained
on Ren's stomach.

During a rather intense release, Ruby threw her hands into Ren's scalp,
forgetting what was being stored, and smeared the sweet nectar throughout
Ren's hair. It was immediately felt by Ren, who pondered, "Oh Ruby, what
can get THAT out? Isn't it peanut butter? No, wait, that's bubble gum not..."
until Ruby came to the realization of her careless mistake.

"Oh, Ren I'm so sorr..."

"Ruby... Ruby... was this the first time you ever.... you know?"

"Ren, please... please... don't make me say."

"I won't Ruby. It's your secret. I don't have to know."

At the worst possible time, the school bell rattled, alarming each student
that class had ended. While it was heard by both girls, neither admitted to
themselves that their time alone was over. Classmates wandered the halls,
chatting and screaming. Ren and Ruby rested their heads on each other,
embraced, and prayed silently that another moment could be stolen.

"Sshhhhhh," Ren whispered in Ruby's ear.

"I guess we... we... should head to class now," Ruby breathed, still consumed
by the continual orgasms that were slow to end.

"Ruby," Ren said, equally as quiet. "I've got nothing to wear."

"Sure you do," Ruby explained. "You... got... me."

The End


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