Final Fantasy 6: The Unforgiven (Mf,Mff,f-gang,f-best,ncon)

"Bah, I figured you'd show up here eventually!" a gruff voice from the other
side of the door muttered.

Celes and Terra exchanged wounded looks while the man unlocked the door into
the barracks. The girls had split up with their male counterparts at the
request of Gestahl, who suggested that the Returners might be able to soften
their former enemies' hearts now that the war was finally over.

"Look..." Celes began with exasperation. "We're here on the *personal* orders
of your Emperor. So why don't you let us in and listen for a change?"

The guard stiffened radically as if struck by her words, his face
transforming into a snarling mass at once. Terra, sensing blows imminent,
casually stepped in.

"Is that any way to speak to an officer?" the female esper remarked stolidly.
Then, while the man was caught off-guard, she let her eloquent speech ride
into a decisive quip. "I'm sure you've seen *General* Celes before..."

As the truth dawned, the soldier instantly cowed to the girls' will, albeit
indignantly. "Of course... Sir." he sputtered, stepping out of the way. "We'd
be honored to hear what you have to say."

"Why, thank you!" Celes replied with a chipper grin, oblivious to both the
man's seething furor and the gratitude she owed her companion. Without
fanfare, the duo marched in, acutely aware of the stagnant mood hanging

"A Lieutenant..." Terra whispered, nodding her head towards the retreating
soldier. "No wonder he was annoyed."

"Well, I never did officially resign from the Imperial Forces..." Celes
responded wistfully. "I wouldn't have thought my position would ever come in
handy again, though."

"So, are you ready to tell them about the plan?" Terra asked impulsively,
demonstrating an uncanny human-like curiosity. This current snag in the
adventure was obviously frustrating the green-haired girl, who hitherto was
used to constant struggle. Now, with the possibility of peace looming near,
Celes understood why her friend suddenly felt without purpose.

"Of course!" Celes said with reassurance. "We'll explain it together. But
first, I think I'll take advantage of my rank one more time and clear a path
to the ladies' room." With that, the magitek knight sped off to the far end
of the room, much to her companion's chagrin. None in the party had been able
to afford the luxury of freshening up since they'd disembarked the Blackjack,
and Terra was more than let down to discover that an intellectual inferior
had beaten her to it.

* * *

With naught else to do but wait for her friend to return, Terra made towards
the large table that would normally be laden with delicious food to raise the
men's spirits. With the recent attack on the Capital, however, feasting had
taken a back seat. All that was left on the wooden structure were a bunch of
rotten grapes and some moldy bread, which she set about playing with

As usual, the restrained wizard had been keeping a careful eye on the
situation, for she knew her partner would not have the same foresight. Her
sixth sense had been trained on the green-clad officer who had given them
such a difficult entry. She knew he was up to no good, but never imagined
he would attempt hostilities on such mighty warriors, much less women. Yet,
he was now rapidly approaching the mindful female with an unfriendly intent,
and she knew better than to risk any harm come to one of Bagan's emissaries.

Audacity radiating from her slender form, the half-esper bounded onto the
table, drawing a soul sabre to her grip. With alarm, she noticed the
Lieutenant did not even bat an eye to her movement, instead only stopping
to peruse his options.

Terra raised her empty hand in front of her, daring the man to make a move.
The paladin help her sword uneasily, overwhelmed by the number of soldiers
who could at any time launch an attack. She had been in combat before of
course, but never alone against such odds.

The officer was not one to underestimate an opponent, and motioned for one
of the Sergeants flanking him to advance. Terra wasted no time, flicking her
wrist towards the unwitting warrior and disintegrating him in a flash of
fire. Silence hung heavy in the room for only a second before the entire
group, as if enkindled by some secret message, charged the sorcerer.

Putting up a valiant struggle, she lashed out in all directions, decimating
the encroaching army with swift, deadly strokes. Terra was near turning the
tide, having slain enough to back flip into a corner for greater protection.
Just as she took her eyes off the enemy however, the blunt end of a polearm
struck her in the back of the knee. Spiraling downwards, she hit her head on
the thick edge of the table, and was no longer aware of the arms furiously
pulling her into submission.

* * *

Celes was aware of the commotion immediately even in her secluded privy. She
reached down to pull her jumpsuit up, but was greeted by a blast of air as
the door was forced open. Dimly, she was aware that the green uniform was
still around her ankles, and all her privates were on display for this man.
But if peeking at the vulnerable General was at all on his mind, duty easily
eclipsed it.

She grabbed again for her spandex garment with one hand and tried to cover
her breasts with the other, leaving the space in between unguarded. Acting
swiftly, her assailant lunged forward, slugging her in the gut with stunning
force. Holding her innards in pain, Celes was now powerless to resist as the
man grabbed her leotard, pulling it away from Celes' legs before another
entered and helped drag the naked General into the main room.

Revenge was quickly smoldering in her wounded mind, fierce pride ready to
burn the eyes of these men who were stealing looks at every inch of her body.
Celes was ready to make them all pay, every last lecherous soldier who would
dare thrust this dishonor upon her.

Her fingers were just starting to crackle with a devastating bolt spell when
a troubling sensation suddenly shot up her loins. Unable to concentrate any
longer, the former general collapsed into her captor's clutches, letting out
a low groan at the thought of what was happening. While she was fuming, one
of the guards had casually reached around, probing her vagina with such
thoughtlessness the exposed blonde was too shocked to even reply.

Instead, the helpless General simply turned her head to the side, closing her
eyes as the rough digits intruded into her secret tunnel. Already other were
all over her body, roughly grabbing her prominent breasts and shapely
buttocks. They were like sharks smelling blood, too roused with the fire of
lust now to do anything but point their cocks at one of her holes.

Reluctantly, Celes offered not a word of protest as the men dragged her to
one of the bunks in the center of the room. They moved painstakingly slow,
each afraid to lose their link to the nude female. By now quite a few sets
of fingers were prying her cunt lips open, shamelessly exploring her
unlubricated womanhood.

"I can handle it..." Celes thought quietly, steeling herself for the trails
to come. "This is nothing new..." By now she had been lifted up onto a
mattress, presented as a prize to the officer in charge. Being forced to have
sex was bad enough, but for the vile Lieutenant to have her this way would be
so much worse. Even without saying it, she would know what he was thinking --
that women like her *deserved* a good gang-bang for trying to outrank a man.

"Don't worry..." he said with a sneer, lining his prick up against her pink
folds. "I heard about you in South Figaro. You'll be enjoying this in no time
at all."

Eyes wide in horror as he revealed her hidden past, the immobilized girl
couldn't help but flash back to the dreaded captivity in South Figaro, not
even flinching as her pussy was filled with firm manhood.

* * *

After being captured by the Empire's troops those months ago, Celes had
immediately suspected there would be some sort of sexual humiliation to
endure. As one of Gestahl's top officers, she had often needed to turn a
blind eye to the transgressions of the military machine in order to keep
her position.

She had learned one of the most delightful posts in the Imperial Army was
Kohlingen, where it was rumored that off-duty guards routinely had their
way with a comatose redhead reposed in the north end of town. Rookies
particularly warmed to the assignment as a chance to "practice" on a female
who had no choice but to accept load after load each day in her
crimson-framed flower.

In Doma, it was the unwed maidens-in-waiting who often caught the eye of
Vector's patrols, every virgin womb eventually having to endure hours of
"questioning" by eager pricks until being mercifully released. Thankfully
once their virginity was taken, they were relatively safe from future
interrogation until their daughters grew up, ripe and ready to be introduced
to the castle's tradition.

Mobliz had an especially seedy reputation for depraved perverts. Because of
an abundance of pre-teen girls, those with a desire for unripened bodies
eventually found themselves in a side alley of the town, merrily pumping away
at a hairless youth until they were satisfied. Then it was only a matter of
time before the adolescent female would find her back against a cold wall
once again, grunting as her bald cunny sucked semen from yet another
unwelcome partner.

Largely because she had never spoken up against these atrocities, Celes
offered no resistance as sentries escorted her down into the bowels of South
Figaro, defiantly holding her arms up as one chained the former General's
wrists to a cell wall. If it was her fate to suffer the age-old demeaning
ritual, so be it.

From that point on, she knew the men were going to ride this lucky find as
long as they could. Celes actually wouldn't have minded much if they had just
bent her over a barrel near the docks and hammered away before informing the
Emperor that the spy had been captured. In her days as one of the only
high-ranking women in the Army, she'd often had to buck hips with her
superiors at least once for a promotion, and even more afterwards to keep
from spreading the word about her loose legs.

Down here, however, the Figaro garrison could have their way with their
prisoner for days or even weeks before letting her go. Celes' thoughts were
filled with unanswered fears as it began, a cocky sergeant boldly unzipping
in front of her before shoving his member into her mouth. With both hands
chained to the stone behind her, the blonde captive could only watch as her
lips unwillingly sucked on the modest rod, caressing it until a flood of
sperm ran down her throat.

"One down..." she thought grimly, peering towards the door across the room as
another pulled at the front of her tight uniform before cutting the bottom
away to expose the beautiful golden crotch. Already there was a sizable crowd
outside watching Celes' every defilement, anxiously awaiting their own turn.
She focused on trying to will the onlookers away with her mind, the task
distracting her from the shaft now plunging in and out of her well-trimmed

The first night was exhausting, for nearly all of the privates at the end
of the line were able to hold out at the thought of making love to such
forbidden fruit. Celes's popularity had been successful in driving some of
them to seek immediate release with some of the lonely (and more or less
willing) wives above ground, but every one of them would get a turn in her
juicy snatch before the week was out.

For quite a few hours the bound female held out, gazing at her swollen labia
as it inadvertently stimulated each thrusting penis. With each conquest, her
worn folds would futilely attempt to hold the life-giving cream in per
nature's orders, but would eventually give out and spill seed all over the
floor. None of Celes' partners seemed to mind pumping her excessively soaked
channel, even after it was filled to capacity with sticky fluid.

Throughout the entire ordeal, she stilled her tongue, letting out a stifled
moan only a few times when having to accept an especially large cock up her
tight hole. It was even more difficult to deal with the various
eccentricities of her many forced lovers.

Younger soldiers were much easier to handle. Being so thankful for this
gift they would sometimes cast away their dominative status in the heat of
passion. Some suckled Celes' ample bosom like children while others were
enticed by the smell of her long, golden locks, inhaling deeply while they
fucked her alluring pussy. There were even misguided souls who were unable
to resist kissing her unresponsive lips, as if they were screwing girlfriends
instead of violating a total stranger.

Elder guards were a much different breed, however. They seemed to take great
delight in assaulting their prisoner's nether orifice. Many would hold Celes'
legs open as wide as possible, spearing her wet innards forcefully until each
jab was poking her sensitive cervix.

When the spent girl finally passed into unconsciousness, the orgy died down
except for a few officers who had been waiting for special seconds. After
carfefully securing the door, they removed her restrains and let the defeated
girl lay prone on the floor. Her curvaceous behind was too tempting a target
to resist, and the remaining men quickly took advantage of it.

First it was decided that their treasure could only be fully enjoyed
completely nude, so the guards took the time to relieve Celes of the rest of
her clothes. Her silver boots and flowing white cape were quickly tossed to
the corners of the chamber. Even the twin metal armbands and elegant tiara
were taken away, so that she was entirely nude when they sodomized her,
assured that their hands were roaming over naught else but deliciously bare

That was not the first night Celes would wake up with a sore butt, knowing
what had been done to her during the night. The endless rapes continued for
days on end, steadily getting worse as her guards became more relaxed with
their captive. The bar rose, and soon she was constantly on all fours,
hunkered down while three cocks ravaged each of her openings.

She was eventually so dazed, it took the better part of a morning before she
realized that she'd just spread her legs for one of the merchants in town.
After accepting that, the former General wasn't in the least bit surprised
when a grease monkey entered the room, forcing her to blow his slimy rod
before he stuffed her sweet hole as well.

Celes took each new humiliation in stride, brushing off every crude comment
about how good her private parts made her lovers feel and how hot she looked
leaking semen from her reddened vagina. She had just settled into total
complacency with what was happening when her captors thrust a new shame into
her psyche.

Long past the point of apathy, the abused female was on her stomach, pointed
towards the far wall where her chains waited for those with a taste for
bondage. Celes didn't even hear the soft clatter of nails on the ground, and
foolishly allowed hands to raise her buttocks into the air.

The furry body wrapping itself around her hindquarters was the last straw.
She utterly broke down, shrieking wildly as the Vector pup humped her with
brute ferocity. Even with all that her womanly form had been forced to
tolerate, the horrified Celes couldn't believe they would stoop to such
depravity as to let a dog do her. And when the brute was finished, she had
to stomach the fleshy knot sealing her lower lips closed, holding the sperm
in until a soldier got around to separating the two.

Her only consolation was their foresight in allowing only one canine to rut
with their prize at a time, lest their animal lust prove fatal for the poor
girl. But there were more half-wolves for her to accommodate that night, and
those who balked at a human partner were goaded by their masters until Celes'
snatch was flowing with watery doggy-cum.

Tainted with bestial spunk, she thought the worst was over, but one final
abasement was left. The next day, when Locke was destined to stop and rescue
her while fleeing his own troubles, the guards forced her to mate with a
crawly from the eastern caves. With great mortification, the worn blonde
lewdly wrapped her arms around the invertebrate, hugging tight so she
wouldn't scrape her back while the segmented penis spasmed inside of her.

"If only you'd come a few hours ago..." she thought sadly as her savior crept
past the sleeping guard, trying to ignore the profane sight before him. With
all Celes had suffered, she could hardly bear to wear the stained clothes
that were now scattered about the cell. Sliding into the soaked jumpsuit, she
looked down at her battered pussy, swollen so much that even had her garment
not been cut away down there, Locke would have been able to see every detail
of her mound.

Ignoring the transfixed male as he tried not to look at the exposed jewel,
the brazen Celes simply started walking out, shamelessly dripping semen from
her sopping twat.

* * *

When Celes slowly came back to her current plight, the Lieutenant had nearly
finished. His hands were on her breasts, pinching the nipples while his
pelvis slammed into the prone girl hard enough to make the bedsprings creak
in declaration of the heinous act.

She looked to the side as he came in her, the familiar feeling once again
entering the sacred place between her legs. Terra was still passed out on the
table, and now a group of guards was busy stripping the unconscious esper.
Celes sniffed lamentably as they removed her friend's pink panties, gazing
hungrily at the green patch and pouty slit that would soon come to know the
feeling of a thick cock.

Even when the former General felt the officer rubbing cream into her own
pubic hair, lauding her performance with profane words, she continued
watching Terra's defilement. The unaware female winced softly in her sleep
as a stiff rod began to pry her unused labia open, coming wide awake with
an "Ohhhh" when her thoughtless partner ripped through the hymen. Fully
alert, the summoner groaned as her virginity was taken away, staring down
at the red-streaked penis invading her previously vestal canal.

Celes still said nothing as her comrade was brutally fucked, instead
complacently allowing another man to turn her over. Her elegant cloak was
gently lifted, and then there was only the sound of pistoning flesh in her
upended twat.

Because Terra's plaintive cries only encouraged her mate to further desecrate
the late virgin, Celes was able to oblige three eager males while her friend
was still experiencing her very first screw. After absorbing a third load in
her fertile walls, and watching her comrade discover the same sensations, the
ex-General was totally unable to fight back any longer.

To their credit, the men caused their lovers no undue anguish, ravaging the
two young ladies only in the natural way. Each time a soldier pulled out of
her quim, Celes dreaded having to perform fellatio that was never requested.
And when Terra took another shot of cream in her belly, she felt for sure the
next prick would seek the forbidden recesses of her backside.

Much more experienced in these matters, the enraptured blonde was able
to hold her emotions back as unbidden pleasure was drawn from her. Her
half-esper companion, however, was wholly at the will a body at the
dawn of sexual awakening. Whether from the strain of her feminine duct
stretching, or if Terra was actually getting some minute amount of
pleasure from the dicks spearing her abdomen, she responded each action
thrust upon her.

Every time a new phallus poked through her lips, Terra would grit her teeth,
grunting distressingly until the cylinder of flesh was lodged firmly in her
passage. Then, a chorus of moans would replace any protests as she rode out
another hot interlude, culminating in a docile gasp when her tender vessel
was filled.

* * *

The sex continued much in this same fashion, the girls changing positions
occasionally until neither was opposed the repeated intercourse, merely
attempting to get it over with as soon as possible. After squeezing Terra's
breasts victoriously, the last satiated man exited her warm sheath, ignorant
of his imminent demise.

Having just ridden a stiff pole to climax, Celes withdrew to the far
side of her bed, looking down at her spunk-filled hole with an innocent
"Is-it-finally-over?" expression. His guard down, the soldier shot back
a cheerful grin, elated he could get away with such a crime.

Celes cocked her head to the side, a pensive look on her face. Then she
pulled her hands out from the pillow behind her, crackling with energy. In
an instant, the smoking husk of his corpse fell off the bed, and the once
captive girl leapt up on the mattress, streaming bolts of lightning from
her fingertips.

Those that possessed some modicum of awareness feebly attempted to brandish
weapons, but only hastened their own death. Eyes glaring with suppressed
rage, the magitek knight struck out with impunity, lashing out at her enemies
with stunning accuracy. Once Terra got a grip on what was happening, aiding
her companion with carefully directed ice spells, the room was ablaze with
magical power with the two females seemingly immune to the devastating

At last spent, but at least safe, Celes sunk to the bed, lying there only
long enough to catch her breath before realizing the awful repugnance she
now felt for this piece of furniture. Invigorated by her revenge, the nude
sorcerer slid of the sheets, acutely aware she was clad only in her tall,
white boots and cape.

She stepped gingerly over to Terra, who was still lying on her back, legs
spread obscenely from what the duo has just been victims of. The one-time
General noted with a hint of sadness the ooze flowing from her comrade's
vagina was tinged slightly pink, remembering the surprised yelp the
green-haired mage had uttered after being deflowered.

The esper looked very much as a private named Celes had many years ago,
after joining the army at the vulnerable age of sixteen. Barely a week in
her enlistment, she had foolishly given up her cherry to the eager drill
sergeant before being informed by her female superiors that only oral sex
was expected if she ever wished to advance. But where the young blonde had
only seen herself resigned to a life of putting out for ungrateful men, her
equally maltreated friend only saw opportunity in what had just happened.

"I might as well let Edgar have what he wants now..." Terra mused with a
hint of relief, peering down at her drenched bush.

"Whatever..." Celes responded glumly, quite experienced in concealing
evidence of these all-too-frequent occurrences. "Let's just get in the
bathroom now and I'll help you clean up."

"What..." asked Terra torpidly, more confused by her ally's desire to sweep
this all under the rug than the thought of showing together.

"Oh, and sorry you had to go through this." the blonde replied irrelevantly.
"Guess you finally got around to getting a good 'ol Imperial initiation..."
_ _ _

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