Author's Notes: Mesmerizes are unicorns with large crescent blades instead
of horns. Wutai is a town from Final Fantasy 7. It looks like an ancient
Japanese town. Hyne is the god in the FF8 universe.

Final Fantasy 8:
Garden Of Earthly Delights Part 2 - The Sleepover (FF,FFF,F-best)
by Lord Naughtyous ([email protected])

Rinoa stared at the clock, willing the minute hand closer to the 12. The
lecturer kept yammering on about something but she had tuned her out the
minute the clock passed 11:45. It was a rule she had that if it was
important, it would have been said in the first two hours of lecture, not
the last fifteen minutes. So far it hadn't failed her.

The chimes sounded just then, interrupting the lecturer and signaling that
class was officially over. Almost en masse, the students moved towards the
door, eager to be free and eager to beat the lunch lineup.

Rinoa was one of the first out the door, rushing to catch the elevator. She
never understood why Balamb Garden was designed with only one elevator to
service four floors.

Rushing to the Cafeteria she was glad to see the line hadn't gotten too long
yet. It only extended to the entranceway. At peak hours the line could snake
halfway around the fountain.

About ten minutes later Rinoa was three people from the counter when she
saw a yellow blur go by. It sped to the front of the line, stopping
intermittently to grab food and stare at the dessert display before zipping
away to a table. 'Ah, the perks of being an Instructor.' , she sighed.
Though she had saved the world right at her side, she was also a student
now. It just wouldn't do to walk around like a queen bee; at least not
until she had earned it in this place. The world worked funny like that.

Finally getting her food she headed for Selphie's table. Quistis was already
there, the two of them engaged in deep conversation.

"Hi." she greeted them as she sat down, "I've got some great news about the
talks in Esthar."

"I just saw the report over the live TV feed." Quistis said. "What do you
know that fifty camped out reporters don't?"

"A direct line to the mediator.", Rinoa replied. "Just one of the perks of
dating Squall."

"So what's the good news?" Selphie asked.

"They made a breakthrough!" Rinoa whispered excitedly. "Galbadia agreed to
one of the [somethings] that were set out in World Council."

"Which one?" Quistis asked.

"They're going to make reparations to Trabia."

Selphie's eyes lit up at the name of her homeland.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow to visit him. You should come too, Selphie.
Irvine's gone with him and Zell as Garden's delegation, right?"

"Mmm-hmm." Selphie nodded. "That's good idea. Hey, how 'bout we have a
little get together before we leave?"

"That's a good idea." Quistis said, playing her part in the script. "What
did you have in mind?"

"A slumber party." Selphie said with a smile.

"That's a good idea." Rinoa said, unaware of the other girl's intentions.
"How 'bout we do at my place, though? It's got more space and has a bigger

"Sounds good." Selphie replied.

Quistis nodded her agreement.

"Great. Meet at my place around 9 o'clock or so." Rinoa said as she finished
her lunch and picked up her tray. "Seeya tonight." she said, waving goodbye,
and left for her afternoon classes.

"That went well." Selphie said, smiling smugly at Quistis.

"The hard part is still to come." Quistis replied.

* * *

Selphie and Quistis knocked on Rinoa's door at precisely 9 sharp, mainly on
Quistis's insistence. The door opened, revealing a smiling Rinoa dressed in
simple flannel pajamas.

"Come in, " she said, "you can change in my room over there. We'll have the
actual party out here in the living room."

Rinoa busied herself mixing some drinks and did some last minute arrangements
to the cushions on the sofa until the girls came out.

"Everything looks nice, Rin." Selphie said, grabbing a cushion and helping
herself to some finger food.

"I've got three movies we can watch." Rinoa said, holding up the cases so
they could see. "Balamb Rail, Sorceress Knights and PuPu's quest."

The girls looked cock-eyed at all of them, bewildered at Rinoa's taste in
movies before deciding on Sorceress Knights, the series Laguna starred in
while searching the world for Ellone.

The movie was actually quite bad and the girls turned it into a drinking
game. They each took a shot whenever Laguna forgot a line, did something
clumsy or fought a real monster instead of the prop one.

By the time they were a quarter way through they were already tipsy and
stopped the movie before they drank themselves into a stupor.

"Hyne, how does he manage to run a country when he can't even remember a
script?" Rinoa said.

"How 'bout an old fashioned game of Truth or Dare?" Selphie suggested. "Rin,
you go first."

"Alright, Quistis, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." she replied.

"Ok, are you a virgin?"

Quistis rolled her eyes. "No." she replied flatly. "My turn. Rinoa, Truth or

Rinoa thought for a minute before deciding. "Truth." she replied.

"Have you ever kissed another girl?" Quistis asked, smirking a little.

"Quisits!" Rinoa exclaimed, her cheeks turning red. "Yes." she said,
surrendering her answer. Catching Selphie's inquisitive look, she elaborated.
"It was in highschool. Ancient history."

"Alright, Selphie, Truth or Dare?" Rinoa said, setting her sights on the

"Ummm, Dare." she replied, wondering what she had in mind.

"Ok," Rinoa said, scanning the room, "you have to play with Angelo, but you
have to do it like a dog."

"What?" Selphie said incredulously and the ridiculous request.

"Angelo!" Rinoa called, summoning her pet. "I've gpt a new friend for you!"

Angelo bounded into the room, his feet padding on the soft carpet.

"Go on, boy, over there." Rinoa urged him, pointing him towards Selphie.

Selphie sighed and got on all fours, barking and mirroring Angelo's actions.

Rinoa and Quistis had a great laugh over that, even tossing some food at the
pair to keep Angelo there.

"Ok, ok, stop it! Enough!" Selphie said, annoyed when a nacho landed on her
head and Angelo licked it up, leaving her with a cowlick.

"My turn." Selphie said, grinning evilly, "Rinoa, Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Rinoa replied.

"I dare you to kiss Quistis." Selphie said, cackling.

Rinoa rolled her eyes, knowing this would have come up eventually. She walked
over to Quistis, who was on the couch, and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Pfft, that was no kiss." Selphie scoffed, "I kiss Matron like that."

"Fine." Rinoa replied, glaring daggers at Selphie. Leaning in, she kissed
Quistis full on the lips, causer her to moan involuntarily.

"My turn, I dare you to kiss Quistis." Rinoa said, her inner self cheering
for some revenge.

Quistis and Selphie smiled at each other, eager to share their secret with
their soon-to-be new member. Quistis gently held the head of the smaller girl
and kissed her lovingly on the lips. Selphie returned it with just as much
passion, putting her hands on Quistis's larger breasts and gently massaged
them through her top.

Breaking the kiss, the two turned to see Rinoa's reaction. She sat there,
dumbfounded by what she saw. Selphie decided to push her plan further. She
unbuttoned Quistis's top and slid it off her shoulders. Leaning in, she began
licking Quistis's left breast, making sure Rinoa saw her tongue action.

"What " Quistis began, but Selphie silenced her with a kiss. Giving her more
incentive to stay that way, she put her hand down her PJ bottoms and began
rubbing her clit with her thumb while she finger-fucked her with her middle

Rinoa watched the two of them have sex, beginning to be turned by the
beautiful couple. She reached her hand down into her pants and began stroking
her pussy.

Selphie went down further, sliding the remainder of Quistis's pajama's off
and dove between her legs. She added a finger and continued to thrust in and
out of her as she licked her clit. Quistis moaned openly, using her hand to
press Selphie's head firmly between her legs.

Selphie began licking her faster. Now that her plan was in motion, it had to
continue until its planned end. She sucked the blonde's clit noisily, pumping
her fingers furiously up her snatch and rubbing her G-spot. Quistis came
instantly, her juices spraying out, making the lower part of Selphie's face
all shiny when she pulled away.

Wiping her mouth with her sleeve, she turned to face Rinoa. "I see you liked
what you saw." she said, a Cheshire grin on her face.

"I, uhhh, yes, I mean..." Rinoa stammered as she tried vainly to discreetly
pull her hand out of her pants.

"Uh-huh." Selphie said, unbuttoning her top as she came closer. "I know
exactly what you mean." Kneeling next to Rinoa, she slid her top off, and
kissed her.

Rinoa pulled back a little, but Selphie followed, holding her head so she
couldn't move anywhere. She tasted Quistis on her lips, finding a little
sweet and tangy. He heart jumped a beat when she felt Selphie reach her
fingers into the waistband of her pajama bottoms and pulled them down.

Selphie started to rub Rinoa's clit, aggressively conquering the girl. With
her free hand she unbuttoned her top, freeing Rinoa's breasts. Taking one in
her hand, she massaged it gently, rubbing her nipples until it was hard.
Leaning down, she flicked her tongue across the hard nub, eliciting a gasp
and moan from Rinoa's lips.

Quistis watched Selphie work over Rinoa's body. 'She has no chance.' she
thought. Crawling over, she pulled Selphie's pajama bottoms off and threw
them away, discarding the only piece of clothing among the three of them.
Laying down on her back she pulled Selphie's pussy to her mouth and began
licking her labia.

Selphie moaned at Quistis's touch, the vibrations of her voice carried over
to Rinoa's breast, making her moan as well. Selphie grinned and moved lower
down, sucking on her clit and moaned into her pussy, making Rinoa thrust
involuntarily into her face.

Quistis spread Selphie's pussy open and slid her tongue up her love tunnel,
knowing how much she loved being tongue-fucked. She rubbed her clit with her
thumb and went in and out of vagina at the speed of a hummingbird's wings,
causing Selphie to buck and moan above her. Quistis thrust her tongue into
her one last time, collecting the nectar she had earned.

Selphie's orgasm caused her to moan deeply, pushing Rinoa into her orgasm.
The raven-haired sorceress thrust her hips into the girl as her juices
sprayed over her face, much as Quistis had done.

Rinoa lay there, panting in post-orgasmic bliss while Quistis and Selphie
sat back, enjoying the results of their plan. Just then, Angelo came into
the room and went up to his master. To their astonishment, he hadn't come
to get a walk or beg for a treat. Instead he laid down between Rinoa's
legs and began snacking on her.

Rinoa moaned at the renewed stimulation on her pussy. Selphie made a move to
warn her, but Quistis held her back. Together they watched how Rinoa would
react, as she hadn't opened her eyes yet. She moved her hand down to her
vagina and spread her lips open. Angelo licked her with increased fervor,
brushing up against her hand with his wet nose. Opening her eyes, Rinoa
looked down to see Angelo's familiar face between her legs. To the amazement
of Selphie and Quistis, she laid back and spread her legs wider for the dog.

They watched as Rinoa began grinding her hips against Angelo's snout. The
dog began to lick her long and hard, going all the way down from her asshole
to her clit. A few more of those and the Timber princess came, her juices
squirting all over Angelo's snout.

Angelo stood next to Rinoa while she lay there, panting from her orgasm.
Selphie was the first to break the silence. "Why - ," she began. "When
did - ."

"Why did Angelo lick me?" Rinoa asked for her. Selphie nodded.

"Well, the short answer is, I trained him to do that." Rinoa explained.
"I've actually been having sex with him since I lived at home in Galbadia.
Can't really explain why. It just happened."

Angelo nudged Rinoa gently, whining to get her attention. "Alright, boy,"
Rinoa said, "I know it's your turn."

Rinoa had him turn over onto his back, revealing to the girls what Angelo
kept in his sheath. The girls ran their eyes over his throbbing ten-inch
erection. Quistis unconsciously licked her lips, imagining what it would
feel like in her pussy.

"Since he's pleasured me, I have to return the favour." Rinoa said, and went
down on her pet, sucking his cock into her mouth. Angelo laid there enjoying
his blowjob, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. Rinoa decided to cut this
one short, wanting to experience what is penis was really made for.

Sucking it long and hard one last time, she got on all fours for him. Angelo
knew what this position signified and immediately got up and mounted her.
Rinoa moaned at the familiar feeling of Angelo ramming his cock into her.

Quistis's reaction to Angelo's cock wasn't lost on Selphie. Right now she was
watching Quistis watch Rinoa and Angelo. Quistis's fingers pumped in and out
of her pussy in time with Angelo's thrusts into Rinoa. Faster and faster,
they went, in and out of their respective honey pots until they reached their
goal, coating themselves in sweet nectar.

Quistis and Rinoa moaned in simultaneous orgasm. It was then the sorceress
realized that the blonde Instructor liked what she saw. "Quistis," she said,
"would you like Angelo to fuck you?"

"Yes." Quistis replied, her heart thumping in her chest. "I think I'd like

Rinoa smiled, thrilled to find someone who share her interests with. The
girls waited about ten minutes until Angelo's cock slid out. Quistis stared
in amazement at the still hard cock.

"That's what I love about Angelo." Rinoa said, "He's always got so much to

Quistis nodded blankly, still staring at the dog's dick. Rinoa brought a
cushion over from the couch and handed it to Quistis. "Here, " she said,
"lay down and put this under your butt." The blonde complied, raising her
hips into the air. The raven-haired girl led her pet over and had him walk
part way over her so that his front paws were above her legs and his hind
paws were below. This lined his cock up perfectly with her pussy.

"Put your hand here." Rinoa said, taking her hand and wrapping it around
Angelo's penis. "You can control him this way so he won't thrust too hard
into you."

Quistis nodded nervously and tentatively guided the dog cock into her. Once
the head was in, Angelo immediately tried to thrust all the way in. Quistis
pushed back, forcing Angelo to stop. Then she slowly guided him back in
again, inch after inch, until his knot touched her pussy lips. At that point
she surrendered to his will, letting him fuck her with abandon.

Angelo thrust in and out of her at a blistering pace, his previous
intercourse not slowing him down in the least. Quistis moaned underneath
him, transfixed at the blur that was his cock, pumping in and out of her.

"Ahhh! Fuck! Yes!" Quistis screamed as she came, her juices spraying out and
coating Angelo's knot. Having cum once already, he could hold out a bit
longer and continued to thrust in and out of the blonde. Quistis soon felt
another orgasm take over her, coming on the coattails of the first one. Her
hips bucked up and down with her ecstasy, thrusting against Angelo as she
squirted all over his knot again. With the copious amounts of girl cream
lubricating him, Angelo fucked his knot into her, tying with his bitch. He
howled as he shot his sperm into her. The heat of the cum filling her up gave
Quistis a third orgasm. Her juices couldn't get past Angelo's knot, so they
sloshed around inside her, mixing with the dog cum.

Girl and dog stayed there until Angelo's cock shrunk enough for him to pull
out, going inside his sheath as he trotted away.

"Sorry." Rinoa said, "Angelo can only do it twice in a row. Next time. I

Selphie shrugged indifferently. She didn't find dog sex erotic, but she
wasn't turned off by it either. As long as a girl could cum, it was just

The girls finally went to bed, the events of that night flowing through their

Quistis awoke the next day finding herself alone in bed. Walking into the
living room where they'd had their slumber party, she found breakfast already
made and left on the coffee table in front of the TV. She picked up the note
that accompanied it, written in Rinoa's cursive script.

'Sorry we couldn't have breakfast together. Selphie and I have to get an
early start. See you when we get back.

P.S. Angelo misses you already.'

* * *

Quistis sighed as she ran over the inventory list. Squall had broken some
ground with the negotiations so there was a big celebration in Esthar. This
meant nearly everyone had gone, leaving GARDEN with a skeleton crew. She
would have attended as well, but after the initial party there would be
nothing else for her to do. Rinoa would be with Squall, Selphie would be
with Irvine, even Zell would be with that library girl. All the underclassmen
took this opportunity as an extended weekend so there weren't even any
training sessions to supervise. All that was left was inventory.

Quistis sighed again and looked down at her clipboard. There were going to
be some new additions to the Training Centre. While the GARDEN was parked in
Esthar, Laguna had offered to make some improvements to the structure. He
reasoned that since it was thousands of years old it was long overdue for an
upgrade; despite the fact that everything worked perfectly.

She decided to do the monsters first, reasoning the extra plants they had
stored were more patient. She stepped into the elevator and rode it down to
the MD deck. One area had been converted into a monster storage area for the
extras they would be taking on. The structure was essentially many rooms
contained in one big room. This way, if a monster ever got out of its pen,
they wouldn't have to chase it across the entire MD deck.

She checked the storage closet first to ensure she had enough monster
pacifiers and magic inhibitors, just in case. Coming to the Odine boxes she
found a manual in one of the boxes of monster pacifiers. Always believing in
proper preparation she opened the thick tome and began reading.

Skipping the introduction she read the part about how they worked.

* The Odine brand Monster Pacifier works by stimulating the sexual
pleasure centers of the brain. If you're wondering why it targets that
particular one, well, you really haven't given the topic much thought, have
you? How did you get this far into the manual without even considering it? *

Quistis furrowed her brow in confusion, not completely sure she had read
that line. She checked the spine for the author's name and rolled her eyes.
Apparently Dr.Odine hadn't considered anyone smart enough to write about his
technology and had written the user manual himself. Like the megalomaniac
genius he was, he was condescending to everyone and gave long explanations.
On the plus side it meant she would know everything there was to know about
monster pacifiers.

* Well, the Odine brand Monster Pacifier targets the sexual pleasure zones
because it is the most relatively benign one. If we stimulated the zone for
the pleasure gotten from eating, you would be left with a bunch of monsters
that wouldn't eat, now wouldn't you? If you took the collars off to feed
them, how would you pacify them again? If we stimulated the zone for sleep,
you'd have the same problem. The monster wouldn't wake up even if it was
starving. If we stimulated the zone for... *

Quistis skipped the next part, leafing through the next couple pages.

* ... now what about the zone for... *

She flipped past the entire chapter, ending up on the FAQ.

* What do you do if you accidentally get an Odine brand Monster Pacifier
wrapped around yourself?

All our tests with human subjects indicate it is perfectly safe. Simply
untangle yourself and you'll be fine. *

Quistis had questioned Odine's morality plenty of times in the past. He
certainly wasn't hesitant on human testing, but she didn't know if he was
driven by science or thoroughness in this case. Putting the large manual
down she set out to begin her tasks.

Coming to the first enclosure she saw several Funguar milling about. One of
them hopped up to the enclosure wall that separated them.

"Hey there, little fella." Quistis said, smiling and giving it a wave.

In the reflection of the glass she noticed the air above her shimmer. Looking
up she saw a large ball of water materialize and drop down on her.

"You little bastards." Quistis grumbled, in part at the Funguar and in part
at the monster wranglers responsible for ensuring that the magic inhibiters
worked a hundred percent. She cast a Sleep spell on the group and stepped
into the enclosure. On closer inspection she saw that there was a crack in
one of the crystals powering the collar. Replacing the device she went onto
the task of dealing with her wet clothes.

'Damn.' Quistis muttered as she brushed her wet hair from her eyes. She was
soaked through to her skin and she really didn't want to go all the way back
to her quarters to change, especially if there was a chance this could happen
again. Seeing that the door could be locked from the inside and there was no
surveillance equipment in the room, she made up her mind and began to take
off her clothes. She fashioned a simple clothes line by using a pole from the
stage equipment they used for celebrations and two boxes. Her hair would have
to wait until she could get her hands on a proper towel or blow dryer. Her
skin got goosebumps all over as the water evaporated from it. Soon she was
dry enough to walk around without getting a chill.

Checking her list she saw that the Mesmerizes were next to be checked. In all
there were three of them; all male. Two of them were adults while one was a
juvenile. Standard GARDEN procedure maintained that all monsters of the same
species must be of the same gender. It would be disastrous if any of them
started breeding and began out numbering the other species.

Approaching their stalls she checked their collars to see if they were fully
functioning and fastened. She didn't need a repeat with the last monster. She
was lucky it hit her with a low level, non-status spell. Otherwise, who knows
what kind of situation she would have found herself in. A glint of light
caught her eye. She looked up at the Mesmerizes' majestic and dangerous
horn-blade. It curved upward into a crescent and ended in flat, tip,
perpendicular to the curve. This lessened the chance of it getting caught
when the monster slashed and greatly improved its boomerang capability when
it was flung.

Quistis shook her head disapprovingly at whomever it was that loaded the
monsters. They had neglected to put a safety sheath over the blade. She got
three from the storage closet and a nearby stool. Going up to the first she
climbed up and slid the sheath carefully over the blade. Climbing down she
pulled the straps under its chin and secured them. Repeating the procedure
she soon had the other two secured.

Looking over the rest of the checklist of procedures she noticed that the
lazy monster wrangler had also neglected to put leg restraints on them.
Without them they could easily kick a door down and run loose. She was
surprised it hadn't already. Going back to the storage closet she grabbed
a bunch of restraints.

Quistis knelt underneath the monster and fastened the restraints to its front
legs. Moving to its hind legs she stopped short when she saw what was in
front of her. 'Odine's collar works really well.' she thought. There, before
her eyes, was a fully extended Mesmerize cock. Her eyes roamed over the long,
thick shaft. She could see its veins pulse with its heartbeat. When she saw
its balls she nearly fell back with astonishment they were nearly the size
of a softball. Entranced by the pair she nearly forgot that she had to secure
its legs. Doing so, she got back out from under it, wondering what had taken
over her mind. True, she hadn't gotten laid by a guy in a while, and she had
fucked Angelo. But those two weren't related. Was she so cock starved that
she was considering having sex with a wild monster?

She quickly got back to her work, hoping it would take her mind off the train
of thought. Of course, the fact that she had two more Mesmerizes to check
didn't help things. The second adult was just like the first, while the
juvenile's member was the same size as Angelo's. It was then she realized how
well endowed he was.

Checking her clothes, she found all of them on the floor. They had somehow
fallen off and hadn't dried at all. Cursing her lack of forethought Quistis
picked them up and, after making a better clothes rack out of three poles,
she left them to dry again.

Deciding to take a break from the monsters she went over to the supply
cabinet to see what there was to organize. There was the usually assortment
of restraints, safety equipment and Odine technology all in boxes. She moved
everything out and looked over their labels. She then organized them by
brand, the date they were shipped and the quantity that were left.

Suddenly a naughty thought entered her head. Searching through the boxes of
Odine tech she pulled out a monster pacifier that was around her size. It was
actually meant to go around the ankles of large monsters like T-Rexaurs or
dragons but, when she put it around her neck, she found it fit her as well.
The effect was instantaneous. She felt her libido shoot through the roof, her
nipples stiffened and her pussy immediately lubed up. The most surprising
thing was that it didn't impair her judgement. She could still think clearly,
she was just really, really horny.

Smiling, she walked over to the Mesmerize pens and stroked the one that had
caught her eye in the first place. "You get to be lucky number one." she
said, in a sexy voice. Kneeling underneath it she grasped its cock and
wrapped her lips around the head. When the Mesmerize felt this new sensation
on its cock it immediately thrust forward, wanting desperately to satisfy
itself. Quistis was pushed backward and the cock fell out of her mouth.
Grasping it again, she ran her hand along the length of it, hoping a quick
hand job would calm it down a bit. It seemed to work and she went back to
her task of satisfying herself.

She sucked the cock head into her mouth again, like she was drinking through
a straw. All the while she used her tongue to lick around the opening of the
penis, getting whatever precum there was. The beast thrust forward again, but
she was ready this time. She kept one hand on its cock, already jacking it
off to calm it and used the other to brace herself against the ground. The
pleasure was too much for the Mesmerize and it set its hind legs and emptied
its balls. The unsuspecting Quistis Trepe was blown off the end of the cock,
ending up flat on her back with the Mesmerize shooting its spunk all over her

When it finally stopped she raised herself with her hands, a little dazed at
what happened. She coughed a little, having gotten some cum blasted down her
throat. Looking down at herself she was pleasantly amazed at how much there
was. She wiped her hand across her face and licked up what it collected. She
found it to be thicker than Angelo's cum and it tasted differently too; but
not unpleasant.

Getting up she went over to the next pen. She decided that she wanted
more control this time and cast a Sleep spell over the monster. Kneeling
underneath she was happy to find that it didn't affect its erection. Taking
it in her hand she stroked it gently before wrapping her lips around the
head. Feeling no reaction from the beast she continued at her own pace,
sucking it leisurely, licking around the hole, and finally being able to
pleasure herself by rubbing her clit.

Out of curiosity's sake, she thrust her fingers up her pussy and collected
some of her cream. After spreading it all over the Mesmerize cock she went
back to sucking it. 'Interesting.' she thought. She had never tasted herself
and found the combination of herself and Mesmerize precum tasted a little

Quistis felt the Mesmerize move as the spell wore off. Feeling something
pleasuring his dick was just the thing it needed to get some relief. Seeing
it set its hind legs, Quistis prepared herself for the torrent that was about
to come her way. The beast filled her mouth on the first spurt, followed
quickly by a second, which sprayed out past her clenching lips. Quistis
quickly swallowed so that she could get it all. Spurt, after spurt, Quistis
swallowed it all down until its balls had no more to give.

Getting up, she exited the stall ready to take on the last one. Though she
had gotten her cum fix, her pussy ached to be filled. She was glad for her
experience with Angelo as she would need it for this one. She moved some
boxes underneath and positioned herself on them with the beast directly
overhead; its underbelly nearly touching her nipples. Reaching around, she
found the beasts' cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. Pushing
against it she felt the cock head penetrate her. Warm, tight pussy was
something the young Mesmerize had never felt before, so when this strange
human offered it so freely to him, who was he to say no?

Quistis moaned as she felt its cock rocket up her pipes as it thrust forward,
filling her completely. She grasped her breasts in her hands and squeezed
them together, inadvertently pushing her nipples into the beast and adding a
new element to her pleasure. The Mesmerize began fucking her slowly with
long, powerful strokes.

"Ohhhhh, yes." she moaned. She couldn't believe the pleasure this beast was
giving her. Through it all something in her mind kept nagging at her about
something, but her libido urged her to stay and continue riding the beast.
Suddenly, she knew what was missing. She pushed herself off the cock pounding
at her and got off the boxes. The Mesmerize continued to thrust into the air,
hoping to find its goal again.

Walking on wobbly legs, Quistis found two small boxes and placed them to
either side of the big ones. Looking around some more she found some padding
they used to line the inside of boxes with. Getting back on and positioning
herself again, the beast easily spearing her, making her moan again. Reaching
down with her feet, she found the two small boxes and used them as leverage,
pushing her hips up toward the beasts' body. Then she placed the padding
underneath her butt, holding her in position as it began to fuck her again.

"Ohhhh, fuck, yes!" Quistis screamed, "Fuck me, you wonderful beast!" She
was now fully stimulated with a cock pounding her pussy and the beast's
underbelly now rubbed against her clit as well as her breasts.

Soon, she felt herself approach climax. She moaned and thrashed about as her
orgasm hit her, her pussy juices spraying out, coating part of the beast's
underbelly and dripping down on its balls. She orgasmed again and again,
until she couldn't tell where they ended or began. She came one last time
with the Mesmerize as it shot its sperm inside her, filling her pussy with
one spurt, the rest spraying past her lips and fell to the floor.

Quistis pushed herself off the boxes, falling limply to the floor with a
goofy smile on her face. 'This young one is much better than Angelo.' she
thought. 'I have to find some way to keep him for myself.'

She took the monster pacifier off. Her horniness disappeared but her love for
beasts remained. 'Maybe I'll retire and start a ranch.' she thought. Looking
at the device in her hand, she knew that even the most thorough cleaning
would never be enough. Not that Quistis minded. She had intended to keep this
little gem to herself from the beginning.

She cast a Water spell on herself, cleaning all the Mesmerize cum off her
and gathered her clothes, which were finally dry. Taking two more monster
pacifiers from the box she smiled at the plans she had for Selphie and
Rinoa at their next slumber party.


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