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deaths and violence!!!

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Cast of Characters (in Order of Appearance):
Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Devon Aoki as Miho
Rebecca Romaijn as Mystique

Also Featuring:
Clark Kent
Dr. Doom

Codes: MF, NC, viol (including character deaths)

Fantasic Four/Sin City/Spider-man/Superman/Underworld/X-Men:
To Rule the World Part 1
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message

Clark Kent moved at hypersonic speeds across the mountains of Latvaria. He
was only eighteen years old but felt he had to get involved. A madman had
destroyed the capital cities of Washington, Moscow and London.

Those countries retaliatory strikes had been ineffective against the advanced
technology of Latvaria, which included force field and laser satellite
technology. The missiles that had been fired never even made it back into the
atmosphere before being destroyed. Even if they had they would have done
little if any damage to their target cities. The leader and protector of
Latvaria would have seen to that.

Clark approached the home and capital building of the leader of this country,
called Castle Doom, just outside of the capital city of the country. The ice-
cold air of the mountains had no effect on his alien physiology. Clark was
from another planet, Krypton, and he possessed powers far beyond those of
mortal men.

He took out a few guards, careful not to kill them, and entered the castle.
He quickly located Dr. Doom, leader of Latvaria, using his x-ray vision and
super hearing. Moving faster than the eye could follow, he shot through the
castle past the remaining guards and into Dr. Doom's throne room.

Dr. Doom was sitting on a large golden throne. He was wearing what he always
wore, a full suit of technologically advanced body armor that covered him
from head to toe. Even his face was obscured behind a metal mask with only
eye and mouth slits revealing that there was actual flesh beneath it. Over
the armor, he wore a large flowing dark green cloak and hood.

Clark knew from his limited research that Dr Doom had been disfigured and
badly wounded in a horrible accident when he was a child. This led to his
wearing the armor to hide his face and body but also drove him mad and turned
his incredible intellect to evil. Clark scanned Doom with his X-ray vision,
but to his shock, found that he could not penetrate Doom's armor.

Clark Kent knew this man was incredibly dangerous and braced for any manner
of attack. But Dr. Doom did the last thing Clark expected from him, he

"I knew you would be coming at some point to try to stop me."

Doom's voice was deep and commanding.

"I'm not here to try to stop you Doom. I am going to stop you! You killed
hundreds of thousands of people. You've got to pay!"

Clark moved faster than even Doom could follow. But even he wasn't faster
than Doom's defensives systems could track. When Clark reached twenty feet
from the throne, a bright green light appeared from the wall above it. It hit
Clark in the chest and Clark fell to the floor; unable to stand, his strength
was gone.

Clark knew what it was. The beam was kryptonite; his one weakness. Doom stood
and walked into the light, unaffected by it.

"Clark, Clark, Clark, it was foolish for you to come here."

The young man looked up with surprise on his face that Doom knew his name.

"Yes son, I know who you are. I've known who you were for years. As powerful
as you are, you are young and inexperienced. I have been watching you for
some time and have planned for this confrontation. I could easily kill you

"Even if you kill me you monster, someone else will stop you!"

"My boy, I am not the killer you suppose. As I was about to say," Doom seemed
annoyed at being interrupted, "I could kill you now, but I have other plans
for you."

Dr. Doom stepped up next to Clark and from underneath his cloak he pulled out
a syringe with a glowing red liquid in it. He stuck the needle into Clark's
neck and injected the fluid. In the green kryptonite beam, Clark's normally
impervious skin offered no protection.

"Ahhhhhh!! What are you doing to me?!?"

"Just giving you a little something to change your point of view."

The red kryptonite solution did just that. It flooded into Clark's body and
he felt the effects immediately. Clark's eyes glowed red for a split second
and he collapsed. Doom had studied the effects of red kryptonite on Clark and
had modified this serum to be particularly effective.

The young man on his knees looked up with rage in his eyes; he was now Kal-
El, not Clark. All the years of being raised as a human fell away and all he
knew was he was the last kryptonian alive and he was a god among men.

With just a thought, Doom cut off the kryptonite beam. Clark's strength
immediately returned and before Doom could react, Clark was on his feet and
had Doom by the throat, hoisting him off the ground. The metal of Doom's
armor, although nearly impervious to earthly weapons began to buckle and
crack in Clark's hand.

"That was a mistake. Did you think injecting me with red kryptonite would
save you? If anything it makes me want to kill you even more. And if you
think your armor will save you, I can peel it off you like a tuna can."

"Clark, listen to me, please. If after you hear what I want to say you still
want to kill me, I won't stop you. We both know that even as powerful as I
am, I can't stop you."

Clark didn't know what to think. He could tell that Doom's tone and attitude
had changed.

"Sure, while you still have that kryptonite beam to protect you."

Doom extended his right arm and pointed at the spot on the wall that the beam
had originated. A blast of energy destroyed that spot, spraying the throne
room with metal and stone. As the dust cleared...

"There, I destroyed the kryptonite weapon. My last defense against you is
gone. Now, please put me down and hear me out or kill me now?"

Doom and Clark's eyes met as the young man thought. For a second, Doom
wondered if he had miscalculated and that he would in fact be killed.

But then...

"Okay. You have one minute. But no tricks."

Clark set the man on his feet, unsure what to believe. Doom smirked to
himself. Of course he had not miscalculated. He was Doom and did not make

He raised a metal clad hand and put it on Clark's shoulder. He took a softer
tone as he spoke to the young man.

"Clark, I wanted you to come here. I have watched you grow over these years
and the power you possessed and I wept for you. Like me, you possess
extraordinary abilities but the world wants you to pretend you're just like
everyone else; that you're weak like all of them."

Doom turned and walked towards a large window looking out over the breath
taking mountains of Latvaria.

"Men like us should rule the pathetic masses of this planet. Too long we have
stood by while humanity tore itself apart. I have decided I can no longer do
that. I've decided that now is the time for me to conquer this planet in
order to create a better world; the perfect world."

Doom turned back towards Clark and he approached him. Something changed in
Clark, he was no longer waiting for Doom's next attack, but instead he was

"But I need help Clark. As great as I am, I can't conquer this world all
alone. I am set to launch a full-scale attack on the countries of this planet
and I want you to be my general and leader of my forces. "

Clark was stunned.

"Ha! You want me to serve you? I can take over the world without you old man.
Why shouldn't I just kill you now and rule the planet myself? Answer me

"Because you can't Clark."

Clark scoffed at his words. Doom chuckled through his armor. He had expected
this response.

"I was once like you, young and impetuous. I thought I could do it all, but
no one can, not even you. You need me as I need you. You need my resources,
wealth, technology, and soldiers. Do you really want to spend the next
century fighting the armies of humanity and in the process destroy most of
the planet you seek to rule? Even though you will most likely win, there
won't be much left. "

Clark thought about what he said. Doom made a good point.

"Together we can bring this planet and its people into tow. But you are right
about one thing, I am an old man, at least compared to you. One day I will
pass from this world. I have no son to pass on my legacy to. You could be
that son Clark. Forget what the Kent's taught you. Their farm town morals
will not serve you. Be the man your true father Jor-el wanted you to be and
let me stand in his stead and help you become that man. And when I am old and
frail and I die, you will have the world at your feet."

Clark was stunned; he couldn't believe his ears. He knew that this was all
part of Doom's master plan. He knew that he had injected him with red
kryptonite to make him forget his life with the Kent's and agree to this
offer. But at this moment he didn't care. He saw the chance to have the power
he knew should be rightfully his.

"I...I accept." Clark almost couldn't believe what he was saying. "I'll join

"Good, I'm glad to hear it...son."

* * *

The initial assault was over in less than a week...

* * *

Clark was given two hundred thousand of Doom's shock troops to command. Doom,
from his command center, led the attack. Using his satellite network he took
out the communication and power systems of the world. Clark then followed up
with a direct assault. He led Doom's forces and they struck at Western
Europe, Asia, and North America. After only a few days, several major cities
had been leveled and more than ten million people were dead.

Doom's forces controlled large swathes of land across every major continent.
The militaries of the world, after preparing for years to deal with
conventional threats from other nations, couldn't defend against the highly
advanced forces of Latvaria. It was only after this initial wave of attacks
that the major powers of the planet even began to mount adequate defenses.
This slowed Doom's advance, but nothing could stop it.

But Doom surprised the world again by making an offer to them; submit to the
rule of Latvaria or be destroyed. Most nations accepted the offer, but Doom
was no fool. He knew that from many of these countries the acceptance was
just a ruse to buy time. But soon they would realize that there was no point
in fighting.

Doom would give the people of the world who co-operated all they could want.
He would share his technology with them and end hunger and disease for them.
For those nations too arrogant or stupid to comply, he would grind them under
his boot.

* * *

The war for Earth has been continuing for several weeks and was going well
for Doom and his forces...

* * *

Clark Kent soared through the sky over Latvaria. Once he had been freed from
his human taught limitations he discovered powers he had only dreamed of; one
of which was flight. Clark could circle the globe in minutes.

He landed on the roof of Castle Doom, his new home since aligning himself
with Doom. Clark walked in from his latest mission and was greeted as a son.

Doom put his hands on Clark's shoulders. He looked at the young man with

"You did well on this last mission Clark."

"I took out NORAD and the Russian defense ministries as you asked father."

"I know, I'm proud of you son. I have left you a gift in your room. Enjoy!
I'll be leaving for a few hours; you have the run of the castle."

Clark didn't know what Doom was referring to but he could swear there was a
glint in the metal eye of Doom as he spoke. Doom walked off towards the
hanger bay as Clark headed upstairs. He opened the door to his bedroom, which
was a large high ceiling room with a huge four poster bed in the center,
plush furnishings throughout and two large fireplaces roaring at either end.

Clark walked in and began stripping off his uniform as he noticed another
person in the room, sitting on his bed. He turned and examined the young
woman. She was totally naked, sitting near the head of the mattress. She wore
shackles on her wrists attached to chains which bound her to the headboard of
Clark's massive bed. He eyed her lustily.

"Please don't hurt me."

Clark looked at the young women on his bed. She was petite with long red hair
which fell across her shoulders and covering her face. Clark approached her
and brushed her hair back. He recognized the girl sitting on his bed
immediately. She was lovely with had porcelain skin and rosy cheeks. It was
obvious she had been crying.

Her body was lean and small. If anything, she was little too skinny for
Clark's tastes. He brushed her long hair from in front of her, revealing a
full pair of firm breasts. Clark's was surprised. Her tits were larger than
he would have guessed for a girl with her frame. She had C cups which hung
with some obvious weight. Clark assumed they were fake but a quick look with
his X-ray vision told him there were no implants in there. He glanced down to
her slender legs. Her skin was pale with no tan lines and she had a rear that
was nicely shaped. A small red tuft of pubic hair peeked out from between her

She looked up at him, apparently terrified.

"P-please, don't hur..."

"Ssssshhhhhhh," Clark quieted her. "What's your name?" he asked even though
he recognized her. She was famous after all.

"M-mary Jane. Mary Jane Watson."

Mary Jane Watson was an actress and model and a very famous one at that. She
had been starring in Broadway productions and movies for the past five years
and had even been nominated for an Oscar last year, Clark recalled, although
she had lost to Scarlett Johansson. Clark thought she had been robbed.

The past week had been something of a nightmare for Mary Jane. She had been
living her life in New York when the attack had begun. One minute Mary Jane
was having dinner with her boyfriend, Peter Parker, in the next, buildings
were exploding around her, cars were bursting into flames and people were

Mary Jane saw a lot of things that day, things she would never forget. The
most horrible of those things was the death of the man she loved, Peter
Parker, aka Spider-Man.

When the attack happened, Peter had done what he always done; he had risked
his own life to save others. He rescued people trapped in collapsing
buildings. He pulled people from burning cars. And he fought when the shock
troops had landed.

He battled against seemingly overwhelming odds. And, for a short time, it
appeared he might even win. But even someone with the proportional strength
and speed of a spider couldn't win against the forces of Doom. He was simply

Less than a week ago Mary Jane watched as her lover and fianc, was gunned
down by more than one hundred of Doom's shock troops.

She ran to be with him, not caring if she lived or died, but she never
reached his side. One of the troopers was about to kill her when an officer
recognized who she was. Always looking to impress his superiors, he had the
young actress shipped along with thousands of other slaves, all young
females, back to Latvaria.

Some of these slaves were sent to 'entertain' Doom's troops. Others were sent
to his labs to be guinea pigs. The best of them were assigned to the various
royal families of Latvaria for their service and amusement. Mary Jane Watson
was presented to Doom as a personal gift and he in turn had given her to
Clark as a reward. She had been told it was an honor to serve the lord of
Latvaria. At this moment though, as she looked up at this man, Mary Jane did
not feel lucky.

Clark stood over her, wiping her tears. She had been washed and perfumed by
the house slaves; he could smell the lilacs in her hair. He could feel his
cock getting hard as he looked her up and down. He grabbed her by the legs
and forced her knees apart.

"N-no please!" she sobbed but Clark ignored her. She tried to keep her legs
closed, but she may as well been trying to lift a mountain as Clark opened
her up for his examination with no effort at all.

Her sex was tiny and pink. He smiled to himself as his mind was flooded with
sexual thoughts. He reached in and slipped two fingers into her cunt, pushing
them deep.


Mary Jane squirmed to get free but he held her in a vice like grip as he
fingered her sex. Clark laughed as she wiggled on his fingers. He pulled his
hand from between her legs and reached up and took a handful of her right
breast, grabbing it roughly.

"Please don't!"

Mary Jane was sobbing as she pleaded for her mistreatment to stop.

Clark had been in the field for nearly a week, leading the armies of Doom
against Northern Europe. While he had enjoyed fucking a number of girls from
conquered countries (he had especially fond memories of a long legged blonde
German girl) it had been some time since he had been able to properly enjoy
himself. In the field, he usually only had time for a blow job before he was
on to the next battle.

He let her go and Mary Jane drew her legs up to her chest, covering her naked
body as best she could. Clark stepped away and finished stripping off his
outfit and his cock sprang out in front of him, already erect. Mary Jane
gasped at the sight of it. He was huge. She knew what was going to happen.
Under different circumstances she might have broken down, but this was
survival. She was resigned to her fate, at least for now.

Clark's eyes glowed red as he walked towards a large chair after he had
stripped himself naked. With a glance, the shackles she wore were burned
through and fell off her wrists and she was freed. For a split second, the
former model and actress thought about running but she knew there was no

"Bring me a drink girl. Bourbon."

Mary Jane stood and walked tentatively, still scared, towards a chest with
several bottles of liquor on top. She fetched him a glass and poured the dark
brown liquid into it and carried it to Clark, handing it to him with her
hands trembling.

He was sitting on a large plush chair. He was also naked with his cock,
massive and hard, pointing up towards the ceiling. With his left hand he took
the glass, with his right he lightly rubbed his sex organ.

Not sure what to do, Mary Jane just stood until Clark patted the arm off the
chair, indicating for her to sit next to him, which she did.

"I know you're scared girl. It's okay but you don't need to be."

"W-what's g-going to happen t-to me-e?" she asked as her voice trembled with

He removed his hand from his dick and ran it up the underside of her thigh,
feeling the tender soft flesh. He let his hand slide from her thigh to her
buttock and took a handful, pinching her. She flinched but did not pull away.

"What do you think?" he smirked at her as he downed the entire glass of
bourbon and stood in front of her, his cock pointed right at her chest like a

Mary Jane knew what to do. She slid from the arm of the chair down to her
knees. She took his cock in her hands and guided it into her mouth. She began
to hungrily suck on it and work it with her lips and tongue as she worked the
shaft with her hands, twisting and pumping it vigorously.

Clark tilted his head back and closed his eyes, letting the sensations of the
young woman's mouthwash over him.

"Oh yes, that's good. Don't stop Mary Jane."

She didn't.

She didn't like to talk of her earlier career, but before she had become a
famous actress the fact was she had been in this position many times. Life
for a young actress can be rough and getting work can be rougher. She had
been forced to 'service' casting directors and fellow leading men many times
to secure parts to pay her rent. This was no different she thought to
herself. In fact, Mary Jane was determined to suck Clark's cock like her life
depended on it.

* * *

Earlier, as Clark had been heading upstairs to open his gift, Doom had headed
to the hanger and boarded a transport craft loaded with troopers...

* * *

An hour after it lifted off, the craft was setting down on a remote island in
the Pacific Ocean. The island was the headquarters of a group of mutants led
by Magneto, also known as the Master of Magnetism.

Weeks earlier, Doom had extended an offer to Magneto for him to serve in his
army and even offered to make him his second in command, above even Clark in
rank. That was Doom's way of showing how much he respected Magneto's power
and intellect. But in his arrogance, Magneto turned him down.

Doom decided to make an example of the mutant. To show the world that no one
turns down Doom.

Doom's shock troopers had been assaulting the island for more than a day. He
had outfitted them with composite battle armor that had no metal in it so
they would be immune to Magneto's magnetic powers directly. But even so,
Magneto was a formidable opponent and Doom knew he would not go down without
a fight. Now that he was softened up, Doom decided it was time to make his
appearance and end this confrontation. As Doom exited his transport, hundreds
of his soldiers took up defensive positions around the craft.

Doom was also followed by two female figures.

The taller of the two was about five feet and eight inches tall and was
dressed in skintight black latex. Her face was exceedingly pale, almost chalk
white, and she had dark straight black hair that hung down into her eyes. Her
body was lithe and athletic.

Selene could see clearly even though it was the dead of night. When she
smiled at the thought of the coming battle, two separate one-inch long razor
sharp fangs were revealed as her lips drew back; revealing that Selene was
not human but rather a vampire.

Selene had been a Death Dealer for more than 400 years. She had served her
master and creator, Viktor during that time, killing for him when he
commanded without hesitation. He was one of the three ancient vampires who
led the vampire clans in their millennia long war against the Lycans, or
werewolves. She had served, that is, until she had been betrayed.

She had found out her dark father had killed her family and she had not been
satisfied until she had killed Viktor and burned down her entire clan. Then
she and her lover, Michael who was a Lycan and vampire cross breed, had
thought they would be free.

Unfortunately, their defeat of the Lycan's and her own clan was not the end.
The remaining vampires had labeled her a blood traitor and turned on her. Her
former allies had hunted and chased the two lovers for nearly a year before
they caught them. Michael had died defending Selene, who herself had barely
escaped with her life.

Just when things seemed hopeless for her, when she had been cornered and was
about to be killed, Doom appeared and offered her a new life. Of course,
after her last betrayal, Selene had what could be called 'major daddy issues'
and she did not trust Doom easily.

But he had earned her respect if not her trust by wiping out her enemies and
promising that when his conquest of the Earth was complete he would allow her
to breed a new race of vampires and they would have their place in the new
world order. Based on that, she served in his army as one of his killers and
chief lieutenants.

Standing next to Selene behind Doom and also wearing a skintight outfit was a
small Asian teenager and stood just over five feet tall, much shorter than
her vampire companion. She was smacking pink bubble gum and blowing bubbles
as she waited for her orders.

Unlike Selene though, Miho was human and so over her body hugging combat suit
she wore a form fitting battle armor for protection of her tiny frame. On her
back, she carried twin, curved swords and a third but shorter one on her hip
along with numerous other weapons.

Doom turned towards the two women, "Go. Hunt."

Selene and Miho ran off into the night as Doom took flight towards the center
of the island. He landed about a quarter mile inland and surveyed the battle
going on. Magneto and several of his mutant gang were fighting against Doom's

Hundreds of the shock troopers were down. It mattered not to Doom; they were
cannon fodder whose purpose was to soften the mutants up. The four mutants
fighting were holding their own but it was obvious they were in the process
of being overwhelmed.

In addition to Magneto, in his blood red battle suit, was a large man with a
long mane of hair and razor sharp claws who was tearing the throat out of one
of Dooms soldiers. Leaping over the battle field was a small man with green
skin. He was leaping back and forth to avoid being shot by the soldiers and
lashing out at them with an abnormally long tongue where he could. Doom
recognized them as Sabertooth and the Toad, two of Magneto's henchmen.

"I will kill every one of you and that tin can you serve!" Magneto yelled
over the noise of the battle.

Magneto was using his magnetic powers to swing an iron girder back and forth,
sending the soldiers flying as he struck them. He was using his magnetic
shields to protect his comrades and himself from the thousands of rounds
being fired at them.

"This is your last time to serve me Magneto. Submit or die!" Doom's voice
boomed across the battlefield. Magneto's response was to impale two soldiers
and toss their dead bodies in Doom's direction.

Doom smirked to himself, "You always were too arrogant for your own good. If
you choose death, so be it."

Doom stepped forth from the tree line and fired a single energy blast that
turned the girder Magneto was using as a weapon to slag.

* * *

As the battle raged, several thousand miles away...

* * *

Clark watched as his newest toy worked his cock with gusto. Mary Jane Watson
was sucking and slurping his organ hard. Clark was impressed by her skills.

He was seated with the small red head on her knees in front of him. He liked
her in this position, worshiping his dick as she serviced him. Soon, all of
humanity would worship him he thought. Mary Jane ran her tongue up the
underside of the shaft in a long stroke. Clark let out a soft moan that told
her he liked it.

"Don't forget my balls girl."

Responding to the order, she dropped her face down to between his thick
muscled thighs and began sucking on Clark's right testicle. Her usual
considerations for the sensitivity of these orbs were not a concern. Both she
and Clark knew she could not hurt him in any way. She pulled one of his balls
into her mouth, sucking on it hard and rolling it around with her tongue.

"Ohhhhhhh yeeesssss. That's it."

He loved having his balls sucked. As it became obvious there was nothing she
could do to harm him, she began working both his nuts with more passion and
effort. Clark loved it. She moved back to sucking and jerking his cock with
her mouth and hands.

"Man! You are good at this." Clark cried out as he was in ecstasy as she gave
him one of the best blow jobs he ever gotten.

Back at the battle...

In the midst of the war, a tall naked blue skinned woman with flaming red
hair and glowing yellow eyes landed a spinning kick to one of Doom's soldiers
shattering the helmet he was wearing and spraying his brains all over the
ground. Looking for a new target, she saw Doom monitoring the battle and ran
straight for him.

Doom admired the courage this female must have to attack him directly. She
leapt at the metal clad man fully intending to do to him what she had done to
the soldier whose head she took off. Doom stood his ground. At the last
second, he moved faster than she could react to and grabbed her firmly by the

Holding her there for an instant he sent a powerful shock through his
gauntlet and her blue body went limp. He dropped her onto the ground and
stepped over her, he had bigger threats to deal with than this silly female
who thought she could harm Doom.

Stepping forward, Doom let another blast of energy loose from his gauntlets
aimed directly at Magneto's chest. Magneto raised his hands and the energy
beam stopped a few feet away from his body as his shield took the blast.

Magneto could feel the power of Doom's attack. He was growing tired already
from battling the troops and knew he wouldn't be able to hold it back for
much longer. After another few seconds, just as his shield was about to drop
and Magneto would have been incinerated but Doom inexplicably stopped his
attack. Magneto was perplexed for a second, but before he could wonder what
was happening further he caught some movement out of the corner of his eye.

Turning he saw a woman in black leather staring at him. She had crept up
behind him during the fight. He started to raise his shields, but before he
could even react, she was on him. Selene used her massive strength to pull
him to her. She had no metal on her and so his mutant powers offered no

The vampire female opened her mouth and with a feral roar she sank her teeth
into his throat. Her fangs sank deep, through his arteries and she drew more
than a quart of his blood out within seconds.


Magneto cried out in pain as his body went cold. As Magneto's strength faded
and he dropped to his knees, Selene wrenched her head to the side and tore a
large chuck of flesh from his throat.

As Magneto fell to the ground in a heap, clutching his neck as his life's
blood poured between his fingers, Selene stepped back, the pale white skin of
her face now soaked with his dark red liquid.

On the other side of the clearing, Sabertooth watched Selene take down his
leader in disbelief that he would fall so easily; and especially to a woman.
The 7-foot tall mutant ripped a trooper's head off and threw it over his
shoulder. As he did, he moved to try and help Magneto. Unfortunately, he
never saw the metal spike that flew from the hand of a tiny girl hiding in
the darkness. The spike hit him in the left eye and sunk in deep, blinding
him on that side.


Sabertooth roared in pain as he yanked the spike free. That split second of
distraction was all Miho needed. She leapt at him and with a quick slash of
her sword she severed the tendons and muscles of his legs. The large man fell
to the ground still roaring in pain and threatening her.


Miho leapt up into the air, flipping, she landed between the animalistic
mutants legs and driving her boot heels into his balls. They exploded like
plums hit with a sledge hammer.


Sabertooth grabbed his groin and let out a new scream and Miho smiled as the
noise coming from her fallen foe changed pitch becoming higher and turning
into a near shriek as she drove all of her one hundred pounds into his
testicles, shattering them.

About the time Miho was turning Sabertooth's balls into pulp...

"Deeper! Oh yeah! That's it! Get in there!"

Clark was on his knees leaning forward over the back of the chair with his
ass in the air and his cock and balls hanging down between his legs. He was
yelling at Mary Jane who had her face buried between his ass cheeks. She was
reaming his asshole with her tongue.

"Come on you little bitch! Really get deep!"

Just then Clark whirled and grabbed her by the hair, nearly lifting her off
the floor with ease. He pointed his finger in her face...

"And if you tell anybody I like this, I'll rip your head off! You got me?!?!"

Mary Jane nodded vigorously, her eyes filled with fear.

"Good." Clark resumed the position for her to keep up her rim job on him. She
grabbed his ass cheeks and spread them wide and jammed her tongue back into
his asshole as deep as she could get it.

"Oh fuck yeah! And just because I like this doesn't make me gay or nothing.
You understand?"

Mary Jane nodded again not removing her face from his asshole. Clark flinched
as her tongue was slid up and down between his cheeks as she agreed.

"Work my cock too!"

Mary Jane reached up from behind him and grabbed his cock with both her hands
and began stroking up and down, jerking it hard. Clark was in heaven.

* * *

Across the planet, as Mary Jane tried to get her tongue to touch Clark's

* * *

Selene pounced back onto Magneto and drained more of his blood. She was so
focused on her prey that she was unaware of the Toad landing behind her. The
green mutant let his enormous green tongue fly out of his mouth and wrapped
it around Selene's neck and with it he yanked her back. As Selene was torn
from him, Magneto clutched his throat trying desperately to staunch the flow
of his blood; he was getting weaker and weaker.

Toad lifted Selene off her feet with his tongue around her throat. He then
slammed her to the ground and pinned her there. As she did not need to breath
she was not choking but Toad was quite strong and she found she couldn't
break free.

Just then a flash of steel streaked from the darkness. The throwing star from
Miho cut through Toad's tongue severing it from his mouth and releasing
Selene. Toad fell back with his hands cupped to his face as green blood
sprayed from the stump. He was in obvious agony.

Sabertooth's healing ability was beginning to repair the damage Miho had
done. His eye was re-growing and his sight was returning and his legs were
nearly repaired as well. Also, his testicles were now whole once again;
unfortunately, this did not make them hurt any less, but did allow him to
walk. The large hairy mutant stood, towering over the small girl who had
nearly crippled him.

"You fucking little cunt! I'm going to rape you and gut you! Or maybe gut you
and then rape you! I swear you are going to beg me..."

As Sabertooth was telling Miho what he was going to do to her, she leapt and
severed Sabertooth's head from his body with a single swing of her sword. He
had a dumbfounded look on his face as his head rolled off his shoulders and
to the dirt, landing between his feet.

"Try re-growing your head asshole!"

As he watched Miho dispatch Magneto's most efficient killer, even Doom had to
be impressed, considering that she was a human and so young, it was
incredible that she could be as deadly as Selene, who had been killing for
nearly five centuries, maybe even more so.

Selene enjoyed killing so much that Doom found she sometimes got distracted.
Like with Magneto, she couldn't resist playing with him while Miho was so
cold and efficient. With a powerful opponent, that moment of hesitation could
be the end of her.

"Deadly little Miho," Doom muttered to himself as he watched her deadly
display with admiration.

The young girl had been one of his more recent but useful acquisitions. He
had found her working as a whore and part time enforcer in a back alley of
Basin City. He had seen her potential immediately and offered to make her
part of his forces. The alternative was for her to keep giving blowjobs at
fifty bucks per mouthful of jizz. It didn't take long for her to accept.

Doom stepped over to where Magneto had fallen and peered down on his foe and
pointed his gauntlet at his head...

"You should have accepted my offer."

The mutant seemed to be trying to speak as he lifted his hand in an act
seeming to request mercy. Doom gave him none as a blast of energy exploded
through Magneto's skull. In Magneto's last moments of life he couldn't help
but think Doom was right.

* * *

As Magneto's head was being blown off his shoulders...

* * *

Clark couldn't stand it anymore. He spun and picked Mary Jane up and tossed
her across the room. She flipped head over heels through the air and landed
with a thud on the mattress of Clark's bed. She pushed herself up onto her
hands and knees, but before she could even recover, Clark was on top of her,
mounting her from behind.

"No! Wait! Please!"

Mary Jane begged for a reprieve but all she got was Clark's cock shoved up
inside her. He thrust his entire length into her cunt.


Mary Jane squealed as she was penetrated harder and deeper than she had ever
been before. Clark took hold of her hips and began fucking her, slamming his
hips against the back of her soft thighs over and over. He was thrusting
himself into her, reaming her but not nearly as hard as he could. If he did
that Mary Jane would have been gutted by his cock and her head would have
been shot off her shoulders. No, he was fucking Mary Jane harder than she had
ever been fucked, that's for sure, but not nearly as hard as she could have

"UGH! Oh fuck! Ugh! SHIT! UGH! UGH! UGH!"

Mary Jane was grunting and crying out as Clark pounded her cunt from behind.
She grabbed the headboard, trying to get some leverage as it felt like
someone had shoved a jackhammer inside her and was pounding her womanhood
with it.

Clark was enjoying the sensation of her tight tiny cunt wrapped around his
cock as he gave his new toy all he could without killing her. Then without
warning, Clark flipped the two of them over. He was on his back and pulled
her onto him, forcing his cock back into her pussy as he made her straddle
him in a reverse cow-girl position.

Suddenly, Mary Jane was on top of him but she was still being tossed up and
down and back and forth. She had no control whatsoever. Clark grabbed her by
the waist and began lifting her up and down, using her body like a puppet to
jack his cock off.

Mary Jane felt like she was in some twisted version of a tilt-a-whirl ride
from a county fair. She threw her head back and was grunting and screaming
out as he fucked her.

Over the next several hours, Mary Jane was fucked in more positions than she
knew existed. It was like she had fallen into a live action version of the
Kama Sutra except that she was one the receiving end of every page. She was
tossed, bent over, fucked, thrashed, twisted and contorted in ways that she
couldn't believe. She had to admit, Clark Kent's imagination nearly rivaled
his stamina.

After the first hour, she stopped screaming as her voice began to crack and
her throat got sore. There was nothing she could do to resist. She was just
the receptacle for Clark's cum as he used her in every way he could; blowing
load after load into her over and over.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to her...

"HU HU HU! Oh my god! Oh Jesus Christ!"

Clark came again. This time though, he was holding Mary Jane by the hair and
jerking his cock off and spraying his jizz across her pale face. By this
time, she wasn't resisting anymore. She was defeated and resigned. She simply
let him coat her face with semen, making only the vaguest effort to keep any
from her eyes.

Clark collapsed next to her. She expected that this was only a respite before
he would mount her again. But to her surprise, after several minutes, he was
still laying back and breathing deeply. He appeared to be resting and had his
eyes closed. Mary Jane slyly used the sheet of the bed to wipe his cum from
her face and glanced down at his organ. She was surprised that he wasn't
getting hard again.

It had taken several hours and half a dozen orgasms (for him) but he appeared
to be done with fucking her. Mary Jane was silently thanking heaven. Her
pussy was aching and every muscle in her body was killing her. She honestly
didn't think she could take anymore.

Mary Jane wasn't sure what to do now. She simply lay still, hoping he was
done with her, and waited to see what he did next. After a few minutes, Clark
jumped up and headed to the shower.

Mary Jane flinched when he moved, afraid of what he might do. He ignored her
completely; he had gotten what he wanted and was done with her for now. She
watched as he headed to the bathroom and heard him turn on the shower,
waiting for him to come back and ravage her again. When he didn't she slumped
into the mattress and passed out.

* * *

As Clark was climbing into the warm water of his shower...

* * *

The battle was over. Magneto and his mutants were defeated, most were dead.
Only the disgusting Toad and the regal Mystique remained.

As Selene and Miho stood over the frog-like mutant, who was helpless, Doom
could tell they wanted to play. He found that his girls were happier if he
let them have their fun every now and then. He decided to allow them some

"You have ten minutes and then I am leaving you here."

As Doom turned his back and walked across the battlefield, he ignored the
screams coming from the green skinned man behind him as the two women tore
him apart.

Doom's troopers went about their business, treating their wounded and
collecting their dead. He approached the prone form of the blue skinned
mutant named Mystique and motioned for his troops to bring her. She was
lifted and carried to the transport behind her new master.

Nine and a half minutes later, Selene and Miho came running from the trees
and hopped into the craft just as it took off.

"You weren't kidding about leaving us were you?"

The two women almost could swear Doom was smiling through his metal mask even
though they both knew it was impossible. Selene had green blood that Doom
presumed was Toad's covering her face, mixed with the traditional red
variety, and Miho was cleaning her blades of the same mucous thick fluid.

The blue skinned woman on the floor began to stir. Doom had bound her hands
and feet and as she opened her eyes Miho drew her blade faster than the eye
could follow and swung for her throat; prepared to sever her head from her


The Asian girl stopped her sword a hair's width from the mutant's neck at
Doom's curt command. Doom turned his attention to his captive.

"Your master, Magneto, is dead. You have two choices, serve me or die."

"Well if those are my only choices, I guess I chose to serve." Her voice was
cold and metallic.

Selene spoke up, "Master, can you trust her?"

"I think so. Mystique here is a creature that is loyal to power. She was
loyal to Magneto and so I see no reason why she won't be loyal to me. But
just to be certain..."

Doom reached out and grabbed Mystique's neck. She felt a small prick as he
touched her.

"That was a microchip being injected into your blood stream. In about thirty
seconds it will attach itself to your spinal column. It serves two functions.
First, it will allow me to know your exact location at all times. And second,
with just a thought from me it will release a lethal toxin into your body
that will kill you in a millisecond. Do we understand each other?"

Mystique nodded slowly. She was released and took a seat next to Doom as she
rubbed her neck where he had injected her. Miho leaned back against the wall
of the craft with her arms and legs crossed.

"What's so special bout this blue bitch anyway?"

As Miho asked her question, the flesh of the blue woman began to flow and
change. After a few seconds, she was gone and sitting in her place was an
exact duplicate of the Asian girl across from her. They appeared identical in
every possible way.

"So, what's so special about this slant eyed bitch anyway?"

Miho couldn't hide her surprise; even her voice was the same.

An hour later, Doom and the three women walked into Castle Doom after

"Selene, please show Mystique to some quarters. Give her somewhere private in
the eastern wing."

Selene rolled her eyes but complied even though she did not like being turned
into domestic help. The two women went up a large curved staircase and
disappeared down a hall as Miho stood in the center of the large entrance way
and stripped off her armor and clothing. Within moments she was naked as she
headed upstairs to clean the blood and grim off her body.

It was common for Miho to walk around the palace nude as that was how she was
most comfortable. She was stretching her tiny body as she skipped up the
staircase. Even after hours of fighting, she was not tired. She felt alive
and energetic.

She was skipping and giggling as she moved. She was just a girl after all.
Doom smiled to himself as he watched her tight little ass wiggle away. Just
because he was one of the most powerful men on the planet, didn't mean he
couldn't appreciate the nude body of a nineteen year old girl parading before

Doom felt his manhood shift under his armor but he was a man of
responsibilities and now was not the time for such distractions. He retired
to his study to look over the latest intelligence reports from the frontlines
all over the planet as his war raged on.

As Doom retired, Selene showed Mystique to a room...

"You sure seemed to switch sides awful quickly."

Mystique looked Selene up and down, "I didn't know vampires were real."

"I didn't know blue skinned cunts were real. You didn't answer my question."

Mystique smiled an evil grin, "I'm a survivor babe. Always have been. I see
whose gonna come out on top. Magneto always prepared us for the day when
mutants would rule humanity. I've been preparing to be on the winning side
since I was born."

She paused and seemed genuinely sad for a moment, "Of course, we thought it
would be Magneto who conquered the humans."

Mystique slinked up to Selene and pressed her body up against the pale
woman's chest. Selene felt the mutant's hands on the cups of her ass cheeks.
Mystique stood over six feet tall and as she looked down on her she moved
against Selene seductively, rubbing her nude body against the rubber of her

"You don't need this anymore, right?"

Taking the zipper of her latex battle suit, Mystique pulled it down, opening
Selene's uniform down the front. The blue woman looked down and smiled as the
black latex parted and Selene's breasts were exposed, falling out of the
tight confines of her battle suit.

"Besides, I've never had a problem with making new friends. I was about to
take a shower. Care to join me?"

Selene had had enough. She pulled away and turned to leave, not bothering to
cover her tits.

"I'm watching you bitch!"

Mystique fell back on her enormous bed, sitting with her arms behind her
propping herself up and her legs crossed. She watched Selene's ass as she
stormed out.

"Awww, come on. Don't be like that!" Selene could hear Mystique laughing as
she moved down the hallway.

Before she even reached her quarters, Selene had stripped off her combat
suit. That blue bitch was right about that one thing at least, she was at
home, no reason not to be comfortable. Within moments, Selene was nude and
shaking her dark hair out.

She passed Clark's doorway and stopped. Pressing her ear against it, she
heard the shower running. Opening the door, she slipped inside, hoping to
surprise him. Selene and Clark had a casual thing. They would fuck, no
questions asked, no emotions attached. Selene enjoyed a good ass reaming,
especially after a good fight.

She heard him in the bathroom and was debating whether to slip into the
shower with him or into his bed and wait for him when she saw the nude form
of a young red headed girl laying in it.

She approached silently and looked over the beautiful young girl. Her skin
was flawless. It was obvious that Clark had enjoyed her, the dried cum on her
face, back, tits, and thighs showed that. Then Selene felt something she
hadn't felt before, at least not in a long while. It was a ting of jealousy.

Even though she and Clark fucked fairly regularly, there was also an immense
rivalry between the occupants of the castle. They were always looking for
ways to screw with the others.

Selene heard Clark turn the shower off behind the bathroom door and heard him
toweling off. She knew he was about to emerge. Selene looked down at the girl
passed out before her and smiled wickedly.

Moments later...

Selene slipped out of Clark's room just as he stepped from the bathroom,
naked with his cock swinging before him. Even with his super hearing, he did
not detect the female who moved into the hall. Selene could move totally
silently and had no heartbeat or breathing for him to hear.

Clark ran his hands through his wet hair as he approached the bed. He saw the
nude form of Mary Jane lying on her side, facing away from him. The sheets
were off her, revealing her perfectly shaped buttocks and smooth back, lean
legs, and long flowing red hair. Clark's cock began to rise as he approached

"Rise and shine Mary Jane. I want a good night fuck before I turn in."

She didn't move. A bit annoyed, Clark turned her onto her back and
immediately could tell something was wrong. Mary Jane's head swung to the
side and she appeared limp. Her eyes stared past Clark and out the large
windows over his shoulder. Unfortunately, Mary Jane couldn't see the breath-
taking mountains in the distance. Her breath was already gone.

Her eyes were dull and her breasts were not rising and falling as they should
have been. Clark saw two holes about two inches apart on her neck, each with
a small trail of blood seeping from it. Suddenly, Clark was enraged...


A few minutes later...

Dr. Doom walked with purpose through the stone corridors of the castle that
bore his name. The sound of metal on stone echoed through the halls. As he
turned a corner, he heard what appeared to be a battle raging in the living
quarters beyond. Servants ran past him, terrified for their lives. Doom
ignored them; they were insignificant. What others ran from, Doom approached;
now was no different.

Standing in the hallway was Miho, wearing a pair of pink pajamas with her
hair in pig-tails and large furry slippers in the shape of what appeared to
be raccoons on her feet. She appeared worried.

Leaning against the wall taking a long drag on a cigarette was the newest
addition to Doom's entourage, the mutant Mystique.

"He's going to kill her," Miho told Doom. "You have to do something."

He gave the small girl a hard glance and Miho stepped back, looking down
towards her feet. She knew better than to order Doom around.

Dr. Doom stepped through the door into Selene's quarters. The room was in
disarray; the furniture smashed; several windows broken; even the massive
wooden door was nearly off the hinges.

Doom watched as Clark Kent backhanded Selene across the face. The force of
the blow was tremendous. The female vampire's nude body was lifted into the
air and tossed across the room.

She slammed into the stone wall with such force that the impact cracked the
stone and left in it an imprint of her body. Doom was actually surprised when
he saw her still moving after she fell to the floor. Almost instantly, Clark
was on her again and had her by the throat, lifting her off her feet and
holding her up over him.



Doom's voice was the only one who could command the respect of the
kryptonian. Clark stopped; still holding Selene who was limp in his hands.

"Put her down son."

"Father! You don't know what she did."


Clark dropped Selene.

"Miho, take Selene to your quarters and look after her. She will stay with
you until the servants can repair this damage."

Miho complied and slipped into the room as Clark and Doom faced off. Selene
was stirring and the small girl helped her to her feet and out of the room.

In many ways, Doom was a patriarch to his warriors. Clark and Miho were quite
young, chosen for their power and skill, not for their maturity. And even
Selene, while several centuries old, was not entirely stable.

When Doom had converted Clark to his cause, the young man had left behind
many of the teachings of his adoptive parents. As a side effect though he had
also lost the discipline they had instilled in him. Clark was a bit of a hot
head and needed a firm hand to direct his energies.

That was one of the reasons why Doom made sure to keep him supplied with many
nubile young females for him to enjoy; although, in this instance that idea
had back fired spectacularly.

"She killed Mary Ja..."

Doom raised his hand and cut Clark off.

"I know son, but it doesn't matter. This war is not over, not nearly so. And
Selene is part of my inner circle and a valued asset; just as you are. I
cannot have you damaging her permanently. Selene is a creature of instinct
and hunger and raw passion. It is unfortunate that in this instance she slew
your toy, but you cannot fault her for being who she is; a killer."


Doom continued like a father laying down the law, "This girl was a
distraction for you, nothing more! There will be more; many others. But you
will not harm Selene. Am I clear?"

Clark was sulking.


Clark flinched at the tone in Doom's voice.

"Yes," Clark muttered and Doom, sensing that was the best he would get,
accepted the affirmation and turned to leave.

As Doom passed Mystique, still lurking in the hall and enjoying the show,
"Great little dysfunctional family you got here."

Doom stopped and turned to face the sarcastic blue woman as she blew a stream
of smoke from between her lips.

"There is no smoking in the castle Mystique."

He waited until the woman had dropped her cigarette and crushed it under the
ball of her foot. With that, Victor von Doom went back to his planning to
rule the world.

To be continued...


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