Everwood: Part 2 - Delia's Saga Continues (mg,cons,ncon)
by Storytrade ([email protected])

Ephram had a lot of trouble sleeping that night. First he felt guilty for
tricking Amy into giving him a blow job, and now he felt bad for letting his
sister go with Wendell. Not only had Delia gotten her first kiss that night,
but Bright Abbott, a guy Ephram truly hated, had given his baby sister the
fucking of a lifetime. Poor Delia came home very sore, luckily Dr. Brown
didn't see her. Ephram finally fell asleep and began dreaming of Amy. He
dreamed that he was making out with her and that she was taking off his
clothes. Then she went to give him a handjob and it felt so great, then all
the sudden Amy's face was replaced by his sister Delia's. Next thing Ephram
knew, he was then awoken suddenly by his dad screaming to pick up the phone.
When Ephram came too, he realized that once again he had a wet dream.

Amy was on the phone, it seems that Colin was not doing well and that she was
heading back to Denver to see him, but that she wanted some company. Ephram
was glad to go. Dr. Brown also had to go check on Colin, so he offered to
give his son and Amy a ride to Denver. As they were getting ready to leave,
Ephram realized that no one was going to be able to take care of Delia;
however Dr. Brown said not to worry and started making phone calls. About 10
minutes later Dr. Brown was off the phone. He told Ephram that Delia's
babysitter was going to be here in a few minutes. A few minutes went by and
the door bell rang. Ephram went to the door, opened it and was shocked to
see Bright Abbott standing there.

Stunned Ephram didn't say anything, luckily Dr. Brown walked to the door as
well and said, "Ephram don't stand there like a statue and let Bright in."

Ephram opened the door completely, still in shock and asked his father, "Dad
why is he here?"

And Dr. Brown responded, "Bright was nice enough to offer to watch Delia
today while we are in Denver."

Ephram was very angry about this. He realized that his sister's rapist would
be with her alone all day, and he couldn't say anything, because then he
would get in trouble as well, plus he didn't want to let Bright know that he
knew what happened. So Ephram simply said, "Dad are you sure that's a good
idea, Delia is hard to handle."

Dr. Brown responded, "Not to worry Ephram, Bright is a big guy, I am sure he
can handle a little girl like your sister." Then Dr. Brown called out to
Delia to come in and meet her babysitter.

Delia came out and froze, she couldn't believe it, the good looking guy from
the night before who had hurt her and also made her feel so good at the same
time was here in her house. Then she heard her father say, "Delia, Bright is
going to watch you today, so remember you have to listen to everything he
says, he is in charge of you."

Bright then said, "Not to worry Dr. Brown, I am sure we will have lots of
fun. But I was wondering if I get tired is it okay if I lie down?"

Dr. Brown responded, "Sure Bright, as long as Delia knows where you are, why
don't you just use Ephram's bedroom if you need to."

That brought a smile to Bright's face as he thought about fucking this girl
in that jerk Ephram's bed.

Ephram tried to come up with some reason why this was a bad idea, but his
dad wouldn't hear of it. Soon the two Brown men were out the door, leaving
Delia alone with Bright.

Bright was the first to speak saying, "Delia you look even prettier today
then you did last night. The two of us are going to have a lot of fun today,
and don't forget what your dad said, you have to listen to whatever I say."

Delia starred at Bright with a mixed set of emotions. She was scared of what
might happen, but also sort of curious, and now seeing Bright in the day
light, she realized how hot he looked and realized that today might not be so
bad after all.

While Delia was thinking about what might happen, Bright told her, "Now I
want you to start undressing." Delia didn't move at first, but then Bright
yelled at her, "Little girl I said to strip, now do it!!!"

Delia was very scared but she quickly removed her shirt, revealing her small
preteen non-existent chest. Bright enjoyed the sight in front of him, while
he had never been attracted to little girls before, there was something about
Delia that gave him an instant hardon.

Delia now began to remove her jeans and underwear, revealing her pussy which
had been deflowered the night before by Bright and also fucked by Wendell.
Delia did not shower after the fucking from the night before, so her pussy
was still full of both Wendell and Bright's cum. However Bright did not
realize this and got down on his knees and began to lick Delia's preteen
pussy. At first he just thought that she was getting wet for him, but as he
started to eat Delia out he realized that it was his own cum he was eating,
causing him to spit it out. Bright then hit Delia and yelled at her saying,
"Why didn't you tell me your pussy was full of my cum."

Delia started crying and said, "Well, after you and Wendell did that stuff to
me last night, I just came home and went to sleep."

Bright then realized that Wendell had also fucked her. Bright said, "You
mean that little shit Wendell fucked you after I left."

Delia responded, "Yeah, and his stuff was inside me also."

Bright then told Delia to go take a shower, before they could continue
playing and to clean out her pussy really good. So Delia went to the shower,
while Bright began to explore the Brown's home.

* * *

Meanwhile Ephram and his father Dr. Andy Brown were just getting to the
hospital in Denver, where Andy's patient Colin was trying to recover from a
coma and brain surgery. Ephram was only there to see Amy Abbott, Bright's
sister and Colin's girlfriend. Ephram was obsessed with Amy and wanted to
be with her more than anything. Only a couple days earlier Ephram had
pretended to be Colin at a costume party and ended up making out with Amy
without her knowing it was him. Amy gave Ephram his first blow job and it
was wonderful, however it was rather costly because he was blackmailed by
that jerk Wendell. Wendell made Ephram arrange for him to make out with
Ephram's sister Delia, which resulted in Delia being fucked by both Wendell
and Bright. Ephram continued to think about the events of the past few
days. Why did he listen to Wendell? Would Amy ever find out? Would he
ever get to be with Amy again? Would his sister be okay with Bright?

Ephram also had disgusting thoughts about what it would be like to fuck his
sister Delia as well.

When Ephram arrived at the hospital, Amy gave him a hug and was very glad to
see him. However, while Ephram was at the hospital, his mind was elsewhere,
wondering about what was going on at home, with his sister and that rapist
Bright Abbott.

* * *

Back at the Brown's home, Bright was exploring their home. He found Ephram's
room and decided that was where he would fuck little Delia. At first he
thought about doing it in her room, but then he decided it would be best to
do it in Ephram's room, cause it would be another way of humiliating him.
Bright wasn't really sure why he didn't like Ephram, but he knew how much fun
it was to mean to him, and he could think of nothing more cruel then fucking
Ephram's little sister in his bed. As Bright explored Ephram's room he
noticed Ephram's computer. Bright was not very good with computers, however
he noticed that Ephram had a journal on the computer, but Bright could not
figure out how to open the files. They were password protected, however,
Bright figured there was probably not anything interesting in them anyway.
So Bright decided to check on his little sex slave.

As Bright entered the bathroom, he heard the shower running and decided that
he was going to join little Delia in the shower. So Bright quickly took off
his clothes, revealing his ragging 7 inch hardon and well toned body. Then
Bright slowly pulled back the shower curtain and stepped inside. Delia's
back was facing him and she was so out of it, thinking about what was going
to happen, that she didn't even hear Bright enter the shower.

Delia jumped a little as Bright began to pinch her preteen breasts. Then
Bright slowly moved his hands south towards her tight little cunt. Delia's
head was full of mixed emotions as she wanted Bright to both continue
touching her there as well as wanting him to leave, cause it felt so dirty
and wrong. However, instead of asking him to leave or encouraging him to
continue, Delia just stood still.

So Bright decided to start fingering Delia. Having already fucked her the
day before, Bright knew that one finger would slide in easily, so he decided
to stick 2 fingers inside of her cunt, slowly working them inside, after he
got about 2 inches in side of her, he began to pull out. Then Bright decided
to try and add a third finger and began working all 3 fingers in and out of
Delia. This caused Delia to start to moan, which turned Bright on even more.
Bright then had a great idea, he decided to work Delia up for another 5
minutes and right as she got close to an orgasm, he stopped fingering her.

Delia got really upset and said to him, "Why did you stop, that felt so
great, please continue."

Bright responded by saying, "I'll continue, but only after you give me a blow

Reluctantly Delia agreed, turning around, the young girl got on her knees
and began to take Bright's cock in her mouth. Slowly Delia took in the first
4 inches of his cock, and then started to gag. Bright realized that he
couldn't get any more in her mouth, so he stopped forcing it down her throat
and began to face fuck the little girl. Delia hated this and wanted to stop,
but she knew that if she made Bright feel good, then he would make her feel
good as well and she really wanted him to make her feel good, so she allowed
to him to continue pushing his cock in and out of her mouth.

After what felt like an hour (although it was only about 8 minutes) Bright
began to tense up and told Delia, "Get ready baby cause its time for
dessert," and with that Bright shot 8 large streams of cum down the young
girls throat.

After Bright recovered from the blow job he looked down upon the naked
little girl in front of him, whose mouth was dripping with cum.

Delia was the first to speak saying, "Bright, will you now make me feel
really good please?"

Bright responded, "In a few minutes babe, I need to recover, and we should
get out of the shower and go into your brother's bedroom, where the real fun
can begin."

Delia nodded in agreement, as she licked the cum off her lips.

The two of them then got out of the shower and dried off. Bright knew that
it would be another 15 minutes before he would be hard again and he knew that
he had a hold over Delia as long as she wanted to achieve an orgasm. Bright
figured he could use this to his advantage to get anything he wanted from

Delia and Bright then entered Ephram's bedroom. Bright decided to lay on
Ephram's bed, naked, with his arms behind his head. Then he told Delia to
come over to him, and the naked little girl climbed on top of the bed and
into the arms of the 16 yr old boy. Bright decided to get to know the little
girl a little better. He found out that she had the same teacher this year
as he had when he was her age. Bright then decided to ask Delia a few
personal questions.

Bright first asked, "Delia did you ever see a naked boy boy before

Delia responded by saying, "No, you and Wendell are the only naked guys I
have ever seen." Delia then asked Bright, "Why was your thingy bigger then
Wendell's? Do they get bigger then that?"

Bright responded by saying, "First of all it's not called a thingy but a
cock, and you should refer to it as a cock. Second, my cock was bigger then
Wendell's and is probably bigger then most other guys, and all girls know
that the bigger the cock the better."

Bright was hard at this point, and decided that he was ready to fuck Delia
again. So Bright told her that this time he wanted her to be on top. So he
helped Delia get on top of him, and the young girl slowly lowered herself
onto Bright's 7 inch cock. At first getting his cock head inside of the
young girl was difficult, but once he got his head inside, he was able to
slowly slide more inside, as the young girl lowered herself down onto the
teen's rod. After she had about 4 inches inside of her, Bright told her to
start moving up and down on it, in a similar fashion to riding a horse.
Delia liked the sound of that and began to move up and down on Bright's
cock. As the 8 yr old girl began to ride the teen's cock, a little more of
his cock began to slide inside of her, and soon she had nearly 6 inches
inside of her. Delia also began to feel all tingly inside and that caused
her to increase her speed as he began bobbing up and down on Bright's cock
more quickly, then all the sudden, Delia started to feel really good and
began to have an orgasm. Her body began to convulse and Bright could feel
more tension on his cock, causing him to shoot a load inside of Delia's cunt.
It was the third load that had been shot inside her cunt in the last 2 days.
As the two teens recovered from their orgasms, Delia slowly got off of Bright
and lay down beside him, with his arm around her.

The two of them were still breathing heavily, as Delia told Bright, "That was
so great, much better then yesterday, I love you."

Bright responded by saying, "I know babe, and we can do more of that any time
you want."

Then Bright began to think back over the past 2 days events and started to
wonder why Delia had been out there with Wendell to begin with. Until this
point, Bright had not really thought about that, but now he wanted to know
how she ended up out there with such a dork like Wendell anyway.

Bright then asked Delia, "Why were you out there with Wendell? What were you
planning to do out there?"

Delia responded by saying, "Ephram told me to go with Wendell. He said that
Wendell wanted to kiss me and that it would be okay. He told me that I had
to go with Wendell or that he would get in trouble, and since I love my
brother and don't want to see him in trouble I went with Wendell. He told
me that all Wendell would do is kiss me, but then you came along and
everything changed."

Bright was in shock, he couldn't believe it. Ephram made his little sister
go with that freak Wendell, and he let him kiss her. What a loser, why would
anyone do that to their little sister. Bright knew that there had to be more
to the story. At that point he looked over towards the computer and
remembered the journals that Ephram kept and knew that an answer would be in

* * *

Meanwhile Delia's brother Ephram and Bright's sister Amy were sitting in a
hospital in Denver waiting to find out how Amy's boyfriend Colin was doing.
They were chatting about school, music and life. Amy knew that Ephram had a
crush on her, and it made her feel good to know she had power of him; however
Amy was torn because she still cared for Colin. She used to feel she was in
love with Colin, however, now she wasn't so sure. She had great
conversations with Ephram, and he was always there for her. She felt that
she connected with him on a deeper level. However Amy didn't find Ephram as
hot as Colin. She had always been hot for Colin, since they were little
kids. Ephram had the cute, alternative punk look going for him, but Amy was
still physically attracted to Colin. Plus after her her experience with
Colin a few days ago, Amy thought Colin was quite well endowed as well.
However, Amy was mistaken, because her experience was really with Ephram and
not Colin. So it was really Ephram who was quite well endowed.

* * *

Back at the Brown's home, Bright and Delia were naked on Ephram's bed, as
Bright realized that he had to find out Ephram's password. Then it dawned
on Bright. He got up from the bed, still naked and went over to the
computer. Bright went to the journal file and typed in the password "Amy"
because Bright knew that Ephram was obsessed with his sister. And as luck
would have it, that was the password. Bright now had access to all of
Ephram's private journal files. The first few files didn't say much of
interest to Bright. So Bright jumped ahead to the file from the last few
days. As Bright read how Ephram pretended to be Colin, in order to take
advantage of his sister Amy, he got more and more mad. Bright was ready
to rip Ephram's head off, after having read how Ephram got a blow job from
his sister Amy. Luckily Bright was able to control his anger and was able
to read more. He read how it was Wendell who set the whole thing up, and
how Ephram had to arrange for Wendell and Delia to be alone together in
order to pay him back. That explained why they were alone together.

Bright thought to himself not only should he kick Wendell's ass for helping
Ephram score with Amy, but also that Wendell owes him, because he got to fuck
Delia, something he would not have gotten to do, had Bright not shown up.
However as Bright continued to read, he nearly blew his load, as he read how
Ephram had watched the entire fucking of his sister the other night. Bright
couldn't believe it, Ephram watched his baby sister get thoroughly fucked by
two teenage guys. That turned Bright on even more. Then Bright found the
file that Ephram had made of the event and he emailed it to himself.

The last thing Bright read was how Ephram had hoped to possible get some
where with Amy again soon. This brought back anger to Bright. Since Ephram
wasn't there to beat up, Bright decided to take out his anger on poor little

Bright saw the young girl practically asleep on Ephram's bed. He pounced on
top of her, placing his dick inside her tight preteen cunt. The feeling of
Bright's cock entering her cunt woke Delia up, who told Bright to stop. She
told him that she did not want to play now, but Bright would not hear any of
it. The teenager continued to force more and more of his cock inside of the
young girl's pussy. Delia continued to protest, as Bright got 6 inches of
his cock inside of her.

Then Bright began to fuck the girl with fury. Slamming his cock in and out
of her, very fast and hard. The poor girl continued to beg him to stop and
even began to cry, but all Bright said was, "This is because of what your
brother did."

Eventually Delia gave up fighting with Bright and just laid still as he
continued to pound her preteen pussy for another 10 minutes before shooting
a huge load of cum up inside of the young girl. Delia was very sore after
the fucking she just received and quietly cried herself to sleep.

Meanwhile Bright thought of ways in which he could get back at both Ephram
and Wendell. Bright also thought of all the different things he could do
with Delia, including inviting some other people over to join him.

Too be continued.....assuming I get positive feedback. I have several
different ways this story might go, so please email me with any suggestions.

[email protected]

Also I am working on the following stories---hopefully all of them will get
written, but no guarantees

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Also I am looking for story ideas for Even Stevens, Family Affair, Olsen
Twin Movies, and other stories for Everwood and 7th Heaven.


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