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Yay, the final part of the fic! Yay, and I was just gonna...sit around some more hentai...alrighty, enough I guess.
But you gots the sex, what else do ya need? Oh...more sex...fine. Hope y'all
like this, it'll be the last of the 4 parter for me for some time, but The
Unknown Gamer expressed some interest in writing a fifth part, so I'm sure
if you harass him enough he will work on it, that or asking him for the first
part of his GW fic...Heh, he's gonna kill me. Oh well, I have so much coffee
I'll just go insane. Alright, enough stupid blather no one reads, back to the

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Final Fantasy 7: Victory At Last Part 4 - Guh, More Sex?
by Some Random Bastard

Cloud got up, his naked muscular body covered with sweat as he made
his way over to the Jacuzzi, and he inspected the device. It was circular,
about eight feet in diameter, and three feet high, it was bright red, and it
looked almost brand new *Thank god it wasn't one of those tacky heart
shaped ones* Cloud thought as he looked around for an outlet for the plug.

He found one in the corner, and he managed to find the black cord, and have
just enough leeway to plug it in. He heart the Jacuzzi engine start, and he
turned back to see his beautiful wife, in all her glory, bent over testing
the heat of the water.

"Cloud, hon" Tifa said, and he noticed a bit of a confused look on her face.

"What is it Teef?" Cloud said, walking up behind her, gently rubbing his hand
up and down arm, feeling how cool her skin was.

"When did you get a Jacuzzi?" she said, turning her head slightly so she
could see his face in the corner of her eye.

"It was a wedding gift from the city, I thought I told you before" Cloud
said, breaking his hand away to scratch his head. He felt how badly messed
up his hair had gotten, it was almost straight.

Cloud swatted his hand through the water, feeling how warm it had gotten. He
was satisfied with the heat, and put one foot in, then the other, letting his
body drop as he got in the Jacuzzi.

"Come on in, the water is fine" Cloud said, noticing as the bubbles began to
bubble up from the engine. He watched as Tifa slowly got in, taking in once
again the beauty of his new wife as she got in the tub.

Tifa sprang her body towards Cloud, propelling herself with her muscular
legs, taking him off guard as she wrapped her arms around him. Cloud, taken
aback for a moment, took only a couple seconds to regain his composure, but
he quickly returned attention, his hands slowly making their way across her
back, feeling the contrast between her warming skin and the heat from the

Tifa slowly moved her body down, her hands exploring Cloud's peck muscles as
she brought her face down, gently kissing his chest, tasting his salty sweat
as her kisses slowly made their way down, past his pecks, past his six pack,
even further. Cloud only took notice when he felt her chin brush against

"Teef, you don't have to do that" Cloud said, his body tensing up. He didn't
want Tifa to have to do it because she wanted to, he didn't want to force her
into anything, and he could live without oral sex.

"No Cloud, I want to" Tifa said, her head moving further down towards his
semi erect penis. She took a moment to come to grips with actual seeing up
close his member.

Tifa slowly wrapped her hands around his member, feeling it literally come
to life as she slowly began to pump it up and down, up and down, feeling it
quickly get harder.

Tifa took her time, letting her tongue glide the length and base of his
member, giving him short sweet kisses as she felt his member begin to throb

Tifa slowly took hid dick to her mouth, letting her tongue slowly caress
Cloud's member as she tasted him, savoring the flavor of his meat.

She positioned herself at the tip of his penis, and slowly opened her mouth,
letting in only the tip of his penis into her mouth. She was taking her time,
she knew she couldn't down the entire length of the eight inch behemoth in
front of her but she did want to try this.

Cloud let out a moan as he felt his member enter Tifa's mouth, his head
surrounded by her hot mouth, feeling as her tongue circled the tip, driving
him crazy.

Tifa eased her jaw muscles as she slowly began to take more of his man meat
into her mouth. Tifa was surprised as she took in more of his member how
thick it was. She pushed her head down, taking in another inch, trying to
keep herself continuing to breath through her nose.

Tifa finally found that she could go no longer, and slowly began to bob her
head up and down, running her tongue along the length of his penis as she
went up and down on him.

Cloud was going insane with pleasure as his dick was getting sucked for the
first time in his life. Tifa might not have had any practice, but she was a
quick learner, and she more than made up with enthusiasm as she continued to
blow him.

Cloud knew he was too close to cumming already. "Tifa, you better stop, or
I'm gonna finish." He said, trying to squeeze the muscles at the base of his
penis, to hold himself back. Tifa pulled her head up, his penis emerging with
an audible pop as he exited.

Tifa didn't say a word as she positioned herself on top of his member,
teasing Cloud's penis for a few seconds, before she eased her legs, slowly
squatting down on his member as he penetrated her. Tifa's athletic body could
propel herself at any height squatting like this almost indefinitely. Tifa
took a little time watching Cloud's face contorted at each movement.

Cloud put his hands on Tifa's curves, admiring her muscular body as she
helped her ease into a pace, slowly bringing his dick further into her wet
lovehole. Cloud took his thumb, slowly taking it to her clit, rubbing it as
she was slowly impaled upon his member.

Tifa let herself go further and further down, her tight body resisting his
member as she did. She pushed herself further down, letting his full member
penetrate her. Tifa could feel her pleasure growing and growing exponentially
as she began to get herself in a slow rhythm, gently thrusting it in and out
as her body once again became accustomed to him.

Cloud took Tifa shoulders, bringing her body up to his to give him more
leverage as he continued to pump into his wife, gaining momentum as he felt
her very tight vagina get wetter and wetter, giving him the necessary
lubricant to speed up.

Tifa began to let out a low moan, she could feel herself getting closer and
closer to orgasm. Cloud knew this, and he began to spend some attention on
her nipples, slowly massaging them with his forefinger and thumbs on one as
he took her other nipple in his mouth, gently massaging it with his tongue
as he began to nibble ever so slightly on her nipples, making her moan out
louder. Cloud switched breasts, but instead of just nibbling on it, he
actually placed as much of her large melons into his mouth, sucking on it
while his tongue massaged her nipples, bringing her to the brink.

Tifa cried out in pleasure as she went past the brink, as a strong orgasm
took her body. She cried out loud as Cloud continued to pump into her, while
continuing to give attention to her nipples. Tifa felt her body tense up
around Cloud, making her body more sensitive to his movements.

When Tifa's climax subsided, Cloud found he had the lubrication he needed to
really finish the job. Cloud gently switched positions with Tifa, bringing
himself on top of her sweet athletic body.

Cloud, using his knees to brace him to the bottom of the hot tub, was about
to resume when he heard Tifa giggle.

"Teef, what's so funny?" Cloud said, a little curious and a little

"Oh, sorry Tiger, it's just, hehe, the jet stream" She said, pointing down
and Cloud say a jet stream for the hot tub, the jet stream almost
strategically placed right between her legs. To her it felt like the stream
was gently massing her outer pussy lips.

Cloud positioned himself on top of her, getting his penis aligned so that he
could finish the task at hand. He took the tip of his member, massaging her
outer lips and clit with his head before he let his member thrust into her.
Tifa gasped, feeling the jet stream almost massage her clit while Cloud
brought his member back to her wet love hole, returning Tifa's dial back to

Cloud bit his lip as he felt a surge of adrenaline rush into his body,
reviving his forward thrust. He plunged, starting at a fairly quick pace, but
he quickly increased in speed, he felt the urge to cum both physically and

Tifa could fell her tired body once again begin to build up towards orgasm,
she braced herself, feeling Cloud shaft continually go in and out, each
pounding thrust like a nail, bringing her closer and closer.

Cloud was at the end of the cliff, he could literally feel his body aching
for orgasm. He grabbed her hips to help him brace himself as his pace was
faster than he previously thought possible.

Tifa felt her throbbing body being almost pulled by Cloud's rapid, powerful
strokes. Tifa couldn't take anymore, she was sure she couldn't stand the
pleasure anymore.

Cloud took her hips, and thrust his cock as far into her as he could, as he
felt the strongest orgasm of his life take over his body. He body trembled
as he felt himself empty his member inside Tifa, his balls felt like they
were undergoing a supernova as spurt after spurt left his body.

Tifa could feel her husband climaxing inside her, the action itself bringing
her past the point of no return, as she felt her body spasm with pleasure.
With each spurt of cum she felt inside of her, she could feel fireworks going
off in her head, each one getting larger and stronger as she felt herself
climax. After a dozen times, she couldn't take the pleasure anymore, and she
passed out.

Tifa woke up, her eyes groggy, and she could feel her body a bit sore. Her
memory returned to her, like a wave on a beach in her mind. She looked around
and saw Cloud standing up beside her.

"Enjoy your little nap?" He said as he lowered his head, and kissed her.

"Not as much as you did I'll bet" she said with a wink.

And thus concludes the greatest story ever written. Nah, but still, it's not
that bad, I got quite a few emails from this, and only...3 viruses, no 4
viruses since! Oh joy. Anyways, The Unknown Gamer expressed some interest in
writing a fifth chapter, best of luck if he really wants to. I think I need
to get back to plot less sex for a while, but right now I don't have a
particular story in mind. Oh well, I'm always in the mood for requests.
Anyways, it's been fun, but now I'm afraid it's time to end this, at least
for now. Hope everyone had a blast, I'm sure Cloud did.

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