Expedia: The Nude Version (MMMF,veg,slash)
by Spyder ([email protected])

Somewhere in the United States a commercial is being shot for a holiday
package site. The setting is a restaurant owned and operated by a couple
celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary. The husband who we'll call Mike
is on the computer as his lovely wife enters the office, we shall call her
Susan. She walks in and asks him what, as he smiles broadly like a Cheshire

Mike says, "I want to take you somewhere?"

"Out for dinner is fine." states Susan.

"In San Francisco?" he inquires.

"That would be nice." she replies with a smile.

"We could go to the seafood restaurant by the bay, a moonlight cruise and our
hotel is facing the sunrise in the morning." Mike adds as Susan walks over to
where he is working on his plans. Susan looks down as he says joyfully,
"Happy 12th anniversary!"

She says, "13th," and then adds, "You know what I said if you got the
anniversary wrong this year."

Remembering what she said this time last year, Mike says down trodden, "You
don't mean."

Susan interrupts him and glowers as she says, "Yes, you have to have one of
our waiters will fuck your ass as you eat my pussy." Susan goes into the
dining room to find Ricky, who is a bi-sexual male that can fuck any ass he
wants or so he tells his friends. Since he was hired he has wanted to have
his bosses in the baddest way.

Susan leaves the office to lock the back door, as the restaurant doesn't open
until six this evening. Before leaving she tells the men to strip, as she
will return very soon. Upon her return, Susan undresses her sexy body. She
reveals an enormous set of breasts that were sequestered in any clothing she
wished to hide them in, along with sleek sexy curves that find any man
stroking their dicks. Ricky whistles at the sight of his hot boss as he looks
at her unshaven blonde pussy. He begins to stroke his dick in preparation for
the sexual deed he is about to perform. Susan leads his by the hand behind
her bent over husband, strokes Ricky's dick and plunges two Vaseline covered
fingers in her husband's untouched ass. Shortly after she knows that Mike is
ready she positions herself at Mike's face and states now let us begin.

Ricky drives hard in Mike's ass as Susan feels the long tongue of her husband
lap up her already wet pussy. Moans fill the office as Ricky slaps Mike's
butt while he drives him harder each second he is inside. Susan squeals as
her husband finger fucks her cunt while licking her pink clit. Soon Ricky has
cum in Mike's ass, while Susan has orgasmed many times so far. Mike feels on
last blast from Ricky's dick as Susan tells the men to relax while she gets
them to change places. Ricky slides his face between the well-tanned thighs
of this horny lady and begins to eat pussy as he his ass fucked by her
husband. Many orgasms later the men step back and await the next

Susan smiles and joyfully states that it was very well done and it is not
over yet. She asks Ricky and Mike to stand before her, as she will blow both
of them at the same time. Mike knows where she gets this from, as she was one
a porn star while in culinary school. As a matter of fact she once fucked
three faculty members to allow her more time to prepare for one of the tests
during the course. Susan has both men in close as she licks one and then the
other, occasionally rubbing the two cocks together. Back and forth she goes,
sucking fast and furious on Mike's and then Ricky's. Finally she has two
loads shoot on her face and tits. She smiles while rubbing the cum into her
heaving breasts. As she does this Mike whispers for Ricky to go to the
kitchen for two items, making certain that Susan never heard a word. Twenty
seconds later Ricky returns with a long wooden spoon, a cucumber and a can
of whipped topping.

Once in the office, Mike prepares the cucumber with a knife from the drawer,
by peeling it part way down. He slowly works the vegetable into his wife's
gaping hot pussy and motions for Ricky to squirt some whipped cream on her
bush. Mike feverishly jams the cucumber into her box and then into the
topping, while getting his extremely horny wife to eat the piece that he
already used. Next he gets Ricky to repeat the action as he puts the topping
on her beasts and pussy. Licking the sticky white dessert topping off her
tits, Mike watches as Ricky follows through and also gets Susan to nibble
another chunk off the vegetable. Both of the men take turns eating pussy and
cucumber with the whipped topping, creating many heated orgasms from the hot

Susan gets up and asks Ricky to lie on the floor; she squats over his rod as
her ass feels the full length inside, followed by Mike driving her sticky
pussy with his stiffened gun. She moans wildly as her lovers fuck her hard
from underneath and on top. Later Mike and Ricky switch places as Ricky fucks
her cunt and Mike has her ass jammed with his piston. The door bursts open as
Leslie a young waitress walks in to see the spectacle, as she heard moaning
and wondered what it was all about.

Susan knows that the staff have keys in case of emergency or no one is in
the building, but wants it four way. Ricky removes his cock from the boss's
pussy and Mike gets off the floor to help undress the gorgeous redhead.
Leslie doesn't squirm as she allows her boss to strip her down and awaits
the sex she hopes is fine.

Leslie starts by eating the pussy of her assistant stripper's wife, Ricky
prepares her box by eating from the back and Mike wanders up to Susan's mouth
to face fuck her. Again moans fill the room, Leslie makes Susan cum one more
time, and Ricky has gotten Leslie to cum and jams his cock in her pussy. Mike
walks to the area vacated by Leslie and pounds his cock into the waiting cunt
to fuck her again. Partners switch places as Mike ass fucks Leslie and Susan
begs Ricky to let her ride him. A short time later the foursome decide to
clean themselves up to prepare for the evening dinner rush, with one final
load for each lady, Mike and Ricky rear back and ram them one more time hard
as they can.

Susan and Mike go for their anniversary knowing that the restaurant sex rules
have just changed for at least the four in the office that afternoon, but
plan to add more of the workers into the mix down the road. As for Ricky and
Leslie, they have become lovers during the off hours and want to have their
lovers over to enjoy a four way again.

The End


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