Even Stevens: The Magic EZ Bake Oven Day 2 (mff,Mf,inc,mc,magic,anal,reluc)
by Hamster ([email protected])

The next day...

Nick had forgotten all about the girls he had locked up in the cages for the
night and woke up at his usual time, about ten past noon. He took a long,
long piss then refreshed his inner fluids with some more beer. Shortly after
that he heard his doorbell ring. He shuffled through all of the empty cans
that littered his floor to get to the front door. When he opened it he saw a
teenaged boy and a teenaged girl standing there. The girl was very pretty and
was wearing leather pants. He was significantly more interested in the girl
than in the boy.

"Can I help you?" Asked Nick.

"I hope so, I'm Louis Stevens and this is my friend Tawny Dean, we're looking
for my sister, Ren, she has been missing since yesterday and we were hoping
you'd seen her." Louis said.

"Yes of course you were. I think I've seen her, why don't you come in a
minute." Nick said.

"Yeah sure, umm you say you've seen her?" Louis said as he stepped into
Nick's house.

"Yeah, pretty sure." Said Nick.

"I don't think that we should follow this guy in his house." Said Tawny.

"Relax Tawny, this guy saw Ren." Said Louis.

Louis said as he followed the man in. Tawny reluctantly followed him.

"Have some muffins." Said Nick as he offered them a plate of muffins.

"You said that you saw Ren." Louis said.

"Yes you two eat the muffins and I will tell you exactly what you need to
know." Nick said.

"Fine whatever floats your boat man." Said Louis.

Louis grabbed one and took a bite and then Tawny did the same.

"That's actually pretty good." Said Louis.

"Yeah that's not bad." Said Tawny.

"OK follow me." Said Nick.

Nick led them all to the backroom. Tawny and Louis were both shocked to see
the two cages there one each containing Ren and Ruby.

"Oh hi Louis, hi Tawny." Said Ruby.

"Wish you weren't seeing me like this." Said Ren, who was very naked and
embarrassed about being in a dog cage.

"What did you do to my sister?" Demanded Louis angrily.

"Nothing really... well I had sex with her, and I stuffed her in a cage, but
really beyond that nothing." Said Nick.

"Thatís it, I'm calling the cops." Said Louis.

"No you are not, you are going to have another muffin." Said Nick.

"What is it with you and these muffins?" Tawny demanded, even as she grabbed
another one and ate it.

Louis followed suite and had another muffin himself.

"They are magic muffins. They'll make you horny and obedient." Nick

"Oh, well that explains a lot." Said Louis as he downed another muffin.

"This is ridiculous. I'm leaving and I'm calling the cops." Said Tawny.

But she didn't leave, and she ate another muffin.

"You were saying?" Asked Nick.

"Well, shit with shit on top and a side of shit." Said Louis.

"Exactly. Now why don't you let Ruby and Ren out of their kennels so that
they can join the party." Nick said. Tawny and Louis each let Ren and Ruby
out of their cages. "Ruby, got any suggestions as to what we should do here?"

"Well I recommend that you fuck me up the ass while Ren eats out Tawny and
Louis fucks Ren's pussy." Ruby said.

"RUBY!!!" the others exclaimed at once.

"What? We don't have a choice here." Ruby said.

"Yeah but you don't have to be so cooperative." Ren said.

"Well regardless of all that, she had a good idea." Said Nick. "All right
let's all get naked.

Tawny and Louis were removing their clothing even as they protested removing
their cloths.

"Well this sucks hard." Said Tawny.

"I know Tawny." Said Louis as he put his hand on her shoulder.

Tawny walked over to the couch and spread her legs. Ren stepped over to Tawny
and began to lap at her pussy. Reluctantly, Louis stepped over to his now
naked sister. He guided his rock hard cock to the entrance of her pussy and
slid it in. Ren's eyes tightened and she moaned into Tawny's pussy. Nick bent
a compliant Ruby over a table and shoved his cock deep into her ass. Louis
was soon realizing a very important fact, he was really enjoying himself. He
liked fucking Ren, liked it quite a bit. Tawny was enjoying herself also. She
really liked being eaten out by Ren. Fuck, she thought, I'm enjoying this too
much. Nick already knew he would enjoy, shoving his cock as far up Ruby's ass
as he possibly could. Ruby's eyes practically popped as Nick's cock plumbed
her depths.

"Oh shit, oh shit Ren, you are so fucking awesome." Said Louis said as he
pumped his cock in and out of his sister's gorgeous pussy.

"Oh shit, Oh shit Ren, he's so right, yes you are fucking awesome." Cried
Tawny as Ren ate her out.

Ren appreciated the compliments but wished that they were given under
slightly different circumstances.

The pace of Nick's strokes slowed just before he shot a blob of sperm of
Ruby's ass. Tawny grabbed the back of Ren's head and shoved it deeper into
her pussy. Louis held back on his own orgasm, he wanted Ren to cum first.
Partly because he wanted to give back to his sister some of the pleasure
that she was giving him and partly because he was very competitive with
her. Ren wasn't able to hold on and began to cum while trying to continue
eating out Tawny. Just as Tawny began cumming Louis shot his load into his
sister's pussy.

By the time the threesome had finished Nick was already getting dressed.

"Well this was a whole lot of fun, but since I have no intention of going to
jail I'm skipping town. I'll leave you in the cages for your family to find.
Thanks for the thrills." Nick said.

He had the teens all squeeze into the cages while he got his things packed
into his RV.


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