The following story is a work of fiction and is for adults only. The
responsibility to read on rests solely on your shoulders. Do so at own

Starring: Giada De Laurentiis, Hef and Lindsay Wagner

Codes: MMFF, oral, anal, food, celeb

Everyday Italian: Part 2
by Spyder

With one of her new show in the can, Giada De Laurentiis is preparing her
second episode with her special guest the owner of the station she is on,
Hef. She had asked Spyder to have a female guest as per usual, as the custom
will be when she asks her special chef or star. All through the week, Giada
asks Spyder whom his guest maybe and his reply are to wait until she
announces Hef and then all he will announce the second guest at that moment.

On the Wednesday when the taping is about to occur, Giada calmly walks into
Spyder's dressing room to inquire once more as to the guest he has chosen, of
course the answer remains the same. Not one to give in, Giada strokes the
cock of her co-host and lover as the groping she hopes will provoke the
announcement before the show. Realizing what she is up to, Spyder allows the
hot Italian to go as far as she must, but still withholds the name of his
guest selection. Exasperated by the non-response to her almost blowjob,
Giada leaves with a smile on her face and jism on her fingers as she licks
the load from her hands.

On the stage in studio number seven the announcer warms up the crowd and gets
the signal to open the show.

"Welcome to Everyday Italian: The Playboy Edition and today is a special one
for one reason or two, but anyhow I give you the hosts of the show. Give it
up for the effervescent and truly sexy Giada De Laurentiis and her co-host
known as a true lover of the female form the Spyder."

Audience applause greets the shows co-hosts as they run onto the set naked
and ready for the days "cooking".

Giada opens up by saying, "Thanks to all of you and thanks to Spyder for a
great opening show."

"Thanks to you Giada for selecting me for the show, you are one hot lady and
a fantastic fuck." states Spyder.

"Before we begin this episode I have to make another thank you to the owner
and creator of this version of the show and one of today's guests, I give you
Hef." Giada says with a little drool exiting her mouth.

Hef walks out with a bathrobe on, but quickly doffs it once he is on the set;
Giada kisses his lips and again thanks him for the nude version of the show.
Hef squeezes her buttocks and whispers that he would like to get into her
sometime soon.

Spyder shakes the hand of this great man and then begins his announcement.
"Ladies and Gentlemen our second guest happens to be one of my all time
favorite television stars and I know from research is one of Hef's stars he
would have loved to have in his magazine. She is also one of Giada's faves
from the show the Bionic Woman; we give to you the star of the series Lindsay

Giada walks to where Spyder made the announcement and promptly give a kiss on
his already rock hard cock for bringing Lindsay to the show. She looks around
and says; "I thank Spyder for our hot second guest, but someone is out of
place here. Spyder give the lady a hand out of her clothes while I have Hef
help with the first dish I am cooking."

Spyder takes himself to where the fully clothed Miss Wagner stands and slowly
helps her out of her shirt, while welcoming her with a full lip lock. Lindsay
returns the kiss with one of her own as she strokes his rod and gently
massages his balls. Continuing to undress her, the over heated co-host
removes her jeans and panties as he notices that she has a pussy fully
covered with hair and one tight ass.

Looking into her eyes Spyder states "Lindsay for a MILF, you are one hot
lady. Damn if you don't please these eyes with your covered cunt."

Lindsay, now totally naked and hearing whistles from the crowd says in reply
"Thank you very much Spyder, I certainly hope that I can feel your cock in my
hot pussy."

Lindsay grabs for his cock as Spyder helps her to kneel before him and then
she slowly licks up the shaft as Hef watches and wonders if she is as hot in
bed as his wife is. Lindsay has worked the full length of Spyder's rod in
her throat as she gives head for the first time in about 15 years, as she
wants to feel his load fill her mouth, before begging to have this massive
cock fuck her.

Giada looks over at what is happening so early in the show and kneels down
where Hef stands and give head to the man who is recognized the world over.
Hef continues to create the main course on the stove as the blow jobs seem to
never end, where as he wants to fuck both women hard and fast, but hopes his
wife never watches the show. So at the last moment he will beg away from
full sex with either woman. Hef shoots his load as commercial break starts,
Giada has jism on her tits, china as Spyder on the other part of the set is
ass-fucking Lindsay until the show returns, and here's Giada ask him to the
kitchen to help with the dessert.

Spyder takes Lindsay by the hand; together they amble to the kitchen area
as Giada asks Lindsay what she has selected for the dessert. Announcing a
chocolate mint mousse with a wafer bowl and a whipped Strawberry topping,
Lindsay thinks that she would rather have Spyder fuck her more than create
this dessert. Hef in the meantime has begun to eat pussy and has Giada
begging to fuck her hard as she longingly looks over at Lindsay and Spyder.
Hef suddenly gets up, thanks her for the opportunity to have his only
appearance on the show, and walks off set as he ushers Spyder to fill the
dripping cunt of his co-host.

Spyder knows that Lindsay wants in on the action and with the shows meal
already prepared they decide to end the show with hot sex. Lindsay kisses
Giada as Spyder drives his cock deep inside the hot caldron that is Giada's
pussy, pulling out he shoots his wad over her stomach while Lindsay lies next
to Giada to accept a long thick cock in her under fucked love hole. Spyder
enters the Bionic Woman's cunt and unleashes some of his best actions since
he had some time with Giada before the show was set up. Lindsay moans while
she is feeling what she has heard is the best cock to have ravage her twat.
Soon after, the two hot women take turns giving head to Spyder as the show
fades to black and the dinner awaits everyone on the table.

Spyder takes some to the mousse, paints it over the breasts of his lovers and
watches while they lick the sweet stuff from there huge tits. Once they have
done so, Giada takes hold of Spyder's stiffened member and dips it in some
whipped topping as the women lick the sticky sweetness off his cock, making
his load shoot over their face one last time as the audience leaves the
studio. The threesome leave together as Spyder has already decided who the
next guest will be.

The End


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