This is not merely fiction but fiction about people who don't really exist so
if you're offended by this, you have problems. Go have them fixed and leave
me alone. I'm too poor to sue anyway so there.

This is part of Outtakes, an occasional series where I do movie scenes or TV
episodes the way *I* would have done them. Not sure how old Cameron, Ferris
and Sloane were supposed to have been. I believe 16/17 so that's how I did

Codes: mmf, anal, cons, exhib, oral

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off: Outtakes - Waking Cameron
by Tricksterson

"What do we do now," asked Sloane. She was referring to Cameron, mutual
friend of her and her boyfriend Ferris Bueller who had been the planner and
instigator of this truant day that had now seemingly ended in disaster. After
finding that his father's precious car had been tampered with Cameron had...
gone. Just that, gone, as in blank. After waiting futilely for him to come
out of it on his own they had driven to his house, not having any better
destination in mind.

"Maybe if we put him in more relaxed circumstances," Ferris said.

"Relaxed? In that house?"

"I was thinking of the pool."

"But...we didn't bring any suits." Ferris only answer was a lascivious smirk
and an uplifted eyebrow.

* * *

So they decided to change right there by the pool. The Frye estate was so
huge that they could have set off a bomb without the nearest neighbors
hearing. Ferris and Sloane were more than happy to strip each other down
but the question was who would do it for Cameron.

"Maybe we should just leave him like that," Ferris said as he peeled of
Sloane's top. "It's not like he can go into the water in his condition." As
he said this he lowered his lips to his girlfriend's bra covered breast and
sucked at her nipple through the sheer material causing her to arch her neck
and moan softly. As she did so, out of the corner of her eye she thought she
caught a flicker of movement from Cameron.

"I think he's watching us," she whispered as she unbuttoned her lover's shirt
and stuck her tongue in his ear.

"That bother you?"

"Not really." In fact it turned her on more than a little. She'd never made
love to anyone but Ferris and never seriously considered cheating on him but
had occasionally fantisized about Cameron both with and without Ferris. It
wasn't that her beau wasn't a superb lover but a girl liked the idea of being
in charge every once in a while and with Ferris that was never the case even
when she was physically on top. She knew that Cameron would let her set the
pace in ways that Ferris never could, that he would be *grateful*. Not
something she wanted on a regular basis but a little fawning would be nice
once in a while.

Which is why she pulled away from Ferris, turned towards their mutual friend
and said, "In fact," as she eased her bra straps off her shoulders, "maybe
this would be just the thing to wake him up." The chair Cameron was perched
on was raised up off the ground high enough to give him an excellent view of
her cleavage as she leaned forward in front of him and shook her small, firm
breasts at him.

"Cam-er-on," she cooed in a sing-song tone, "can you seee meee?" Again she
saw his eyes focus and his gaze intensify. She reached behind her to undo her
bra and felt Ferris' body, naked now except for boxer shorts pressed against
her back.

"Can I play too?" he murmered as he nuzzled her neck.

"Eventually," she said and then pulled away leaving her bra in his hands
as she moved forward. She cupped her tits, brown nipples already erect and
offered them to the tall, gawky boy sitting in front of her.

"Do you like them?" she asked teasingly. Do you want them?"

* * *

It wasn't, as his friends thought, that Cameron Frye wasn't seeing or hearing
the world around him, it was that he didn't care enough to respond to it.

And then he'd heard the voice, *her* voice calling to him. He'd had a crush
on Sloane since the first time he and Ferris had met her when they were all
freshmen. Of course he'd also known, from the first look she and his best
friend had given each other that his love was doomed. Oh, he knew she liked
him but in a younger brother sort of way, even though they were the same age.
But now her teasing, seductive voice and the sight of her hands pushing her
tits at him were luring his attention back to the world.

* * *

Right now Sloane's hands were moving slowly and caressingly down her body to
come to a stop at the crotch of her bikini-cut panties, which they rubbed
enticingly as she rotated her hips seductively.

Once again she felt Ferris' body, especially his raging hardon, pressing
against her back.

"Exactly how far are you planning on going with this?" he asked with a rare
nervous tone in his voice.

'Oh my, he's jealous! The great, unflappable Ferris Bueller is jealous!' she
thought, the idea making her even hotter than before. Aloud she said, "Far
enough but not all the way, I promise."

Cameron was sitting with his legs spread conveniently wide. Also conveniently
the lifeguard chair he was in put his crotch just below the level of Sloane's
chin. The sexy brunette ran her hands up his thighs and undid his belt then
pulled down his pants and underwear. When, otherwise seeming still oblivious,
he raised his hips just enough to let her get his drawers past them she

"I knew you were still in there," she said. At the same time she felt Ferris'
hands ripping off her panties and sinking a finger into her pussy which
brought a moan from her even as her tongue flicked out to taste a drop of
precum hanging off the tip of Cameron's seven-incher. She savored the taste
and savored the sight of Cameron's hands tightening on the arms of the chair
even more. Knowing what Ferris would want next she both spread and braced
her legs then sank her head down onto her new sexpet's cock as Ferris entered
her cunt from behind. As her head bobbed up and down she felt Cam building
to climax even as her own approached. She also felt his hands wrapping
themselves in her long dark hair and looked up triumphantly to se him focused
and aware. She pulled her head off him and started stroking his meat.

"That's it Cam, I want your beautiful cum all over me," she urged and
soon her tits and face were covered with white even as her own orgasm was
exploding inside her.

"Oh, oh yess! Oh Ferrisss, oh FUUUCKKKKK!" she screamed as she came. She
looked back at her lover, who hadn't yet come himself, to see him smiling


"You don't get off that easily, my saucy wench. I think I'm owed something,
don't you?"

"What?" she repeated.

In answer Ferris pulled out and went over to collect a bottle of tanning

"On all fours if you please."

"You wouldn't dare," she said as she realized that he intended to take her
anal virginity.

"Oh I think I would."

Reluctantly she complied. As she did Cameron slid almost bonelessly off his
chair nearly falling into the pool in the process. Nonetheless he was clearly
aware, lying on the ground, staring at his friends fixedly, his concentration
broken only by the occasional blink. As Ferris rubbed lotion around, on and
finally into her asshole Sloane got an inspiration as to how to make her
imminent assfucking not merely bearable but actually pleasant. She grunted as
her boyfriend's middle finger entered her rectum then called out to Cameron
in a cooing voice.

"Come heeere Cameron. I waaant you, I neeed you. Ah!" This last was said as
Ferris, annoyed at the prospect of someone playing games with him, instead
of the other way around, gave a particularly hard thrust of his finger. She
looked back to see him frowning at her and stuck her tongue out at him. In
truth having his finger up her ass didn't feel all that bad but she wanted
a distraction for when it was replaced by something far larger.

She looked back at Cameron to see him half crawling, half staggering towards
them. Sloane grimaced as Ferris' dick, an inch shorter than Cam's but more
than big enough for the job at hand, entered her ass.

"Slide under me Cammie," she coaxed as the menage's third member reached
them. "No, not...unh...that way...ohhh...facefirst and face up. That's..., mow lick my slit...up and down...ohh! Yeah that's it you dirty
little boy! Now ...unh...push that beautiful tongue inside...yeah...oh
yeah...tonguefuck me Cammie!" With his ressurected cock waving in front
of her face Sloane quickly gave into the temptation to have all three of
her holes filled and was soon once again applying her lips and tongue to
Cameron's hardon.

* * *

As his tongue slid and thrust into his dreamgirl's twat and his cock between
her full pouty lips Cameron couldn't help but be distracted by the sight of
Ferris' equipment dangling only inches from his face. Something he had never
told anyone, had, in fact barely admitted to himself was that while most of
his sexual fantasies revolved around girls, especially Sloane every now and
then he would wake up hot and sweaty with naked images of his best friend in
his head.

He idly wondered what would happen if he reached out one of the hands
currently stroking Sloane's thighs and cupped Ferris' balls. or licked his
tongue across them. Part of him desperately wanted to find out but the
larger, more sensible part of his brain knew it would be a disaster, the
destruction of his friendship with both Ferris and Sloane so he restrained
himself and returned his attention to the glistening, fur-rimmed slit above

* * *

Ferris was the first to come, his jizz spurting both into and out of his
girlfriend's asshole shortly followed by Sloane and Cameron's simultaneous
orgasms. Soon, Sloane in the middle the three friends lay on the poolside
grass gasping for breath.

"Did this happen?" asked Cameron, not sure if he was talking to Ferris,
Sloane or himself.

After a pause Ferris said, "It happened."

"But Cameron," said Sloane, leaning on one side and kissing him softly on the
lips, "It won't happen again. Okay?"

He nodded in acquiescence, vowing however to treasure the memory until he


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