This story is pure fiction, and not to be taken seriously. It is an adult
story, so no one under 18, if thats you, then leave now! This story contains
mf, mfm, mF, mfF, oral, anal, lesbian, incest.

Even Stevens: The Love Potion
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

It was another weekend in Sacremento, CA and Louis and Twitty were hanging
out as usual. This time without their friend Tawny. Tawny had a family
function to go to. They heard about a crazy fortune teller on Vine street.
They figured it would be fun to check it out.

The fortune teller had them sit down. She was an older women named Madam Rue,
she was close to 50 with graying hair and wearing a long multicolored dress.
Typical gypsy fortune teller attire. She had Louis and Twitty sit down. She
looked in her crystal ball for a while before looking up at them.

"You two have no women in your lives. Are you gay?"

"What, where the hell did that come from?" Responded Twitty.

"Are you homosexuals?"

"No we're not gay!" Insisted Louis.

"I see..........hmmm nope no..... women, no women at all."

She grabbed a bottle in a cupboard it was a dark liquid.

"Here you two need this, its effects are only good for 3 hours, but it is
very strong, your simple voice is all you need to have any woman lust for

Twitty and Louis shrugged their shoulders, and smiled at each other. This
lady was obviously nuts. If such a potion existed it wouldn't be made my
this old hag in a rundown old house. They were polite though and thanked
the woman.

On their way out Twitty was set to toss the bottle in the river.

"Hey wait, it might seem nuts, but who's to say we shouldn't try it?" Said

"C'mon man, you really believe all that? I think we wasted 20 bucks each if
you ask me." Said Twitty.

"Well what could it hurt, who knows, if by the one in a millon chance it
works think of the fun we would have!"

"Ok look we'll split this up in two bottles, we'll each take some before
school monday, and by the end of the day we'll know for sure."

Louis was dying of curiosity, but contained himself til monday morning. It
was one of the few times in his life that he was up early to get ready for
school, usually he wasn't up til the last minute. Louis got out of the shower
dryed himself off and wrapped himself in a towel. He sprayed some of the
liquid in his mouth.

"Yuk, taste like detergant." He thought.

No sooner did he take the potion, than his big sister Ren Stevens walked
into the unlocked bathroom.

"Louis what are you doing up?"

Louis looked at his sister, she was dressed in just a short white sleep top
with thin straps and white panties.

"Oh sorry Ren I was on my way out."

Louis grabbed his clothes and started to walk out. Ren blocked the door.

"Ren, let me out."

"What's your rush?!"

"Sexy? Holy shit!"

Louis realized he took the potion, he forgot about it when his sister talked
to him. Did the potion acctually work? Why else would his sister be looking
at him the way she was. She was looking at him with lust.

"So little brother, what you got under that towel?"

Louis was frozen as Ren grabbed his crotch. Louis didn't know why but getting
felt up by his sister got him hard instantly. Ren felt his cock through the
towel, at the same time she closed then locked the bathroom door. Louis
couldn't believe this was happening as Ren pushed him against the bathroom
wall and started kissing him. Ren didn't mess around giving him the tongue
right away. Louis slowly started to respond to the kiss he reached behind and
found his sisters tight ass. His friends always told him what a hot ass Ren
had, but she never gave Louis's friends the time of day saying how inmature
they were. Now here he was feeling up his sisters butt, and there was no one
she thought was more inmature than Louis.

Ren's ass was very sexy, small but so very round and incredibly firm. He
squeezed and fondled both her ass cheeks. Louis even slid his hands down her
lacey white underwear and felt up her bare butt.

Ren pulled off his towel and exposed Louis's modest 6 inch fully erect cock.
Ren then broke the kiss, and slid down to her knees. Louis couldn't believe
this sight, his sister, honor student Ren Stevens on her knees in front of
him. Ren didn't hesitate and took her brother's prick in her eager mouth.
Louis closed his eyes in pleasure as his rod was swallowed whole in Ren's
mouth. Ren took her mouth off his cock just long enough for Louis to lift
and pull off her shirt. There in front of him out bounced Ren's tits. She
had small breasts, but still very nice, tan like the rest of Ren's body with
dark nipples, despite the size of her tits they were very perky. Louis
squeezed on his big sister's little boobies as she went back to sucking him

Louis heard the echoing sounds in the bathroom of Ren slurping on his cock.
He looked down to see her really going to town on his rod. Sucking the head
then the shaft, it was like Ren worshipped his cock. Ren kept slopping his
knob as she begged Louis to squeeze harder and harder on her breasts. Seeing
Ren act so slutty really turned Louis on. Louis was amazed at how hot Ren
really was, he was always fighting with her, and besides the obvious fact
that she was his sister, he never gave her as much a glance before now. 'God
how did I not notice that Ren is one fine looking bitch.' He thought to
himself as Ren's eyes starred directly into his as she was now tongueing his
balls, her small hand stroking his hard cock. She would pop his balls into
her mouth and give them a hard sucking. Then go back to his dick and lick it
from top to bottom, like a little girl with a lollipop.

Louis grabbed his cock and started to slap Ren in the face with it. God it
was an incredible sight! Ren with her mouth open and her tongue hanging out
as Louis beat his meat on the student body president's face, that was also
his sister. This all finally became too much and Louis felt his orgasm

"Oh Ren I'm gonna cum, ohhh here it comes aaaaahhhhhh fuck take it all over
your face you sexy fucking bitch, yesssssssssssss!!!!!"

Ren did just that getting a few streams in her nose her eyes and even in her
dark hair. Ren stuck out her tongue right at Louis's purple head and tried to
get as much of his semen in her mouth as she could. She mopped up what didn't
get in her mouth and licked it up like leftover cake icing. Only much yummier
in her mind.

Louis was sweating and breathing heavily as he recovered from his orgasm. Ren
kept licking and sucking lovingly on his rod like a little kitten licking up
spilt milk. He looked down at his sister, not knowing what to say.

"Um well that was great .....Ren."

Louis turned to walk away. His topless sister stopped him and pulled him to
the floor.

"I'm not through with you yet!"

Ren climbed on top of Louis and stood up and removed her panties, leaving her
naked in all her glory. Ren squatted on his face her dark pubes tickling his
nose as she planted her pussy on his face. Louis knew what his big sister
wanted, so figuring Ren always got her way he didn't dare tell her no. Ren
opened up her pussy showing Louis her pinkness inside. Thats when Louis
attacked, licking up and down the hot slit.

"Oh oh oh oh oh Louis yesssss thats it ohhhh ohhhhh lick my pussy baby,
ohhhhh I love it!"

Louis found Ren's clit and started to suck it really hard, all the while
squeezing her incredible ass that he had begun to fall in love with. Ren rode
his face hard as she teasingly played with her nipples squeezing them between
her thumb and forefingers. Louis looked up as his sister had a look of pure
pleasure on her face. He sucked harder even biting on her sensitive clit
causing Ren all the more pleasure. Ren's eyes seemed to roll in the back of
her head, and her tongue stuck out of her mouth in sheer pleasure, as Louis
kept giving her clit love bites over and over.

All the times Ren held contempt for her brother seemed distant. Looking
between her legs she saw the sexiest man she ever knew(thanks to the potion
of course). Louis's tongue lashing just felt so incredible good that she
smothered her legs tight around his head and released a flood gate of vagina

"Louis Lo....Lou..Lou ..Louis Louis yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!"

Louis had to admit his sister had one sweet pussy and he enjoyed every last
drop of her tasty feminine juices.

Ren turned around and kissed him lovingly on the bathroom floor then
whispered in his ear. "I want you inside of me."

Louis eyes grew big, he was about to lose his virginity to his sister!
This was the kind of subject he would watch on his favorite TV show Jerry

"Louis, Ren, you two need to hurry or your gonna be late!" Their mom yelled
from downstairs.

Ren kissed her brother.

"Soon we'll make love baby, but it will have to be another time." Said Ren.

With that Louis was out of the bathroom and on his way downstairs after
getting dressed. He got questioning looks from his mom, as all he did was
nod his head and shake his head to her questions before he left for school.
Certainly he didn't want his mom lusting after him, Ren doing it was more
than enough incest taboo than he could handle! Ren took a little longer to
get ready, undoubtably because of Louis's semen that went in her hair.

Louis met up with Twitty on his way to school, he decided not to tell him
about Ren and their bathroom session that morning. They both had taken the
potion that morning as they discussed beforehand so they were both eager to
find out if it worked (at least Twitty was, Louis already knew the answer
to that).

"I'm thinking of seeing if the potion works on Tawny." Said Twitty.

"No way thats who I was thinking of!" Insisted Louis.

"Dude, how bout this we both go to her, maybe we'll both get some from her."

"Well, a threesome would be better if it was two girls and a guy, not two
guys and a girl." Frowned Louis.

"Ahh hell Louis it won't work anyway, and if by some small chance it does, I
doubt you really care how you get into Tawny's pants."

"Yeah you've got a point there."

The two noticed Tawny right outside the door to the school, she was looking
as hot as ever, wearing a black mini skirt with black stayups (stockings)
simple plain black shoes and a purple t-shirt. They looked at each other and
nodded as if to say 'here we go.' They made there way to her before she could
get in the school.

"Hey Tawny hows it going?" Asked Twitty.

"Hey Tawn" Said Louis.

Tawny looked at Twitty then at Louis, then her face cracked a big smile. She
ran her hands through her dark hair, she was wearing her hair up, so she
immedietly pulled it out of her hair clip and flipped her hair out.

"Hey guys, your both looking good today."

Her hands each made they're way to one of Louis and Twitty's shoulders. Both
of them looked on in awe as Tawny rubbed their shoulders. She gave them both
a 'come here and fuck me' look. Licking her lips sexily, she spoke just as
sexy when she said "lets go back to my house guys my dad's at work."

The guys knew this meant being late for school, but they could careless. They
all went quickly to Tawny's house. Tawny let them in the house and took them
both by the hand straight to the bedroom.

Tawny pushed her mouth to Twitty's kissing him hard and pushing her tongue
deep down his throat. Their bodies pressed tight together as they made out,
Tawny's crotch grinded into Twitty's already stiffening member in his pants.

While they kissed, Louis lifted up Tawny's mini and found her hot ass in
black underwear. He grabbed himself two handfuls of her sexy cheeks. He
caressed her sexy black cotton panty-covered ass, as Twitty and Tawny
continued their tongue war in each others mouths. Louis started to kiss the
back of her neck, as his hands seemed glued to her ass. Tawny broke the kiss
with Twitty and raised her arms to put around Louis's neck. She then began
to kiss Louis much like she did with Twitty with alot of tongue.

Twitty set his sights on Tawny's front, he lifted her shirt and saw her nice
titties barely contained in the confines of a black bra. He squeezed on her
tits, as Louis kept kissing Tawny and even slid a hand into Tawny's panties
and rubbing on her wet pussy. Twitty unhooked Tawny's bra in the front
revealing her dark pointed nipples and round boobies. Twitty started sucking
on her right tit as he felt up the left one. Tawny grinded her ass back into
Louis's hard cock as Louis pushed two fingers into Tawny's cunt.

He was shocked to feel no hymen, apparently Tawny wasn't a virgin, which
was kind of a disappointment to Louis. Twitty lifted off Tawny's shirt and
unhooked her bra. Louis took the hint, and pulled down her mini skirt, along
with her panties leaving her naked except for her black stayups and shoes.
Tawny found both guys zippers and pulled down their pants. They watched as
the brunette godess dropped to her knees stroking both cocks in each hand.

She first took Twitty in her mouth swallowing almost all of his 8 inch rod
in one gulp. Twitty was amazed at how hot she looked as she sucked him and
looked him in the eyes. A minute later she was sucking off Louis and stroking
off Twitty. She went back and forth on the two men like a common street whore
having the time of her life. She took a hold of both cocks and started to
suck both of them in her mouth. Louis and Twitty were at maximum hardness as
they both grabbed Tawny by the hair and started to fuck her mouth. Her mouth
was so hot they knew that they would be filling her sweet mouth with their
cum soon. Tawny was good at giving the double blowjob, she was so good the
boys came in no time at all.

Twitty was the first to cum. He unloaded deep in her mouth making her gag.
No sooner had she pulled his cock out when Louis came. He showered her pretty
face with his semen. It was quite a sight to see, their pretty best friend
taking cum on her face like a porn star. Tawny stuck out her tongue and
licked it up. What her tongue didn't reach she scooped up with her fingers.
After that she once again started stroking off the two boys.

Once they were both hard again she climbed on top of Twitty and directed his
member into her awaiting pussy. Tawny sat down on him allowing every inch to
penetrate her. Louis enjoyed the view of seeing Tawny ride Twitty, but he
wasn't content in just watching. So he got behind Tawny and pushed his cock
at her other avalivable hole. Now the guys were both giving it to the
brunnette, and she was willingly taking it.

The sight of Tawny's bouncing titties were too good of a sight to pass up so
Twitty pushed his head up and took one in his mouth. All the while Louis was
pumping away at Tawny's ass, he was loving his first anal experience. Tawny
screamed and moaned like a slut as she had both her holes plugged by her two
friends. The two guys never dreamed they'd be giving Tawny a double
penetration. Yet here she was getting it from both of them, moaning like a
whore and giggling like a school girl as they slammed the length of both
their shafts into her orfices.

"Oh yeah yessssssss thats it, (she giggled) oh i love cock so much! Yeah
ahhhhh ohhhhhh damn it give me your cocks boys, yeah don't stop ohhhh ram me
deep oh fuck yeah!"

It became too much for the guys, and Tawny after a while. Tawny's muscles
tightened around Twitty's dick as she orgasmed. The pleasure of Tawny's cunt
muscles flexing sent Twitty over the edge as well and he unloaded deep into
Tawny's young body. Louis grabbed ahold of her sexy ass and really went at
it fucking the hot brunette's rear. His balls slapped against her ass, as
her tight asshole was driving him crazy! Before long Louis was also cumming,
and cumming deep into Tawny's ass.

Both boys collapsed on her body smothering her and caressing her smooth
skin, one of them on top, the other on the bottom. Just when they were sure
it would get no better she asked them both a question.

"Twitty, i'd like you to fuck me in the ass now, and Louis, would you like to
try my pussy?"

Both boys knew they had to get hard again quick, and Tawny was more than
happy to suck them both and jerk on their dicks until they did. When they
were hard again, Tawny this time sat on top of Twitty with her back to him.
Louis then opened her legs wide and slid his cock into her pussy. Tawny
screamed even louder than before with a bigger cock up her formerly virgin
ass. She jumped up and down on him as Louis started slamming her pussy as
hard as he could, and enjoyed the view of her nice tits bouncing as he did.
Louis kissed his dream girl hard on the mouth like he always wanted to do
as this went on and on for several minutes.

The two guys brought Tawny off to two more orgasms before they both finally
came for a third time. Only this time they both pulled out and came all over
her pussy and her ass. Tawny rubbed their cum all over her. Then laid back
on her bed totally exhausted. An hour later Louis woke up and realized they
had all three fallen asleep. He woke up Twitty, but neither one of them could
awaken Tawny. So they decided to just leave her there to rest and they went
back to school.

After school they got together and talked about the fun they had with Tawny.
Twitty even told Louis about a snotty cheerleader he nailed in the ladies
room. Twitty told Louis they should go out and get some more girls, but Louis
told him not right now he wasn't in the mood, but give him a call later on.
Thing was, Louis had Ren on his mind. Ren had been avoiding him all day,
undoubtably embaressed by what they did this morning after the potion wore
off. He had seen her at school though. Wearing her tight lavender skirt
that she wears hoping Bobby Deever notices her butt, and a thin light red
sleeveless top. She was looking sexy with her hair down, red lipstick, and
high heels.

Louis knew that he had developed a crush on his sister. He never looked at
her in this way before now, but now her words from this morning of them
making love was burning in his mind all day. He realized that Ren was a sexy
woman, but he also knew that because of the potion, he could have her if he
so desired.

In coming home he realized Ren wasn't there yet. So he went to his room and
gave himself a spray of the potion. He layed back and watched TV in his room
waiting for his sister. Then there was a knock on his door. It was his mom.
He answered her much like he did earlier. He nodded his head, shook his head
or shrugged his shoulders. She was on her way out when Louis felt something
in his throat so he coughed. He looked up and saw his mom had stop leaving
the room. She closed the door and looked right at him and smiled.

"Oh Shit!" he thought.

There standing in front of him with a look of lust on his face was his mom
Senator Eileen Stevens. She was a woman in her 40's with short red hair and
light skin. She had a huge chest which was quite noticeable in her white
blouse as she unbuttoned her black suit jacket. She crossed her legs as she
sat on Louis's bed. Her hand reached out and touched his thigh.

"You've really grown up to be a nice looking man Louis."

"Yeah, well thanks mom, um dad will be home um...... soon uh your probably
needing to get started on dinner, right?"

She looked at him and shook her head. He watched in awe as she removed her
suit jacket. He continued to try and change the subject to no avail as she
unbuttoned her blouse. Louis saw his mom's huge rack in a conservative white
bra. He couldn't help but stare, her tits were huge!

"Mom you know I really don't think we should um, look I'm sorry but this
isn' isn't right!"

His mom didn't listen, she stood up and slid off her black skirt. He couldn't
believe it, his mom was wearing a white garter belt with her white stockings.
He never imagined his mom in such a sexy piece of lingerie. Then she started
to pose sexily for him, turning around and bending over. His mom had a big
ass, but it was so very sexy, and she wore white lacey top bikini panties
with it, they were slightly going up her ass crack. Louis couldn't help the
fact that his cock grow hard at the thought of violating this scared taboo,
much like him and Ren did earlier.

Louis sat there stunned as his mom crawled onto the bed. She took his hands
and put them on her tits. He reluctantely started to squeeze her tits. He
could already feel her nipples, they were pointed and poked through the bra.
He got even harder in hearing his own mother moan as he felt her up. Then he
felt his zipper slide down, and his mom's hand slide inside his pants.

"My Louis, you've really grown up haven't you."

Louis simply nodded as his hands nervously reached back and found his mom's
bra clasp. He unhooked her and behold her tits with red nipples. His mother
caressed his curly hair as Louis buried his face in her cleavage. He latched
on to a nipple and suckled it like he did as a baby. One hand caressed the
other breast as the other slid into his mom's panties. He found that she was
already slick wet with excitement. He went back and forth giving each breast
equal suckling. He enjoyed sucking her tits very much and the moans his mom
gave him showed that she enjoyed having it done to her.

"Ohhh thats it suck them mmmmmmm you like my titties don't you Louis, ohhhhh
thats so good, ahhhhhhh thats my good boy!"

He unsnapped the fasteners on her garter belt allowing him to slid down her
panties. Apparently his mom wasn't into trimming down below as she had a
thick forrest of red pubic hair. His mom wrapped her arms around his
shoulders and their lips met in a mother-son incest kiss. Louis found that
she was every bit as good of a kisser as Ren. The kiss went on for several
minutes until she broke the kiss. She slid down his body and took his cock
in her mouth quickly. His mom was overcome with lust and Louis saw in his
door size mirror behind her that she was fingering herself as she sucked
him off.

"Suck it ummmmmm yeah suck my dick bitch." Louis surprised himself by calling
his mom that, but she didn't even miss a beat.

Seeing her chunky posterior wiggle as she sucked his dick, Louis knew exactly
what position he was gonna fuck his mom in. The taboo was only magnified by
his mom looking him straight in the eyes and smiling as his cock slid in and
out of her mouth. His mom swung her legs over and squatted her ass above his
face. Louis dove into her hairy pussy and pushed his tongue inside of her. He
was already tasting her prefemale juices, as she rode his face hard. Louis
was really getting into it now slapping on her ass and making her moan on his
cock. Louis really got into it, finding her clit and sucking hard on it, as
he slapped her ass repeatedly leaving red hand prints as he did.

His mom really started grinding her crotch into his face as her orgasm
neared. Louis pushed three fingers into his mom's pussy then spreading her
meaty buns apart he started using his tongue to lick her asshole. Her moans
definetly showed her approval.

"OOOOOOOOOO Louis that feels soooo good ohhhhhhhhh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh yeah aaahhhhhhh God yeah thats it ohh your gonna make me cum ohhhh I'm
gonna cum!!"

This new sensation of having her ass lick sent her over the edge and soaked
Louis's face with her cum. Louis licked it all up. Then positioned himself
behind his mom and thrust his rod into her already soaked cunt. He sent his
rod in and out of her like a piston. He watched in the mirror as his mom's
huge tits shaked as they dangled with her bent over, it was a hot sight to
see indeed. He rammed her hard and even slapped her meaty derriere. When he
wasn't spanking her he reached down and felt up her mountains of flesh,
pulling on the hard red pegs and rolling the nipples between his fingers.
As he drove his rod into her harder he went back to slapping her ass
somemore, and his mother squealed in delight.

"Yeah you like that bitch?"

After a while seeing his cock go in and out of her became too much and he
unloaded inside of his own mother, causing them both to let out a loud moan
of approval.

The door opened to Louis's room and standing there was Ren.

"Louis..........what the.............oh my God whats going on in here?"

Louis smiled as an idea formed in his head.

"Hey Ren, why don't you come join the fun."

Hearing his voice, Ren was under the effects of the potion, and she made her
way to the bed.

"Well, I'm not hard right now, and if we're gonna have some fun I need to be
hard. So why don't you two kiss?"

They looked at him questioningly, but he raised an eyebrow at them. Both
women had a desire to please Louis, so they agreed. Mother and daughter's
lips met in a soft luscious french kiss. Louis directed them what to do. He
watched as his mom lifted and removed Ren's blouse and showed off a red bra.
Ren's nice boobs weren't near the size of her mom's but Louis didn't mind.
As instructed by Louis, his mom slid her hands slowly up Ren's tan leg to
her thigh. Then higher and higher til her hand was under her skirt and she
reached Ren's teenage mound. Ren sighed in pleasure of the touch as the two
continued to kiss.

They rose to their feet as ordered by Louis and his mom removed Ren's skirt
leaving her in a surprisingly sexy red thong. Louis could feel his cock
really getting hard again at the sight of her tan ass cheeks being separated
by the red material. They both felt up each others asses as the kissing
continued. Louis then told his mom to take off Ren's bra, which she did. Next
came the thong which she pulled off with her teeth. He had Ren sit on the bed
and open her incredibly sexy legs. Her mom kneeled in front of her, and
sticking out her tongue began licking her daughter's slit.

Louis licked his lips at the hot sight of his mom going down on his big
sister. Ren threw her head back in pleasure as her mom's tongue penetrated
her tender folds and tasted her already flowing teen essence. She kept
licking Ren's pussy as she cupped her ass in her hands pushing more of her
tongue into her cunt. Louis got behind his mom and shoved his cock up his
mom's ass. She moaned into Ren's pussy as her son split her ass in half
with his throbbing cock. The room was filled with the sounds of the two
women's moans, and the slapping of flesh on flesh as Louis fucked his mom's

Ren couldn't take anymore, she pinched on her aroused nipples as she rode her
mom's face to a monster orgasm. She barely had time to recover from it when
Louis got right on top of her. Louis stuck his cock in her mouth, still dirty
with traces of his mom's shit. Ren sucked it off as Louis reached maximum
hardness. He loved watching Ren giving him head, but he had been waiting all
day for something else. After about a minute of Ren's blowjob he was more
than ready for something else. Louis rolled her over so she was on top of him
and he entered her pussy. He started thrusting up as Ren rode him, planting
her feet on the bed.

"Yeah thats it ride me big sis, mmmmm God your pussy feels so good!"

"Oh Louis ohhh yessss give it to me ohhhh fuck me yessssss ohhhhh your cock
oooooooo I love your cock baby!!!!"

Louis kept thrusting up as Ren's little titties jiggled with each thrust.
Their mom got behind Ren, kissing and sucking on her neck giving her dark
hickeys as she felt up her daughters modest chest. They all became drenched
in sweat as this went on and on increasing faster and faster, both of them
getting closer to the ultimate goal....release!

Then it came, Ren's muscles contracted and she had an even bigger orgasm than
before. Louis was next and he unloaded a thick stream of cum deep inside his
sister. Ren collapsed on his chest. Their mom slid down and licked on both of
the siblings genitals, tongueing Ren's pussy, and Louis's cock still inside
of his sister. After a while Louis's cock finally popped out of Ren's pussy.
She licked them both clean, then they all three laid naked in bed spent.

Louis grabbed the phone by his bed and called Twitty.


Hey Twitty, look forget about us going out tonight I had....something come

"Hey no problem dude, so did I, I'll catch you later."

"Ok later man."

Twitty hung up the phone. In bed he snuggled with two cute teen girls, Tawny
and Ruby.

'Hmm maybe tomorrow I'll go see if I can get some from that hot sister of
Louis's' he thought.

He looked over at his half of the love potion, about a quarter of it left.
He knew that he would soon have to make another trip to Madam Rue, at 34th
and Vine. After all, with all the fun he was having, he wouldn't wanna run
out of that love potion.


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