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Everwood: Halloween Party (mf,mmg,m-mast,oral,cons,ncon,voy)
by Storytrade

Colin Hart had recently come out of his coma that he had been in for over 4
months and his 15 year old girlfriend Amy could not be more happy. Thanks
to Dr. Andy Brown coming to Everwood, she would soon be dancing with Colin
at a Halloween party. Amy was also glad that Dr. Brown's son Ephram, who
is also 15, was there for her, however, things were now more complicated,
since Ephram and Amy kissed the week before, while on a field trip. Amy now
had mixed feelings. While she still was in love with Colin, she also had
feelings for Ephram. Amy felt really guilty about these feelings and now
that Colin was awake, Amy knew that she was going to have to stop seeing
Ephram. The Halloween party was a costume party. Amy was going to go as
Grover, since that was her nickname. And Colin was going to go as
Spider-man. At school that day, Amy was so happy, she couldn't wait to see
Colin and dance with him in front of everyone.

However, what Amy didn't know was that Colin was unable to leave the hospital
due to an unforeseen complication. Ephram had just heard from his dad, who
explained to him that Colin would probably be okay, but that he was just not
ready to leave the hospital yet. Ephram was going to tell Amy, but before he
saw her, he ran into Wendell, who was sort of a friend of Ephram's. When
Ephram told Wendell what had happened and how he was going to have to give
Amy bad news, Wendell suggested that Ephram instead not tell her. Ephram
asked Wendell why he shouldn't tell Amy, and Wendell suggested that it would
only upset her and besides, if Ephram ever wanted to be with Amy, tonight
would be his best chance.

Ephram was confused as to what Wendell was getting at, so Wendell explained
to him his plan. Since Colin was planning to go as Spider-man, Ephram should
just take his place and wear the Spider-man costume instead. Amy wouldn't
know the difference, unless he removed his mask, and this way, Ephram could
dance with Amy all night long. Ephram was reluctant, but his lust for Amy
overwhelmed him and he agreed. Wendell promised to provide him with the
costume. Wendell told him that one day Ephram could provide him with a
similar favor. Ephram knew that he would have to pay back the favor to
Wendell somehow, but didn't care, as long as he was with Amy tonight.

So that evening Ephram arrived at the costume party wearing a Spider-man
costume that was provided for him by Wendell. When Ephram arrived, Amy went
right over to him and gave him a big hug. Then the two of them began to
dance, as Amy laid her head on Ephram's shoulder. The whole time, Amy
assumed that it was Colin she was dancing with. Amy told him how much she
missed him and how glad she was to be dancing with him. The entire time
Ephram just remained silent, not saying a word, only nodding in agreement to
everything Amy said.

As the party drew to a close, Amy grabbed what she believed was Colin and
took him into the closet, where it was pitch black. She then lifted up the
Spider-man mask, the way Kirsten Dunst did in the movie Spiderman, revealing
only Ephram's mouth, and began to kiss him very passionately. Both teens
were really getting into it, and while they were kissing Amy slid her hand
down the Spider-man costume and felt what she thought was Colin's hard on,
even though it was actually Ephram in the costume. Amy then told him that
she wanted to feel it. So Ephram took off the costume, revealing his naked
body to Amy.

However, it was too dark for Amy too see very clearly. However, she did
notice that Colin's body seemed skinner than she recalled, but she figured
that may have been due to the coma he was in. Amy also removed her own
costume, revealing her perky breasts. While Ephram could not see them well,
Amy grabbed his hand and placed it on them. Ephram had only felt up a girl
once before, but Amy was enjoying his gentle fondling of her breasts.
Ephram then slowly slid his hand down to Amy's pussy. This was farther than
either teen had ever gone before.

While Ephram began to explore Amy's virgin pussy, she was also exploring
Ephram's manhood. She had seen her brother Bright, and Colin naked once
before, during the summer after swimming at the lake, however, Amy now
thought that Colin's dick felt bigger then the image she recalled seeing.
What Amy didn't know was that it was not Colin's dick that she was holding
but rather Ephram Brown's 9 inch cock in her hand.

Ephram was in heaven, since the only hand that had ever touched his dick
before, was his own. However, Ephram did not want to go much further with
Amy, since he knew what he was doing was wrong. He could not bring himself
to fuck her, even though he knew she would let him, since she thought he was

However, while Ephram was not willing to cross the line and fuck Amy, he did
not stop her from getting on her knees and placing her lips around his large
cock. At first Amy just placed her lips on the tip of his cock, however,
slowly she began to take more and more of his cock in her mouth. Soon about
4 inches were inside of her mouth and she began to move back and forth along
his cock, however, having never given a blow job before, Amy was having
trouble keeping up with the rhythm, and before she knew it Ephram and placed
his hands on her head and was pulling her back and forth along his cock. Amy
was a little surprised at this, but she could do nothing about it, and after
sucking on him for 3 minutes Ephram shot huge load of cum down Amy's throat,
causing her to gag a little. However, before Amy had a chance to ask "Colin"
to repay the favor, there was a knock at the door.

The two teens rushed to put back on their clothes. As they placed their
costumes back on, Wendell entered the closet. Ephram was pissed, but could
not say anything because Amy would then know that she had given a blow job
to him and not her boyfriend Colin. Amy hurried out of the room and Ephram
followed. However, before he left, Wendell told him that he would call Amy
later in the night and pretend to be a nurse at the hospital and tell her
that Colin had developed some complications and was back in the hospital.
This way Amy would never know that it was not Colin that she danced with that
night. Wendell had also arranged for a nurse at the hospital, who owed him a
favor to go along with the plan.

Ephram couldn't believe it, it worked. He was able to dance with Amy and
even got a blow job out of it, and she would never know about it. That
brought a huge smile to Ephram's face, underneath his Spider-man mask,
however, before Ephram left, Wendell reminded him that Ephram now owed him
a favor and planned on collecting. Wendell told Ephram he would be over
Ephram's house tomorrow and that he should be there, and so should his
younger sister Delia, who is 9. Ephram was a little confused as to why
Delia needed to be there, however, he was still in a great mood, because
his dream girl had given him his first blow job. That night, Ephram slept
very well, and once again had a wet dream about Amy.

* * *

The next morning Ephram was awoken by a knock at the door, it was Wendell.
Ephram had forgotten about his promise to Wendell. Ephram let Wendell in
and asked Wendell what he wanted. Wendell explained that he wanted Ephram
to help him the same way he helped Ephram the night before. Ephram was
very confused. Wendell went on to explain, "Well, I know that you got to
kiss and dance with Amy last night, and I was hoping for the same thing.

Ephram turned really angry and said, "Wendell there is no way I am letting
you kiss Amy and its not like she would agree anyway."

Wendell responded by saying, "No, I don't want to kiss Amy. I want to kiss
another girl."

Ephram then said, "Oh, do you have a particular girl in mind."

Wendell responded, "Yes, I want to kiss your sister Delia and maybe see her

Ephram couldn't believe what Wendell had just said to him. Was Wendell some
kind of pedophile or something, he wanted to kiss Delia, his 9 year old
little sister. Ephram responded by saying, "Fuck you, dude! No way am I
going to let you get near Delia. She is only 9 years old. What is wrong with

Wendell then said, "Calm down. Its not like I plan to fuck her or anything.
I just want to kiss her and maybe see her without a shirt. You can even watch
us on video camera if you want?"

Ephram then said, "No, she is too young."

But before Ephram could continue, Wendell then said, "Do you want me to tell
Amy the truth about last night? I don't think she would like you any more, if
she found out it was you pretending to be Colin last night."

Ephram knew he was in trouble, Wendell had him, so reluctantly, Ephram
agreed. He told Wendell, "Okay, I will talk to her, but no guarantee."
Ephram went on to say, "You have to promise not to do anything to her. No
touching her, and no making her touch you and I get to watch on a live
video screen, to make sure."

Wendell agreed, and said, "Okay, all she has to do is kiss me for like
30 seconds, and she has to take off her top, but I may also take off my

Ephram agreed but told Wendell that if he dare touches her, then he would
kill him. Wendell told him that Delia was to meet him at this barn near
their house, that night and that he would arrange for a live feed to be set
up to Ephram's computer. As Ephram showed Wendell and then went to look
for Delia, because he knew that convincing Delia was going to be difficult.

Ephram explained to Delia that he needed her to do a favor. When she asked
what kind of favor, he said, that he had a friend, who wanted to kiss her.
That made Delia smile, however, Ephram went on to tell her that the guy also
wanted to see her without a shirt. Delia told Ephram that there was no way
she would do that. But then Ephram told her that if she didn't do this,
then his friend would get him in trouble and then he would have to go away
for a long time. Delia told him that she didn't want to lose him and that
she would do it, for him.

So reluctantly, Delia left that evening to meet Wendell. Delia was
pleasantly surprised when she met Wendell at the barn. Wendell was cuter
then Delia thought he would be, and kissing him, wouldn't be as bad as she
thought. Wendell walked over to Delia and told her to go lay on the hay
and make herself comfortable. Delia did as she was told. She asked
Wendell what this place was, and he explained that older teens came here
to make out.

Wendell then gently touched Delia's cheek and gently kissed her lips. He
then pulled back and saw the smile on Delia's face. So Wendell leaned in
and began to kiss Delia passionately, and while he kissed her, he slipped
his tongue inside the 9 year old's mouth. Delia was surprised when she
felt Wendell's tongue, but she didn't do anything to stop it.

* * *

While this was going on, Ephram was angrily watching it all on his computer
screen. Ephram watched as Wendell pulled away from the kiss, he removed his
shirt, revealing his thin but fit body. While, he didn't have a six pack,
his body was still very lean. Delia enjoyed the site of the 15 year old
boy's chest. She noticed that he his body was very smooth, like her brother

* * *

Then Wendell asked Delia, "Can you please remove your shirt, I have already
removed mine."

Delia, slowly lifted her shirt above her head, revealing her preteen breasts.
Wendell had an instant hard on watching Delia remove her shirt. Wendell had
always had a thing for younger girls, and Delia was no exception. Wendell's
hard on was causing him so much pain that he had to remove his pants, so now
he was just standing in boxers, with a raging hardon.

* * *

Meanwhile, Ephram was filled with mixed emotions as he watched Delia remove
her shirt on the computer screen. On the one hand he was angry at what
Wendell was making his sister do, but at the same time, part of him was
turned on and he didn't know why. As Ephram continued to watch the screen
he couldn't believe his eyes.

* * *

The door to the barn was opening and someone was walking in on Wendell and
his sister Delia. Next thing Ephram knew, Amy's older brother Bright was
walking into the barn. Neither Delia or Wendell noticed him at first.
Ephram didn't know what to do though. Here was his little sister and
Wendell half naked and the guy he hated more than anyone was walking in on
them. Wendell was too busy staring at Delia to notice Bright. While Delia
was just happy that someone was paying attention to her.

Next thing either of them knew, Bright said, "Hey geek, can I join in on
the fun?" Wendell was stunned, Bright Abbott, a kid he knew from school was
here. Wendell just stood their frozen, while Delia tried to grab a blanket
to cover herself. Then Bright said "Wendell, where did you find such a cute
girl, hope you don't mind if I join in on the fun."

Next thing anyone knew, Bright was removing his clothes. Unlike Wendell,
Bright's body was not thin, but he wasn't fat either. However, he did have
some hair on his chest and around his belly. Wendell tried to tell Bright
to leave. He told Bright that she was not a play thing and that he should
leave now.

Bright responded by saying, "Dude, I just wanna have some fun, and she looks
like a lot of fun." Then Bright removed his pants and boxers, revealing his
nice 7 inch cock. Delia was just staring at it having never seen a guy's
dick before. Wendell was also staring, since Bright's cock was a couple
inches longer than his own.

* * *

Meanwhile, back that the Brown's house, Ephram was screaming at the computer
screen, hoping that Bright would not touch his sister.

* * *

Bright then moved closer to Delia, pulling her blanket away from her,
revealing her cute little breasts. Bright then said to her, "Wow, you are
really pretty, lets get a look at more of you." With that, Bright pushed
down Delia's pants and placed his hands on her panties.

Poor Ephram was going insane, he was helplessly watching Bright touch his
poor innocent sister, who just stood their frozen, while his so called
"friend" Wendell just watched.

* * *

Then Bright slowly pulled down Delia's panties, revealing her little
hairless, virgin cunt. Wendell was even more turned on by the sight in
front of him. Then as Bright reached out and began to touch Delia's
breasts, she tried to pull away. But Bright wouldn't let her, saying
"Don't worry baby, we are going to have some fun. What's your name
honey, you look familiar?"

But Delia just stood there and didn't answer, however Wendell responded by
saying, "Bright, her name is Delia and I don't think we should be doing
this, just let her go."

Bright then got an evil look in his eye and said, "When I walked in here,
you two looked like you were going to have a lot of fun, and I just want to
have some fun too. Besides this little girl must be that asshole Ephram
Brown's little sister. Between him and his father causing my family all
sorts of problems. I think its only fitting that his sister help payback
for all the problems they have caused my family."

Wendell then tried to protect the poor girl, by trying to push Bright out of
the way, but Bright was too strong for Wendell.

Bright then said "Don't try that again man. Look, either way I am getting
some pussy so you can either help me or leave."

Wendell's horniness got the better of him, and next thing he knew, he was
removing his boxers as well, revealing a small but decent 5 inch cock.

Of course, since Bright was an asshole he said to Wendell, "You don't have
very much there, do you. Good thing this girl is a virgin, cause a real
woman wouldn't find much pleasure in that thing."

Poor Delia didn't know what to do, she realized that there was no getting out
of this, these two boys were going to rape her. As much as she tried to get
away, Bright would not let her go. Then Wendell who had been nice to her
earlier came over to her and stuck his dick in her face and told her to suck
on it. Delia had never heard of something so gross before, but she couldn't
move, so she had no choice but to take the 5 inch cock of the 15 year old boy
in her mouth. Unfortunately for Wendell, he was a quick trigger and within a
minute he shot his load of cum inside of her mouth. Delia did not know what
was happening and she was completely caught off guard when she felt the slimy
liquid in her mouth. At first she thought it was pee, but soon realized it
was something else.

* * *

Back at the Brown's home, Ephram was even more mad, but now he was sporting a
full 9 inch hardon and he couldn't figure out why. What was wrong with him,
that watching his sister give a blow job gave him an erection.

* * *

As Wendell pulled out, Bright told him to grab hold of Delia's arms, while
he began to eat out the young virgin's pussy. At first Delia tried to fight
it, by trying to close her legs, however as Bright continued to lick more,
he soon began to hit Delia's clit and she was in heaven, she had never felt
anything like it before and soon her resistance stopped. However, just as
Delia was approaching her first orgasm, Bright stopped and got in position
to fuck the poor girl. Delia tried to move away, but Bright would have none
of that. However, Bright was having trouble getting his dick inside of the
virgin cunt below him and he told Wendell to help him out.

Wendell didn't know what to do, but one look in Bright's eyes told him, he
better do as he is told. So Wendell moved towards Bright's dick and grabbed
it. Wendell had never touched another guy's dick before, and it felt so
much thicker than his own. Then Wendell slowly moved Bright's dick towards
Delia's virgin hole and help Bright get the tip of his cock in.

Soon, Bright was forcing the head of his dick inside of Delia's 9 year old
pussy. Delia was in so much pain, crying and screaming for them to stop, but
Bright would not listen. Ephram was watching all this on the computer screen,
as these two guys raped his poor defenseless little sister. Bright began to
slowly slide more and more of his dick inside of Delia's cunt until he hit
her hymen. At first Delia thought it was over, because Bright began to pull
out however, before she could take a breath, Bright slammed his cock hard
into her pussy, breaking through her cherry, causing Delia to scream out in

* * *

As Ephram watched this, he too screamed out for his sister, but at the same
time, his cock began to spew cum all over his hands. As much as watching his
sister get raped upset him, it also turned him on.

* * *

Bright continued to fuck Delia Brown for 5 more minutes, before cumming in
her pussy. Bright then got up and thanked both Delia and Wendell for the fuck
and told them both that he planned on having more fun with them again soon.
Bright then put back on his clothes and left leaving Delia who was in tears
with Wendell, who was still sporting a hardon of his own.

* * *

Ephram figured that it was over now, since Bright was gone, however his so
called "friend" did something that shocked both Delia and him.

* * *

Wendell got in place to fuck Delia himself. She told he she didn't want to,
but he just told her that, "You are a little bitch now and I am gonna fuck
you the way Bright did."

Delia gave up on trying to stop him and just laid there as Wendell fucked
her for about 5 minutes, before shooting another load of cum in her cunt.
Wendell then got dressed and left.

* * *

As Ephram watched his sister slowly get up from the two fuckings she had just
received his mind was full of many different things. First of all he wanted
to kill Bright and Wendell for what they had done to his sister. He thought
about telling the police, but he realized that not only would that possibly
ruin his sister's life, since people would know that the got raped but also,
Wendell could then turn him in for what he had done to Amy. Just the thought
of Amy got Ephram hard again, and he thought back to the events of the night
before, which caused him to jerk off some more, but as his orgasm approached,
Amy's image was replaced by that of his own sister Delia's. Now Ephram was
even more confused and he had no idea what to do next.

Should I continue? I have a few ideas on which direction I could go with
this, if you have any advice, please email me at: [email protected] Thanks.

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Shows/movies I am considering: 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter,
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Even Stevens, Moolah Beach or any other teen based shows?

Also I have seen a lot of Disney movies and could possible write stories
about the following if there is interest: Rip Girls, Ring of Endless Light,
Get a Clue, Alley Cats Strike, Zenon, Bug Juice 3, Johnny Tsunami and the
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Also does anyone want a story with any of the following musicians- (Aaron
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