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This story contains m/f, oral, and *gasps* romance. But anyway, if you don't
swing that way, stop reading. This is a PARODY, PARODY, PARODY, I don't own
any of the characters, just "borrowing" them for the sake of the story. I AM
USING WITHOUT PERMISSION OF SquareSoft, or whoever owns the copyright to said
characters. So don't sue me. Please, I only have a computer and one of those
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Ok, another craptacular lemon. I'll just stick to calling them that or
stories; it makes it easier on me. This is a bit of a romantic short story,
I personally thought it was nice, and a friend of mine asked me to do it for
him, so I figured what the heck. This is a sort of, what if we didn't see
all of what happened in back of the Opera House during the singing of the
opera "Aria De Mezzo Carattere", one of the most powerful scenes in any game
ever. So, without further ado,

* indicates thought

Final Fantasy VI: Oh My Hero... (MF)
by Some Random Bastard

"Ugh" Sabin said from Locke's side. "Why is everyone singing?"

"I'm going to go check on Celes" Locke said concerned. Celes was very anxious
about her performance this night, and she had barely agreed since. It didn't
help this was one of the biggest parts of the play, and she had to do it
perfectly or their plans wouldn't work.

Locke got up out of his chair and made his way out of the opera house
balcony. This old medieval house was an amazing piece of architecture, and
had he any other time he could appreciate it, but as he was walking on the
bright red carpet, he tried to focus again. *Come on Locke, just got to go
in, say she sounds good, make sure she isn't going to be sick, then go out
and enjoy the performance* Locke opened up the door, and saw Celes dressed
in a fabulously made white dress, one of the most beautiful and probably
expensive dresses he had ever seen.

"Ayiyiyi, izzat you?" Locke said in amazement.

"Locke, I wanted to ask you, why did you save me back there in South Figaro?"
Celes asked.

"It was something I wanted to do, let's just leave it at that." Locke said
after some thought.

"Locke, I don't know if I can do this" She said as she dropped herself on the
ugly green couch. "It's just that everyone is going to be looking at me, and
if I mess up not only do I make a fool of myself, but I also endanger our
mission and I could possibly destroy any chances of Terra regaining her human
side." She blurted out as she began to cry. "Sniff, I always was a general,
sniff, and I lived by my intelligence and, hic, battle skills, but now.... oh
god..." She whimpered out.

"Celes, relax, come on," He said as he approached her, and sat on the couch.
"Celes, don't worry, I know you can do it. You just are pushing yourself hard
at the moment because you feel a little bit responsible for Terra becoming an
Esper, aren't you?" He reasoned. He had known it was likely that Celes had
known of it, every high-ranking officer had to, and since she was a general,
he knew that she would take it as it was her fault.

"Sniff...yeah, it's just that now I could have a chance at correcting a great
wrong, but I can't because I feel like I'm going to be a colossal screw up."

"Don't worry Celes, if you can't do this, we'll find another way to, we can't
put all our eggs in one basket, so please just stop crying." Locke said in
his most understanding and sympathetic voice he could. He really did care for
Celes, and didn't want to hurt her feeling.

"Yeah, thanks Locke." Locke stood up, and suddenly he felt a cold chill down
his spine as he heard Celes say "Locke, do you like me?" This put him in an
awkward situation, the "treasure hunter" wasn't accustomed to letting his
feelings. He let out a sigh, and said, "Yes, yes I do, but now let me ask you
a question, why are you asking me here, now?"

"I have been thinking about how I got here, why you and your friends would
befriend a former general of the Empire, and why you saved me back in South
Figaro. At first I just thought you were a good Samaritan, or maybe you were
just trying to get lucky, but you seemed different, you genuinely cared for
me, and I had to be sure that it was how you really felt." She said calmly.
She had to know this before she risked going out there; she needed to know
just how he felt. She didn't notice, but after when she spoke, there was a
dead silence. Locke was trying to accept her stance, while she didn't want
to scare him away. "Locke, come over and sit here." He returned to the couch,
and sat down facing her. "Now kiss me, please," she said. Locke slowly inched
his head forward, and crooked it to the side as their lips met. Fireworks
went off in his mind, as he was finally able to lock lips with the woman he
had longed for since the day they met. She slowly opened her mouth, and he
followed in suit, as their tongues met together in a passionate French kiss.
After a minute, they broke the kiss, and Celes was the first to break the
silence again.

"Locke, do you find me attractive?"

"Of course Celes, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met." Locke

To his utter surprise, Celes next said "Locke, before I go out, I was hoping
you wouldn't mind staying here and make me the happiest woman you ever met."

"Sure Celes, how can I do that, I'll do anything for you." Locke replied
after much thought, he was quasi-confused but intrigued by the sudden turn
this visit had taken.

"I was hoping you me." Celes said shyly, she was
afraid of how Locke would react, she couldn't stand if he ran out of the
door, and she didn't want him to think she was some kind of whore.

"Celes, are you sure this is what you want to do?" Locke asked, he didn't
want to take advantage of her and become her enemy. He desperately wanted
to make love to Celes, but his better instincts were telling him to tread

"Yes Locke, I've thought about this in detail, and I really want you, no I
NEED you badly." Celes said, less shy and a more hopeful tone of voice.

"If that is really what you want, I'll do it." Locke said.

"Locke, come here and help me with my dress." Celes said, and Locke sprang
to the chance. He went behind her and slowly began to unzip her dress. As he
did, he could smell her sweet perfume and feel her silky soft skin. When he
finished pulling the zipper of her dress down, he returned to her and began
kissing again.

As he was kissing, she slowly took his Thief Glove off of his hand, and
placed it on her breast. He began to play with her breast, slowly feeling
its weight and gently massaging her nipples. She let out a moan as he
brought his other hand to her left breast. Locke took his lips, and lowered
them down to her already excited breasts. She bit her lips to keep herself
from yelling, as he began to please her right breast with his tongue, and
her left with his hand. After a couple minute of this passionate foreplay,
she slowly lifted his shirt off, exposing his bare chest. She moved her
hands lower, and began to unbuckle his belt. His expectations were growing
as she undid his belt and released his manhood. She was amazed at the size
of his member, she had been with other men, but none of them had been nine
inches long before.

She slowly lowered her mouth to his penis, and began to lick the tip of it.
Locke shook from the feelings, as she slowly began to lick the base of his
penis. He then took his hand, and began to slowly stroke her vagina. She was
already wet there, and it didn't take much action down there before she was
very wet, and full of lust. Locke was having trouble paying attention to her,
as he was building up an orgasm.

Locke placed her on her back, and then spread her legs apart. He then began
to eat her out. She moaned as his tongue entered her, she let out a loud cry
of pleasure. Locke was eating her out expertly, and he was lapping up all of
her juices, which was driving her insane. When he took his finger and began
penetrating her with that as well as eating her out, it drove her over the

"Locke, I'm gonna cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" Was all Celes could get out before an
orgasm the likes she had never experienced took over her body, making her
shake violently and cry out. After a couple minutes, she was finished, and
said "Locke, please, I want you inside of me."

Locke slowly rose, and placed the tip of his head at her wet mound, and
slowly began to work his way into her. She cried out in pleasure, after
experiencing the orgasm she had just had and the feeling of Locke's member
inside of her was building up another orgasm.

Celes was tight, and Locke didn't want to be too rough on her. He slowly
inserted his penis, inch by inch, until he had seven inches inside of her,
but he didn't want to push further. "Locke, push harder, I want to feel all
of you in me" Celes moaned. Locke didn't want to hurt her physically, but
he didn't want to hurt her emotions more, so he tried as gently as he could
to push inside of her. Finally, after a few minutes and some strenuous
effort on Locke's part, he was able to get his entire length in her.

Once Locke had his nine inches inside of her, he began to increase his pace
dramatically. From before when it had been to a crawl, he was revving his
engine up, and he was ready to relieve the aching that was left in his penis
when he removed her. While he didn't want to finish there, he had been
getting more exciting since. He began thrusting forward, and she arched her
back so she could push more. They began thrusting in unison, his thrust and
her thrust back, faster and faster. She began screaming in pleasure at the
force with which he quickened his pace. She had another orgasm building up,
but she wanted to cum with him, so she waited, but she had to bite her lips
from screaming out in the delicious pleasure she was experiencing. Locke was
grunting, he was close to orgasm, and he wanted to finish inside of her.

After another minute, he was cumming "Celes, uggggghhhhhhh" was all he could
say as he released his load into her. This sent Celes over the edge again, as
she had another earth shattering orgasm. Locke continued to thrust into her,
causing her orgasm to have little aftershocks of pleasure. Finally, they
finished, and Celes lay down in the couch, as Locke sat, both of them panting
from before.

"I...should onstage" Locke panted.

"Yeah, come help me into this dress." Celes said, as Locke helped Celes get
into her dress. Her hair was a bit mangled, and she was a bit sweaty, but all
and all she still looked beautiful. Locke finished helping her and took his
own clothes. When he was finished. He looked up and saw Celes staring at him.

"Locke, thanks, I'll never forget today." Celes said, with a single tear in
her eye.

"Yeah, I won't either" Locke said before he went the door.

Awww...that was a nice little short romance, admit it. Anyway, just incase
you were wondering, here's the aria de mezzo cattere, from my memory, if I
make any mistakes, please tell, but I think it's right.

"The West and East are waging war...
Draco, the West's great hero,
thinks of his love, Maria.
Is she safe? Is she waiting?"

"Oh Maria!
Oh Maria!
Please, hear my voice!
How I long to be with you!"

"The forces of the West fell,
and Maria's castle was taken.
Prince Ralse, of the East,
took her hand by force,
but she never stopped yearning for Draco..."

"Oh my hero, so far away now.
Will I ever see your smile?
Love goes away, like night into day.
It's just a fading dream.
I'm the darkness, you're the stars.
Our love is brighter than the sun.
For eternity, for me there can be,
Only you, my chosen one...
Must I forget you? Our solemn promise?
Will autumn take the place of spring?
What shall I do? I'm lost without you.
Speak to me once more!"

"Come, Maria, follow my lead."

"We must part now, my life goes on.
but my heart won't give you up.
Ere I walk away, let me hear you say.
I meant as much to you....
So gently, you touched my heart.
I will be forever yours.
Come what may, I won't age a day,
I'll wait for you, always..."


So there ya go, this is my FF6 for now, I have a Simpson's fanfic I'm doing
for someone who requested, and I DO take requests, so any ideas would be most
likely used. I do have a couple of lines I don't cross, but reasonable
requests won't be turned away. I was thinking of a Chrono Trigger one next,
but I won't get ahead of myself.

(This file was created by [email protected], so send all flames
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freely as long as this and the disclaimer above as well as the story entirely
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I'll consider making more. Don't be a jerk, send me a simple 2 minute or less
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