EverQuest: Vignettes - Rjani's Pet Part 1 (F-best,F-mast,anal,furr)
by Hamster

Rjani was a Vah Shir, Rjani, a humanoid feline. She had a hot body that would
have been the envy of any human or elven female. Her breasts were firm round
and a very pleasant size, and she had a very, very nice ass wrapped like a
gift in tight leather. Nobody loved her body as much as she did and she made
a point of regularly masturbating. In fact she was the horniest Beastlord on
the both planets. She had been exploring the Paludal caverns for hours. And
nothing had happened yet. Nothing except Rjani had gotten horny as hell. She
shoved her hand into her tight leather pants and began to rub her pussy. She
squeezed her amazing breasts with her free hand the firm flesh giving beneath
her fingers. Her fingers began pushing into her tight hole. She laid down on
the cavern floor, her hand began to pump very hard and she was crying out in
ecstasy as she fucked herself.

She came to an orgasm and splashed her fingers with her cum. She lapped the
girl juices up. Simple masturbation wasn't cutting it so she looked around
and found her pet tiger Fang.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty." She said.

The lazy tiger just yawned and put his paws over his head. Rjani was
undaunted, crawling over on all fours, swinging her breasts back and forth
before getting snout to snout with Fang.

"Oh come on! I horny as hell," she insisted. She pulled her pants down to her
knees and lifted her tail.

The next thing she knew, a pair of red forepaws were on her shoulders, and
she felt something hot pressing against the center of her butt cheeks.
Suddenly she felt a hard foot long cock thrusting its way into her tight


Fang was enjoying himself. It felt damm good to thrust his shaft between the
quivering cheeks of Rjani's ass, she began to rock into Red's thrusts, her
eyes going wide with pleasure, nipples becoming hard and pebble like.

"Oh god... Fang..." she purred, going down on her elbows to scratch and pull
her leather chest armor off, pinching and twisting her nipples. She licked
her fingers and wanted to see how it felt. It felt good. More than good,
fucking erotic. Her breath began to come in puffs, inhaling and exhaling in
sync with Fang's thrusts, her hands rubbing all over her large breasts.

Fang pulled out and began to work the cock into her cunt. The tiger's cock
plunged ALL the way down inside her. The cock rubbed itself against her inner
walls, and within a few more minutes, her body was covered in a layer of
sweat from having Red do the nasty thing to her in her tight hole. Soon, her
pussy began to tighten with each thrust. She was going to cum. Rjani was on
the verge of tears, one gloved fist twisting and turning her nipple while the
other pounded on the floor. Fang himself felt as if he was going to blow a
load into Rjani's cunt any second now, filling it with hot, bubbling cum all
the way. Rjani felt the cum shoot into her, and it felt wonderfully hot. Hot
and warm as it oozed into her, the final key that sent ripples of pleasure
along her before she finally came with him, her cunt tightening up around his
meaty cock. Her arms and legs turned to water, and she flopped on the floor,
convulsing, her tongue lolling out and not minding the fact that Fang was on
top of her, his entire shaft rammed nearly to the hilt. Rjani purred softly
and was very grateful to have such a lovely pet tiger.

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