Friday After Next: Big Girls Have Tight Assholes (MF,MFF,anal)
by The Fan

Craig Jones sat on his bed, feeling tired after a hard day. He was a young
black man in his late twenties, somewhat chubby but still quite handsome. A
native of South Central, Los Angeles. This black stud had been having a
hellish day. He had been dodging Damon, an amorous gay ex-con and
bodybuilder, trying to catch a bank-robbing hoodlum in a Santa Claus outfit
and oh, yeah, paying his rent to his sex-obsessed landlady, who turned out
to be Damon's mother. The man needed some rest. Fortunately for him, the
tall, slender, pretty-faced and big-bottomed sistah known as Donna was just
what the doctor ordered. She had a thing for Craig and wanted to show the
black stud all she had to offer, and then some.

First, she stood before Craig and began stripping. Craig watched her, his
cock in hand. He liked watching Donna get naked. Pretty soon, she stood nude
before him. A tall, gorgeously light-skinned black woman with long black
hair, mocha-colored skin and a nice pair of breasts, slim waist and plump
ass. Craig gestured for her to come to him and she did. He waved his erect
cock at her. Donna gasped when she saw Craig's dick. The dude was packing
ten inches of uncut, thick and powerful black cock. She couldn't wait to get
some of that and Craig wasn't the kind of man to keep her waiting. He told
her to suck his cock and get him nice and hard. Donna knelt before Craig as
if to worship at his altar. She took his cock in her hand and felt its
weight, then she beg an sucking on it. Craig smiled. This was going to be a
fine Christmas.

Donna sucked on Craig's big black cock. She had never sucked a cock that big.
Even though she was one of the most experienced cock suckers in the hood, she
had trouble handling Craig's ten-inch black monster cock. He thrust his cock
down her throat and she gagged on it. Craig called her a bitch and told her
to get it right. Donna amended her technique and stretched her mouth so that
it could open up and take more cock. Craig filled Donna's mouth with his
black super cock, and warned her that he was about to cum. When he came,
Donna drank it all down like a good little slut. She took some of his cum and
licked it, and smeared it all over her face. A cum-filled face mask. How
about that? Craig laughed, then he pissed all over her. Donna was surprised
by the gush of pee but nevertheless drank it down. Craig laughed his ass off.
Then he made her get on all fours and pinched her pussy lips from behind. He
told her to get ready to get fucked in that fat ass of hers.

Downstairs, other folks in the hood were having some fun. Willie Jones was
having himself a threesome with his gorgeous heavyset and big-bottomed wife
Betty Jones and Miss Pearly, the plump black heifer downstairs. Willie Jones
sat naked on the couch and looked at the two plump black women standing naked
before him. He liked what he saw. Ever since he was young, Willie had a thing
for big beautiful women. That's why he married Betty Jones. Back when they
met, she was a pretty-faced, large-breasted, thick-bodied and big-bottomed
black girl. These days she was a pretty-faced, larger-breasted,
thicker-bodied, bigger-bottomed mature black woman. He had no complains. His
wife loved sex. They did it a lot. He smiled and gestured for the women to
come to him, and they did.

Upon Willie's order, both Betty Jones and Miss Pearly turned around, showing
him their plump black booties. Willie always had a thing for big women with
big butts, especially the black ones. He admired the big black women's big
butts. His cock grew harder. He told them to come to him and give his dick
some love. Smiling, Betty and Miss Pearly got on their knees and began
sucking on Willie's big cock. As he felt the two big black women's warm
mouths on his cock, Willie closed his eyes. What a way to spend Christmas

Back upstairs, Craig Jones was showing booty-licious Donna the joys of hood
sex. He had her on all fours, and her sexy plump butt cheeks were spread wide
open. He pressed his cock against her backdoor, and pushed. There's nothing
Craig loved more than anal sex. He placed his hands on Donna's hips and
thrust into her. She grimaced as she felt Craig's thick black cock slide into
her asshole. It had been a long time since she'd been fucked in the ass.
Yeah, only a certain pink-wearing pimp had had that honor. And she barely
felt his needle-like dick. However, Craig was a whole other matter. He was
a big black man with a huge cock. When he rammed his cock down her shit hole,
she felt every inch of it. Donna opened her big sexy mouth…and howled as she
received the butt fucking of a lifetime. Craig laughed as Donna began to
scream. He continued slamming his cock into her asshole. He found Donna's
asshole oddly tight and asked her about it. Skinny women usually didn't have
such tight assholes. Donna told him that she used to be chubby. That explains
it. He continued to sodomize her happily until he came, sending his hot manly
seed deep inside her asshole. Donna howled. Craig screamed victoriously.
Afterwards, he told Donna to get her bitch ass out of there!

Meanwhile, downstairs, Willie was having some fun with Betty and Miss Pearly.
Betty was currently on all fours, her plump black butt cheeks spread wide
open. Miss Pearly held the big black woman's butt cheeks wide open and aimed
Willie's cock at the entrance of her anus. Willie pushed his cock deep inside
Betty's asshole. The big black woman howled. It was music to Willie's ears.
Miss Pearly laughed gleefully as she watched Willie ramming his cock into his
plump wife's asshole. She grinned through her yellow teeth and winked at him.
Did this black dude have a thing for plump black women or what? Willie
laughed, and told her something he found out through raunchy sexual
experiments in his youth. The bigger the woman, the tighter her asshole. A
simple fact which nobody on the planet earth knew. Willie rammed his cock
into his big-bottomed plump housewife's tight asshole. Betty squealed. Even
after twenty years of getting her booty hole plowed by Willie's big cock,
she still couldn't get used to it. He was making her squeal. And she loved
every minute of it.

Miss Pearly went underneath Betty Jones as the big black woman got fucked
in the ass. She licked and fingered Betty's pussy, getting the other woman
thrilled beyond measure. So much that Betty came, at the same time that
Willie shot his load up her asshole. Willie pulled out, and looked at his
wife's gaping asshole. He spat on it. Miss Pearly got up and began to
eagerly suck on Willie's cock, even though it had just been inside Betty's
asshole. She licked him clean. As reward, Willie shoved her on her hands
and knees and thrust his cock into her booty hole. Miss Pearly squealed in
delight. Thrilled with being provided with a second plump black ass to fuck,
Willie began plowing his cock into Miss Pearly tight asshole. He fucked the
old bitch hard. Filled her asshole with his super cock. It was almost as if
he were making her tight ass pay for being so damn tempting. How about that?
Brutal anal sex as punishment. except that Miss Pearly was a sick bitch who
got off on it. He fucked her good, then came inside her. Afterwards, he made
her leave like the bitch she was. Smiling, he and Betty went to the showers
to finish what they started. And that's how people got their freak on in the

The End


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