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* denotes thoughts

~~~ denotes flashback

Final Fantasy 7: Victory At Last Part 1 - Shot Down
by Some Random Bastard

Tifa sighed. Life was good for the girl.

She never imagined her life would end up this way. When she saw Cloud back in
the Slums of Sector 7, she never even thought he would stay on for any amount
of time, let alone the mere idea that they would go on to destroy Shinra,
save the planet, and destroy Sephiroth.

But they did it. Sometimes she was scared, sometimes she was brave, but
throughout the entire ordeal she always had Cloud. Her golden haired sky blue
eyed saavior. *Or am I his* she said with a giggle. She looked over the truck
to see Cloud driving. He was always there, no matter what.

Still, Tifa was surprised that Cloud had actually married her. Cloud had
actually done it, had professed his love for her.

They had a very traditional wedding. It was medium sized, Cloud had gone to
the trouble of inviting almost everyone who had helped them on their quest.
Despite the rumors that Shinra had tried to spread about them, it did little
good. Beforee long everyone knew of their exploits, from rumor, gossip, and
a particularly drunk pilot, who shall remain nameless.

Still, the press wasn't as bad as it had been. The only problem was walking
down the aisle. The continuous flashing lights dazed her, and she nearly
fell, if it wasn't for Barret

Tifa leaned over towards Cloud. He took his right hand off the wheel and
placed it on Tifa's shoulder. Driving had always been something that had
bored Cloud, but this was a day that made it all seem even more boring.

He was nervous. Well, scared, anxious, happy, and nervous. He was a swirl of
emotions. Sitting next to his raven-haired beauty as they went for their
honeymoon, he was barely able to contain himself.

He was married. M-a-r-r-i-e-d, married. He went through every emotion he knew
of that day, except fear. He was with Tifa, forever, and he had defeated
Sephiroth. He would never need know fear again, because he was next to his
wife, his love.

A lot of things during the wedding ceremony had surprised him. He never knew
all the little nuances, like he couldn't see her before the wedding. He was
lucky that Yuffie was outside, she was ready to pounce on him for even going
near. He remembered how funny it was seeing the young ninja, already tense
enough in the bride's maid gown, try to jump and stop Cloud. She fell a
couple feet short. He burst out laughing so hard he nearly woke the dead.


Suddenly, a blue car veered onto the road, almost hitting the car. Cloud was
about to yell obscenities, until he realized that Tifa was asleep. *Poor
girl, she's had a rough day* Cloud took his black tuxedo coat and put it over
her white bridal gown. He put his hand through his blond hair, nearly cutting
himself on his cufflinks. When he did, he could feel the sweat that had grown
on his palms. *Come on man, you have fought to the end of the world and back,
but you can't keep dry hands*


Cloud had spent the entire day in nerves. Cid, his best man, tried to keep
him calm. The old pilot was wearing a suit that looked nearly as old as him.

"Come on ya big lug, this is supposed to be the happiest day of your life!
So why ya so glum?" Cid asked, waving his arms about.

"It's just, I have spend the last year since Tifa and I met back in Midgar
with her, and we both know we love each other. Now that it's got to be all
formal, going up there and saying it, I just want it to be over." Cloud said
with a sigh. The pilot wasn't much for subtlety, he was straight out and in
your face. Sometimes it was a good thing, sometimes it wasn't.

"So why did you just elope?" The pilot spat out.

"I couldn't do that to Tifa. I know she wants the big traditional fancy
wedding. I just hate waiting is all." Cloud said, rubbing his head with his
sweaty palms. He could smell the stale sweat on his hands, but he put them
away, he didn't want to let on how nervous he was. He had always tried to
play it cool, be the calm collective leader, and he had done pretty well
with it, but there was so very little that he could do.

"Well, if you want to pass the time, I can get you a drink? I gotta admit,
you got some real good stuff 'ere!" Cid said as he took another drink of
some hard stuff. His speech was already beginning to slur.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Tifa would kill me, besides, I don't need alcohol
to say the truth. I love her, and I can say it a million times, but nonetheless
I still hate waiting."

Cloud wiped his brow, and then took a look at the speedometer. *Oh shit*
he was going at seventy-five miles per hour! As he began to slow down,
he missed a pothole. *Please don't wake her up* he thought. It was a long
day, and he would rather she got sleep than he did. He began to gently rub
her arm, trying to keep her at peace.

Cloud continued. He looked at the closest sign. "Costa De Sol, 40 Mi" He
sighed, it would be almost another hour before they got there. He looked
at his golden watch, a gift from Reeves. It had a nice leather band, and
despite the fact it was obviously old, it was kept in very great shape. *It'll
be almost two by then*

"Daddy, daddy, daddy, can I play wit the kitty?" Marlene asked.

Barret chuckled for a minute, then said "Ask him darling". Marlene
walked over, wearing her cute little pink dress, soccer ball in hand. Barret
tried not to laugh every time the flame haired feline warrior passed, but it
was hard. Somehow someone had decided that since Nanaki was going to
come, he should wear formal clothes. This, despite the fact that he usually
didn't wear clothes. So the warrior was reduced to wearing a tuxedo top
and a dress shirt.

Marlene walked over to Red thirteen, and gave him a little kiss on the
nose. Despite how humiliated he felt, the young girl melted his heart.

"Kitty, can we pway ball?" She said in her cute little voice.

"Sure, but please call me Nanaki" he said, in his deep voice.

"Na-na-ky" Marlene tried to pronounce his name correctly. Suddenly,
Barret went behind the feline.

"Jes call 'im Red honey." He said, then looked at Nanaki "And you make
sure she doesn't mess up that pretty dress of hers before the vows." Nanaki
looked at Barret, then shrugged off what he said as they made their way to
a less populated part of the field.

Cloud looked at the signs. *Ok, Exit 47, now we're getting somewhere*
He thought as he set the right turn signal on the old truck. It was a bit beat
up, but as he had said to Tifa before, "I'm not that whipped yet". The truck
was big, but it wasn't slow and it was good on gas. It needed a new paint
job, but the blue on it wasn't so bad that you couldn't tell what color it had
been. This model was similar to the one they had used to escape from
Midgar so long ago, but it was a bit longer and didn't have anything in the
back bed of the truck.

Cloud began slowing the car's speed. There wasn't anyone in sight. The
only light out there was the bright headlights of Cloud's car and the moon.
Cloud looked over to the moon, and he noticed how full it was. He didn't
expect a full moon tonight, but it helped him gauge a little bit how much
time had past. He rarely looked at the moon, but tonight its pale yellow
glow caught his attention. Something Tifa had said to him once had made
him think. She said about how the planets and stars up there are innocent,
and that we are fighting not only for our planet but those as well. *I have
to ask her for that sometime*

Vincent Valentine made his way through the guests. He knew many of them, but
few recognized him in a suit and tie. He had even gone to the extent of
getting his hair cut. Not short, but still cut. Carrying two hard drinks, he
made his way past the casual acquaintances until he made his way to Reeves.

"Hello Reeves." Vincent said, coldly and succinctly

"Is that, Vincent?" Reeves saint, squinting his eyes. The man who had always
covered as much of his face as he could with his clothes and hair actually
had his entire face showing.

"It is indeed. A drink?" He said. Reeves took the crystal glass of alcohol
and began to sip it.

"What are you working on there?" Vincent said raising an eyebrow.

"Heh, it's a little secret that Cloud had me set up. Cid gave me a hand with
it, but you'll see it soon enough." Reeves said, with a smile from ear to ear
at his work.

"As you wish. I think I'll head out to see the groom, do you know where
Cloud is?"

"Yea, he's on the East end, while Tifa's on the West end." Reeves said,
returning to his work. Vincent shrugged as he began to make great strides

Being alone in the grave had shortened his verbosity, but also it had the
effect of making him despise small talk. He continued his quick pace, making
headway into the Groom's area.

When he got there, he could see Cloud pacing back and forth, Cid and Barret
arguing about something or another, and Nanaki batting the soccer ball with
his tail while Marlene tried not to let it go too far. Vincent walked up
quickly, and before Cloud knew it there was Vincent, standing there with a
drink in one hand and holding out the other to greet the Groom.

"Hello Cloud. Congratulations" He said.

Cloud looked up, and was amazed at the sight he saw when he heard his
comrade's voice. Never in a million years had he expected Vincent to show
up in a tux, but with cut hair and everything?

"Wow Vincent, thanks." He said as he extended his hand. Before he shook with
Vincent however, he wiped his hand on the sleeve of his tuxedo.

Cid and Barret looked up to see Vincent, and they immediately stopped their
conversation and got up to see the man.

"Cid, Barret" Vincent said with a nod to each. "Before I forget Cloud, I
wanted to give you this" Vincent said, as he held out a wrapped box. It was
about three quarters of an inch high, three inches wide, and two long.

"What is it?" Cloud said, shocked that he would get any gift.

"Open it and find out." Was the only answer the mystery man would give to
the Groom-To-Be. Cloud opened the box, and inside were two cufflinks, in the
shape of his ultimate weapon blade. They were in gold, and on each of the
blades was "The gate of tomorrow is not the light of heaven." Vincent had
said that once on the airship Highwind.

"Wow, thank you Vincent, I really like them" He said as he put them on each

"Where'd ya get them?" Barret asked, puzzled at the craftsmanship.

"I know someone who does that kind of work." Vincent spoke coolly,

"It must 'ave set you back quite a pretty penny" Cid said, showing a little
that he had a bit to drink.

"It did, but I don't care. Money has little value for me. I just wanted to
get you a little something to congratulate today." Vincent said, in what
probably was the most anyone had ever said to anyone on the day.

Cloud pulled his car up to the hotel they planned on staying. He looked at
his watch and saw that it was already two. He turned to Tifa and softly said
"Teef, come on, it's time to get up." Tifa opened her eyes, and after a
couple of seconds she remembered where she was and slowly got out.

"But I insist" Cloud said as he picked her up. Tifa was suddenly whirled
around, and then suddenly stopped in his arms. Cloud took Tifa into the
'Villa Cloud', and placed her on the bed. He looked around the room as he
stretched his legs.

"Cloud, I'm tired, I don't..." Tifa started

"Don't worry, I have waited twenty years, what's another night?" He said
as he kissed her on the lips. "Good night." He said as he placed a sheet
over her.

"Good night. I love you." Tifa said as she began to succumb to sleep once

"I love you too." Was the last thing that Tifa heard before she returned to

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