This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Even Stevens: The Secret World Of Louis Stevens
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"You like that Beans?!? You like that?!?" Louis shouted as Beans rolled
around on the ground continuously getting kicked by two of the school's

"I'm sorry Louis! I'm sorry!" Beans cried out as dirt flew in his eyes.

"Too late you little shit! Don't you ever cross me again!" Louis screamed.
"Let's go guys," Louis said in a calm manner as he and the bullies walked
away leaving Beans beat up with his clothes torn and tattered lying on the

After walking back to the school cafeteria Louis handed the two bullies
twenty dollars each.

"Here's the money, and if you're lucky and Ren doesn't cooperate you'll have
the video in a few days."

With that the three guys separated and Louis got into the lunch line and
bought pepperoni pizza and french fries. He sat down at his usual table and
started eating. Just then Twitty showed up.

"Hey, did you just hear what happened outside?" Twitty asked.

"You mean Beans getting his ass kicked?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Lucky guess."

"You're not still pissed about him ratting the pay-per-view out are you?"

"Ren and her stupid friends gave me a makeover! Of course I'm pissed!"

"Well, you better hope he doesn't squeal again or you'll get suspended."

"I'm not too worried about that."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I just am," Louis replied coolly as he spotted Ren on the other side of the
cafeteria. "Hey Twitty, do you still think my sister is hot?"

"Yeah, I guess so, why?"

"You still want to bang her?"

"Uh... why?"

"Give me some time and you will. Though you're going to have to tell me now
if you want to be first."

"Does she know about this?"

"Yes or no, Twitty. I've got things to do."

"Uh, sure ok. When and where?"

"I'll get back to you on that," Louis said before getting up from the table
and taking off.

Twitty just sat back and munched on some of Louis' left over french fries
watching Ren as she walked around the cafeteria and talked to several of her

"Damn, she's got a nice ass," Twitty said to himself underneath his breath.

"Who does?" Larry Beale asked sitting down at the table across from Twitty.

"Ren Stevens," Twitty replied.

"Ren? What about her?"

"Nothing really. Louis was just here and asked me -- Never mind."

"Asked you what? Wait a minute... Beans just got his ass kicked a few
minutes ago. Does this have anything to do with the whole pay-per-view and
him getting a make over?"

"Maybe. Why?"

"He didn't ask you if you wanted to screw Ren did he?"

Twitty just sat there quietly and looked around.

"Ooooh shit he did! I don't know what the hell he is up to, but he
approached me about this and winning the student election."

"No way. You serious?" Twitty asked intrigued at what was developing.

"Oh yeah. Man, he must be royally pissed off to be doing all of this."

"You two talking about Louis?" Nelson Minkler asked sneaking up behind Twitty
and Larry.

"How much of that did you hear?" Twitty asked looking over his shoulder at

"Everything about Louis being pissed off at Ren and helping Larry win the

"Don't tell anyone about this. I swear to god I'll kick your ass Nelson,"
Larry scowled.

"Fellows don't worry," Nelson assured them standing on a nearby chair placing
his arms on their shoulders. "I know all about it and if my intuition is
correct Tawny will make an appearance as well."

"Tawny?!?" Twitty asked surprised. "What did Louis say about her?"

"Let's just wait for Louis to get everything rolling and we'll see," Nelson
said as the three of them stared at Ren while she talked to a friend. Ren
looked up and gave them a questioning look and the three of them just smiled
back at her.

* * *

"This'll teach you to betray your friends Tawny," Louis growled after
breaking into her locker and placing three bags of weed inside it. "You'll
be handsomely rewarded Donnie."

Louis scampered down the hall stopping in front of Principal Wexler's office.
He pulled an envelope from his pocket and slid it underneath the door. He
then knocked and took off for the cafeteria. Back inside the cafeteria Louis
ran into Ren.

"Hey Louis, why are your creepy little friends staring at me?" Ren asked.

"Uh, I dunno. Why don't you ask them?"

"Just tell them to cut it out ok?"

"Uh... Sure thing," Louis replied leaving Ren's side and walking back towards
the guys.

"Hey Louis, man, what's this about Tawny?" Twitty asked.

"What about her?"

"Tell them what you told me!" Nelson said.

"Well, it's nothing really. I still need to talk to Tawny, but I think she
might be there."

"What makes you say that?" Larry asked.

Just then the p.a. system came on and Mr. Wexler's voice blare through.

"Tawny Dean please report to my office immediately. Thank you."

"Louis what did you do?" Twitty asked grinning.

"Nothing, but I think Tawny did. I'll see you guys later," Louis said before
taking off again.

* * *

"Come in," Principal Wexler said after someone knocked at his door.

"You wanted to see me sir," Tawny said as she stepped into his office.

"Please have a seat," Mr. Wexler said indicating to a chair in front of his

Tawny sat down and he continued.

"Now you know we've adopted the strictest drug policy of any school in the
state because of the incident last year. You've been a good student, which
is why I brought you in here first to see what you have to say."

"What're you talking about?"

"A few minutes ago someone slipped this envelope underneath my door. Inside
was a note saying you have drugs in your locker. I hate having to ask this,
but are there drugs in your locker?"

"No, no of course not!" Tawny answered shocked.

"I didn't think so, but you wouldn't mind if I checked anyways just to make
sure would you?"

"Of course not."

"Good then let's go."

Principal Wexler and Tawny both got up from their seats and walked out his

* * *

"Good good, don't ever mess with the best again Tawny," Louis smirked sitting
back in the security office as he watched Tawny and the principal leave the
office through a camera he installed right about Wexler's desk. With tape
recording in the vcr Louis waited patiently for the two to return.

* * *

"I'm so glad this is just a prank," Principal Wexler said as Tawny entered
the combination to her locker. Both jaws dropped as the locker swung open
and the bags of marijuana sat on one of Tawny's books in plain sight.

"Let's go Tawny," Wexler said in an angry voice as he placed the weed in his
coat pocket and slammed the locker shut.

"But... but... it's not mine!" Tawny claimed.

"You disappoint me so much. Let's go to my office. You can call your folks
while I call the proper authorities."

Tawny just slouched as the two of them walked back towards his office. Once
they got back to Wexler's office Tawny started to claim her innocence again.

"Somebody put it there! They're trying to get me in trouble!"

"Look Tawny unless you have proof that somebody did, then there's nothing
anybody can do for you. The drugs were found in your locker."

"This is bullshit!" Tawny yelled in frustration.

"Ms. Dean you're already in enough trouble! Do not use foul language!"

"Sorry about that. I just don't know how any of this could have happened and
my parents will be pissed when they find out I've been expelled for a year."

"Could be longer, now call your folks," Mr. Wexler said handing the phone to

"Wait a minute! What do you mean longer?!?"

"As you know the schoolboard has to vote on this, and being the first person
to get busted under the new policy they may try to make an example of you
possibly banning you from school completely."

"What?!?!? You've got to be kidding me."

"I'm afraid not, now please call your folks."

Tawny started dialing the number for her mother when an idea popped into her
head. She quickly shook her head in disgust, but immediately the thought
returned. As she thought about it, she realized she really had no choice.

"Is there a problem Ms. Dean?" Principal Wexler asked as Tawny hung up the

"Umm... there's no problem. Can we somehow work out a deal that you'll throw
the weed away and not tell anyone you found it in my locker? I really don't
know how it got there and I can't afford to get kicked out of school."

"Ms. Dean please make the call. You must face the punishment."

"Not even if I give..." Tawny began as she took off her shirt and sat there
in her bra. "myself to you?"

"Ms. Dean!! Please put your shirt back on!! The schoolboard and your parents
will definitely hear about this!!" Mr. Wexler nearly screamed.

"Oh come on Mr. Wexler. I know we can work something out," Tawny pleaded.

With the look in Tawny's eyes, Principal Wexler knew he had her under his
thumb. Her future was in his hands and she was desperate. With a grin on
his face he had decided Tawny's fate.

"Take off your bra and play with your breasts," He commanded her.

Tawny obeyed and dropped her bra to the floor. She then started to rub and
massage her tits pinching her nipples ever so slightly.

"Good to see you can obey authority," Principal Wexler sneered. "Now take
off the rest of your clothes and come over here."

Tawny did as she was told and within minutes was standing nude in front of a
still sitting Principal Wexler. She watched as an erection formed in his
pants and he started to rub it through the cloth. Tawny didn't want to be in
this position, but she had no choice.

"What're you looking at Ms. Dean?"

"Nothing sir," She answered as she quickly averted her eyes elsewhere.

"Tell me now! What were you looking at?"

"You're erection sir," Tawny answered as her face started to turn red.

"Well, take it out and suck on it. Help relieve some of the tension," Wexler

Tawny dropped to her knees and her hands reached for his pants. She fumbled
a bit trying to unbutton and unzip them but she finally did. Wexler stood up
momentarily to take his jacket off and let Tawny pull his pants down. Tawny
just gawked as Mr. Wexler's large black dick swayed in front of her.

"Tawny," he warned as he watched her just stare.

Tawny took the big dick in her hands and began by licking the shaft up and
down. She was thoroughly disgusted with what she was doing, but continued
anyways. Tawny then placed her lips around the head of Wexler's cock and
slowly began to deepthroat it. Halfway down she nearly gagged on it, but
Mr. Wexler pushed her head down and forced his prick down her throat.

"Good, good girl," Mr. Wexler moaned as Tawny bobbed her head up and down on
his member. "You suck like a little slut."

As he felt the young girl's lips and tongue suck on his dick, Principal
Wexler slammed on the speakerphone to his secretary.

"Bernice, I'm on a very important phone call right now. Don't' let anyone in
and don't transfer any phone calls. Take messages. Thank you." Once he was
finished on the phone Wexler turned his attention back to young Tawny.

Wexler felt his raging hard-on start to shake and quiver but he had no plans
of cumming in Tawny's mouth.

"Up on my desk," He commanded as he grabbed a handful of Tawny's hair and
pulled her head away. Tawny grimaced slightly in pain and then sat up on his

It was Mr. Wexler's turn as he got on his knees and spreading Tawny's legs
apart started to slide his tongue in and out of her fuzzy pussy. Tawny tried
to fight the urge, but couldn't as she slipped a hand between her legs and
began to rub her clit with her finger.

"Mmmmmmmm... A slutty pot-smoker..." Wexler commented as he took notice of
Tawny's actions. "Perhaps you'll like this better."

Principal Wexler jammed two of his fat fingers into her pussy and began to
roughly shove them inside. Tawny was no virgin but the fingers were still a
tight fit. Wexler returned to licking and sucking on Tawny's pussy lips as
he jammed his fingers in and out of her.

"Oh my god!" Tawny inadvertently moaned as the sexual act was now starting to
turn her on and she continued to furious rub her clit.

"Good to see you're liking this as much as I am," Mr. Wexler replied as he
felt his fingers get coated with fluid. "Are you turned on?"

"Oh god yes!" Tawny groaned as her body started to tingle.

"Good because so am I," he said pulling out his fingers.

"What're you going to do?" Tawny rhetorically asked as she watched the
principal rub her love juices from his fingers onto his dick.

"What do you think?" Mr. Wexler said as he teased her pussy brushing the
head of his member along her opening.

"But it's too big, you're not going to -- Oooooh my!" Tawny stopped in
mid-sentence as Wexler's prick spread her vaginal cavity wide and slowly
slithered in.

"Mmmmmmm... So nice and tight," Mr. Wexler moaned as he bottomed out inside
of Tawny.

Tawny's eyes bulged as her insides got torn up by the large dick inside of
her. She soon felt it start to slide out, before it started to go right back

"Niiiiiiiiice Ms. Dean. I love how tight you are. Are all your friends
tight like you?" Principal Wexler teased as his dick continue to split Tawny

"MMph! I don't... know..." was all she could get out the large member
sliding in and out of her now with relative ease. It turned her on so much
so that she forgot about everything around her and was busy rubbing and
pinching her clit.

Principal Wexler soon felt the tiny pussy clamp down hard on his shaft as
Tawny furiously thrust herself towards him. He continued to viciously pump
himself into Tawny's moist box as he felt her start to orgasm.

"Oh my goooooood!" Tawny screamed as her body shook and jumped with orgasm.
Her pussy ached with excitement as she started to squirt her cum all over Mr.
Wexler's dick and onto his desk.

Feeling Tawny's love juices on his prick, Principal Wexler lost his war with
his pleasure.

"Bring your face here!" He commanded Tawny as he pulled out of her jerking
himself off and backing up from the desk. Tawny quickly did as she was told
and got on her knees in front of him.

"Oooooooh goooood yeeeeeees!" He grunted as his sticky white cum shot from
his cock and splattered all over Tawny's face. Wexler continued to jack
himself off until he came no more and Tawny's face was a new shade of white.

"Clean me Ms. Dean," He ordered as he slapped her face with his dick. Tawny
obeyed and licked Mr. Wexler's member clean.

Wexler pulled up his pants and straightened out his clothing.

"Use these," he said as he tossed a box of Kleenex at Tawny as she dressed.
"You have my permission to go home early and I can't seem to find the weed
that was in your locker," Wexler said as he pretended to look for the

* * *

"The fun's only beginning," Louis laughed as he watched Tawny leave Principal
Wexler's office through the hidden camera. Louis stopped tape. Leaving the
security room Louis set part two into motion.

* * *

Twitty started to enter his next class when Tawny raced past him.

"How ya doing Tawny?" He shouted at her.

Tawny just ignored him and disappeared from his sight. Twitty sat down in
his desk Louis sat in the one next to him.

"Hey Louis, what's with Tawny? She walked by without saying anything."

"Let's just say there'll be a full party," Louis replied.

"Damn! You mean everything's going to happen? Ren and Tawny will be

"You could say that," Louis said as the teacher walked to the front and
started his lesson. "I'll let everyone know by tomorrow."

* * *

"Hey mom, can I talk to you?" Ren asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"Sorry Ren, I've got an important meeting tonight with my election committee.
Can it wait?" Eileen Stevens said as she scurried about the kitchen.

"Yeah, it's not important, just that Tawny suddenly left school today and
wasn't acting like herself at all."

"Louis is at Twitty's, Dad's working late, and I'm not sure where Donnie is.
Just order yourself some pizza and I'll pay you back tomorrow. If you're
really worried about Tawny try calling her."

Eileen kissed her daughter on the forehead and scurried out of the house.

"I tried that already..." Ren said to herself as her mother disappeared.

Ren thought about it for a moment then decided she would talk to Tawny
tomorrow at school. She then realized that it had been at least two weeks
since she and Tom Gribalski had gotten together. Ren had to keep the
relationship secret because Tom was such a doofus at school, but she had
more selfish reasons. She was home alone one night crying after she had
broken up with Bobby Deaver. Tom had come over looking for Louis, but
ended staying to console Ren since nobody else was home to do so. One
thing lead to another and Ren found herself in bed fucking Tom. He had
the largest dick Ren had ever seen and was quite good in bed. So Ren
waited anxiously as the phone rang. She sighed with relief when Tom
finally picked up.


"Hey Tom, it's Ren. Can you come over for a little while?"

"I was working on my science project, but I can use a break. Why what's up?"

"Just come over. I really need to talk to you."

"No problem Ren, I'm always happy to help. I've got to clean up a bit and do
a few other things, but I'll be over in forty-five minutes."

"Thanks Tom, you're the best!"

As he hung up his phone Tom turned to Louis.

"Told you. Usually every seven days she calls, but it's been almost two
weeks since the last time. Sometimes if we know the night won't be an option
we sneak into the bathroom during class."

"Thanks for your help Tom and make sure it's in Ren's room. That's where I
have the camera hidden," Louis said walking towards the door.

"Hey now, you promised remember? Help me get into the cooler crowd at school
and nobody knows about the video except your sister and that's only because
she'll think you set her up."

"I know Tom you have my word. Just like we agreed. Remember it has to be in
her room."

"Not a problem Louis."

* * *

After breaking into his school and it's security room Louis waited patiently
as he watched the monitor that showed Ren's room. He waited for half an hour
and was about to call Tom's house when he saw two figures walk into Ren's
room. Louis smiled widely as he pushed record on the vcr.

* * *

"Thanks for coming," Ren said smiling as she shut her bedroom door behind

"I'm never too busy for you Ren, you know that. Especially when you're
horny," Tom said as he reached behind Ren and pinched her butt.

"Tom!" Ren shouted in make believe disgust. "You know I call you for more
than just sex."

"Yeah, I know, but this is my favorite reason for you to call," he replied
as he started to take his clothes off. Ren followed suit and soon both
teenagers were naked on her bed.

"You like sucking dick don't your, Ren?" Tom gleed as he laid on his back
and she started to jerk him off licking his balls.

"Yeah, well, I don't hear you complaining too much," She replied.

Ren took Tom's scrotum into her mouth sucking on each side licking the
underneath of his shaft. She then wrapped her lips around his prick sliding
them up and down as her hand moved in sync with her mouth underneath. Tom
began to moan and pushed Ren's face toward his cock hitting the back of her
throat. She licked the precum that was starting to leak out of Tom's prick
and moved her head back.

"Do it Tom. You didn't do it last time," Ren said.

"I know I know. I said I'd do it this time, but you know if they other kids
at school knew you liked this you'd be a freak and a bigger loser than me?"

"Yes, but they don't know now do they? It's out little secret and my little

Tom got up off the bed to let Ren lie down. He then climbed onto the bed and
using the wall to balance himself he placed his ass right above her face.

* * *

"Oh god that's gross!" Louis screamed in disgust.

* * *

With her mouth wide open Ren waited patiently as Tom pushed a large nasty
piece of shit out of his ass. The turd was very long and wide and broke in
two coming out. Ren picked it up and licked it several times taking in the
nasty stench and taste. Then she took a large bite out of it and chewed it
like a candy bar. She swallowed the first bite and took out another chunk
of the shit in her hand. As she chewed the second piece the other half of
the turd fell from Tom's ass and landed on Ren's chest. Ren finished eating
the first half of Tom's shit then took hold of the other half.

"Oh god I love the way your shit fills!" Ren moaned as she started smashing
the brown log and rubbing it into her chest.

Once Ren's tits and upper body were covered in pooh she opened her mouth.
Tom got on his knees and held his dick in his hand pointing it into Ren's
mouth. After a few seconds of waiting a golden stream flowed from Tom's
cock and splashed down into Ren's mouth. She smiled and giggled as she
closed her mouth to swallow the first pool of urine. Ren's face and hair
become soaked in piss as Tom's pee splattered all over her face. She
opened her mouth again to swallow the rest of the yellow liquid as Tom
relieved his bladder.

Tom climbed off the bed and stood masturbating as Ren started to finger her
pussy with her shit covered fingers.

"Oh my god, Tom! Oh my god!" Ren moaned loudly with pleasure as she
continued to jam her fingers deep into her cunt.

"You look so fuck sexy with my shit all over your tits, Ren!" Tom laughed
still jerking himself off.

Ren started to scream and thrash on the bed as she neared orgasm. Tom
quickly climbed back on the bed and with his ass above her face again he let
out a sloppy wet fart. Ren went hysterical and cried in ecstasy as she
orgasmed wetting her fingers and her bed. She pulled her fingers out and
laid their breathing heavily. Climbing down Tom got on the bed below her

"You ready for more?" He asked smiling.

"You bet!" Ren replied licking the urine from around her lips.

She turned over and got on all fours and Tom slowly guided his prick to her
asshole. Ren moaned as she felt the head of his cock brush against her anus.
She grunted and bite her lip when she felt his large dick penetrate her ass.

* * *

"Good god Ren, you're going to be my little bitch slave for as long as I have
this tape," Louis said aloud to himself in disgust.

He watched as Ren clutched the bed sheets and Tom pulled her hair forcing her
head back. Ren's mouth was open and she was screaming as Tom continued to
pound her ass. Louis watched as Tom pulled his dick from Ren's anus and she
turned over on her back. Tom's cum started gushing from his cock splattering
all over Ren's breasts making them white and brown.

Louis nearly lost his lunch when Ren mixed some of Tom's shit and cum
together and licked it off her fingers.

* * *

With the tape of Ren and Tawny in his possession, Louis rounded up everybody
at lunch. Twitty, Larry, and Nelson waited anxiously for Louis as they ate
their fishsticks. They were starting to get worried when lunch was
two-thirds over and he hadn't shown yet.

"I wonder where Louis is," Twitty said mostly to himself.

"I don't know. I haven't seen him all day except this morning when he said
to meet at lunch," Larry replied.

"You don't think he got busted or something getting Ren and Tawny to show up
do you?" Nelson asked.

"You people are all paranoid. Don't ever doubt me," Louis said smiling as he
joined them at the lunch table.

"So what's up?" Twitty asked.

"Everything's a go," Louis grinned. "And the election is as good as yours

"Sweet," Larry gleed rubbing his hands together maniacally.

"So what's the deal?" Nelson asked excitedly. "Where and when?"

"Twitty's parents are gone this weekend, right Twitty?"


"Meet at his house on Saturday at 7:30, and don't anybody bitch, but Donnie's
coming too. He's the one that helped me with Tawny. That won't be a problem
will it?"

"Not at all," the threesome agreed.

"To Saturday then."

"To Saturday!" Twitty, Larry, and Nelson said in unison.

"Guys I'll talk to you later," Louis said getting up from the table spotting
Tawny across the cafeteria.

"Hey Tawny," Louis greeted her after running to catch up with her.

"Hi Louis, what's up?"

"What happened to you yesterday? Twitty said you ignored him in the hall and
Ren was worried about you leaving school and tried calling you but you didn't

"Oh, I wasn't feeling well yesterday. I think it was something I ate for

"You should really stay away from the burritos and eat the pizza instead. So
are you feeling better?"

"Yes, I am. Thanks. So how's our science project going?"

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about before lunch ended. I finished it
yesterday and need you to come over to see if anything needs changing."

"You finished it already? Wow. Usually you procrastinate on these kind of

"Well, I felt bad for you yesterday so I decided to work on it. One thing
led to another and three hours later it was finished. So will you come over
and look at it?"

"Sure thing."

"Thanks, Tawny."

As Tawny walked off Louis turned and gave the guys the thumbs up. The smiled
and gave it back.

* * *

"Louis what're you doing here?" Ren asked him walking into the leaving room
where he was watching t.v.

"I'm watching t.v. What does it look like?"

"Well, I've got a major test to study for and I need silence so I can study
in the kitchen."

"Why don't you study in your room?"

"Because it's easier for me to study down here."

"I'll tell you what, Ren. Tawny's coming over to look at our science
project. She'll only be here a few minutes and when she's done I'm going to

"Ok, fine. When's she getting here?"

The doorbell rang.

"There she is." Louis got up and answered the door.

"Hey, Ren," Tawny greeted her walking into the living room.

"Hi, Tawny. I don't mean to be crass, but I've got a big test I need to
study for tomorrow so how long do you think you'll be?"

"Not, but a few minutes. Actually I've got a test to study for myself. So
where's the project Louis?"

"It's not done yet."

"What do you mean it's not done? You told me at lunch it was."

"Well, it's not."

"You should have known that Louis didn't have it finished," Ren remarked

"Yes, I should," Tawny agreed rolling her eyes. "So if it's not finished then
why am I here Louis?"

"I wanted you both here because I have things I need you two to do. First
Ren you will drop out of the student class election and let Larry win."

"No way!"

"I figured you'd say as much. As for you Tawny I don't have anything for you
to do except show up at Twitty's house on Saturday with Ren."

"God damn it Louis, why can't you stop screwing around for just one minute?"
Tawny glared. Ren shot Louis a dirty look and started to walk back to the


Ren turned slowly around in bewilderment at her brother's sudden rage. Tawny
stood there with a confused look on her face as well.

"Good, now that I have both of your attentions watch this." Louis turned the
vcr on and pushed play.

Louis had set the tape where he wanted and he watched as Tawny turned a pale
white as the screen started showing her sucking Mr. Wexler's dick. Louis
then fast-forwarded it the scene where Wexler was fucking Tawny and she was
screaming in pleasure enjoying every moment. Louis turned the tape off and
returned his attention to the girls.

Ren stared incredulously at Tawny.

"Tawny why were you screwing Mr. Wexler?"

"The reason's not important, Ren. What is is the fact that I have you and
Tom on tape as well, but I'm not going to show it because it's just to
fucking gross. You're a nasty dirty slut, you know that right, Ren?"

"You don't have shit on me," Ren challenged.

"No, I don't, but you have Tom's shit on your chest."

Louis fast-forwarded the tape some more and Ren turned a deathly pale as she
watched Tom shit on her chest and watched herself eat it. Ren and Tawny both
just stood there with their mouths open.

"Good then, now that I have your attention I need you two to do something for
me and no one will ever see this tape."

"So... so what do you want Louis?" Tawny asked still dazed.

"You're going to drop out of the election right Ren?"

Still in a state of shock Ren shook her head yes.

"Good then. That's what I want to hear. Now then, I just need you two to
show up at Twitty's at 7:30."

"What for?" Ren asked.

"Just do it and I'll let you know then. If either of you don't show up I'll
give copies of this tape to everyone. And before I forget I have something
I want to give you two."

Louis took off upstairs where he spent about ten minutes before coming back
down. He handed a small white box to Ren and Tawny.

"What is this?" Tawny asked.

"Just open it. That's what you'll be wearing at Twitty's."

Both girls stood there silently as they opened their boxes up and removed the
contents. Ren removed a white bikini with thong bottom and Tawny took out a
matching red set.

* * *

The rest of the week dragged on for the guys as they waited for Saturday.
The week went by too fast for Ren and Tawny as they dreaded Saturday. To the
delight of the guys and the agony of the girls the week finally did end and
Saturday arrived.

Twitty, Larry, and Nelson waited anxiously at Twitty's house for the girls to
arrive. It was 7:35 and once again they were getting nervous.

"Where the hell are they already?" Twitty wondered out loud.

"Calm down man," Larry said. "Louis has got it all under control. He'll be
here any minute."

"I'm already here," Louis said standing in the front doorway of Twitty's
house. "You should take your cue from Larry and have patience Twitty."

"I know and you're right Louis. I can get impatient sometimes."

"So where are they?" Nelson asked smiling widely licking his lips.

"Twitty if you would," Louis said tossing him a cd.

Twitty put it in the living room's stereo system and played it. Cheesy
music similar to that of strip clubs started playing. Louis stepped from the
doorway and waited as Ren and Tawny who were both wearing trench coats walked

"Yeah yeah, Ren my academic thorn you're looking as lovely as ever, hon.
What're you hiding underneath that coat of yours?" Larry smiled taunting her.

"Now girls."

Ren and Tawny dropped their coats and the boys started hooting and hollering
as their eye's fixed upon the girls.

"Ren, I believe you have something to tell Larry."

"Larry, I've decided to drop out of the election," Ren grumbled as she and
Tawny danced.

"I could care less about the election right now," Larry drooled.

Twitty, Larry, and Nelson sat back on the couch as they watched Ren and
Tawny shake their asses and jiggle their tits. Louis sat alone in a recliner
watching and making sure the girls did as they had been told.

"Ren kiss Tawny," Twitty said.

The girls looked at each other unsure as they continued to shake their goods.
Then finally they kissed. The guys went wild as Ren and Tawny made out.

"Damn! They even had tongue!" Nelson exclaimed as the girls mouths pulled
apart and their tongues separated.

"Let me have a try at this," Larry chirped. "Ren take your top off."

Ren gave Larry the evil eye as she unfastened her top in the back and dropped
it to the floor.

"Now suck on Ren's nipples Tawny," Larry continued.

Reluctantly Tawny grabbed Ren's breasts squeezing them taking Ren's right
nipple in her mouth. A slight gasp escaped Ren's mouth as her nipple was
tickled by Tawny's tongue. Suddenly she felt a mouth on her left nipple
and saw Nelson crudely sucking on it occasionally grinding his teeth into

"Nelson get off, Ren! It's not time for that yet," Twitty yelled.

"Ok, ok," Nelson conceded releasing Ren's nipple from his lips. "But how
about we see Ren and Tawny get naked and sixty-nine?"

"Sounds like a great idea," Twitty agreed. "What about you, Larry?"

"Sounds fine by me."

Ren took her bottom off and Tawny stripped completely as well. Louis sat
back on the recliner as he quietly watched Tawny lay on the floor and Ren get
on top of her. As the two girls started to lick each other's pussy and eat
each other out Nelson was the first to remove his pants and start stroking
his cock. Larry got on the floor in front of Ren and ordered her to suck
his dick while she fingered Tawny's cunt. Twitty did the same to Tawny and
Nelson continued to jerk off. Just then Donnie walked through the front

"Yo Louis, you here?"

"Thank god you're here, Donnie!" Tawny blurted moving her head away from
Twitty's prick. "Help us!"

"I'd love to Tawny, but I owe Louis this favor. Sorry."

Tawny and Ren's hope of getting out of this humiliating situation died with
that comment.

"Looks like the guys are getting a head start here and Nelson's almost done,"
Donnie commented.

"You ready?" Louis asked.

"You bet."

"Tawny you come with me and Donnie, Ren you stay here with Twitty, Larry, and

Everyone stopped as Tawny got up and went with Louis and Donnie. Louis took
them the first room they found which was Twitty's bedroom.

"Get on the bed and bend over," Louis demanded sternly. He reached back and
slapped down hard on Tawny's ass. "You don't treat friends they way you did!
You don't fucking do it!" Louis screamed as he spanked Tawny's ass several
more times. Louis reached far back one last time and came down hard with a
stinging slap and Tawny cried out in pain.

"Your lessons far from over bitch!" Louis scowled.

Still downstairs in the living room and still on the floor Twitty lay on his
back as Ren rode his cock. Larry was fucking Ren from behind in the ass, and
Nelson pumped his dick into Ren's mouth. Larry pulled his cock from Ren's
ass and pushed into her cunt next to Twitty's dick. Ren cried out in pleasure
and pain as she was stretched to new lengths by the extra cock in her pussy.

Tawny grimaced each time Louis dug his nails into her ass. With Donnie's
dick in her mouth she had no room to talk. With a controlled fury Louis
slammed his dick deep and hard into Tawny. He cared little how she felt.
He just wanted her to learn to never fuck with him again. Louis grabbed
Tawny by the hair pulled her head back hard off of Donnie and got her off
the bed. Donnie laid down on the bed and Louis forced Tawny onto him. As
Donnie's dick disappeared into Tawny's cunt Louis pushed her forward. With
her ass open and staring at him Louis spread her cheeks and licked her
sphincter up and down. Then with one hard push he shoved himself into her

Downstairs Ren's body pulsed and burned. She hated this and didn't want to
be where she was, but she could help but get excited as her cunt was tore up
by Larry and Twitty and she sucked off Nelson. Her pussy was enlarged and
loose but it still worked it's magic on the two cocks filling it. Ren moaned
loudly as she came Nelson wasn't far behind. Not knowing Ren's mouth once
tasted Tom Gribalski's shit, cum, and urine Nelson had no problem face
fucking the girl until he came in it. A bit salty tasting Ren was able to
swallow all of Nelson's cum in two swallows.

Meanwhile she still had Twitty and Larry to contend with though now were both
groaning loudly.

"Fucking come in me Larry, you know you want to," Ren panted as she took both
guys in one hole. That statement was all Larry needed as he ejaculated into
Ren's pussy. Twitty continued thrusting oblivious to what was going on
around him.

Back upstairs Tawny too discovered passion in the sex she was having. She
was screaming and moaning as Louis continued anally fucking her and Donnie
plunged into her pussy. Donnie suddenly upped his pace big time and started
thrusting wildly and grunting. Tawny quickly found out why when her insides
were quickly flooded with his cum. This wasn't her first having sex but
this was definitely the largest load she had ever taken. She started to
worry when Donnie didn't stop coming and his cum started to spill out of her
pussy. Tawny's thoughts were then taken elsewhere when Louis reached back
and slapped her head hard. She cried out from the pain and Louis hit her
again. Tawny was able to hold her cries back and thanked god when she felt
Louis squeeze her hips hard as he came in her ass.

With Tawny exhausted and finished that left just Ren. She was now sitting
on the floor on her knees with a still yet-to-come Twitty and a rejuvenated
Larry and Nelson. All three were standing in front of her jerking themselves
off trying to come. Twitty finally was able to come and shot his load all
over Ren's face after specifically shooting her in the right eye. Nelson
came next pelting Ren in left eye before releasing the rest of his semen into
her hair. Larry's cock pulsed and he wanted to come again, but first he made
Ren lean her head back. Blind in both eyes Ren wasn't ready when Larry shot
his load into her nostrils. She gagged and fell over from the sudden
surprise and could hear the three boys laughing hysterically at her.

Everyone cleaned up and dressed including the girls. Larry laughed as he
thanked Ren for dropping out of the election, before leaving the house.
Twitty told Louis he'd see him tomorrow and Nelson pulled down Ren's top
sucking on her nipple a bit more before leaving. Donnie left without a word.

"A deal's a deal, you're not going to show the tape to anyone are you Louis?"
Tawny asked.

"Not as long as you get the science project done."

"What?!? But you said- Never mind. Consider it done."

"Good, there won't be any problems with you. As for Ren..."

"What, Louis? We've already done everything you asked us to do. What more
do you want from us?"

"As for you Ren, I've decided not to have you do anything. I just want both
of you to remember something. No one but no one fucks with Louis Stevens and
gets away with it!"


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