Even Stevens: The Magic EZ Bake Oven - Epilogue (mf,inc)
by Hamster ([email protected])

6 days Later, in the dead of night...

Ren had an ultra neat and well-organized room. Louis found it suffocating but
he tip-toed in anyways. She was completely asleep, out like a light. Louis
climbed under the covers with her. He brushed her hair back and whispered
into her ear.

"Ren." He whispered. "Ren, wake up."

Ren's eyes fluttered and she was completely shocked to see her brother in bed
with her.

"Louis?! What are you doing here?" She demanded.

"Ren, remember when we had sex a week ago?" Louis asked.

"Just how the heck am I supposed to forget?" Ren demanded.

"Want to do it again?" Louis asked.

"WHAT?" She demanded.

"Shh, you'll wake mom and dad." Lois said.

"OK, what?" She asked again in hushed tones.

"Well, you are really good at the sex thing and I really enjoyed it. I just
thought we could try it again." Said Louis.

"And now you sound like Tawny." Said Ren.

Just two days prior Tawny had accosted Ren in the bathroom. Tawny had
demanded to get her pussy eaten on the spot. Ren had only gotten her to back
off by giving her an IOU. She signed it and everything.

"Please Ren, I just can't get it out of my mind." Louis begged.

"Forget it, your my brother. It's wrong." Ren said.

"Why? Why is it so wrong? I love you and you love me right?" Asked Louis.

"Yes but..." Ren began to counter.

"And I really, really, enjoyed it and I know that you enjoyed it too." Said

"Ok, it wasn't horrible but it's still...." Ren started to counter.

"Come on Ren you loved it admit." Louis said.

"OK fine it was fun but it's still wrong to enter a lustful relationship with
your own brother." Ren said.

"OK, OK how about we don't call it a lustful relationship. How about we call
it a simple business arrangement?" Offered Louis.

"What do you mean?" Ren asked.

"I'll give you a third of my allowance if I can fuck you 5 times a week."
Louis said.

"What? Forget it." Louis said.

"Come on Ren, it's a fantastic deal." Louis said.

Ren thought about it. She did enjoy it and if it was strictly business, then
it wasn't so wrong.

"Half your allowance for 3 times a week." Ren counter offered.

Louis was so happy and excited that he didn't bother with a counter offer.

"Deal." He said as he shook her hand.

"So I guess you want tonight to be one of this week's 3?" Asked Ren.

"No time like the present sis." Said Louis.

He leaned forward and kissed her. Louis placed a hand on the bottom of her
shirt and began to lift it up. He pulled it up and over her head. He pulled
his shorts off and then hers. They kissed again before he moved on to sucking
her nipples. As he sucked on her hard nipples he slid a hand between her legs
and started to finger her juicy cunt. He was planning on doing some serious
research in porn, that we he could have some great plans for his next two
nights with Ren. He was planning on getting his allowance's worth. Ren's body
trembled as her brother fingered her pussy.

"Spread your legs sis." Ordered Louis.

Don't appreciate being ordered around, but he IS a paying customer, thought
Ren. She spread her long, sexy legs wide. That was the only invitation that
Louis would need. He looked into her eyes as he slid into her. The fact that
he was now seriously fucking his own sister wasn't lost on him. But rather
than make him stop it heightened his arousal. She moaned and breathed very
heavily as his strokes got quicker and more ferocious. Soon she was cumming
and not long after, he was also.

"Oh shit Ren, that was so awesome. Worth every penny." Panted Louis.

"Thanks." Said Ren.

The two kissed again as Louis contemplated getting a little nastier with her
in the future.


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