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Final Fantasy 7: Part 1 - Crime And Punishment (Mf)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

"Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm," Yuffie hummed to herself as she looked at the boots in
her hand then looked around the store to see if anyone was watching.

When she didn't notice anyone, Yuffie quickly took off her old boots and put
the new ones. She then replaced the old boots where the new ones had just
been sitting.

"Find anything?" the shopkeeper asked her as Yuffie started heading towards
the door.

"Naw, I didn't. Sorry."

"That's alright, Miss. Plenty of people come in and don't buy anything."

"Yeah I guess so," Yuffie said. "Well take care."

"Alrighty, you take care too." The shopkeeper then jumped over the counter,
and grabbed Yuffie's shoulder before she got out of the door. "But just one

Yuffie jumped when he put his hand on her shoulder. "Umm... yeah?"

"Why don't you pay for those boots?"


"Pay for the boots, before I have you arrested."

"Bite me! They're my boots!" Yuffie snarled back. She punched him the
stomach and dashed out the door and down the street towards the inn.

Yuffie looked back as she ran down the street and didn't see the shopkeeper.

"Good... Almost... there..." she thought as she continued down the street.


Yuffie fell to the ground as someone tackled her from behind.

"Where the hell did you come from?!?" She asked with surprise as she realized
it was the shopkeeper who tackled her as he tied her hands behind her back.

"Never mind that. Who're you here with?"

"I'm not with anyone!"

"Well damn, that's a shame. I thought since you weren't a local and you were
running towards the inn that maybe you were here with someone. I was feeling
generous since you're so young, and I was going to let you off as long as
these boots got paid for and you never came into my store again. However,
since that's not the case, I'll have you arrested since I won't let you off
scott free. You'll be imprisoned until your trial, and since the courts are
backed up as it is, that could be months."

"Months?!?!? Prison?!?!?"

"Yup, and since 95% of our prisons still have been cleaned for the new
season, I'm guessing they're probably still a bunch of rats in there."

"Rats?!? Eeeeeeeeeew, I'm gonna be sick," Yuffie moaned. "Ok, ok. Me and
a couple of friends are staying at the inn, but everyone is out shopping so
I'll let them know what happened when they get back, and I'll pay you back
later," Yuffie grin said with a grin on her face.

"No can do hon. Shop's closed for the day so I can wait."

"Drats..." She said as she was led to the inn.

"You want a drink?" the shopkeeper asked Yuffie as they walked through the
door and head for the inn's bar.

"How the hell am I supposed to drink it?" Yuffie snapped.

"My, my. What a mouth for a young girl to have. Use this," the shopkeeper
said as he put a straw in Yuffie's drink and placed it in front of her,
before gulping down his own.

"Oh bite me..." Yuffie said then began on her drink.

20 minutes later...

"So you try to steal everything before you buy it, eh? Why?"

"None of your damn business."

"You've just been lucky. One of these da--" the shopkeeper abruptly stopped
as a knife blade was place underneath his throat.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" A voiced asked the shopkeeper.

"Cloud!!!" Yuffie squealed with delight.

"Calm down, uh Cloud is it?"

"What're you doing?"

"See those boots on her feet?" the shopkeeper asked as he pointed at
Yuffie's feet. "She likes them just fine. The problem is though, she walked
out of the store with them without paying for them."

"...... Alright, sorry about that. How much do we owe you?" Cloud said.

"No problem. She, you, whoever owes me 47 gold pieces."

"Here you go," Cloud said as he handed him the gold.

"Thank ye kind sir," the shopkeeper said as he untied Yuffie's hands and
left the inn.

As Cloud bought a drink and started walking upstairs towards his room, Yuffie
caught up with him and began to speak.

"Hey Clo--"

"Don't say anything Yuffie, just don't say anything," Cloud said with a hint
of disappointment in his voice and he continued on to his room.

"Hmph!" and Yuffie stomped to her room.

* * *

Upset with the shopkeeper for busting her, upset with Cloud for not
listening, Yuffie started to clean her weapons when a thought that startled
her crossed her mind and she dropped everything on the floor.

"Oh my god! The others warned me at the last time that if this happened
again, they'd have to kick me out of the group! They can't! They just can't!
I have so much more materia to find and the world to see!"

Yuffie quickly made her way down the hall to Cloud's room and knocked on the

"Who is it?" the voice from inside asked.

"Um... it's me Cloud," Yuffie answered back.

After a long silence Cloud said, "Come in Yuffie."

"What can I do for you?" Cloud asked as without looking up from the maps he
was studying at the table.

"Um... is there anyway you can possibly not tell the others I got caught
stealing? I really, really, really don't want to leave the group. I love
you guys!" Yuffie said right before kissing Cloud on the check.

"Afraid not."

"But whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?"

"Because everytime you've got caught you've always promised that you wouldn't
do it again, and everytime you've broken your promise. One of these days,
you're going to try and steal from the wrong person and get either you or all
of use in a lot of trouble and quite frankly it's not worth it."

"Please Cloud," Yuffie whispered as she bent down, kissed him on the lips,
and grabbed his crotch.

Startled by Yuffie's frankness, Cloud jumped up and spoke, "Look, we're
scheduled to have dinner with the others shortly. I'm going to wash up then
head down to the restaurant. You might as well pack up your things, because
there isn't a thing that's going to make me change my mind.

With that Cloud left for the washroom.

* * *

About half and hour later Cloud returned to his room and notice the obvious
lump of some trying to hide in his bed.

Cloud sat down on the bed and started stroking the lump up and down.

"Come on Tifa, this is no time for games. We're having dinner soon, you
know." Cloud said as he grabbed what he assumed to be Tifa's butt.

"Stop it!" a voice from underneath the sheets giggled.

"Wait a minute..." Cloud thought to himself as he reached for the sheets to
pull them down.

"YUFFIE!!!! What the hell are you doing???" he screamed as it was Yuffie
hiding underneath the sheets completely naked.

"I'm... I'm... sorry Cloud," Yuffie began to cry. "I thought maybe if I did
the "things" Tifa did for you, then maybe you wouldn't tell on me and let me
stay..." Yuffie wiped a tear from her eye.

Cloud sighed and sat down on the bed next to Yuffie.

"If the past is anything to go by then I'm probably being a fool her, but I
won't tell anyone and you don't have to do any of the "things" Tifa does for

"Oh thank you Cloud!" Yuffie said with delight and she kissed Cloud again on
the lips.

Feeling strangely aroused by her kiss this time, Cloud kisses Yuffie back
wrestling his tongue with hers.

After kissing for several seconds, Cloud suddenly pulls back.

"I'm... I'm sorry Yuffie."

"Sorry? For what?"

"We shouldn't be doing this."

"Why not?"

"Because Tifa's my girl..."

"You two aren't married, so what's the problem?"

"It just isn't right Yuffie."

"Is this right then?" Yuffie asked as she kissed Cloud on the mouth again and
reached into his pants and started to jack him off.

"Mmmmm... hold on..." Cloud said as he stood up briefly to take off his

Slowly he laid Yuffie down on the bed, and got on his knees. Taking his
time, Cloud started tracing his tongue around Yuffie's vagina while reaching
up and massaging her budding breasts and pinching her nipples.

"Oooooooh... Clooooooud..." Yuffie moaned.

Cloud started licking at her pussy as he explored it's insides with a finger.

"Mooore Cloud, Mooore," Yuffie groaned as she started grinding herself onto
his finger.

"You like this don't you?" Cloud mocked Yuffie as he continued to finger her.


"Good." Cloud spoke softly as he removed his finger and kissed Yuffie on the
lips again fighting her tongue.

Cloud played with his cock a bit more before slowly inserting it into
Yuffie's pinkish pussy.

"Owww! It's too big for me Cloud..."

"Shhh! It was too big Tifa too when we first started having sex, but now
it's not," Cloud said as he started to pump in and out of Yuffie.

"Oh god Cloud! It's sooo tight!" Yuffie panted as she started bucking her
hips and began squeezing her small breasts.

"Mmph!" Cloud groaned as he thrusted his cock into Yuffie harder and deeper.

Yuffie could feel her juices to starting to trickle out and wiped them up
with her fingers and licked them.

"Please Cloud! Harder!" Yuffie screamed as she began thrusting hips wildly
into Cloud.

With his hands helping to shove Yuffie harder and deeper onto his prick,
Cloud increased his intensity.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!" Yuffie yelled as she bucked her hips excitedly
before her body trembled with waves of her orgasm, her juices excreting

With one final thrust, Cloud dove deeper and harder into Yuffie than he ever
had before unloading himself inside of Yuffie, his cum squirting all over her

"Mmmmmm.... Cloud that was great!" Yuffie said as she licked her fingers
clean of the white goo she cleaned out of her pussy.

"Yup. Now were going to be late for dinner and I'll have to lie to Tifa."

"Lie about what?" a voice said out of nowhere.

"Is that you Tifa?" Cloud asked quizzingly.

"Yes it is. Now what were you going to have to lie to me about?" Tifa said
as she seemingly out of thin air.

"Wha??? How'd you do that???" Cloud asked with a surprised look.

"It's nothing. One of the stores in town is selling these magic seeds that
let you walk around invisible for half an hour. Now what were you going to
lie to me about?"

"Uh... it's just that..." Cloud's face reddened. "I love you Tifa, you know
that right? Well...." In a quick paced tone Cloud said, "Yuffie got caught
stealing, I was going to tell, she started crying cause she didn't want to
have to leave the group, and one thing lead to another, and we had sex."

"I know."


"You think I wouldn't kick your ass and her's," Tifa said pointing at a now
dressing Yuffie, "if I was pissed off?"

Cloud stuttered, "Well... why aren't you?"

"Because I've always wanted a third member for our group," Tifa said before
she walked to Yuffie and began kissing her fondling her breasts.

Cloud momentarily raised and eyebrow, before dressing and walking to dinner
with Tifa and Yuffie each on an arm and smile on his face.

To be continued...


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