GNOLL (nOl): A humanoid dog. Gnolls are gray or white colored humanoid dogs,
resembling werewolves except they aren't cursed to change into humans and it
doesn't take silver to kill them. They are a plague to most of Norrath
especially in the Halas, Qeynos and Highpass areas where they are regarded
as mangy poachers, bandits and murdering thieves. The gnolls of frozen
continent of Velius have proven quite friendly though.

GNOLL STOUT (nOl stowt): A very addictive alcoholic beverage brewed by
gnolls. Banned in Qeynos.

Ever Quest: Tales Of Norrath Vol. 1 - Gnoll Stout (MF, MFF, FF)
by Hamster


Qeynos Hills had rats roughly the size of Bull Mastiffs. That wasn't even a
big rat, that would be one of the runts. Elyssa noticed one not more than 120
feet away that was about the size of a small pony. An arrow suddenly sprouted
from the vermin's side, apparently a fellow traveler at the crossroads shot
it. Elyssa turned to see a man who had been crafting arrows he was selling
pointing it out a young man, boy really, in leather armor. Elyssa figured the
man had shot the giant rat to demonstrate his arrows quality. The impaled rat
thrashed violently before dieing with one last pitiful squeak.

"Come on guys, hurry up and get here already." She thought annoyed.

She was waiting by the crossroads north of the city of Qeynos. This was a
popular meeting place for merchants, adventurers and travelers to gather and
speak or do business. Aside from the fletcher, a furrier was plying his trade
and an assortment of adventurers were selling a cartful of items looted from
orcs, gnolls and bandits they had defeated in the Karana. The most
interesting of the present group of people loitering about was a feline
humanoid female with tiger stripes in a fairly skimpy outfit; she was singing
and playing a stringed instrument and had a bowel in front of her that was
half full of coppers. The rest were simply resting travelers cooking by fires
or sitting around licking wounds or gathering mana.

Elyssa certainly recognized Msada and Gadget a pair of adventurers with whom
she shared a friendly rivalry. Msada was a Monk from Qeynos and wore an
outfit of loose fitting black silk. Heavy Armour was not very practical for
martial artists. Msada was a restless spirit who traveled much of Norrath in
search of new experiences including joining the wood elves of Kelethin in
their never-ending war against the orcs of Crushbone. This is where she and
Elyssa first met. She was a calm and patient woman, the polar opposite of
her companion.

Her companion who was blonde haired gnomish woman of a very chaotic
Disposition. Gadget was a rogue with an almost obscene passion for blowing
stuff up. The tiny gnomish woman had been exiled from Ak'Anon for years after
an incident involving the inappropriate usage of volatile chemicals to fuel
a clockwork steed. Normal the inventive gnomes appreciated this sort of
inventiveness but the resulting blast leveled a local tavern and several
clockwork guards. Even gnomish sensibilities had trouble accepting that level
of wanton destruction and mayhem. It didn't help that it wasn't the first
time she had unapologetically blown something up.

The unlikely pair waved at Elyssa but did not speak to her. Instead they
approached the tiger woman and spoke to her at length. Elyssa wondered if
they where recruiting the bard into their little adventuring party.

Several hours had passed and Elyssa kicked a stone out of annoyed impatience.
Fiddwell the wizard was gathering up their other two companions, who had been
busy in the city of Freeport on the other side of Antonica. For Fiddwell it
was a simple matter to teleport to the Common Lands where he would collect
their friends then teleport back to the crossroads where he was magically

The air shimmered with magical energy signaling the return of Fiddwell, the
Erudite wizard. Tryst the wood elven ranger and Adina the cleric where with

Tryst like most of the woman of the wood elf race was very beautiful, she had
reddish brown hair and bright green eyes. She was clad in leather armor and
carried her favorite longbow, one she had crafted herself. Adina was an
idealistic, brave, and enthusiastic but was often pain-in-the-ass sarcastic.
She wore chain-mail and carried a mace but it was her healing magic and not
her fighting prowess. Fiddwell was bald with a very high forehead like most
of his race. He wore simple brown hooded wizards' robes. Elyssa herself was
a beautiful dark haired woman, a human warrior. She carried her shield that
bore her coat of arms a Cat facing a Crane.

Elyssa had been on several quests with them before and had once been a lover
of Tryst's. She knew them and trusted them.

"So why did you call us here, Elyssa." Adina asked.

"Well somebody has been smuggling gnoll stout into Qeynos." Elyssa said.

"Goodness no, its the crime of the century." Adina gasped mockingly.

"The city guards are offering a reward for the gnoll brewer and his contact."
Elyssa continued, choosing to ignore the cleric's sarcasm. "A couple platinum
pieces each and some the good will of the guards."

"Doesn't seem to difficult...Oh ok, fine I'll do it." Fiddwell said.

"In the name of Erolissi Marr I will help you end this foul evasion of import
taxes!" Adina cried sarcastically.

"I hate gnolls," Tryst said simply.

"Well, let's go then." Elyssa said.


Deep below the city of Qeynos in the underground sewers...

Varkan stared at the two naked young women lying on the furs in the corner of
his room. He leered at them and returned his attention to the bowl of water
where the image of his loyal follower Sucrannex stared up at him.

"All goes as planned, Varkan." Sucrannex reported.

Varkan was displeased; Sucrannex was growing vain to speak to him with such
casual familiarity. That as well as the cleric's affair with the dark elf
shadow knight Avalia did not sit well with Varkan. Of course Sucrannex would
have to be shown who was in charge painfully and quickly, but that could

"Really? As you say planned? Then explain to me why your incompetence has
allowed the Qeynos guards to find out about the smuggled shipments of stout?"
Varkan demanded.

"My lord that's hardly my fault I had no way too..." Sucrannex stammered
taken aback that Varkan would speak to him as if he were a common henchman.

"No excuses fool. I want only results the guard will undoubtedly find a
foolish party of adventurers to seek out shipments' source. Bring them to
here to serve as sacrifices to the Plague Bringer and I will consider
showing you some mercy." Varkan said.

"Yes my lord." Sucrannex replied resentfully and disappeared.

Varkan turned away from the bowl. He approached his lave girls and dropped
his robes. The servile young woman had been trained how to respond and did so
immediately out of fear of reprisal.

The Elsie, the younger of the two grasped the shaft of his cock at the
base then swallowed it up sucking and licking it. Her companion, Shondra
kissed Varkan and pressed her naked body against her master's. Varkan
began to forget his displeasure with his minion and returned the girl's
kiss enthusiastically. After a enjoying a few minutes of his blow job he
positioned Shondra on her hands and knees grabbed her butt cheeks. He
spread her cheeks and placed his member at the entrance of the tight hole
found between. They each grunted as he rammed his meat into her over and
over. When his release finally came she collapsed on the furs, cum leaking
from between her cheeks.

Elsie had yet to cum so Shondra decided to be generous and began lapping at
the younger girl's pussy. Elsie practically purred with pleasure while Varkan
looked on with a mix of annoyance and arousal. The before Shondra could bring
Elsie to orgasm the Necromancer grasped the slave girl's hair and pulled her
back away from her partner hard. Elsie moaned with disappointment and Shondra
yelped in pain.

"My dearest Shondra, did I tell you that you could amuse yourself with little
Elsie?" he said as he brushed her hair gently with his hands. He waited till
Shondra shook her head yes. "You will come with me. Elsie stay put."

He grabbed Shondra's wrist and dragged her out of his chambers to a nearby
cell. He produced a potion from a shelf and gave it to her.

"Drink it." Varkan ordered.

Shondra looked at it hesitantly. Growing impatient and not used to his orders
not being followed immediately, Varkan slapped her hard across the face.
Shondra squealed and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Drink it now." Varkan demanded yet again.

Shondra took the bottle and drained the slightly bitter fluid. She felt some
what queasy at first then a great burning filled her belly and spread through
her body like an out of control blaze. Varkan stared in perverse pleasure as
the young woman collapsed in a quivering, writhing ball of pain. Shondra
screamed blindly her face contorted as she felt the pain rip through her body
as if she were being torn apart from the inside out. Varkan smiled when the
first wounds began to appear on her skin, bloody wholes breaking her flesh
and oozing puss. As she twisted in agony he began his prayer to the plague
god hoping his dark master would be pleased with the sacrifice. Finally she
let out one last pitiful yelp of pain, she was unable to continue screaming,
and her ragged breathing was growing weaker. Shondra gave in to the
comforting darkness that was free of pain.

Varkan admired the bloody mutilated corpse like a connoisseur of fine art
admires a painting. Yes, he thought, this little plague will be a thing of
exquisite beauty and by diluting it in alcohol the pain and suffering can be
prolonged. Varkan began to laugh with sadistic glee.


It took them two hard days to arrive at Blackburrow. The party approached the
entrance to Black Burrow stealthily, sneaking up on a hillcrest over looking
the entrance. The entrance was a tunnel that was shaped like an enormous
gnoll's mouth. Several gnoll guarded the entrance.

Tryst and Fiddwell looked at each other and nodded. Fiddwell unceremoniously
blasted one with a lightning bolt as Tryst shot the second one in the head
with an arrow, killing him instantly. The other two, who where momentarily
stunned, looked around for their attackers another sprouted an arrow before
the spotted their attackers and howled with rage.

The gnolls charged in an enraged fury. Adina and Elyssa stormed down to meet
them. Elyssa's sword stroke cut the first across the belly making him double
over and drop his weapon. Taking advantage of her opponent's new position
Elyssa beheaded him with a good clean stroke. Adina squared of with a second
gnoll, she easily sidestepped a clumsy spear thrust and smashed the weapon to
splinters with her mace. Another gnoll ran behind Elyssa and raised a two
handed sword high above his head to fell he. He was stopped when an arrow
pierced his hand. His cry of pain alerted Elyssa to his presence. She turned
and drove her sword into the creature's belly. The gnoll whimpered and
slumped to his knees as his entrails spilled from the gaping wound in his mid
section. Adina crushed the skull of her gnoll ending the conflict once and
for all.

With that the party cleaned their weapons and made their way down to the
entrance of the gnolls lair. They entered and followed the narrow path that
led into Black Burrow itself. The tunnel wound its way into the mountain
and led upwards at a fairly steep angle finally opening into a sort of
mini-mountain valley. They entered the great open-air area that featured a
waterfall that cascaded down into the pit leading to the gnolls' home.
Around the cliff ledge where several tunnels leading down into the dens of
the furry villains. They did not see any gnoll guards so they quietly
progressed to the main tunnel that led into Blackburrow's lower dungeons.
The sight that greeted them when the passed the wooden double doors that
led to the deep darkness of the gnolls' home made their blood run cold with
fear. A swarm of gnolls was waiting just on the other side of the door, more
than could be counted. The gnoll horde came howling from out of the tunnels.
The group's eyes grew wide as the huge tide of furry beasts closed on them.

The party had no time to react. Several gnolls attacked the two fighters,
who where forced to give ground. The giving of ground quickly turned into
full fledged flight but there where too many of them. The warrior and wood
elf ranger saw no sign of the two spell casters. Elyssa shouted to Tryst
that they only had one chance. The wood elf was so busy firing arrow after
arrow that she didn't even look at the similarly harried Elyssa. She just
assumed that she knew what her friend was thinking of. The pair broke off
their defense and turned to bolt towards the ledge. With gnolls breathing
hot down their necks the two took a running leap off the ledge the ledge,
down the waterfalls to the lake below. Several of their pursuers who could
not break off in time fell after them though most of the gnolls stopped
just at the edge and howled in frustration.

Fiddwell and Adina on the other hand had been quickly overwhelmed and knocked
to the floor. Adina screamed as the gnolls tied their wrists and dragged them
off, Fiddwell only swore and muttered threats.


Elyssa and Tryst woke up soaked and angry on the banks of the underground
lake in Black burrow.

"This certainly sucks." Elyssa commented.

She looked over at her wet elven friend. She was busy pulling a piranha-like
fish from her boot. Elyssa couldn't help but admire the way that the wet
cloths clung pleasingly to the wood elf. The sight of her conjured thoughts
of the last time that they had been alone together. They had both been naked
and sweaty between soft sheets, celebrating their latest successful quest in
a very enjoyable way.

"Its s-so cold down here." Tryst shivered.

"Yeah I know, great isn't it?"

Tryst shot her a dirty look.

"Awe come on now Tryst at least were alive!" Elyssa said smiling.

"One of us wont be if she doesn't stop trying to make me feel better." Tryst
said angrily. "Damn I'm cold!"

"Well," Elyssa said closing in on her elven friend, "I know a great way to
warm you up."

"Elyssa what are you..." The beautiful wood elf was cut off by a passionate
kiss from Elyssa. "This is really not the time!" Tryst said when they broke
their kiss.

"Come on, we have no idea when if we'll ever get another chance since we are
likely going to die down here." Elyssa said as she leaned in to kiss her

Tryst tried to back away at first but Elyssa's kiss sent warm tingles down
her spine and through her mind. To Elyssa's delight the wood elf returned her
kiss enthusiastically. The pair began stripping each other's wet leather
armor off as they frenched each other, wrestling with one another's tongues.
Elyssa stripped away Tryst's Leggings and the buckles of her leather armor.
She then pulled of her own ring-mail.

"Are you sure this is the best time and place?" Tryst asked again as she
looked around the shores of the underground lake.

"Shut up." Elyssa said. To emphasize this she kissed her friend hard.

Elyssa moved her head down to lightly kiss and suck on Tryst's left nipple,
while kneading the wood elves right breast gently. Tryst moaned lightly at
the sensual ministrations. Elyssa licked down from Tryst's tit across her
belly to her pussy lips. She gently licked her outer lips. The touch of her
body after all this time set tryst on fire.

"Mmmmmm yes ohhh." Tryst moaned.

Elyssa's tongue shot into her elven lover's hole, exploring the inside of
the elve's sex. Elyssa squeezed Tryst's tight butt as she ate pussy like pie.
Tryst squeezed her own tits and sighed softly as her sex was lovingly tongue
fucked by her friend. Tryst whimpered as she felt her orgasm approach.
Tryst's back arched and her chest tightened.

"Mmmmmm Yeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!" The elve's love juices flowed forth in a wave.

Elyssa hungrily slurped and lapped up the cute elves ejaculate. Elyssa
crawled up the elve's sexy body and kissed her passionately. She took Tryst's
pointy ear in her mouth and licked the curvy inside.

"Eww hee hee stop, that tickles." Tryst protested.

Elyssa straddled Tryst's face. She kneaded Tryst's lovely twin breasts gently
as the wood elve's tongue went to work exploring Elyssa's pussy. Elyssa
moaned and whimpered as Tryst ate her pussy. It was not long before she was
cumming as well. Elyssa fell atop Tryst. The two lovers lay there. Basking in
the glow of their renewed affair.

"We need to get dressed and start trying to find away out of here." Elyssa
said after several minutes.

"What about the others?"

"We have to assume that they either made it out or they are dead either way
there's not much that we can do for them." Elyssa kissed her lover.

It was a very passionate kiss but also tender and loving. When they finally
broke apart the warrior looked into the elf's eyes and felt her heart skip.
Shit, Elyssa thought. I might be falling in love.

"Lets get out of here." Elyssa said.


Adina and Fiddwell where tied up, their wrists and ankles bound tight. There
where many gnolls glaring at them threateningly, wondering what they would
like on their tombstone. One was preparing a giant pot of boiling water. Upon
spying this Fiddwell fainted.

"Oh my goodness, Fiddwell are you OK, what have they done to you?"

"We haven't done anything to him my little cleric. The cowardly wizard
merely fainted." The deep voice came from a human man dressed in brown robes,
"Besides if I was you I'd worry more about my own fate. Bring her."

A pair of burly gnolls grabbed her arms and dragged her out to where the man

"I am Sucrannex of the Blood Sabers, Cleric of Bertoxxolus, god of disease.
I have been spreading a delightful little plague around Qeynos by putting
it in every fifth bottle of Gnoll stout I help smuggle into town. I was
informed by some spies in the guard that some one would come here to stop
the smuggling but I couldn't possibly allow you to stop me. You know, I've
always wanted to rape the brains out of some stuck up little
Erolissi-worshipping bitch like you." Sucrannex said.

He approached Adina and ripped her tunic open letting her beautiful breasts
spring free. No, she thought, to be raped by the cleric of an enemy god was
too vile to contemplate. Goddess pleas deliver me she prayed.

"Why do villains always make the mistake of revealing their plans to the
heroes thereby leaving them time destroy them?"

Both Adina and Sucrannex turned and where surprised to see Fiddwell standing
with his hands free and a big smile.

Fiddwell cast the spell 'Column of Frost'. Razor sharp blades of ice flew
from his hands impaling and slashing several gnolls. Sucrannex barely had
time to bring up his `Aura of Invulnerability' protecting him from the blast.
The shards of ice magically avoided Adina while seeking out the gnolls. The
gnolls where ripped to bloody shreds by flying chunks of ice. Their howls and
whimpers echoed through the room. One ice shard ripped through the roped that
bound Adina. She took full advantage and punched Sucrannex in the jaw.

"Curse you both, you'll pay for this, you'll never make it out of here
alive." The evil cleric yelled.

But the gnoll guards where dead and the adventurers where now facing him with
grim determination. Seeing himself out of options he Sucrannex `Gated' away
as he spat a curse. Fiddwell cursed hiss escape.

Adina ran to Fiddwell and threw her arms around him.

"You saved me." She cried happily and favored him with a kiss.

Fiddwell smiled a goofy smile.


Varkan paced impatiently. He was very displeased. The situation in
Blackburrow was going badly. He needed the delivery to be made on time and
without further interference. Sucrannex had finally managed to outlive his
usefulness; it was well beyond time to bring in some one competent.

"Are you ready Blackrose?" The Necromancer-Cleric asked.

"Of course Lord Varkan." The woman in front of him said.

She had a fresh and innocent face, red hair and freckles that all gave the
false impression of kind and sweet girl. This could be no further from the
truth. She was actually a very dangerous and sadistic killer. A Shadowknight
with a true love and flair for inflicting pain was how she was known be her
peers. She had once been a young pick pocket and thief in Qeynos her parents
having died of plague when she was only ten. When she had turned twelve she
was kidnapped and held as a sex slave by the rogues' guild in Qeynos. She
murdered her master one night after a particularly brutal rape. That is when
she was found by the Shadowknights. The followers of the plague god found in
her great potential for hatred and lust for revenge against anyone or
anything that had found happiness while she had suffered. Such hate could be
honed and crafted to create a dangerous killer.

"Good. Kill Sucrannex and his dark elf whore and be sure that the shipment
arrives in time, I want no mistakes." Varkan said.

"May I keep the dark elf?" Blackrose asked.

"So long as she dies when you are finished." Varkan said.

"Thank you my lord it shall be as you ask."


The lovely dark elf woman pushed in tandem with Sucrannex's thrusting. Her
inner muscles clenched tightly around his cock a false smile spread widely
across her face as they stared with insincere adoration into Sucrannex's
eyes. Hey squeezed her tits hard enough to caused pain, blue flesh bulging
out between her fingers, but she merely moaned with pleasure. His relentless
fucking continued in earnest and she gasped with pleasure after each thrust.
Sucrannex grunted as he fucked the svelte dark elf and pawed at her smooth
naked skin. His hands drinking in the sensations of her tight little body.
Her shapely legs wrapped about his waist and her arms around his neck, she
bit her lower lip as she felt her orgasm explode shortly before his own
filled her with his seed. The both panted in between enthusiastic kissing.
Sucrannex finally pulled his softening member from her cunt and offered it
to Avalia's mouth so that she could lick it clean, which she did.

Any voyeur watching them would have thought that she was enjoying the best
fucking of her life but the truth was she found him mildly repulsive. She
was willing to endure his affections though because he was useful and in
apposition of power. That all seemed to be changing though and Avalia was
stuck right along with him between a rock and a hard place.

"We must find them my love." Sucrannex said.

"I will find them and before Varkan learns of their escape." Avalia lied.

She had already informed Varkan of Sucrannex's failure. But she felt that if
Varkan chose to punish Sucrannex with death her own usefulness as a spy would
be at an end and Varkan would likely see little reason for her to continue
living. Avalia knew that she had to leave and soon. Best to start over,
return to Neriak. Or start over completely in Kunark or Freeport. She would
pretend to search for the adventurers then make good her escape.

"Good, good it is very important that they be found. Vital. Nothing must
stop this shipment of gnoll stout nothing at all of it will be are heads."
Sucrannex said.

No, Avalia thought, yours alone most likely.


Fiddwell and Adina where totally lost and had taken to wandering the
cavernous underground layer of the gnolls. Every so often they where forced
to dispatch one or two but fortunately they where fairly spread out and never
faced them in groups of more than four. But still it was not going to be long
before their luck changed, they figured. And it did, as they circled the
underground lake they found Tryst and Elyssa. The four cried with joy and ran
to each other for a group hug.

Adina and Fiddwell explained the situation to their friends telling them what
had transpired. Especially about the conspiracy between Sucrannex and the
gnolls to spread the Plague God's disease.

"OK," Elyssa said, "We still have to find this bastard and the gnoll brewer."

"Its not going to be easy, they already know we are on to them and are loose.
They probably have patrols looking for us as we speak." Elyssa said.

"Maybe we could be of some assistance." Said a voice.

They all turned to see a trio approaching them along the lakes shore. Two of
them Elyssa recognized. It was Msada and Gadgets. The third appeared to be
the cat-woman bard from the crossroads.

"Amazing a Va'Shir." Fiddwell commented.

"What's that?" Elyssa asked.

"A cat woman of the moon." Fiddwell explained.

"What are you doing here?" Elyssa asked.

"Same as you, looking for the gnoll brewer. But I heard what Fiddwell said.
Maybe we should team up and find him together." Msada offered.

"Yeah there's strength in numbers and there's no telling how many gnolls
we'll be dealing with." Elyssa said.

Fiddwell and Adina quickly agreed.

"Very well, lets get going." Elyssa said.

To be continued...


For Questions, comments and requests contact hamster at
[email protected]


Neutral Good Male Erudite Wizard (10)

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 12
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 24
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 8

SKILLS: Channeling (rank 13/ceck bonus +14), Knowledge/Arcana (13/+20),
Meditation 13 (13/+20), Spellcraft (13/+20), Knowledge/Religion (13/+20),
Knowledge/Geography (13/+20), Knowledge/History of Erudites (13/+20),
Knowledge/Luclin (6/+13), Knowledge/Legends and Heroes (7/+14), Spot (6/+7),
Listen (6/ +7), and Search (2/+9).

FEATS: Combat Casting, Heighten Spell, Spell Focus/Evocation, Parry, Mystic
Capacity, and School Specialization/Evocation.

CLASS ABILITYS: Arcane Mana 130, Quicken Mastery.


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