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Everyday Italian:
The Nude Edition Part 1 - Giada Di Laurentiis And Lila McCann
by Spyder

Giada Di Laurentiis is one of the sexiest chefs on television and this has
drawn Hef to create or ask her to create a show for his network that she can
host and cook her food on. He gave her an open check to have the sets built,
any kind of wardrobe and guests to appear. She is also allowed a co-host if
desired and with her plan already formulated, Giada decided that since it is
on the Playboy Network that a nude cook show "is a must" or one that gets to
be totally nude by the end of the first segment. She has also let it be known
that her co-host will operate on her show under his or her nickname and will
enjoy sex with her and the female celebrities that will appear.

On day one of the shoot, the male she selected to be her assistant on the
show will showcase his favorite dessert and she will do her Italian dishes to
coincide with the dessert. Hef oversees the first day of shooting and likes
what she has presented in a copy of the draft left on his desk a week
earlier. Once the show is underway, he leaves her to have fun while creating
the program.

Quiet on the set is the cry from the floor director as the TV show is about
to go into production.

The theme song for the show goes up and the announcer says, "Welcome to
Everyday Italian: The Nude Edition. This is a new so-production of Playboy,
Hef and the host of the show Miss Giada Di Laurentiis."

Giada bounces onto the set smiling as per usual and wearing a black skirt and
matching blouse. She stands in front of the marble covered counter and says,
"Hello, and welcome to my new show for Hef's network, it is like my regular
show for the food network in everyway, except for celebrity guests and my
daily co-host only known as Spyder."

Spyder has a different approach to the show, as he walks on the set wearing
tennis shoes, a pair of Speedos and no shirt. He reaches where Giada stands,
plants a kiss on her ruby lips as she squeezes his bulge and says, "It is
great to have being selected to co-host her show. "

Giada looks him over and says it is an excellent pick that they have some up
with. She asks Spyder what his dessert will be for the show and while she is
told that it is an apple streusel upside down cake, Giada is licking her lips
and rubbing her heaving boobs.

"With that announcement, we will be back with today's dessert and celebrity
guest once these commercials are viewed." says Giada.

The theme rolls as the show breaks into the advertisements and Giada outlines
the next segment to everyone. Hef has tuned to the show in his office and
nods in delight as to what he has seen so far.

Upon the return from the commercial, Giada starts off by saying, "Since this
is Playboy TV, there must be some nudity in it, so before the cooking begins,
Spyder and I will undress one another for your enjoyment."

Spyder kisses the sexy Italian chef, undoes her skirt to reveal a totally
naked and tight ass, followed by the removal of her blouse. Gently squeezing
her ass, her blouse falls to the floor as Spyder sees the breasts of a
goddess. They kiss once more as Spyder slides a digit up her anal cavity as
she squeals in delight to this warm touch. Giada reciprocates by unzipping
his shorts, reaching in and fondling his already hard 15-inch cock. She
smiles wickedly and lowers his undone shorts to the floor, bends over to
pick them up and is pleasantly surprised as Spyder drives a small portion of
his thick cock in her under fucked ass.

Standing separate from one another, Giada admire one another and then she
tells the audience that there will be sex as part of the show, so not to
worry about the proceedings. Heading into the kitchen portion of the set,
Spyder is asked to prepare his magical dessert. Ingredients are placed before
him, but as he mixes and coats the apples with melted butter, he takes a
little of the butter and spreads some on her areolas. She giggles as the
handsome co-host licks the butter off her tits. Having more butter to use for
her sauces, Giada rubs some butter on his cock, not just the head, but all
over and then she licks his manhood gently until she it totally giving head
to her co-host. She completely has drawn his load into her throat, as he is
ready to place the dessert into the oven for it to bake. She strokes his dick
as she says that they will return after the commercial break.

The next segment begins where the last one left off, Giada stroking Spyder's
cock as he finger fucks her pussy. In between moans of delight, Giada
introduces her guest: "She is one of country music's sweethearts and might
be working on her next CD, ladies and gentlemen Miss Lila McCann."

Lila walks out to the kitchen area and Giada welcomes her with a kiss as
Spyder also smooches her full lips in a three-way kiss. She looks over the
two some and says, "I believe I am out of place with the theme of the show."

Giada agrees, asks Spyder to make our guest feel more at home while she
places the ingredients on the counter. Spyder kisses the lovely country
singer as Giada slowly brings out the items needed for veal scaloppini.
Spyder notices that Lila has brought along a friend and has an idea who
this could be. Slowly he removes her sweater and bra, which reveals her
huge tits. Gary over in the wings watches as Spyder undresses his girl,
but doesn't show any jealousy as he knows that Lila has been fucked by
Spyder in another city, in another job, finally he removes her jeans,
seeing no lines from her panties, Spyder knows there are no panties

Giada invites them to join her at the counter, where she asks Lila to prepare
the veal as she gets the water ready for the angel hair pasta. Spyder kisses
each lady in turn, as Lila takes hold of Spyder's cock and breads it until
she is ready to go further. Taking his dick in her mouth, Lila knows the veal
has been breaded and ready for cooking, as Giada smiles at the fact her
co-host has been blown twice already. Lila has completely tasted Spyder's
breaded cock and swallowed a load of his jism.

Giada looks to where the stranger stands and asks Lila to bring him on. Lila
introduces him as the Jedimastergary and he walks to the area, stripping as
he converges on the scene. Having reached the area, Gary kisses Giada and
shakes hands with his friend and co-host of talk radio in Canada. He doesn't
just watch, Gary is asked to help in the making of the salad by placing the
ingredients into a bowl. He is asked to whisk together the dressing though
and he does so, but also takes a liberal amount of olive oil and brushes it
all over Lila and Giada's pussies.

The segment ends with Giada telling the audience that they will sample the
food once the break is complete. Upon return to the show, Spyder has ass
fucked Lila as Gary fucked her hot oily pussy. Giada has placed the food on
the table, but once it is done joins the threesome in wild sex. Spyder pulls
out of Lila's ass, walks to the table to pick up the salad and asks the
ladies to lie on the floor. Doing as asked, Spyder gives one spoon to Gary,
who takes some of the salad and places it on the bodies of the horny women.
With the bowl back on the table, Spyder takes the dressing and drizzles it
on the salad and bodies of the women on the floor. Gary kneels at the open
thighs of his ladylove and eats his way up her legs, then starts at her neck
and eats down to her pussy, where he completes the dinner by devouring her
oily pussy. Spyder has done the same thing, as Giada lies screaming mildly
at the new treatment of food.

The ladies get the men to lie on the floor as they skip the veal portion for
now and put some of the now cooled dessert on the bodies of their lovers.
Each having their own whipping cream to enjoy, Giada takes Spyder's cock
and dips it into the cream and gives head one more time. Gary has had the
same treatment and wants to fuck Lila on TV for the first time. Lila mounts
her lover and slides her hot box over his sticky cock as she fucks her man as
hard as she can. Gary moans as his load fills her pussy, knowing that she
can never have a child due to abuse from rapists and her ex. Giada is now
on the later portion of her sexual drive as Spyder ass fucks her; he pulls
back and enters her pussy from the rear as she accepts a little doggie style
in her life. The couples fuck through the last few moments of the show as
Giada in between moans bids a hearty and horny farewell until the next
showing of Everyday Italian.

The all's clear signal rings, but the couples continue to fuck as the food
is eaten by the studio audience and the crew of five. Giada lies on the
floor, having Gary with a condom fuck her oily, sticky cunt. Spyder enters
Lila for the first time in months as she welcomes his dick in her cunt once
again. She squeals as she has slightly forgotten what his dick feels like as
well as the size of it. Finally pulling out, Lila removes his condom and
blows Spyder one last time before leaving with Gary. Gary for his part
finishes off his partner by tit fucking her huge boobs as she has a load
shot up to and including her nose. She licks the semen from her lips and the
foursome gather their clothes to head to the showers.

Giada likes the first episode and leaves with Spyder that night knowing that
Hef will give his opinion tomorrow before the next one is taped.

To be continued...


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