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Well, well, well, good news is I haven't died, yet that is. I have however,
been really tired, which has forced me to consume various caffeine-related
products, resulting in restlessness and an inability to stay away from
writing. So, here goes, another lemon. This one is a request, another FF6
one, although I believe I'm the only person who still does it. Oh well, just
like The Unknown Gamer and his excellent Chrono Trigger stories. So
here's another one, before I go to another game or two. I was thinking of
maybe Breath of Fire, Or FF9, but I'll see what's what. First things first.
This is a story about Terra and Edgar having, well sex. Short and simple,
although I dunno what took the up the other 120 some odd words.

This story contains m/f and oral, and maybe a little romance. If you don't
swing that way, stop reading. This is a PARODY, PARODY, PARODY, I don't own
any of the characters, just "borrowing" them for the sake of the story. I
or Japan, or another subsidiaries I am currently not aware of. So don't sue
me. Please, I only have a computer and one of those toy dogs that bounce
their heads up and down. It isn't worth it.

Final Fantasy VI
by Some Random Bastard

Terra got up with a shock. The dreams always haunted her. The dreams of the
lives she had taken, of the havoc in which she had wrecked. Terra got out of
her Figaro Castle bed. She got up and walked up the stairs. So much had
happened to her recently, and she still didn't understand much of it. First
there was her past, and her own fear. Then there was her sudden escape with
a thief, and dash to a dessert to find, what? A king who would welcome her
into his castle as a guest! Terra walked to the top of the building and began
to watch the dessert night, and feel the cool air make her surprisingly

As Terra sat and watched the stars, she noticed that there was someone else
out on the castle's highest point. She could only see the shoulder and a
fluttering blue cape, but she could see the muscles imprinted even from that
distance. She sighed, realizing just how hot she was. She decided to go see
who that was.

She made her way down the stone steps, which were surprisingly warm to the
touch. The dessert air was unmoving, but she could feel the eerie coolness
of the area. Deserts cool down during the night, so it was bearable, but the
coolness just increased her state of arousal, and her nipples began to become

As Terra made her way towards the unknown man, she noticed that the guards
increasingly gave her looks. This turned her on very much, as she had always
secretly loved the idea of exhibitionism.

When Terra arrived at peak of the castle tower, she was surprised to find the
King of Figaro there.

"H, hello King" Terra said, a bit tired from all the stairs and also a bit
aroused by his rugged good looks.

The Figaroian king looked as though he had heard a gunshot right in his ear.
He turned around to see who spoke, and when he saw who it was, he said "I'm
sorry, you startled me a bit."

"I apologize," Terra said. "I was just having some problems sleeping."

"I as well. I have always liked coming up here, ever since I was young, to
just sit and enjoy the cool air of the night, to see the stars with
unbelievable clarity, and just gather all of my thoughts. My lady, what
brought you hear?"

"I saw someone else was here, and I was curious who was here. I never thought
it would be you, I wouldn't want to bother you." Terra said truthfully. She
didn't want to bother the man who had already saved her life.

"Consider it nothing, after all being abruptly startled by a half-naked
beautiful woman in the middle of the night isn't one of the worst thing a man
would have to deal with," he said with a devilish grin. Edgar had always been
a ladies man, and because of which he was smooth.

"You think...I'm beautiful?" Terra asked, partially in amazement, partially
in embarrassment. Being complimented by the handsome king is something every
girl dreams of.

"But of course, my lady, how could someone else think otherwise?" He said, as
he stepped forward. He wasn't sure how far this would go, but he didn't want
to sit back and regret something he hadn't done.

Terra was getting more and more turned on, and suddenly she did something
spontaneous. She kissed Edgar, right on the mouth, and he kissed back. He
slowly explored her mouth before they broke to breath. He continued to kiss
her, as her hands began to explore his body, especially his crotch and ass.
Edgar was rock solid within minutes, and Terra was getting more and more
turned on by the minute.

Edgar lowered his hands down towards Terra's ass, when he felt wetness there.
When he had a chance to smell his fingers, he could smell Terra's juices, she
was already turned on.

"Is there, anyplace, that we can be alone at?" Terra asked in between silent

"Come this way, my lady" Edgar said, as he took her hand and led her to the
Royal Bedroom. The guards at the door knew the drill, and closed and locked
the door, and walked outside.

Terra sat on the edge of the bed, and Edgar joined her a second later, and
slowly began to kiss her while he began to fondle her right breast. Terra
didn't have huge breasts, but her C cups were more than adequate to any man,
especially in the heat of the moment. Edgar slowly began to pinch her
nipples, making them extremely sensitive and increasing with every movement
Terra's wetness.

Edgar slowly moved his head down to Terra's left breast, and gently began to
flick at it with his tongue. Terra thought she was now in bliss, having one
of her nipples being pinched and the other pleasured with Edgar's tongue,
when suddenly he gently began biting her other nipple, making her moan aloud
for the first time. Needless to say, it wasn't her last, as he continually
began to play with her nipples, he would take turns biting and fondling.

Terra slowly moved her hands down to his belt, and quickly after removing it
she felt his erect cock in her hands. It was warm, and harder than concrete.
As she began to stroke it, Edgar began to increase his pace of biting. After
a few minutes, he couldn't stand it anymore, and moved away so that he could
get at her pussy.

He slowly moved his hands down to between her nightgown, and began to feel
her wet mound under the cotton. He put his hands beneath it, and he could
feel the heat that was let off as he slowly began to rub his fingers over her
clit. With his other hand, he took off her nightgown, revealing her full

Edgar took no time in getting both of his hands occupying her. He slowly
placed a finger inside of her wetness, turning her on even more. Slowly he
began to rub over it, as she moaned as she felt her orgasm building up. Edgar
could tell, and he lowered his head down to her hot hole, and began to eat
her out. She held his head as his expert tongue pleased her incredibly,
building up the tension in one area, then replacing it in another.

She pulled his head closer as she began bucking, and suddenly Edgar thrust
the entire length of his tongue into her pussy, driving her over the edge.
She cried out in pleasure as a strong orgasm came over her. Edgar continued
to eat her out, and greedily lapped up all the juices.

"Edgar, please, I neeeeeeed you in me!" Terra said in a huff. Her previous
orgasm was great, but she needed to feel a hard cock in her. Edgar was happy
to oblige.

Edgar got up, and set the tip of his penis at the base of her now soaking
mound. As Terra looked down, she gasped at his 11-inch member. Edgar slowly
began to thrust forward, inch by inch into Terra. Terra wasn't a virgin, but
she had never had anyone this size, or this width. Terra closed her eyes as
she felt the size rubbing against the walls of her pussy. When she opened,
she was surprised to see almost half of him was in her.

Edgar pressed on, and it only took a couple of minutes until his entire
length was in her. He slowly began to move it in and out, trying to be
careful not to be too rough. Terra moaned at every movement, the sheer size
of his member overcoming her emotions. As Edgar continued moving in and out
of her, another orgasm was building inside of her. As her orgasm drew near,
he thrust his entire length inside of her suddenly, with his balls slapping
against her ass. This drove her over the edge, as she had another orgasm.
This one made her shake from the vibrations, yet Edgar continued to pump
into her.

Edgar began to pump into her harder, and faster. The faster he pumped, the
more that Terra loved it. She arched her back to push him further into her.
He began to pump even faster. He started taking his length out, and putting
it all the way in, with an audible slap on her ass from his balls. She moaned
at the pleasure he was giving her, and she wanted to feel his hot juicy load
all over her.

"Edgar, I want you to fuck me. That's right, do me, all the way! Yes! God
you're so big, I want you now! CUM in me, yea big boy!" She kept saying, she
wanted to feel his load inside of her.

Edgar, never one to turn down the request of a lady, began furiously pumping
inside of her, aching to come. Terra worked her back to feel his entire
length in her, as he slammed his well-lubricated cock all the way into her
wet box. The sheer thought of him cumming inside of her made her cum again,
for the third time. She began to shake violently and contract her pussy,
almost milking the load out of him. After a minute of this, he was seconds
away from blowing his load, when Terra realized it. Edgar spilt his balls all
over Terra's insides, literally coating her insides with shot after shot of
cum. Suddenly and without warming, Terra got off and began to suck him off,
tasting the flavor of her own juice and Edgar's cum mix as he finished his
load inside of her.

Edgar thought he was finished, but to his surprised Terra kept sucking on
his cock. She slowly took it out and began to lick the sides of it, keeping
him hard, if not harder than before. She placed the tip of his member in her
mouth, and slowly began to deep throat it. She had a problem with its size,
but she was able to unhinge her jaws to allow for its entrance. She was
surprised when she opened her eyes and found her buried in Edgar's public

This was driving Edgar crazy, having his 11-inch cock deep throated for the
first time in his life. He couldn't stand this, and after a few more minutes
of the continual expert sucking, he had only enough time to say, "Terra, I'm
gonna cum!" Before he began cumming. Terra took his cock out of his mouth,
and began to jerk the entire load all over her face and her tits, making
Edgar cum more. After a few shots on her tits and face, she took the penis
in her mouth and continued to suck hard, milking his cock for all the semen
she could. When her mouth was covered with it, she took whatever she could
and spread it over her breasts, rubbing her nipples with his load, and
literally coating most of her breasts and a good portion of her face with his
white spunk.

When he had finished, they lay for a moment, then Edgar said "My lady, I
would be honored to have you as a guest in my room anytime."

Well, it isn't all that bad. I think it's pretty good, still a bit more
romantic, but it's the only way I could picture them actually getting it on.
My current list of works can be seen on Pal's site, but it doesn't matter
all that much, you'll find the stories when you gotta. They'll appear in the
regular places. That's it for now, I got a couple other ones a brewing. And
now I leave you with the words: "The words 'My Lady' Are used the world


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this and the disclaimer above as well as the story entirely are untouched,
unedited, and worshipped for the holy script they are not.) Critiques,
comments, flames, any responses are welcome, if they are pro, then I'll
consider making more. Don't be a jerk, send me a simple 2-minute or less
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