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You waited. You couldn't take the agony, but you waited. Or maybe you didn't
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Anyways, now you get your just deserts. Yep, the sex. Nice, romantic, fluffy
kinda sweet and loveable sex. Boys (and girls?) start your porn music
blastin, cuz here it comes.

* Denotes thoughts

~~~ Denotes flashback

Final Fantasy 7: Victory At Last Part 3 - Patience Is A Virtue
by Some Random Bastard

Cloud got home from his little excursion. "Teef?" He called out, and no one
answered. *alright, just clean up a bit then* Cloud thought as he made his
way to the bathroom. He saw some cuts on his fists, and a couple bruises on
his arms, along with the occasional blood splotch from his enemies. *better
than my own*. He turned the small radio in the corner on as he went to the
white faucet and turned the water on.

As he began to clean himself off, he heard the front door open and shut. He
ignored it as he went to finish his task. He noticed his wedding ring, which
seemed almost alien to him.

The entire group was assembled, and they were ready to proceed. Cloud was at
the altar, standing there a bit frustrated. The band began to play "here
comes the bride" and everyone looked back to watch Tifa come. Tifa had asked
Barret to show her off, because he was always a father figure to her, he
always tried to keep her safe. They made their way to the processional
without so much as a single mishap. Tifa stood by Cloud, and he couldn't have
thought of a lovelier sight.

Tifa and Cloud stood there, and the priest said, 'where are the rings?'.
Suddenly, a snicker came from one side and a loud thud was heard from behind.

The guards took their weapons out, but they were surprised to see a huge
moogle with a cat atop walking towards the lucky couple. Cait Sith was barely
able to make it's way hopping to the altar to give the rings to the couple.


Tifa entered the door, and looked around. She couldn't see Cloud anywhere.
*Excellent* She thought as she went to the bedroom quickly. She felt bad
about Cloud being shot down on the first night of their honeymoon, so she
went to the lingerie store and purchased something to make his night all
the more worth it. She opened up the bag and looked inside.

She had purchased a slim red nightgown. It was a deep red color, but she
smiled as she knew that wouldn't be what Cloud noticed. The lingerie was
strapless in the back, and the silky satin fabric collected together around
strategically placed frills.

Tifa quickly took her top off, exposing her green bra straining to keep her
large breasts in line. She pulled her shorts off and kicked them into the
corner. She had heard Cloud yell from the bathroom next to the bedroom.
*Better hurry girl* She thought as she quickly pulled her panties and bra
off and put the lingerie on. It was a little snug, but she smiled as she
knew it wouldn't be on for long.

She quickly ran to the fridge, where she had a bottle of champagne chilled.
She took the bucket and filled it full of ice she had taken out of the
freezer. She popped the bottle of wine open, allowing it to fall into the
bucket. She took two wineglasses from the cupboard, her hands quivering in
anticipation as she tried to fill the glasses without spilling. She couldn't
keep her hand straight, and a couple drops of the glistening bubbly dropped
onto the floor, catching a moments gleam of light as it made it's way down.

She carried the glasses to the bedroom, without spilling a drop out of the
glasses, calling on her bartending skills. She got onto the bed, and took
one of the glasses to her mouth, placing the pristine clean glass full of
the sparkling elixir to her red lips, tasting the bubbly but not drinking
too much of it, she didn't want to spoil the moment.

"Do you, Cloud, promise to take Tifa in wellness and in sickness, for richer
or poorer, til death do you part?" The preacher said. Cloud noticed in his
voice that he was sucking it in, he must have wanted to look impressive.

"I do." Cloud said, his voice cracking a little.

"And Tifa, do you promise to take Cloud, in wellness and in sickness, for
richer or for poorer, til death do you part?" The preacher repeated, almost
agonizingly slow.

"I do." Tifa said.

"With the power invested in me by the planet, I now proclaim you are wed.
You may kiss the bride!"

Cloud needed no one to tell him, he quickly grabbed his new wife by the hips,
twirled her, and planted a huge wet one right on her lips, much to the
appreciation of the crowd.

Cloud finished cleaning himself off, and he turned the radio off. *Crappy
stations around here, all* he began to think as he opened the door and
entered the bedroom. *They got here is a bunch of HOLY SHIT!* He thought as
he did a double take towards his wife.

Tifa was lying on her left side, holding a glass of champagne in each hand,
with her right hand elevating the glass to her lips. She was wearing
something Cloud had never seen her wear before, lingerie. He looked at her
from head to toe and back, noticing how the piece was showing just how
developed her bust was.

"Care to take a drink?" She said with her eyebrow raised as she invited him
with her left arm.

"It's not the drink I want" Cloud replied with a wicked smile.

Cloud walked over to the bed, and took the glass out of her hand. He placed
it on the nightstand right behind her head, then embraced her in a passionate
kiss. She placed her glass beside Cloud's, then placed her hands on his face.
"I love you" Was all that escaped her lips before they were once intertwined,
their tongues dancing the sacred French dance of lust.

When the lips had broken apart, Cloud said only "I love you too" before
continuing. Cloud and Tifa had never had sex before. Tifa was raised up
straight, and Cloud cared too deeply about her to try to force her to engage
in something she wanted to wait for. But now, Cloud was as happy as a kid on
Christmas Day, and he loved his present, covered in lace and frills, he
couldn't want to open it.

Tifa took the initiative, and moved her head slowly to Cloud's ear,
breathing to him "take me" and she began to slowly use her tongue to play
with his ear, driving Cloud crazy. Cloud, meanwhile, was exploring Tifa's
body with his hands, moving slowly over to her bust. The satin feel of the
garment was smooth, making his movements glide easier over her behind. As
he was exploring, he noticed she was slowly, very slowly, moving her legs
open to invite his exploration of her nether regions.

He noticed that she was getting more and more aroused by the moment. He took
his hands from her bust line and began to slowly move his hands onto the
straps of her lingerie. "Uh-uh, not yet tiger" she said as she smiled and
began to explore him with her fingers.

Cloud's member was already erect at the time, and it was being painfully
pressed against his shorts. When Tifa glanced her fingers atop it, Cloud was
in complete bliss. Tifa began to slowly move her hand over his swollen
member, feeling it's length and girth through the thin material, feeling how
it strained to get loose from the flimsy cotton that separated it and her
warm, soft hands.

After minutes of agonizing petting, Tifa suddenly got up. Cloud was taken
back by her action, but when he turned around to see her standing up, and
fiddling with something in the back of her lingerie. Suddenly, her lingerie
fell down, with Cloud's jaw as well.

The sight of Tifa was truly a work of art. He looked her up and down,
savoring the sight and imprinting it into his mind. Tifa's breasts were even
larger than they seemed when she was wearing clothes. They were full, and
they did not sag. Her nipples told of how aroused she was, they were almost
as hard as Cloud was.

Cloud noticed something he didn't expect when he looked further south. Tifa
had shaved her public hair around her vagina, leaving it very short, around
a quarter inch of the brown hair, the same color as on top of her head. Cloud
could notice the dampness down there.

"Now, now Cloud, it isn't fair of me to be the only one here nude" Was all
she said before she crawled on top of the incredibly lucky young man. She
pulled his shirt up along the way, as Cloud worked feverously to remove his
pants and boxer shorts. When he had removed them, his member was finally able
to spring forth, and Tifa was shocked at the size. She had heard for a long
time that 5 or 6 inches was the normal size, but Cloud had an eight-inch

Cloud however, had other matters to worry about. He quickly turned his
attention to Tifa's breasts. He laid Tifa out on the bed, and slowly moved
his head over to her erect nipples. They were large, but not humongous. But
they were definitely aroused. Cloud began to play with them, gently playing
and teasing the areoles as Tifa moaned in pleasure. He took his tongue and
began to flick at one of the nipples while his hand was pleasing the other.

Tifa felt like her nipples were on fire, and she was softly moaning and
breathing heavy from all the attention they were getting. Cloud was not
experienced, but he made up in effort as sheer moments of his attention
felt like hours of pleasure.

Cloud stopped suddenly, and as Tifa looked down to see Cloud moving further
south. "Cloud, you don't" was all she could say before Cloud shushed her.
"Really, you dooooo-oh" was what Cloud made out as he began to slowly pet her
wet spot.

He gently massaged her labia, stroking it softly as he used his other hand
to locate her clitoris. He increased the pace of his stroking as Tifa became
more and more moist. He then introduced his tongue to her, driving her into
sheer shakes of pleasure as his tongue made it's way across her, mixing his
saliva and her sweet juices.

Cloud was living a dream, he was in pure happiness downtown. He moved his
head lower to Tifa's clit while massing her with his hands. When he began to
flick on her clit, Tifa tensed up for a moment, but soon let her muscles
relax as Cloud's tongue made it's way around her clitoris, driving her on
fire. She moaned as Cloud brought her to the bring of orgasm.

"Oh, Cloud, I, oh god, think I'm gonna, C-c-c-c-AAAAAHHHHH!" She said as her
senses exploded in orgasm. Her entire body shook with pleasure, and the
juices from her pussy began to flow all over Cloud's face, which he gladly
took each and every drop. The continued sensation to her sensitive clit drove
her to a second aftershock orgasm.

"Huff-That was, just, amazing" Tifa said, slowly catching her breath.

"I live to serve, milady." Was all Cloud said, his face covered in her wet
sticky juices, making his face glimmer.

"I want you inside of me" Tifa said, still in a daze from the orgasm.

Cloud was quick to oblige, and positioned the head of his penis at the
entrance of Tifa's very wet love canal. "Are you sure?" Cloud asked before
he inserted his member.

"Yes" was all Tifa said, as she bit down on her lip. She was a virgin, but
at some point during her years of battle she had popped her cherry, which
was a horrible pain at the time, but now she quietly thanked herself for
the foresight. Cloud took his penis and began to slowly glide it into Tifa.
Despite how wet she was, she was a virgin. Cloud slowly began the process
of drilling his unit into her, all the while Tifa was moaning in pleasure.
Cloud took his hands and placed them on her hips, using his forearm muscles
to increase his force into her.

Cloud got two inches inside of her without much trouble, but Tifa was
moaning, partially in pleasure but partially in pain Cloud could tell. He
withdrew his member a little to increase thrust into her, and she moaned as
he fit another inch into her. She was too tight, and Cloud was almost ready
to give up, when he looked into Tifa's big brown eyes, and saw her as she
bit her lip and shook her head "yes".

Tifa was on cloud nine, but at the same time she could feel some discomfort.
Cloud's member was huge, and the sheer thought of having it inside of her
both frightened and turned her on. Cloud continued his slow approach of entry
into her. He fit another inch, but there were still two inches that wouldn't
go in.

Tifa's pussy was soaking wet already, but all the lubrication couldn't help
her now. Cloud was stretching her pussy out already, making it even more
sensitive as he began to thrust in and out. Then, Tifa got an idea.

Tifa took her two ankles, and held them out on each end, so she was literally
doing the splits in midair. This gave Cloud a little more leverage, and he
was able to wedge in the rest of his penis, so that his balls were at the
entrance of her anus.

Cloud was amazed at her flexibility, but he began to slowly thrust his penis
forward and back. First he started slowly, moving only a tiny bit at a time,
but as time progressed he increased his pace. Tifa moaned at the feeling of
her husband's huge penis making it's way deeply inside of her. Cloud
continued to play with her clit, massaging and tweaking it while he began to
bring his attention to her nipples.

He continued playing with them, but this time he was a little bit rougher,
tweaking them a little harder and playing with them more lustfully. Tifa
moaned out loud as her husband's penis began to increase it's pace, starting
to rapidly thrust in and out. She arched her back to meet his thrusts, which
drove him even further into her very sensitive pussy, driving her closer.
Tifa took her legs, and surprised Cloud by bringing her legs to a missionary
position. Cloud continued to thrust into his new wife, moaning as he knew he
was driving himself closer.

Cloud took his entire penis out of Tifa's vagina, and then thrust it back in,
driving Tifa wild with his sudden pressure. Her pussy was getting wetter and
wetter by the moment, and Cloud's constant attention was driving her over the
edge. Cloud continued to thrust into her in the same manner, and she moaned
as she felt his hard member thrust into her, making her wetter each second.
She was even a little turned on by his balls constantly bringing attention to
her sensitive behind. She would never have anal sex, but it still excited her
a little bit, the forbidden lust of it all.

Tifa arched her back as far as she could as Cloud thrust into her once again,
and drove her over the edge as he pushed her pussy to the limit. She shook
violently as Cloud continued to thrust forward into her. Cloud increased his
pace, he was near cumming and he wanted to do it while she was. He began to
thrust in and out like a madman, driving Tifa hotter and hotter and making
her orgasm harder and harder.

Tifa thought she was over her orgasm when suddenly Cloud came into her. He
continued his same pace, pumping her with jet stream after jet stream of his
sperm, almost filling her up. Tifa was once again thrown over the edge, as
the thought of her husband's seed filling her up was incredibly hot. Cloud
finished his last load of cum as he began to wind his pumping down. He was
covered in sweat, and Tifa was still finishing her orgasm. When she finished,
he looked straight into her big brown eyes, and kissed her softly on her
mouth, and said "I love you, so much" as a tiny tear welled up in his eye.

"I do too honey, I do too." Was all she said. They stayed together for
another few moments before he removed his member, slick with her sweet honey.
They both lied down, trying desperately to catch their breath as they went
over what had happened during their romp.

Suddenly, Cloud had an idea. "Hey Teef." Cloud said in between deep breaths.

"Yea Tiger?" Tifa said quietly, her voice a worn out from all the moaning.

"Wanna use the Jacuzzi?" He said with a wicked smile. He looked at her, and
raised an eyebrow.

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