Final Fantasy 5: Pirates Ahoy (f-gang,ncon)

"And just what do you think you're doing?" a bold voice rang out, halting
Butz, Galuf, and Lenna before their ship-swiping plan could get underway.
The three let out tiny squeaks of alarm as a group of pirates advanced
towards the stern, realizing they had no escape.

"How bold you are!" the leader continued, more amused than enraged. "Just
going to sneak in here and steal my ship, eh?"

"I am Tycoon's princess Lenna." a suddenly strong voice announced, stepping
forward to everyone's surprise. "I apologize for just trying to take your
ship like that."

At that, both Galuf and Butz were quite wanting to ask why their pink-haired
companion would want to hide her identity. However, the cutlasses brandished
only a few feet away bade them both to hold off any questions until the
current matter of their fate was resolved. "Princess, eh?" the flamboyant
Captain returned, a kind of smirk forming on Faris' lips. "This one's going
to be worth a lot!"

There was a hint of dissention among the crew at that, but not any real
threat of mutiny. They men simply communicated through a series of grunting
and murmuring that such a pretty lass would be far more valuable in their
worthy hands than and selling price could match.

Faris knew quite well what they were getting at. With the recent resurgence
of goblins along the road to Tule, snatching unwitting female travelers to
fulfill the pirates' "needs" was becoming increasingly difficult.
Sympathizing with her grumbling crew, the Captain turned from them to Lenna,
who was watching the scene with noticeable apprehension.

"Unless, of course..." Faris continued, drawing out the words to convey the
sense of a carefully-pondered decision. "You'd be willing to entertain us
for awhile." Lenna gasped and instinctively put an arm over her chest, as
if mortally wounded by the suggestive demand. "It would have be totally
voluntary, though. Maybe then I can pretend this didn't happen and let you

Lenna cast a look back at her recently-aquired friends. Both were aghast at
the request being made, but were still too cowed to make any vocal objection.
Their eyes said it all -- that no freedom was worth having to completely
subject oneself to another's basest will. But she ignored their silent plea,
as difficult as it was. This had all been her idea, from heading to the Wind
Shrine to stealing the pirates' ship. As such, Lenna felt a sort of
obligation for helping them get out of this jam, even if it meant sacrificing

"Yes." she announced boldly, taking another step to prove her courage. "I'll
do it."

"No, Lenna!" yelled Butz defiantly, moving towards the pirates in the most
menacing way he could muster. "I won't let you!"

His heroic charge, however, was cut short just as quickly as it had begun.
The nearest bandit slammed the pommel of his saber into Butz' gut, snickering
as the wounded man staggered back.

"It's all right..." Lenna replied sadly, not flinching even when strong hands
made their to her shoulders, pulling her away. "I can handle it..."

Down to the brig they dragged her, the chamber meant for all prisoners, and
where the princess would have wound up anyway if she had refused to take part
in this libidinous revelry. Hands were all over her the entire way, but at
least with the decency to wait until Butz and Galuf were out of sight before

But, once she started clanking down the rickety stairs towards the hold with
the procession of aroused males following neatly behind, eager fingers began
seeking her most intimate parts. She winced at first, not at all used to such
treatment, but offered no resistance to the multitude of digits now probing
her body. They had already gone this far, and backing out now would leave
them with the same damning story should anyone form Tycoon ever come across
it. And of course, she wasn't sure anything could stop such hounds now, when
the prey was so close and vulnerable.

At the bottom of steps, Lenna finally felt two lucky men slip past her cloth
defenses. The cold touch of a callused hand began to creep over her modest
breasts, and then another found its way to the tender valley below. It was
not entirely unpleasant, but not at all what she envisioned her first time
to be. Not since the she had first pondered it, on that day many years ago...

* * *

Being brought up as royalty in Tycoon Castle, Lenna always knew her father
had never pulled punches when it came to her schooling. He wanted both of his
girls to be learned, of course, but after Sarisa's loss, it became imperative
that the last surviving heir receive a completely frank education with the
entire kingdom resting on her shoulders.

Upon reaching twelve, and the onset of the monthly ritual that Lenna's late
mother would have considered the beginning of womanhood, she found herself
called to the castle workroom where her lessons were usually taken. His
Majesty was waiting for her there, along with a very eager looking male guard
and a furiously-blushing female servant.

What followed next was the most intriguing and stimulating experience young
Lenna had ever seen. The two servants performed the dirty deed, of course,
right there in front of their princess. After both sweated and heaved through
earth-shattering climaxes, they paused for only a moment before hastily
covering up and departing. The King explained what had happened to his
astonished daughter in simple but informative terms, then promptly bade her
to never, ever think about doing such a thing until she was married.

While certainly enlightening, the event only served to excite His Majesty's
daughter about the strange longings that had begun to surface. From then on,
she tried to stimulate herself whenever possible. Until warned to stop by her
teacher, old Jenica, she would routinely disrobe in front of her bedroom and
allow any soldiers patrolling the castle walls to view her developing curves.
On another occasion, Lenna hid in the guards' barracks during a shift change
and excitedly watched the men shower, trying to balance her heavy breathing
with a desire not to get caught.

The most outrageous stroke of luck in her sexual instruction came from that
encounter. After the soldiers took their leave, the teenaged princess spied
a strange magazine carelessly left on one of the bunks. It depicted some of
the female citizens of Carwen in "compromising" poses, many with monstrous
Hiryuu dragons. Hot with embarrassment, Lenna brought the dirty rag to her
room, using it liberally to relieve herself of hormonal stress from that day

* * *

Now, all those strange and tingling feelings were returning. Just after the
short recollection of her youth did the pink-haired beauty fully realize that
she would only rejoin her friends after passing through the other barrier of
womanhood - the one she so often gazed at late at night when the rest of the
castle was asleep..

The pirates laid her on the cold wooden floor, not at all breaking the hold
on their prisoner's genitals. Before she could even offer to change her mind,
they were grabbing, desperately trying to unveil her sacred vee. Her beige
bottoms and pink panties were seized by insistent hands which torn the
garments away in one smooth motion, allowing the cool sea air to caress every
inch of her vestal temple.

"This is it..." Lenna thought sadly, wincing as a immensely strong man rolled
her on her side, the wood flooring searing her bones with a dreadful chill.
He moved in position behind her, and for a fleeting second it crossed her
mind that her first lover might want to settle for her anal cherry instead of
the natural one.

Luckily for her, he did not. A slight, but firm pressure between her
lightly-fuzzed vaginal lips signaled Tycoon's heir was about to be violated.
Rough hands made their way to her hips, in the perfect spot to raise and
lower her weight onto his waiting cock.

She dimly recognized that virtually no words had been spoken since the
pirates discovered they would be able to gang-bang such a stunning woman to
their heart's content. Now, though, faint mutterings were filling the hold
with a lewd din. Each man was commenting on the small triangle of flesh and
hair on view, and Lenna felt shame ripple through her. For so long, she had
kept her pubic area well-kept, and prided herself on having so elegant a
prize to one day present to her man.

All that effort and satisfaction now seemed distant, with strangers being
the first to get a close up look of her privates. Had she only a bit more
time, grief and sorrow may have swelled inside her heart, but the prodding
of her nether orifice increased just in time to swing the poor girl back
into reality. She was about to have sex.

Lenna spread her legs, mentally kicking herself for the knowledge that her
captors were probably getting hornier off it, but also aware that penetration
would come easier the wider she made access to her virgin tunnel. Already,
the crown was inside her labia, soon to be followed by the rest of the thick

It followed sooner than she would have thought. Her partner had been taking
it slow initially, but only to enjoy the feeling of her unused quim gently
kissing the head of his penis. Thus satisfied, the cruel man thrust upward
with crippling force, plowing straight through Lenna's hymen without a
second's thought. Even as she bent at the waist, pushing her butt into his
crotch, he continued to shove it in, stopping only when the hilt of his long
member rested comfortably at the entrance to the young lady's engorged twat.

Shutting her eyes to try and forget the looks of perverse pleasure each
man showed upon seeing her ravished, the svelte youth merely grunted
emphatically, truly shocked by how the rest of the world's women could
stand such an uncomfortably stuffed feeling. She did not have long to
contemplate on the sensations, however, for her callous mate immediately
pulled out far enough to slam her sex even harder. Aghast, her frazzled
brain settled into overdrive to try and put this whole scene in perspective.

"This isn't lovemaking..." Lenna thought sadly, her shuddering tapering off
as the man settled into a rhythmic assaulting. "They're just... *fucking*...
me! But, it probably would have happened even if I'd said no. Best for it to
be like this, instead of me crying and screaming..."

A few minutes passed as she mused this over silently, the motion of their
joined forms increasing in tempo and intensity. Without even realizing it,
the hapless female opened her eyes, disgusted to see most of the bandits
were holding their erections, shamelessly stroking them in tune to the
pounding their victim was receiving.

The humiliation was only compounded when the hands at Lenna's waist abruptly
tightened their grip. At first she was worried, but then a warm feeling
spread throughout her entire abused channel, letting her know exactly what
was happening. Roaring out in primal conquest, her foul rapist pushed inwards
as far as possible, putting noticeable strain on the delicate cervix within.
Great, greasy ropes of sperm blasted her tender insides, splattering the
vaginal walls until she was leaking his seed.

Mercifully, the man dismounted right after, rising straight away and
commenting about the adolescent's pleasurable endowments to his buddies.
Sore and confused, Lenna tried to close her legs, but another man was
already there trying to fill her belly again. "What have I done?" she
pondered worriedly, grimacing he placed her arms on his shoulders and
inserted another warm spike into her throbbing loins.

* * *

Grogginess tried to steal away her consciousness as the men continued to fuck
their young captive. At first she thought that it wouldn't be so bad as long
as she could brace for and withstand each vicious attack one at a time, but
another quickly placed himself at her backside. It was open season now that
the leader had his fill, and each of the pirates was ready to get their rocks
off as fast as possible.

Knowing from the start that she would probably be forced to endure such
treatment, Lenna hugged the man at her front hard for support, revolted at
herself for doing so. As predicted, a fresh cock began to work its way into
her ass, moving at a staggered pace from its twin so that each could fully
permeate their respective orifices. There was no way she could try and keep
such boiling emotion inside, so the princess gave up trying, moaning and
panting as her anus stretched.

It was over much quicker than her first. The rod in her pussy jerked and
began depositing a fresh load of cum rather quickly, and she was left
unpleasantly bucking on the other for a time. Then, he too reached his peak
and erupted in his partner's bowels, not at all concerned with the lingering
distress the grievous offense had caused.

Not even waiting for the dribbling in her once-dainty snatch to abate,
another pirate grabbed Lenna and held the prim female to the wall. She
struggled halfheartedly as he ripped her jerkin apart, allowing the small
breasts concealed inside to be released to mauling hands. Her shame was
short-lived, however, as his prick soon slipped deep into her sopping hole.
The brigand groaned loudly as he brutally fucked her, relishing the cheers
and shouts of approval from the watching crowd.

For the first time since surrendering her celibacy, Lenna had something to
take her mind off the endless procession of sex. The wall behind her was
consolingly warm, no doubt the long axis through the ship which carried heat
up from the furnace. It was pleasantly diverting to her cold skin, but still
not enough to drive away the horrors her previously untouched body was being
submitted to.

Without fanfare, the pinned girl shuddered upon feeling yet another eruption
of thick semen coat her fragile innards. She whined softly while sliding to
the ground bow-legged, inadvertently displaying the proof of her rape to
everyone, who howled and jeered at their compatriot's accomplishment. Their
taunts bounced harmlessly off the despoiled girl, who simply closed her eyes
and waited for the next one to take her.

In a few seconds, someone did, carrying her over to a dusty wooden crate and
laying Tycoon's heir stomach-down on top. For a moment, she feared having to
once again take a man up her hind passage, and a shocking sigh of relief
escaped her lips when the entrance to her slick canal was once again forced
open. Lenna opened her mouth to moan, but soon found another massive phallus
to deal with - an additional pirate had inserted his member in before she
could even react.

Battered between the two men, the assaulted princess could only tighten her
nether muscles and feverishly perform her best (and first) attempt at
fellatio. It was her hope that the sooner her attackers finished, the quicker
the whole debaucherous scene would end. Sure enough, Lenna felt the piston in
her belly explode in seemingly record time, cum sloshing out of her worn
cunny in a sticky trickle.

Having only one male to please for the moment, she concentrated all her
effort on getting him off as fast as possible. Sucking in and blowing back
in tune with each lunge, the pink-haired teenager had her partner wheezing
and groaning in no time. He didn't even have the sense of mind to think
about forcing himself in all the way into her throat for the finale, though
he would have been more than able to indulge.

Instead, his appendage pulsed in rapid succession just past Lenna's lips,
leaving her more than able to swallow the salty cream. Pulling out, he
watched his partner cough and sputter from the taste, not at all pleased.
Still, she displayed a resolute front as soon she was finished, almost
daring the remaining thugs to have their go.

One particularly large brute took her up on the offer straight away, holding
her to the floor while he rammed his pole up her behind. Displaying more of
the same determination, Lenna simply rode the discomfort out, trying
desperately (though not successfully) to hold in the whimpers she knew were
arousing him.

After he finished, the crowd began to thin. Those that had their turns
already began dispersing, so as not to risk suffering another hard-on that
could not be fulfilled. What Tycoon's heritor did not realize was Captain
Faris was also female. Having chosen an illegal profession had hardened
the lady's heart, but she still had the decency to order her men to limit
themselves to one screw apiece, else the princess would find herself
pleasuring men until eternity.

"Just a little longer..." Lenna thought unshakably, rolling onto her back
so another could enjoy the exquisite pleasures her body offered.

* * *

"Are you okay?" Butz spat out upon seeing his comrade emerge from the hold
a few minutes later, the revealing rip down the front of her top the only
remaining mark of what had happened below deck. She didn't bother to close
it - they would be helpless to catch glimpses of her breasts anyway until
while making their way to town.

"I'm fine..." she lied unconvincingly, walking unsteadily enough that Galuf
could only lower his head and shake it sadly.

"We're going to the Wind Shrine..." Faris interrupted, almost sadly, as Lenna
carefully took a seat next to her friends. "Hopefully you'll find your castle
and get it out of your head not to go on any more adventures."

The red-faced princess nodded quickly, angry at how much sense the advice
made. She was glad they had at least kept their word. Living with and
covering up such a scandalous deflowering would not be easy, but much
preferable than ever having to go through something like that ever again.

"Don't listen to her..." Butz broke into her inner monologue with a whisper.
"We'll help you find your father, and one day make these people pay."

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