This is not a sequel. It's more of a remake.

Everwood: Wet And Nasty Games (Fg,ws)
by Hamster

Amy was going to be babysitting the cute little brown haired Delia. Ephram
and his father were both going to be gone all night and so was their usual
sitter. Seemingly perfect good girl Amy Abbot was the obvious choice to watch
Delia. Little did they know that the sweet seeming good girl Amy was secretly
a magor perv who had been wanting to do some very naughty things for awhile.
Deep down inside she had lesbian pedophile yearning to break free. Little did
Amy know that little Delia was starting to fanntasize about her. Sweet little
Delia was obsessed with Amy's hot body.

When she knocked on the door Delia ran out and hugged Amy tightly. Delia
enjoyed squeezing Amy; she has always wanted to see what a pair of tits feel
like, and she got a very good feel through Amy's sweater.

"Be good and listen to Amy." Ephram told his sister.

"Don't worry. I'm sure she'll be just fine." Amy said.

"See you both later." Ephram said. As he left.

"Bye." His sister and his crush said together.

Amy went inside the house followed by Delia.

"What do you want to do Delia?" Amy asks.

"Well I don't know. I want to play a game do you have any ideas as in what
to play?"

"Hmmmm..." Amy thinks, "Do you have any homework you have to do?"

"Yes I have some spelling I have to do"

"Well then lets do that and we should try to make it interesting for you.
What shall I do if you get it right and what shall you do if you get it

"I don't know... How about we take off our clothes?" Delia replied with a

"I can do that." Amy replied with a big smile thinking that Delia was kidding
and thinking it would be good to be true if she wasn't.

"Cool I will go get my work" Delia replied with an excited voice.

She ran to her room picking up her spelling book. Amy was surprised. Delia
seemed to be serious about it. Amy knew it was wrong, but when would she
get another opportunity like this. And anyways it was all innocent fun.
When Delia returned with the book Amy was lying on the couch. Her pussy was
throbbing at the thought of 'Strip-spelling'.

"Here are the rules to this game ok Delia." Amy said. "If you get the word
right I take a piece of clothing off and if you get it wrong you take a piece
of OK?"

"Yes that sounds alright." Delia said as he handed Amy the book.

"The one that is taking off the clothes has to do it in the middle of the
room facing the other person so there is no hiding alright" Amy said.

"Yes that's cool lets get on with it" Delia says with a smile while sitting
on the chair beside Amy.

This was working out perfectly. She always wanted to see Amy naked and this
was her chance!!!

Amy opens the book to the right page. She knows where it is as she has given
spelling tests to Delia before but not with a reward like this before. Little
did Amy know that Delia knew most of the words that she was about to spell

"Ok Delia your first word is ... Cherry Pie." Amy said.

"Hmm... Ok C-H-E-R-R-Y P-I-E. That was an easy one!" Delia said.

Amy groaned. First word was a dud but there were going to be more chances to
get her naked soon enough. She was wearing calf high leather boots, black
stockings which covered her nice firm legs a black skirt witch went about
3/4 down her thighs a white blouse and black jacket. Also had on a pair of
matching black panties and bra.

She stood up in front of Delia and bent down. She unziped the side of her
left boot all the way down not loosing eye contact with Delia. She took off
the boot and sat down.

"What about the other one?" Delia asked

"Ha, ha only one piece of clothing at a time." She says with a smile. She
thought about and cursed herself when she realized that this rule can and
would probably work against her when it was Delia's turn. "Next word is

Delia thought it over. She couldn't think of how to spell it. She did not
know if it was with an 'a' or an 'e'. She finally thought she had the right
way and gave it a try.

"B-O-N-D-E-G-E, is that right Amy?" Delia asked hopefully.

"No sorry Delia the correct way is B-O-N-D-A-G-E, what are you going to take
off?" Amy demanded.

Delia was wearing her jeans and a t-shirt with a training bra and panties
with her white socks.

"I'll take off a sock." As she tried to take it off.

"Wait you have to be in the middle of the room facing me" Amy says with a

"Oh yeah I forgot."

Delia got up and faced Amy on the couch, she reached down and pulled off the
sock. It wasn't done as sexually as Amy taking off her boot.

After about an hour of this Amy was in her blouse and skirt. She had taken
off her stockings and jacket and she was feeling a very strong sense of
arousal. There was a blazing wet inferno between her legs. Delia is feeling
like she had never felt before. She was sitting in her panties and t-shirt.
Amy was hot and horny but this whole thing was taking too long and the dam
girl was actually a fairly good speller. She needed a better game.

"This is getting kind of boring don't you think Delia?" Amy asked.

"I was enjoying it and I am just about naked." Delia pouted.

"Well I don't feel like doing this anymore" Amy said looking at the rest of
the words realizing that Delia would know most of the words coming up easily.

"OK then." Delia starts to put her jeans back on.

"Wait Delia I dare you to go the rest of the night with no jeans on and
dressed how you are." Amy said.

"What? Are we going to play truth or dare now? I want to it will be fun!"
Delia said.

"Ok if you will just stay without jeans for the rest of the night I will do
it. Ok we will play truth or dare. But neither one of us can back out of a
question or dare no matter what." Amy said thinking just how perfect this
game was.

"Cool." Delia taking her leg out of the jeans. "My turn Truth or Dare."

"I Choose Truth." Amy said after thinking about it.

"OK then, what is sex like? Tell me what it is like." Delia demanded.

"Well..." Amy thought for a minute. "Sex for me is well umm....It's like the
greatest feeling in the world passing over your body in a wave. Does that
answear your question?"

"Sort of. Does it. Hurt?" Delia asked.

"A little at first put then it feels very good. Answered it enough yet?" Amy

"Yes good, your turn" Delia said.

"Truth or Dare."

"I chose Dare."

Amy gives an evil smile in Delia's direction.

"I dare you to take off all your clothes then." Amy said.

"Oh ok then." Delia then just pulled off her top and took off her training
bra , Amy was greatly enjoying this. Then she slipped off her panties
revealing her hairless pussy. Amy could see a bit of moisture between Delia's
legs. That turned Amy on even more.

"Truth or Dare Amy?"

"I choose a dare this time." Amy replied.

"Great I dare you to take off all your clothes as well." Delia said. Perfect
thought Amy, the process was speeding along as she hoped.

Amy thought things over for a moment then went to the stereo and turned on
some music. Amy went to the middle of the room and started to sway her hips.
She slowly undid her buttons to her top. She was doing her sexiest dance for
Delia. Amy slowly opened up her blouse giving Delia a good view of Amy's
breasts that were still enclosed in her bra. Amy sliped off her blouse and
then walked towards the naked Delia.

"Would you like to take my bra off Delia?" she asked.

"Yes I would" she replied.

Delia stood up and moved behind Amy. She slowly unhooked her bra at the back
and slipped it off the shoulder. She moved around to the front and took a
good long look at Amy's breasts.

"Wow, I wish mine were that big," said Delia.

"Well one day I hope they are that big. If they are that big you have to show
me then we can compare them. Would you like to do that?" Amy asked.

"Yes I will do that." Delia replied.

"Now since I have to be totally naked would you like to take off my panties?"

"Yeah sure." Delia says in a cheerful voice.

Delia got down so her head was at the same level as Amy's panties. She
reached to the sides of Amy's panties and slipped her fingers inside her
waistbands. She pulled them down slowly revealing Amy's pussy. Delia has
never seen another pussy this close before. The only ones she had seen
were in her brothers' magazines he has under his bed. Delia felt weird
feeling between her legs. She slipped them right off her legs. Both Delia
and Amy were very aroused by the whole event.

"Now we're both naked" Delia said.

"Yes now isn't it my turn to ask you" Amy said.

"Yes" Delia said.

"Truth or Dare?" Amy asked.

"Truth" Delia replied.

"Ok then have you ever been kissed before?" Amy asked.

"No I haven't, he he my turn." Delia said with a grin.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Amy replied.

"Ok then I dare you to kiss me." Amy said.

Amy looked surprised. Well not really, she was hoping for this, she just
thought that it would be her initiating it instead of the girl. She leaned
forward and pressed her lips to Delia's, she just kept them there for a few
moments then she tried to insert her tongue into Delia's mouth. Delia let
out a small moan as Amy entered her mouth. She swirled her tongue around
her mouth holding her tight to her.

Amy broke the kiss. "How was that did u enjoy it?"

"Yes very much." Delia replied.

"It's my turn." Amy said. "Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to kiss me just like I kissed you. Except I want you to kiss my
pussy." Amy said, finally giving in completely to her evil perverted side.

"I don't know..." Delia started.

"Remember the rule no backing out."

"Ok, if I have to." Delia said.

Amy smiled with naughtiness. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide.
Delia approached her baby sitter and knelt down in front of the teen's
crotch. At first Delia placed a chaste kiss upon the exposed pussy and
figured it would be good enough.

"No, not like that, with your tongue. The same way that I kissed you on the
mouth." Amy said.

"But that's weird, I mean what does it even taste like?" Delia asked.

"It tastes great." Amy said, now becoming a little annoyed. "Just try it.
And remembered you agreed to my rules."

She slid her tongue over Amy's slit making her sigh in pure delight. Delia
found the taste was actually quite good. She began to lap at Amy's pussy
like a kitten with a saucer of milk while Amy made pleasured contented
little moans and squeaks.

"Deeper sweetie, right in the hole there." Amy said as she spread the lips
to give the girl better access.

Delia's little tongue probed the depths of Amy's love channel making Amy
squirm with pleasure. Delia thought she had gone far enough and started pull
away but Amy had other plans and grabbed the back of Delia's head then forced
her into her pussy hard. The girl continued to inexpertly pleasure Amy until
the blonde finally shuddered, sighed and filled Delia's mouth with warm,
sweet cum.

"Eww gross. You peed in my mouth." Delia protested.

"No sweetie, that's just my love juice." Amy explained. "It doesn't taste so
bad does it?"

"No, it's kind of good." Delia said licking her lips. "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Amy said at once.

"I dare you to do that same thing to me." Delia said.

"With pleasure sweetie." Amy said.

The girl laid back and spread her legs and Amy immediately attacked the
lovely bare cunt like a rabid wolf with a baby duck Spreading the girl's
small pussy lips open she thrust her tongue I as deep as it would go.
The girl was bucking and writhing in her grasp. Delia was crying out
uncontrollable from the great pleasure Amy was giving her.

"Ohhhh Oh Oh Amy it feels soooooooooooooooooooo good." Delia cried.

Amy lapped up the small amount of cum that the now gasping and panting young
girl was providing.

"Oh that was so good. Shoot I have to go to the bathroom. I have to really
pee now." Delia said as she started to get up.

"No wait. It's my turn. And I dare you to pee on me." Amy said.

"WHAT!?" Delia said stunned. "But that's so gross."

"Please Delia." Amy begged.

"Sigh. OK, rules are rules and it's your turn. Even though I don't
understand." Delia said.

Amy got back on her back. Delia approached her and squatted over her chest.
Delia was embarrassed and it took her a minute but soon she allowed herself
to release the pressure that had been building in her bladder. A hot stream
of pee shot out onto Amy's chest, all over her nice boobs and down her neck
and stomach. Suddenly Amy grabbed the girl's hips and shoved her spewing
pussy down onto her open mouth. She open wide and guzzled down the hot,
fresh, acrid pee. Once the girl had finished peeing Amy was not yet done.
She thrust her tongue once again up the sweet hole thoroughly cleaning it
out and making the girl cum once again.

"Oh, oh Amy that was so good." Delia said.

"Hey Delia...It's your turn."
_ _ _

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