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Everwood: Sleepover Part 1 (ff)
by Giggles

"So, truth or dare?" Laynie asked Amy.

"Ummm..." Amy thought about it. "Truth."

*Oh, so she thinks she's gonna take the easy way out, huh?* Laynie thought to
herself. *Well, she better think again.*

"Okay, have you ever..." Laynie began, trying to make her question a good
one. "had sex?"

"With a guy or a girl?" Amy asked.

"Both." Laynie replied.

"Well, guy-wise...yeah." Amy replied.

"With who?!" Laynie asked surprised. "And why didn't you tell me?!"

"With your brother." Amy told her with an embartrassed smile.

"Oh, that's why!" Laynie said. "No further explanation needed."

"And girl-wise...yeah." Amy said, getting more embarrassed.

Now Laynie's eyes were really big. "Who?" she could barely choke out.

"Well, one time me and Kayla got really drunk at this party and one thing led
to another and, you know..." Amy said, not able to meet her friend's eyes.

*Well, well, well.* Laynie thought to herself *Looks like little innocent
Amy isn't all that innocent. Or little.* Laynie added as she looked her best
friend appreciatively up and down.

"So have you ever done it with a guy or girl?" Amy asked her.

"Uh-uh, that's not how the game works." Laynie told her with a small laugh.

"Well, I'm changing the rules." Amy said. "So answer the question."

"Okay." Laynie gave in. "Ummm yes and yes."

Now it was Amy's turn to be surprised. "With who?"

"Ummm... Ephram and Brite." Laynie told her and Amy nearly gagged at the
mention of her brother's name.

"You had sex with E?! E?!" she shouted, nearly dying with laughter.

"Shut up!" Laynie laughed as she hit her with a pillow.

"Who else?" Amy asked after she had recovered.

"Ummm..." Laynie said suddenly uncomfortable. "Kayla."

"Kayla!" Amy shouted. "My Kayla?! Oh my God, Laynie!" Laynie thought she'd be
mad but instead Amy started laughing all over again.

"Amy, what's so funny?" Laynie asked, her friend's laughter becoming

"It's just that this whole thing is just...funny." Amy told her. "I can't
explain it."

"Okay, let's start getting really personal." Laynie said. "Did you enjoy it
when Kayla kissed you?"

"Did you?" Amy replied.

"I asked you first." Laynie told her.

"Yeah, I guess I enjoyed it." Amy replied. Before she could say anything else
she felt Laynie's lips on her own.

"Did you enjoy that?" Laynie asked her with a smile, already knowing her
answer from the look on Amy's face.

"Yeah." Amy said as a small blush crept into her cheeks. "I enjoyed that...a

"Good." Laynie said as she opened her nightstand drawyer to take out
something which she hid from Amy's view. "It's time to move to step two."

"What's that?" Amy asked, becoming nervous.

"It's called a vibrator." Laynie told her shopwing it off to her. "Have you
ever used one before?"

"Once." Amy said. "But I didn't really know how to use it."

"Well, here's the perfect time to learn." Laynie said.

Amy suddenly got really nervous and started to back away from Laynie.
"Laynie, I'm not sure..."

*Shit, you're moving too fast for her.* Laynie told herself. *Slow down or
else you're gonna lose her.*

"Amy, calm down okay? I'm not gonna do anything you don't want me to." Laynie
told her. "I just...thought you wanted this."

"I do." Amy said, moving back towards her again. "I'm just a little nervous."

"Don't worry, everything'll be fine." Laynie reassured her. "Take off your
clothes and lie down on the floor."

Amy did as Laynie said, even though she was a little nervous about being
naked in front of her best friend for the first time. She lay down, and tried
to lie as still as possible but it was hard since hervesrves were taking over
her. Amy heard the buzz as Laynie turned it on and wanted to sit up and stop
everything but Laynie held her down gently whispering how good it would feel
and telling her not to worry so she relaxed.

At the first contact of the vibrator on her pussy she bucked her hips in
surprise and pleasure. She had no idea it would feel this good. "Yeah, it
feels good doesn't it?" Laynie asked her. "Didn't I tell you?"

Amy just moaned in response as Laynie was really working her into a lather
with the vibrator. Amy was on the edge when Laynie suddenly pulled the
vibrator away from her friend's cunt.

"Laynie!" Amy squealed, needing so bad to cum. Laynie understood but she
wanted to know one thing first.

"Tell me what you want, Amy." Laynie told her. "I need to hear you say it."

"I want you know!" Amy stuttered in frustration.

"You have to be more specific." Laynie told her, showing absolutely no mercy.

"I want you to..." Amy didn't know how to say it so she just blurted out. "I
want you to taste me, Laynie!"

Laynie went wide-eyed with surprise. She had no idea that something like
that would ever come out of Amy's mouth. Especially when it was directed at
Laynie! Laynie recovered quickly and smiled at Amy seductively.

"Your wish is my command." Laynie told her as she quickly moved her head
between Amy's legs and licking her friend's pussy lips. The vibrator was
nothing compared to Laynie licking her! This was the best feeling she'd
ever experienced. Laynie was just so talented. She licked all over Amy's
sweet, hot pussy and Amy was reeling from the sensations until Laynie
found her clit. That's when Amy started to reach her peak. *Ah, that's
definitely a hot spot.* Laynie told herself as she felt Amy convulse as
she repeatedly tongued her clit.

"Fuck, Laynie!" Amy called out in warning to her friend. "I'm going to come."

"That's the whole idea." Laynie told her, before diving back down to her
pussy and sucking her clit with absolutely no mercy. Amy came harder right
then then she had ever came in her life. That had been the most amazing
orgasm of her life. The fact that her best friend had given it to her was
an added bonus.

"God, Laynie, that was amazing." Amy told her friend breathlessly as Laynie
crawled up beside her, licking her friend's juices off of her lips.

"It was my pleasure." Laynie told her. "We better get to sleep now."

"Wait." Amy said, feeling she needed to return the favor. "What about you?"

"Don't worry about me." Laynie told her. "I don't want you to do anything
you'll regret later on, so you can just go to sleep. I'll be fine."

"Oh, you're not getting off that easy!" Amy told her as she crawled on top
of her. "Let me rephrase that, you will be getting off but not easy."

Laynie grinned at Amy as sweet, innocent Amy turned into naughty Amy. Laynie
didn't want this night to ever end.


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