Even Stevens: The Magic Principal (Mf,mc)
by Tappercan ([email protected])

Principal Landau sat back in his chair and smiled to himself at how well
things were turning out. He was not sure he could handle taking over as
principal, but with the help of his favorite student, Ren Stevens, he had
the school in tip-top shape. He finally was getting the respect he deserved
and he was finally in total control. He loved the feeling of power and was
thoroughly enjoying embarrassing and in some cases humiliating the truly
bad students. They say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts
absolutely. Mr. Landau was becoming the perfect example of corruption.

He really owed it all to Ren. She had believed in him and showed him that he
could do the job. He had always been jealous of the fact that Wexler sat
around on his fat ass and made Ren do all of his work. Now she was helping
him. He had also noticed how she had developed into an absolutely stunning
young woman. She had what he considered to be the perfect female body- long
thin legs, flat stomach, perky breasts, piercing brown eyes, long brown hair,
and the most unbelievable ass he had ever seen. He could not help but
fantasize about what she would look like naked and what it would be like to
fuck her. His cock grew in his pants as he thought about his new assistant.
If only he could get in her skirt- but how? Just then a thought occurred to
him. His true passion in life was not education it was magic. Perhaps he
could use his skills to his advantage. After all, he was in control and he
had complete power over his students- even Ren Stevens.

Later that day, while having one of his many sexual fantasies about her, Ren
came in to his office. "Ahh, perfect, just the person I wanted to see. Come
right in honey. Tell me what I can do to er for you."

Ren thought that was a little strange- he had never called her honey and what
did he mean by what can I do to you.

"Well, sir- umm, I need to talk to you about the way you are using your power
to control the school. I think you are going a little too far. Making
students wear these signs was a good idea, but now it is getting personal and
a little abusive. I just saw Ruby with a sign saying 'I am a Big Tease.' I
mean its true but Sir, are you hearing a word that I am saying?"

Landau sat way back in his chair and let his eyes roam all over her body.
She looked so hot in her tight blue shirt showing major cleavage and her
tight black skirt. He had a raging hard-on and decided to see how powerful
he truly was.

"Oh sure Ren, I'm listening. I see your point, but you are forgetting that
I call the shots here not Wexler or you. You are only a student and you
cannot tell me what to do. Now remember your job is to do whatever I say
and not question me. So keep your mouth shut and your pretty little ass out
of my way. Got it prissy?"

She was shocked at the way he was talking to her. Principal Wexler would
never say those things to her. But he was the principal now and she had to
obey him.

"Yes principal Landau, I understand. I'll do whatever you say."

"Thats more like it sweetie. I like you more when your subservient. Now
come over here I've got a new trick to show you."

"Okay sir but just a quick one- I've got to get back to class."

He positioned her in front of his desk and had her put her arms in the
air. Then he took out a black scarf and tied her hands together. Then he
blindfolded her. She looked so good like this he could hardly stand it.
He circled her body with his face and hands inches away from her skin.
Oh how he wanted to touch her but he knew he couldnt.

"Sir, umm what kind of trick is this? I don't understand. What do you
want me to do?"

"You're doing just fine honey, just a few more minutes. Whatever you do
don't take the blindfold off- do you understand don't take it off until I'm
done- and I tell you to."

Ren could not figure out what was going on and was starting to have serious
questions about this new principal but she responded, "Okay."

Landau sat back on his desk and pulled his rock hard dick from his pants.
He began to slowly jerk his meat while staring at the object of his lust.
She was so hot and to have her right in front of him like this turned him
on more than ever. As he stroked, he began to feel his orgasm on the way.
He couldn't help but start to moan out loud.

"Mr. Landau. Sir. Whatwhat are you doing? Are you? Eww thats gross!"

She ripped off her blindfold and turned around to see Landau's manhood in
his hand. He quickly put it away and zipped up his pants.

"Sir, you have seriously crossed the line. That was totally disgusting and
wrong. I am going to tell on you and get you fired so that Mr. Wexler can
come back."

Landau was panicking and knew he had to think of something quick to save his
job. He grabbed Ren, whos hands were still tied together, and forced her to
sit in his chair. "Now just give me a chance to explain what happened- If
you will just sit in this chair and relax."

He reached into his pocket for his watch and dangled it in front of her face.
The watch swayed back and forth.

"Now Ren, just look at the watch and listen to what I say. You are going
to do exactly as I say and think exactly what I tell you to. Do you

"Yes, sir," she replied staring into the watch.

He had researched and learned a lot about hypnotizing people but had never
really tried it. He knew that if it did not work he was dead. And if it did
work? That would be interesting.

"When I snap my fingers Ren, you are going to be like a different person.
You are going to love sex and want to fuck and suck like crazy. You are
going to be a voracious sexual animal. You will want only me. You will
find me irresistible. You will think my penis is the most wonderful thing
in the world. You will do anything to please me. You will be my naughty
sex slave and your body will be my personal roller coaster. When I am done
with you will never speak a work of this to anyone ever."

Landau hoped like hell that this would work, took a deep breath, and snapped
his fingers.

"Oh, hello sir. You sure do look good in that suit Mr. Landau. Have I told
you how happy I am that you are the principal now."

'Yes,' he thought to himself. It had worked. He had hypnotized the beautiful
young Ren Stevens.

She walked over to him running her hands through her hair and looking
lustfully deep into his eyes. She stood right in front of him and put her
hands the lapel of his sport coat.

"Sir, do you like me? Do you think I'm hot. I have seen the way that you
look at me. I know how all the boys and the men in this school think. You
all want me. Do you want me sir? Because I want you bad. I don't know
what it is all of a sudden, but I must have you- Now!"

She began to feel her breasts while licking her lips. She would do her best
to seduce him. She led him to his chair and he sat down. She started to
lift up her black skirt and showed him her long silky smooth legs. Then she
pulled the skirt up all the way to expose her perfect ass which she stuck
right in Landau's face. She moved it back and forth and jiggled it up and
down. She could tell he was loving it by the huge bulge in his pants. She
then began to grind her pussy and ass into his crotch giving him a nasty lap

He decided to remind her of what he said when he hypnotized her. "Ren, how
do you like my penis."

"Oh my god sir, it is the most wonderful, beautiful thing in the world. I
must suck it and lick it right now!"

Like a hungry young slut, she pulled his cock from his pants and started to
suck it as hard as she could. She was so voracious, he at first recoiled as
she was too rough. This did not stop her, she refused to let go of it and
continued to plunge it deep into her mouth. She was sucking cock like a real
pro and he thought he would cum too soon, so he pulled her off of him.

"Ren, I want you to sit on my desk and take your skirt off. Thats it. Now
pull off your panties. Now rub your bald pussy. Put your fingers in your
hot snatch. I want you to be nice and wet when I fuck that tight cunt."

Ren let out a long moan and did every thing that he said and more. She
vigorously shoved her fingers in her pussy and rubbed her clit. She was
dripping juices down her thighs which Landau licked up greedily. She
tasted so good. He wanted more. He caressed her legs and pulled off her
black high heeled shoes. As she masturbated her cunt, he began to lick
her feet. They were so long and white and thin. He placed each toe into
his mouth and sucked and licked them until he reached her big toe. He
sucked it as she had sucked his cock. The dual sensations were driving
her insane. "Mmmmm- suck my toes you hot stud. Worship my feet while I
fuck my own pussy."

"Now I want you to bend over and suck your own toes."

The limber teen did so willingly. The sight caused him to get even harder
and dive into her sweet wet twat. He licked all around her lips and flicked
his tongue on her clit. She moved her pussy into him in delight. He then
started jamming his fingers inside her- first one, then two and finally
three. She let out a scream of pain and pleasure. He was undeterred and
kept up his assault on her snatch. He pulled his fingers from inside her
and shoved them into her mouth.

"Suck my fingers slut. I want you to taste your own sweet pussy juices. Do
you like how you taste whore?"

"Mmmm, o yeah I love the taste. I love being your nasty sex slave, baby, but
when are you gonna fuck my hot pussy. I can't wait anymore. Fuck me, now!"

She ripped off her remaining clothes to expose her perfectly shaped boobs,
and jumped onto his lap. He gladly filled her wet pussy with his hard 7
inch cock. They both were so ready his dick managed to slide in easily.
She bounced wildly up and down on his cock as he licked and sucked her
titties. He suddenly picked her off of him and turned her around. He bent
her ass over his desk and entered her from behind. He spanked her round
white ass cheeks as they jiggled with every thrust from his hard pecker.
She screamed and bucked like a wild banshee. He worried about all the noise
so he reached around and shoved the scarf in her mouth. He licked his finger
and began to rub her anus. She groaned louder and clinched her sphincter as
he slowly eased his finger up her ass. She seemed to enjoy being filled in
all her holes but the magical principal had other ideas. "I wanna fuck your
sweet ass, Ren. Can you take it? Do you want me to cram my cock up your
asshole slut?"

"Oh yes, Principal Landau sir, I need to feel your wonderful cock in me
now! Fuck my ass sir, please fuck it!"

He forced his dick up her tight anus as hard as he could causing another
scream from the hypnotized whore. He did not care and continued to rip into
her perfect ass as he slapped her cheeks until they turned red. The tight
passage was too much for him and he pulled his dick out just in time to shoot
his load all over her ass and the small of her back. She quickly turned and
dropped to her knees to taste his cum and shit covered cock. She licked it
clean in no time.

They both sat back on the desk completely spent from their sexual romp. He
put on his clothes and commanded her to do the same. "Now remember Ren, when
I snap my fingers you will forget everything that happened here today. And
the next time I snap my fingers, you will again be my sex slave. Now one
more thing- put this sign on and do not take it off no matter what. Do you

"Yes principal Landau, sir," she said as she put on the sign.

He snapped his fingers and startled the old Ren back to attention.

"So what was it that you came here to talk about Ren?"

"Oh, umm I forget. It's strange but I can't seem to remember anything

"Well that's okay Ren, just remember to report to me first thing tomorrow
for a very special job I need you to do for me. Now get your ass back to

"Yes, sir she responded not knowing what she had just done and what she would
be doing for the rest of the year to satisfy her new magical principal.


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