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Everwood: Like Sisters Part 1 (F/F, Lesbian, Underage Drinking)
by Darkjac ([email protected])

Amy Abbott and Lani Hart were sitting at a kitchen table staring at the empty
shot glasses in front of them. Both girls were much to young to be drinking
but neither really cared at the moment, they were busy toasting the memory
of the deceased Collin, and they could care less about the consequences of
getting drunk at 15. They giggled together remembering a prank Collin had
once pulled in front of them and Lani's hand accidentally brushed against
Amy's. Amy quickly pulled back her hand as a blush spread across her cheeks,
she didn't know why but that simple touch sparked something inside her. Lani
did not miss Amy's reaction and smiled inwardly, she was going to enjoy this
situation to it's fullest.

They talked about the party they were going to tonight and laughed and
giggled about various boys and girls at their local high school and all the
while Lani was gently and absentmindedly stroking Amy's palm. Lani knew just
what she was doing but it appeared to the flustered Amy that she was unaware
of the effect of her actions.

Ready to jump to the next level Lani asked "Can I brush your hair?"

"Okay I guess" Amy responded hesitantly, uncomfortably aware of how close
Lani's body was to hers.

Lani moved her chair behind Amy and grabbed a brush from inside her purse,
she sat down and began brushing Amy's long silky brown hair, the strands
almost glistening in the Colorado springtime. Lani moved her hands through
Amy's hair, spreading out the strands and gently massaging her scalp, Amy
liked the feeling of having her hair brushed and Lani knew this from years
of friendship. She began to move her hands out of her hair and over Amy's
shoulder blades. Feeling how tense she was Lani began to gently massage
Amy's shoulders, Amy loved the feeling.

"So, We've covered almost all subjects for girl talk except one. Have you
been getting laid lately?" Lani Said.

"I'm not really comfortable discussing that subject Lani" Amy said shifting
in her seat.

"Oh come on!" Lani exclaimed "Just Relax, it's just us girl's here I won't
tell your parents or anything". She gently breathed into Amy's ear, letting
her warm breath flow over her earlobe.

"I guess we could talk, But it Just seems weird" Amy said biting her lip.

"Well there's nothing to be ashamed about, it's perfectly normal to talk
about sex with your best girlfriend." Lani responded.

"I'm a virgin!" Amy blurted out embarrassed

"Really?" Responded a surprised Lani, who stopped her shoulder massage
temporarily. "After all the time you and Collin spent together?"


"Wow, how far did the two of you go than?" Lani asked

"Not far, we did some kissing and some touching, I showed him my breasts and
he played with them a little, but that's about it."

"That just surprised me" Lani responded resuming the massage, "I thought you
were wilder than that."

Amy did not respond so Lani decided to change the course of the conversation
again. "Well have you ever been with a woman before?" Lani asked with a

Amy blushed "No, of course not".

Lani moved her hands to Amy's bra straps and rested her fingers under them
"Want to try it?"

Amy was shocked, and also aroused by the offer Lani had put on the table, and
she was left speechless as Lani moved around in front of her. Lani moved in
closer to her face, her nose inches away from Amy and her large wet red lips
centimeters from her own pair.

Lani leaned in even closer and brought the soft flesh of her lips into
contact with Amy's lovely mouth, and began to kiss her passionately. Amy
wasn't resisting at all and so Lani began to get a bit more daring, running
her soft hands along Amy's shoulder blades, playing with her hair as her
mouth moved against her lips.

Amy let herself fall deeper and deeper into the well of passion that Lani
was taking her into. She was surprised how much she was enjoying the kiss
and wanted to go further with Lani than she had even gone with Collin. She
opened her mouth and allowed Lani to insert her wet tongue in, and the two
girls were now French kissing, while rubbing their bodies against each other
in extreme need. Amy responded in kind, pushing her tongue into Lani's mouth
to start one of the most memorable experiences she had ever witnessed.

Lani had a crush on Amy for years ever since they had first met, but Amy had
always been preoccupied by Collin, and Lani had never believed she had a real
shot of getting with the brunette. Now was the perfect time for her to make a
move and capture the beauty for herself.

Lani pulled away from Amy's probing tongue much to Amy's disappointment. She
couldn't believe she felt this way, tongue kissing another girl and enjoying
it? Not wanting a lesbian French kiss to end? These were not the thoughts of
a prim and proper good student like Amy Abbott. She wasn't gay, was she? She
definitely liked boys, she had fantasies just like every other girl about
famous celebrities but now she realized that many of her fantasies involved
a man sleeping with another celebrity, usually a woman. Was she bi-sexual?
Was she all lesbian? Amy just didn't know anymore.

"You want to go up to my bedroom?" Lani asked innocently with a very husky
and seductive voice.

Amy was very nervous about her response to Lani's invitation. She didn't want
to give in to her sensations but it just felt so good, so tempting, so wrong,
so hot...

"I..." Amy stuttered trying to get the words out of her mouth.

Lani was worried by Amy's reaction, had she pushed to hard? "It's okay if
you don't want to, just say no." Lani said as if a denial was a casual thing
but secretly she was terrified of the possibility that she would say no.

"No! Lani it was a great kiss..." Amy trailed off.

"But..." Lani prompted.

"I'm not gay!" Blurted out Amy flustered.

"Oh...Well...neither am I" Lani said with a smile, knowing she was getting
this conversation back on an erotic track. "But every once in awhile I think
you just need a woman's companionship, to help you through the rough times."

"Well, I agree you need companionship but..."

"Sex is just the most intimate form of companionship you can have. It doesn't
mean your gay, just bi-sexual, plus men love that shit." Lani said with a

"Lani" Amy said hesitantly.

"Yes Amy" Lani responded.

"Take me to your room." She said, surprised at how strong her voice sounded
despite the nervousness she was feeling.

Lani felt a thrill go through her as she smiled and grabbed her best friend
by the hand. Pulling her upstairs to the door of her bedroom, her young ass
swaying seductively.

"Wait here while I freshen up" said Lani leading Amy to the bed before
heading to the bathroom.

Amy sat on Lani's bed, butterflies in her stomach, and pussy juices in her
crotch. The entire way up the stairs she had been watching that ass, and now
she was about to see it naked. She looked over at Lani's night stand and was
shocked to see a picture of herself, she picked it up and looked at the
picture of her and Lani at the lake last year. They had been all proud of
themselves, wearing matching tight fitting red bikinis that left little to
the imagination, and were all set to break some boys hearts. Amy was looking
at Lani standing there in that tight red top that barely contained her
breasts, the cool water erecting her nipples making small peaks under the
red material. She gazed in admiration at the long smooth toned legs that
belonged to Lani Hart. She was very turned on by the photo and knew why
Lani kept it next to her bed, she looked just as good and Lani obviously
masturbated to this picture. Amy was so aroused and she decided she wasn't
gay but she sure liked being bi.

Lani walked out of the bathroom and let the door slowly swing shut with a
bang. Amy looked up from the picture and felt her jaw drop open is shock.
Lani stood there in sexy black lingerie that accentuated her every curve.

Lani had applied makeup to enhance her features and had pulled her short
black hair up into a bun behind her head, so she would have easier access
to Amy's body for her mouth. Lani was wearing a tight lace bra that had a
flowered pattern growing in centric circles away from a translucent patch
over her nipples. The bra pushed up her ample bosom and the nipples were
hard and erect under the translucent fabric. Amy stared at them transfixed,
amazed that she was seeing another woman's hardened nipple for the first
time. Lani wore a matching pair of panties that were a little less revealing
than the almost translucent bra but they did show off her shapely ass very
well, and Lani was eagerly awaiting the time to take them off completely.

"You like!" Lani gushed as she gave a little spin to show off her panty clad
ass, her tied back hair flying up as she came to rest looking at Amy once

"Boy do I like!" Amy responded happily, her body betraying her arousal.

"Last chance to back out Amy" Lani said looking her friend right in the eye
"Are you sure you want to do this."

"Yes I do, what are you stalling for" Amy teased.

Lani smiled in excitement as she moved to the bed, swaying her hips
seductively, "let's get you out of those clothes than."

Amy blushed embarrassed as Lani moved her hands towards Amy's chest and
stealthily unhooked the buttons. Amy was being treated to a very hot view
of Lani's bosom, as her delicate hands slowly removed the thin white
material Amy was wearing over her bra. Amy unzipped her tight jeans and
began sliding them down her own legs, she sat up slightly and slid them
over her but and let the denim pool at her feat as Lani pulled the sheer
blouse off her shoulders leaving her clad only in her white cotton

Amy than slowly hooked her fingers in the elastic waistband of her panties
and slid them down her legs just like the jeans. Lani meanwhile reached
behind her back, her smooth arms sliding against her skin as she reached
the snaps on her bra in back, with an adept flick of her wrist she snapped
them loose and pulled off Amy's last shred of clothing leaving her
completely naked.

Lani moved back away from the bed for a better look at the prize that sat
on her bed. Her skin was almost white and her brow glistened with sweat as
Amy concentrated on her arousal. Her small firm breasts didn't even need a
bra and the large quarter sized nipples poked in the air like sharp peaks
rising above a sloped hill. Lani's gaze moved lower to the small furry bush
nestled in between her legs, just waiting for a talented tongue.

From the small fluffs of hair making up Amy's delectable bush, Lani could
see that the brunette color of her friends hair was natural. The same hair
that was falling down around Amy's shoulders in a shimmering wave of silk,
as Amy closed her eyes in anticipation of the next step. Lani could feel
her pussy juices starting to flow as she eyed the naked body in front of
her, and she unconsciously started to pant breathlessly, starting to sound
like a dog in heat.

Lani moved back towards the girl leaning in towards her sweet mouth and
planting a very passionate kiss on her red lips. Amy gladly accepted her
tongue into her mouth once more, Lani's saliva mixing with her own as
Lani once again French kissed the brunette. She pulled back and began to
move her wet tongue down Amy's body, to the treasures that waited below.

Lani's hands with her jet black fingernails began to caress and knead Amy's
small breasts as Amy lay back on the bedding and let out a pleasure filled
moan. Lani's mouth was at Amy's neck, licking and nibbling at it like a
vampire waiting to suck blood. Her hands, meanwhile, had found Amy's nipples
and began to gently pinch and rub them between her thumb and forefinger.

Lani moved her mouth down lower on Amy's body, sucking and licking her smooth
skin all the way to the small area above her glorious breasts. She lightly
sucked on the skin as her hands wandered away from her nipples leaving them
open to oral ministrations. She licked her way over the breasts, moving her
mouth in concentric circles as she approached the finish line, her ultimate
goal, the thin spire like peak of Amy's nipple. She engulfed the small bud
into her mouth with one gulp, and began sucking on it, creating a negative
seal of pressure around the sensitive bud that drove Amy crazy with pleasure.

Amy felt the smooth lace of Lani's lingerie on her skin, as her body rubbed
against her. Lani's tongue at her nipples, her hands on her hips, and her
wetting pussy gently humping her leg, leaving a trail of smeared juices. Amy
couldn't believe she was letting this happen, and she couldn't believe that
she wanted it to happen. She was a straight A student who wanted to get
married someday, not some lesbian slut! But Lani's mouth was sucking her
nipple and her black hair was brushing against her breast, and Amy couldn't
think of anywhere she would rather be right now.

Lani gently bit sown on the hard nub in her mouth, Amy cried out in pain and
pleasure as the sensations overtook her body. Amy continued to shudder in
ecstasy as Lani moved her mouth over the nipple of the second mound of female
flesh. Her long wet pink tongue gently brushed over the erected nipple of
Amy's breast as her soft hands moved down onto her smooth upper thighs. Lani
licked at her breast and moved her teeth onto the nipple. Looking up at Amy's
pleasure filled face, Lani gently bit down on the brown bud with her pearly
white teeth. Amy shuddered in ecstasy and her mind lost all coherent thought
as the pleasure made it's way throughout her entire system.

"Don't stop" moaned Amy loudly.

"I don't plan to" Lani said with a smile.

Lani moved all the way down Amy's body until her face was staring right at
the small mound of pubic hair in between her silky thighs. Her hands moved
between her legs and gently pulled them apart completely exposing her love
box to Lani for the first time, she licked her lips in anticipation of the
salty taste she knew waited for her. She gently began to lick up the inner
thighs of Amy's legs, moving ever closer to the pink box that waited for
her ministrations. Amy's pubic hair was brown and silky, Lani's tongue
moved through it with incredible ease, her hands gently parting the folds
of her pussy to allow Lani easier access into the inner reaches. With a
deep breath Lani drove her tongue deep into the folds of Amy's pussy, and
was instantly rewarded with the salty sweet taste of girl cum.

Lani was very experienced at pleasing other woman, having had nothing better
to do while living in the all girls boarding school she had attended the
last two years. Throughout her stay she had pleasured, and in return been
pleasured by over a dozen students. Now Lani was grateful for her experience
as Amy bucked in pleasure. She knew just were to find her friend's clit and
very soon had the small love button in her sight. Moving her tongue out she
gave it the smallest of licks, Amy's entire body tensed up in unbelievable
pleasure at even the barest touch of her sex organ.

Without realizing it, Amy was pushing Lani's face deeper into her cunt,
wanting more and more pleasure from her talented black haired girlfriend.
Lani began licking the inner folds of Amy's pussy and lapping up all of
the stray juices beginning to pour out. She swallowed a mouthful of
precum and quickly began lapping up more as Amy's hand buried itself in
her hair and pushed her into her thighs harder.

Lani felt Amy's legs press on either side of her head as she swirled a
mouthful of juices around her mouth, savoring the delectable sweet and
salty taste of her best friends juices. Lani was enjoying this experience
more than any other encounter she had before, Amy was so innocent, and
tasted so good, that she almost creamed her panties without even being
touched herself.

Amy was loving it much more than Lani, her body felt like it was on fire.
She had masturbated before, but it never felt like this! Lani's tongue was
licking more and more furiously and Amy could feel herself approaching
orgasm. Lani than used her tongue to gently flick her clit, and this was
about all she could take. Amy came spectacularly, her body heaving up and
down as her body was overwhelmed by the waves of pleasure coming from her

Lani felt Amy begin to orgasm and soon a thin spray of creamy juices shot
over Lani's face. Her tongue worked overtime to lap up all the sweet cum
and she moaned in pleasure at the taste. There was just to much to drink
down and some of the delicious cream dribbled onto her chin and down onto
the bed beneath her face. Amy finally started to calm down and Lani moved
her face away from her love box.

Lani stood up and appraised the situation her bed was now in. She looked
at the mess of juices that had been left on the sheets and decided that
she should progress Amy's teaching quickly.

"You made a mess." Lani stated at a fact, enjoying the red blush that spread
across Amy's cheeks.

To Be Continued...


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