Final Fantasy 8: Garden Of Earthly Delights Part 1 (FF,F-best)
by Lord Naughtyous ([email protected])

Rinoa, Selphie and Qustis met up for their regular workout at the Training
Centre. Normally Selphie and Quistis trained together since their strategies
were similar. Now that Rinoa was working towards becoming a SeeD, she
accompanied them. It was a great opportunity for her to train with two
upperclassmen and it added a new element to Quistis and Selphie's strategies.

The girls usually concentrated on controlling the fight since they could
not rely on brute force alone. This involved a lot of running around and
precision as they went after soft spots on their opponent. The addition of
Rinoa made things a little easier as she could distract from a distance
while Quistis or Selphie went for a critical strike.

Right now they were walking through the underbrush looking for a monster to
kill. They came to a clearing and saw several Grats milling about; doing
whatever it is they do in their natural habitat.

The girls jumped out and attacked them. Rinoa sliced one cleanly in half with
her Angel Wing. Quistis and Selphie punctured the bag-like gullet on two of
them, their stomach acids immediately spilling out and burning them.

Suddenly the trio heard a giant roar. A T-Rexaur stomped its way through
the jungle vegetation towards them, attracted by the sounds of dying Grats.
Quistis immediately took charge. "Alright, girls, this is the big battle.
Remember your positions."

"Righty-o," Selphie replied cheerfully.

"Yes, Instructor," Rinoa said, in keeping with her status as a student.

As the monster came into the clearing Rinoa and Selphie sprang from their
hiding places. Rinoa shot her Angel Wing at the left side of the T-Rexaur's
head, hoping to slice its eye. Selphie targeted the other eye with her
Strange Vision and scored a hit. The monster roared in pain and began
thrashing around wildly, swinging its tail in a wide arc.

The girls retreated to the thick underbrush and tried to find shelter or
some higher ground. Quistis waited in her perch in a tree for the monster
to sweep the area behind him. At that moment she would be safe from the
tail and his blind side would be towards her.

Soon enough, she had her chance. Jumping down she cracked her whip at the
monster, targeting the knee joint farthest away from her. She scored a direct
hit, slicing through the soft flesh and tendon. The creature roared in pain
as the limb gave way and it collapsed under its own weight.

Rinoa and Selphie came out from their hiding places and high-fived the blonde

"Way to go, Quis!" Selphie cheered.

"We all defeated it." Quistis replied. "Nice shot, Rinoa. I know you don't
have the benefits of the Strange Vision like Selphie does, but try to aim
for the upper area of the eye. That way even if you miss, the blood will
flow down into it, impairing its vision."

"Thank you, Instructor, I will," Rinoa replied.

"Now let's get out of here." Quistis said, "We don't want to be around when
the other monsters arrive to take advantage of a wounded T-Rexaur."

The three made their way to the locker rooms, which were just a little
further down the hallway from the entrance of the Training Centre. The girls
stripped off their clothes and stepped into the common shower to wash off the
stink of battle. Rinoa sighed as the hot water cascaded down her body over
her taxed muscles. Turning towards the shower head, she reached for her bar
of soap and began to lather herself up.

Across the room Quistis and Selphie enjoyed the view. Before Rinoa joined
them they would relax in each other's arms in the shower. For weeks now they
had to restrain themselves until she left. Little things like taking extra
long to wash their hair took up enough time so that Rinoa finished first and
was out of the locker room so they could attend to each other's needs.

The girls watched Rinoa finish rinsing and leave the shower room. They waited
exactly eight minutes and listened intently for the hiss of the doors as they
opened and closed. That sound was like a starter pistol for Selphie. On the
second hiss she was already underneath Quistis's shower.

"You think we should bring her in on it?" Selphie asked as she rubbed her
left hand over Quistis's pussy.

Quistis moaned at the shorter girl's touch. "Mmmmm. No, Selphie. I don't
think she'd be receptive to that. And we'd basically be jumping her!"

Selphie took Quistis's left breast in her right hand and sucked gently on her

Quistis wrapped her arms around the brunette, pulled her closer and kissed
her gently on the lips, forcing Selphie had to stand on her toes to reach.
She moved her hands down to Selphie's ass and gave her cheeks as squeeze
before she got down on her knees in front of her pussy. The water from the
shower running down her body made it look so sexy. It came down in many
rivulets, going through a tuft of hazelnut pubic hair before following the
line of her labia and flowing down her legs.

Quistis kissed those pretty lips before running her tongue over her pussy,
going from her lower labia and upward, flicking her clit. Selphie moaned,
leaning her back against the wall for support and grabbed Quistis's head,
holding it firm against her crotch.

Quistis gave her a furious tongue lashing, making Selphie hump her face from
time to time. Quistis worked her hands in between her head and Selphie's
thighs and pushed them apart, freeing herself from the vice-like grip they
had her in. Then she moved her hands higher and spread open the soft petals
of Selphie's pussy. She circled her tongue around the opening of her vagina
before bringing her mouth up to it and plunging her tongue deep into
Selphie's love tunnel.

"Ahhhhhh!" Selphie gasped as she felt Quistis work her way to her G-spot. She
felt her legs nearly give out on her and she had to put her hands against the
wall to help keep her upright.

Down below Quistis could feel her slip a little. She raised Selphie's left
leg onto her shoulder, shifting her weight partially onto her and giving
herself easier access to her pussy. Soon she heard Selphie moan and felt her
body shake as her orgasm took over her. She held onto Selphie's ass, trying
to keep her mouth on her pussy as she bucked her hips wildly. Selphie's
nectar flooded her mouth, flowing slowly like honey and tasting just as

Quistis stood up as Selphie slid limply to the floor with a smile on her
face. Looking up at her Selphie couldn't help but admire her beauty. The
water cascaded over her blonde hair, down her tall, lithe body; running
over her breasts, the curves of her hips and between her legs, which framed
her beautiful pussy.

She got up and kissed Quistis sensuously, pushing their bodies as close as
possible. Breaking it, she turned them around and pushed Quistis against the
shower wall. Kneeling down in front of her she parted her legs and ran her
tongue along the length of her pussy lips.

Quistis moaned as the shorter girl worked her pussy. Selphie was a bundle of
energy. Where she had taken slow, long licks, Selphie started fast and went
right up to turbo. It felt like she was licking every part of her pussy at

Selphie spread Quistis's pussy lips apart and began tongue fucking her,
darting her tongue in and out at a hummingbird's pace. Moving upwards she
sucked on Quistis's clit while she pushed her fingers in and out of her
love tunnel.

"Ahh!" Quistis cried as Selphie furiously finger fucked her. She began
humping against them as they brought her near climax. Selphie felt Quistis's
legs quiver, indicating her impending orgasm. She then had a mischievous

She slowed her licking and began to inch herself away from Quistis. The
blonde followed, driven by her lust and led by Selphie's fingers. When they
were far enough away from the wall Selphie resumed pleasuring Quistis's pussy
like before. The sudden influx of pleasure caused Quistis's legs to weaken.
Selphie caught her and gently guided her to the shower floor. Carrying out
the last stage of her plan, she turned her body around and straddled
Quistis's face, locking the couple in a sixty-nine.

Quistis smiled as she got another taste of the little vixen. She spread her
lips and licked her deep, just like before. Using her fingers, she teased and
rubbed her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Selphie fed off
this energy and directed it back at Quistis, determined to give her as much
pleasure she was giver her, if not more.

Soon both girls began humping their pussies into the other's mouth, each
eager for climax. Selphie used both her hands on Quistis, one rubbing her
clit and the other finger fucking her, reaching deep to her G-spot. The
dual pleasure on both of her most erogenous zones pushed Quistis over the
edge. Quistis moaned as she came, and the added stimulation on Selphie's
pussy made her cum as well.

Selphie pressed her mouth against Quistis's pussy almost immediately, trying
to get as much of her sweet nectar as she could. Quistis sucked her juices
just like Selphie was doing to her. When their orgasms subsided they lay
there, brunette on top of blonde, panting from the efforts of their sex.

The pair got up, rinsed themselves off and went out to the lockers to change.

"We really have to get Rinoa to join us." Selphie said.

"Selphie," Quistis sighed, "We've been over this."

"It'll work if it's the right moment." Selphie replied. Then she smiled. "We
should have a slumber party! It'll be perfect! We'll be in minimal clothing,
there'll be alcohol and ample chances for 'experimentation'."

Quistis sighed as Selphie rambled on. Still, the thought of the two of them
with the raven-haired beauty was a very erotic thought.

* * *

Speaking of the raven-haired beauty, after she left the locker room, Rinoa
stopped at the Cafeteria to pick dinner and brought it back to her quarters.
Her dog, Angelo jumped up energetically on her, greeting her on her return.
She smiled and gave him a belly rub before setting her food down on the
dining table and went to fill Angelo's bowl.

Normally Squall would come home around now, but he was off handling political
issues between Galbadia, Esthar and the recovering Trabia. Galbadia had made
many enemies by siding with Sorceress Edea and their assault on Balamb and
Trabia Garden. The rebuilding of Trabia Garden took precedence. Galbadia
Garden was a tricky issue since the Galbadian Army had seized control of it
during the uprising and had likely already studied its secrets. With the
revelation that the President of Esthar, the technological superpower, was
related to Squall, Garden was thrust into the political sphere as an emerging
world power.

She turned the TV on the way back from the kitchen just in time to catch the
latest public opinion polls. The pie chart was split nearly in half with one
side in support of Garden handling the mediation and one side against,
leaving only a tiny sliver undecided.

Rinoa sighed. It looked like it was going to take longer to convince people
there wasn't going to be any bias in Garden's decisions than it would to
actually get something done. She changed the channel to some medical drama
and master and pet watched as they ate.

After dinner Rinoa went to the bedroom, took her clothes off, dropped them
in the laundry basket and slipped under the covers. She had taken to sleeping
in the nude ever since she began staying at the Garden. Her previous home on
the train didn't afford much in the way of privacy and she found it more
comfortable sleeping naked. Angelo settled in his usual place at the foot of
the bed and the two drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Rinoa stared at the ceiling, frustrated that she couldn't get to sleep.
Normally she and Squall would have fucked by now, leaving them both satisfied
and free of pent up energy. She moved her right hand down between her legs,
hoping a quick rub down would do the trick.

"Mmmm." she moaned as she rubbed her clit, faster and faster. She grasped
her breast with her other hand and began squeezing it, rubbing the nipple
until it was hard. Soon she was thrusting her hips against her fingers. The
motion of her masturbation shook the bed, waking Angelo from his slumber.
From his point of view it looked like something was under the covers with
his master. Since the male was gone it was up to him to protect her.

Angelo jumped off the bed and went around to the empty side. He jumped up
and made his way under the covers toward Rinoa. Once there he saw no other
being with his master, but his nose picked up a familiar scent. This brought
back memories of when he was a young dog living in the big house far from
the ocean. Whenever his master produced this scent she would often do
pleasurable things to him, but only after he did something for her first.
Angelo moved between Rinoa's legs and licked her pussy.

Rinoa gasped at the unexpected sensation. Lifting the covers she saw Angelo
between her legs giving her a doggy smile. He went back to his task, licking
her pussy energetically.

Rinoa spread her legs to allow Angelo access, sighing in pleasure and
nostalgia. The memories of all those nights she and Angelo spent together
whenever her father was away on some business trip came back to her. Since
she had only used Guardian Forces for a short while before inheriting her
sorceress powers, the memories were as potent as the day they were made.

She reached a hand to her right breast, rubbing her nipple and squeezing it
between her fingers. Rinoa reached her other hand down and parted her lips
so Angelo could lick deeper into her. She began bucking her hips as she
neared orgasm, inadvertently giving Angelo access to her ass. This new
sensation pushed her over the edge.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" Rinoa screamed as she came "Give it to me, boy, give it to

Rinoa gasped as her orgasm subsided. "Mmmmm." , Rinoa sighed. "You're such a
good boy, Angelo."

Raising her head to look at Angelo, she saw he was already standing up on
the bed, indicating he wanted her to blow him. She had long since trained
him to be still whenever she was pleasuring him. It made it easier for her
to control him and, in the end, made it more pleasurable for the both of

She crawled underneath him and grasped his already hard cock. Rubbing it a
few times she licked the head to get a taste of his precum before sucking
the whole thing into her mouth. She sucked him hard, running her tongue over
his shaft. Rinoa had forgotten how much she loved the taste of Angelo's cock.
She was sucking him up to the hilt, deepthroating his ten-incher and touching
his knot with her nose. Above her, Angelo let out a bark, letting her know he
was about to cum. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, and began teasing the
tip with her tongue. Angelo barked again and howled. Beneath him Rinoa was
hit with several sprays of jism that missed her mouth, despite her
preparations. Instead they shot over her lips, past her eyes, landing in her
hair and dripped down her forehead.

She put her mouth on his cock and let him fill her up. Within three spurts
she had to swallow to accommodate what his balls had to offer. That was one
of the things she loved about Angelo - he always had so much to give. After
swallowing several times she felt his spurts start to weaken. Finishing off
the last drops she was pleased to see that Angelo's stamina hadn't waned
after all these years. That was the other thing she loved about him - after
a vigorous suck session he was always ready to fuck.

She got out from under him and presented her pussy to him. Angelo jumped up
on her, wrapping his front paws around her waist and immediately mounted her.
"Ohhhhh." Rinoa moaned as she felt the familiar feeling of Angelo's cock in
her pussy again. It was a feeling Angelo sorely missed as well. As soon as
he felt her pussy wrap around his cock he began pumping his fullest into her.

"Oh! Yes! Yes, Angelo! Good boy!" Rinoa screamed as he pounded her pussy.
Rinoa loved it when her pussy was stuffed full and her favourite part had yet
to come. She could feel Angelo's knot hitting her lips, teasing her with the
prospect that it will penetrate her at any moment and lock them together. She
began thrusting in time with Angelo, pushing back against him as he thrust
into her. She could feel it at her entrance, pushing past her lips a little
more with each thrust.

Suddenly Angelo fucked his knot all the way into her, howling as he emptied
his balls into his master. "Ohhhh, yes! Yes! That's it Angelo, fill me up!"
Rinoa screamed as she came as well, her juices mixing with the dog cum inside

Rinoa collapsed onto the bed with a smile across her face, exhausted from
their marathon sex session. Her ass stuck up in the air, still attached to
Angelo's cock. Thirty minutes later it shrunk enough to allow the pair to
disengage. Rinoa's body fell to the bed with a plop, waking her slightly
from her sex induced slumber. She shifted into a more comfortable position,
feeling the cum inside her begin to leak out as she moved. Angelo returned
to his place at the foot of the bed, turning three times before settling
down for sleep.

The End

A/N: Next chapter begins with a slumber party and finishes with a mesmerizing
ending. ;)


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