Final Fantasy 8:
Garden Of Earthly Delights Part 3 - The Surprise (FF,F-best)
by Lord Naughtyous ([email protected])

The next morning Quistis woke up refreshed and satisfied from the day before.
There was still one day before Rinoa and Selphie returned from Esthar. One
more day before she could share the wonderful secret she kept. Taking her
monster pacifier, inventory checklist and a large case she left her quarters,
off to meet the challenges of the new day.

Grabbing a quick breakfast from the Cafeteria she went down to the MD
Deck. So far, doing inventory was the only excuse she had for visiting her
Mesmerize. She had yet to think of a way she could keep it out of the
Training Centre. At the very least it would still be here for the next
slumber party.

Going into the Mesmerize area she immediately stripped off her clothes.
Opening the case she took out a folding massage table and set it up
underneath the young Mesmerize. Putting on her monster pacifier, she felt
a rush throughout her body as the collar jump started her sex drive.

Getting on the table, she placed a pillow under her butt, raising her hips
until her clit touched the beast. She could feel the Mesmerize cock already
at the entrance of her pussy, eager for another fuck. Quistis was eager as
well and got things started by penetrating herself on the cock by pushing
against it. The beast needed no more encouragement and began thrusting the
rest of the way.

The blonde instructor moaned as it penetrated her up to the hilt, its
underbelly hair rubbing against her clit with each stroke. Pushing her
breasts together she rubbed her nipples against it, stimulating herself
fully. The Mesmerize fucked her with long, powerful strokes, going in and
out of her slowly, almost lovingly. Quistis thrust back against it, grinding
her clit against the animal.

Quistis heard a whinny above her and felt the Mesmerize speed up its pumping.
"You gonna cum, stud?" she said as she sped up her own thrusts and matched
its pace. "Come on, cum for me. Fill me up!"

The Mesmerize set its hind legs and let loose into her pussy, shooting deep
into the confines of her vagina. Quistis came as soon as she felt it's
scalding hot load shoot into her. Her juices mixed with the Mesmerize cum
and sprayed back out, coating its balls and dripped down to the floor.

Quistis lay there for moment, panting with the exertion of sex. The beast's
cock was still partially inside her, the restraints keeping him from moving
and pulling out.

Quistis slowly pushed herself off the ten-incher. The animal's hair tickling
her clit as she did so, sending small ripples of pleasure through her body.
She steadied herself against the table as her legs were still too weak to
stand on. Sliding to the floor she looked up at the Mesmerize's cock. It
was still erect, a side effect of the pacifier collar it wore, and still
glistening with her juices. Though it looked like it was still ready for
action, Quistis was sure its balls would say otherwise if they could.

She would have to wait before she got a chance at it again. Like a good
little girl. She chuckled at the irony. After resting a few more minutes she
stood up, feeling the cum leak out of her pussy and flow down her leg as she
walked to the closest Mesmerize pen.

Kneeling underneath the beast she took inventory and compared it to her stud.
It was a little shorter at eight inches, but it was noticeably thicker. Plus
the added strength of being an adult, she wasn't sure she could handle that
much power between her legs. Still, she couldn't help but be curious. She
cast a Slow spell on the monster and moved her massage table underneath it.
She had to adjust the legs so that she would be high enough to rub her body
against it. Getting on, she guided its penis to her opening. She felt it
slowly enter her, spreading her pussy wider than it had ever been stretched.
Still she felt like she could handle it. She thrust back on it, rubbing her
clit against its underbelly. Even with the effect of magic on it Quistis
could still feel the power it had behind its strokes. It thrust into her a
little faster than when it pulled out, making the table shake a bit. Without
the spell, she was sure she would have been fucked off the table with its
initial penetration.

Quistis loved how full her pussy felt, but there was no way it could cum at
this speed, let alone her. Getting a moment of inspiration, she got off the
table and adjusted its legs so that it was a little shorter than before.
Then she got back on she was pleased to find she had gotten the height right
on the first try. The beast's cock now rested on top of her pussy. Circling
her hands around its girth she cast Dispel on it, removing the effects of
the Slow spell, and braced herself.

"Holy shit!" Quistis screamed as the beast thrust toward her. The force of
it pushed her head off the end of the table. Had it been in her pussy her
prediction would have come true. As it was it was only thrusting into the
circle her hands formed around its shaft. Pressing it against her pussy she
let the penis rub against her labia and clit.

"Oh, fuck yes." she moaned. The heat of the beast's prick and its speed soon
had her cumming. Her juices sprayed out, coating its shaft as it thrust in
and out of her hands. The beast to thrust faster and faster as it approached
orgasm. Thrusting its last, it set its legs and whinnied as it knew release.

The first spurt flew over Quistis's body, missing her completely and hit the
door of the pen. Raising herself up on her elbows, Quistis caught the next
blast square in the face. She opened her mouth, trying to catch as much as
she could. As she noticed the spurts getting weaker she repositioned her
body, raising her hips by leveraging her legs against the massage table's
arm rests, and caught the last money shot between her legs. Quistis moaned
as the hot liquid splashed over her sensitive bud.

Getting out from underneath the beast she wiped her face clean with her
hands, clearing her eyes so she could survey herself. Looking down she saw
she was covered from chin to crotch in Mesmerize cum, some already flowing
down her thighs.

She went into the last pen, wanting to satisfy her cum craving before she
got to work. Kneeling underneath it, she was shocked to find she had never
noticed the size of the adult before. In her hands rested the largest cock
she had ever seen, a full twelve inches long and about two inches around.
She opened her mouth wide and wrapped her lips around the head. She rubbed
both her hands along the length of the shaft, jacking off the beast while
she sucked it.

Her slurps became noisier as her saliva coated its head. Taking her mouth
off, she used her tongue to flick quickly across the opening of its cock,
knowing how much it enjoyed the stimulation.

Having been waiting all this time while the girl satisfied his companions,
the Mesmerize didn't have much restraint left. Setting its hind legs, it
whinnied as it released what it had been trying to hold back.

The first spurt sprayed into Quistis's open mouth. She took a couple more,
filling her mouth to the brim before swallowing it down. Most of it dribbled
out as she closed her mouth. Quistis closed her eyes as the beast covered her
face with its jism. When it finally finished, she wiped herself as clean as
she could with her hands and licked it all up.

Casting Water, she cleaned herself of the Mesmerize cum. After drying herself
with the towel she brought with her, she got dressed and grabbed a shovel.
Rinoa and Selphie were going to get a nice surprise when they got back.

* * *

Quistis had just finished pouring the wine when her doorbell rang. Answering
it she greeted Rinoa and Selphie with a hug.

"Welcome back." she said, embracing the shorter girls. "Come in. The table's
all ready and you can tell me all about it over dinner."

"How come you didn't come with us, Quistis?" Selphie inquired. "The party was
so much fun."

"Oh, it was just a bunch of politicians smiling and acting like they'd
accomplished something." Rinoa said, playing down the extravagance of that
night. "Squall was the one that actually hammered out the terms. They just

"Those old buffoons are poopy-heads." Selphie said sourly, angrily stabbing
a few poor vegetables."

Quistis raised her eyebrow at her reaction.

"She's upset that a few of them groped her." Rinoa explained.

"Really?" Quistis said, incredulous that the representatives of world nations
would try something like that in such a public gala.

"I tell ya, no woman was safe that night." Rinoa continued. "Zell's girl got
some extra hands on her as well. If Squall wasn't the one who mediated this
agreement, I'd have had a target on my ass as well."

"Yeah, those benchwarmers should have been patting their own backs that
night." Selphie said, smiling. "Otherwise they wouldn't be broken the next

"What did you do?" Quistis asked.

"We all did it. Irvine, Zell, Rinoa, me and that girl with the pig tails."
Selphie replied. "We hung them to some flag poles and repeatedly gave them
wedgies using Float and Dispel."

Rinoa laughed at the memory. "Squall organized a search for them when they
didn't show up the next morning. He even asked them what they did to deserve

"Well cheers to that.",Quistis said between laughs, and raised her glass.

"Cheers." the girls said, clinking their glasses together.

* * *

During dessert Rinoa noticed Selphie giving her a look. Glancing at Quistis,
she shook her head, concealing it by brushing some hair back. Feeling Selphie
kick her, she finally broached the topic that had been sitting on her tongue
all dinner.

"Quistis?" she asked.

"Mmm-hmm?" Quistis replied, having just eaten a spoonful of ice cream.

"Would you like to come see Angelo?", Rinoa inquired, scanning the girls'
face for any sign of discomfort. "He missed you these past days."

Setting her spoon down, she looked at both her friends. "Actually, I have a
surprise for the both of you. I've been working on a project these past two
days that all of us would enjoy." she said, putting emphasis on the word

"A surprise? What is it? Tell me, tell me, tell me. Pleeeaaase?" Selphie
said excitedly, giving Quistis the puppy-dog eyes.

Rinoa and Quistis laughed at the sight while Selphie kept up her act until
Quistis finally relented. "Alright, let's go get Angelo and I'll show you.
But first, these are you." Quistis walked over to her bedroom and brought
out two gift-wrapped boxes. "You may open them when I tell you to."

Selphie and Rinoa took them, each wondering what they had received.

* * *

The girls stopped off at Rinoa's quarters and picked up Angelo, who nearly
bowled down Quistis when he saw her. The group made their way to the elevator
and rode down to the MD deck. Once there Quistis led them around the monster
containment area to the far end where there was a maintenance door with an
electronic keypad.

"Quistis, why are we going through the maintenance tunnels?" Rinoa asked.

"Patience," Quistis chided her, "all will be explained."

Entering the code, Quistis opened the door, beckoning everyone inside. Once
they saw what it concealed the girls let out a collective gasp. What had been
a large unused storage room had been converted into a grotto, complete with
trees, grass and a lighting system that simulated the night sky. If they
didn't know better they'd swear they were in the woods just outside Balamb

"You did all this in just two days?" Selphie asked, incredulous at the effort
put into even the smallest detail.

"This actually wasn't that hard." Quistis said, referring to the 'woods' she
had built. "I used Float for almost everything. All I did was push things
around until I liked how it looked. This took most of my time."

Quistis flipped a switch, illuminating the far side of the room. From their
viewpoint all they could see was a set of ricepaper doors. Walking up to it,
Quistis slid them open, revealing a large hot tub against the left wall and
a large shower against the right; with a changing area in the middle. The
entire ensemble was decorated in a Wutai motif, contrasting sharply against
the bare walls of the room.

"My Hyne, Quistis." Rinoa breathed. "You went all out. What's the occasion?"

Quistis smiled as she stepped behind a cleverly concealed mobile pen that was
used to transport monsters. Coming out, she led three Mesmerizes into the
'woods'. "You may open your gifts now."

The girls unwrapped their boxes and opened them, revealing two identical
necklaces nestled in tissue paper. The two looked up quizzically, not seeing
the connection.

Quistis stroked the neck of her stud. "Notice anything familiar?" she asked.

"They're monster pacifiers!" Selphie exclaimed, coming to the conclusion
quickly. "But, why?" she asked.

Quistis turned the dimmer switch so that the woods were a little brighter,
allowing the girls to see what had been hidden all this time. Their heads
moved down and their jaws dropped simultaneously.

"We've created a sex fiend." Selphie whispered to Rinoa, who giggled in

Seeing that it would take a transition period first, Quistis approached them
saying, "How 'bout we put them away for now and we'll do this like last

Selphie and Rinoa nodded their agreement. Quistis put the Mesmerizes back
into their pen and came back to the girls, dimming the lights slightly on
her way, so it looked like early dusk. She kissed Rinoa deeply, sensuously.
Rinoa returned it, wrapping her arms around the taller girl and pressed
their bodies together.

Turning to Selphie, Quistis kissed her passionately, giving her ass a squeeze
as she brought her close. Selphie reached up under Quistis's shirt and
squeezed her large breasts, causing her to moan. Suddenly, Angelo barked and
leapt up on Quistis, breaking the mood.

The girls laughed, the intense atmosphere suddenly broken. "Looks like he
really misses you, Quistis." Rinoa said. "How 'bout you two get reacquainted?
Selphie and I will be just fine."

Walking over to the grass Quistis took off her clothes and laid down,
spreading her legs for the dog. Angelo dove right in, licking furiously
over her pussy. Quistis moaned as he worked over her folds, unconsciously
spreading her legs wider, giving him more access. Just as she was approaching
her orgasm, Quistis pulled away and quickly crawled underneath Angelo's body,
sucking his protruding cock until it extended to its fullest. She wanted the
both of them to cum together.

Getting out, she presented her pussy to him. "Alright boy, come and get it."
Angelo jumped onto her back, wrapped his front paws around her waist and
thrust into her pussy, penetrating her on the first try. He fucked his entire
length into her, pumping his penis in and out at a blistering pace, glad he
had his blonde bitch again.

Rinoa laid down on the grass next to the blonde, Selphie on top of her
kissing her passionately and tearing her clothes off. Rinoa lifted the hem
of Selphie's signature yellow sundress and pulled the garment over her head,
revealing her black lace panties and lack of a bra.

Selphie turned herself around, their bodies now in a sixty-nine. Both girls
were down to their panties, which they peeled off each other's sweaty bodies.
They licked each other's pussies with vigor, the path now unimpeded.

Quistis came quickly under the ferocity of Angelo's assault, coating his knot
with her cream. With this added lubrication and their enthusiasm, Angelo
fucked his knot into her, tieing with his bitch and unloaded his balls into
her. The feeling of white hot cum spraying her inner walls sent Quistis into
another orgasm. Her juices stayed inside her because of the knot, and sloshed
around with the dog cum. Girl and dog panted with the exertion of their
coupling. Angelo got off her back, but couldn't move away, so he stayed
there, tied ass to ass with his bitch. There was nothing else Quistis could
do but rest there on her elbows, watching Rinoa and Selphie make love.

Rinoa was thrusting her fingers in and out of Selphie's cunt while she gave
butterfly kisses to her clit. Selphie moaned at the girl's ministrations. She
placed two of her fingers to either side of Rinoa's clit and pulled quickly
upward, popping it free of its hood. She then placed her mouth on it, sucking
loudly while she finger fucked her. The two moaned loudly as they approached
their simultaneous orgasm.

Rinoa thrust her hips against Selphie's fingers, her juices spraying all over
them. Selphie's cream coated Rinoa's fingers as well, though they flowed more
thickly, like honey. The girls lay there, panting from their exertion and
licking the nectar from their fingers.

Quistis watched the two girls, bodies intertwined and glistening with sexual
exertion, thinking just how sexy they looked. Just then Angelo's cock slid
out of her pussy, dropping her lower body onto the grass, the mixture of dog
and girl cum leaking out of her pussy immediately.

Angelo's famous stamina showed itself again when the dog went over to the
pair and stood over them, his still hard cock pointing at them, glistening
with Quistis's juices.

Rinoa giggled when she saw Angelo approach, his cock indicating the one he
desired. "Looks like you've got an admirer, Selphie."

Looking behind her, Selphie saw Angelo waiting patiently for her. She got off
of his master got into position to satisfy the pet. Angelo needed no further
encouragement and leapt onto the smaller girl, pushing her upper body down
onto the grass, forcing her to raise her ass in the air. Shuffling forward,
he speared her and began fucking his fullest into her.

"Why don't you show me what you've been saving." Rinoa said.

Quistis smiled. "Put on your necklace." she said, and went to get a

Snapping the clasp closed, Rinoa immediately felt a rush throughout her body.
She felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy was so wet it was practically
dripping. "This is quite a find." Rinoa said, turning in the direction of the
approaching girl.

"Isn't it?" the blonde replied, putting on her own necklace. "Come on, I'll
show how it's done.

Quistis had brought over one of the adult Mesmerizes. The girls knelt down
underneath him and approached his stiff member. "I've cast Sleep over it so
it'll be easier for your first time." Quistis said. "Now, do as I do."
Quistis opened her mouth wide and engulfed the head of the beast cock. She
sucked it hard, making loud slurping noises. Taking her lips off the prick,
she revealed to an amazed Rinoa that she had been using her tongue on the
beast as well. Quistis licked around the head of the cock and flicked her
tongue over the opening, collecting a large drop of well won precum.

"Wow." was all Rinoa could say. She was impressed at the growth the girl had
gone through in only two days. Rinoa grasped the large shaft and pumped a few
times, getting a feel for its girth. Then she opened her mouth wide, just as
Quistis had done, and stretched her lips over the cock head. Moving her head
back and forth a little, she got used to the larger size in her mouth and
began sucking it hard.

Quistis loved it when a student learned quickly from her tutelage. Going over
to Selphie, she saw that she had tied with Angelo during her lesson and was
now watching Rinoa suck a Mesmerize's penis. "So, when did you start fucking
Angelo?" Quistis asked.

"In Esthar." Selphie replied. "Squall and Irvine would be gone all day with
the talks. Rinoa and I spent our days together. Angelo really loves pussy."
Selphie said, chuckling.

"Oh, yes." Quistis replied knowingly.

"Well, long story short, I tried him. As you can see, I like it. As an added
bonus, we've improved his stamina a bit. He can be ready to fuck three times
a night if you give him some rest in between." Selphie said.

"Really?" Quistis replied, her head full of possibilities. "Hold on." she
said, as she saw the Mesmerize begin to stir. Going back to Rinoa she gently
put her hand on her shoulder and grasped the beast's cock with the other.
"Alright, girl, get ready for a shower."

Rinoa closed her eyes and held still while Quistis jacked the beast off. The
Mesmerize whinnied as it came, shooting its spunk all over the raven-haired
girl. Rinoa felt spurt after spurt of hot cum hit her face and drip down her
body. When the beast finally stopped, Rinoa wiped her face clean with her
hands. Looking down, she was amazed at how much its balls held. Her hands
held a palmful each. Her hair was a sticky mess and her breasts and stomach
were covered in white goo, some of which was already dripping down further,
coating her crotch and thighs.

Quistis couldn't help but think how beautiful she looked right then. In the
dim light she looked like she'd just risen out of a spring, her hair slicked
back and her body glistening. Suddenly she felt a pair of arms wrap around
her, breaking her out of her trance. "Couldn't you just eat her up?" Selphie
purred into her ear.

"Put your collar on." was all Quistis's said; and then she was gone, leaving
the two girls alone. Selphie got her collar and snapped it on, letting out a
gasp as she felt her pussy moisten and her lips actually puff out. Selphie
walked up to Rinoa and ran her finger across her left breast, collecting some
Mesmerize cum and licked it sensuously in front of Rinoa like she was licking
an ice cream cone.

Rinoa opened her mouth in mock shock. She wasn't about to let the Trabia
transfer get the better of her. She play tackled the girl, smearing her body
with the Mesmerize cum on her own. Giggling, Selphie wrapped her arms around
the sorceress and pulled her closer. Rinoa straddled her; the feeling of cum
squishing between their pussies was the most erotic thing she had felt so far
that night.

Hearing the muffled clip-clops of the Mesmerizes approaching, Selphie turned
her gaze away from the sexy sorceress and searched out in the darkness for
her next goal. Seeing the powerful beast so close sent shivers through
Selphie's body. Rinoa got off of her to let her get up, the cooling jism
creating threads that linked the two of them.

Selphie knelt down underneath the Mesmerize, entranced by its size. Reaching
up, she grabbed it and pulled it into her mouth, sucking it deeply.

Rinoa wiped her hands over her body, cleaning whatever cum she could and
licked it up, enjoying the taste, but decided it was better warm. When her
hands got to her pussy she was surprised to discover how sensitive her lips
were. The slightest touch practically caused her to cream right there. Going
over to Angelo she was glad to find him still hard. Getting on all fours for
him she presented her dripping pussy for him. Angelo mounted his master in
an instant, driving his dick home.

"Ohhhhh, yes." Rinoa moaned, finally getting some release. "Fuck me, boy.
Fuck me hard."

The dark-haired sorceress thrust back against him, feeling his knot hit her
lips with every instroke. Doing his part, Angelo pistoned his penis into her;
pounding his way into hot, wet snatch for the third time that night.

Smiling at how readily Selphie took to Mesmerize cock, Quistis set up her
massage table under her stud. Hearing the noise of the setup, Selphie stopped
pleasuring the beast, pulling her mouth off to stare at Quistis, wondering
what she could be up to. From her vantage point she saw Quistis get on the
table and then raise her hips until they touched the Mesmerize. Wide-eyed,
she watched as Quistis took its cock and guided it between her legs. Even
more amazed, she watched as the beast thrust its entire length into her
making her moan like a banshee.

Rinoa opened her eyes, her sex slightly disturbed when she heard the sounds
of Quistis. In the dim light she could make out the blonde Instructor on her
back on top of a massage table, getting pounded full of Mesmerize cock. Her
lust-clouded head didn't fully comprehend what she was doing, only that she
was enjoying it. Closing her eyes, she focused her concentration on her
stuffed pussy, intent on getting as much as possible from her doggy fuck.

Rinoa thrust back on Angelo harder and harder each time, eager for his knot
and the cum that came soon afterward. Finally, she felt it fuck past her
lips, moaning with pleasure as it did. Angelo, however, kept going. Having
already cum twice that evening, cumming a third time was going to take a
little longer. Rinoa felt him continue to thrust into her. Thanks to the
collar, her lubrication enabled him to get some motion. The feeling of his
knot thrusting in and out of her pushed her to new levels of pleasure. She
came right there, her juices sloshing around inside her. Feeling her pussy
squeeze around his cock as she came, Angelo unloaded his balls into her,
mixing his sperm with her juices.

Rinoa collapsed to the ground with Angelo on top of her, panting loudly.
Angelo got off her and walked off to rest among the trees. Her pussy was so
wet his cock slid out almost immediately, with an audible pop. Watching
Quistis thrash about on the table, she vowed to make that beast hers as well.

Quistis was immersed in her own bestial fuck. Laying on the massage table,
she fucked her stud the best way she knew how. Thrusting against him she fit
his entire length into her pussy and rubbed her clit against him, quickly
driving herself to her first orgasm.

Selphie was getting more and more excited as she watched the Mesmerize fuck
her friend. She had two fingers up her pussy and was moaning around the cock
in her mouth. The Mesmerize stirred a bit and then whinnied, indicating its
impending orgasm. Selphie grasped the cock and held it still, bracing herself
for what was about to come. The first spurt filled her mouth to the brim,
surprising the brunette. Thick ropes of jism coated her face and hair when
she took her mouth off to swallow. Pulling it into her mouth again, she vowed
to take its entire load. Swallow after swallow, mouthfuls of Mesmerize cum
went down her throat.

Free of the restraints, the Mesmerize was able to put its full force behind
its thrusts into Quistis. With every stroke it pulled out of her until only
the tip remained before slamming it all back in again. By chance, the two
pulled back at the same time and its cock slipped out of her pussy. Trying
to find the mark again, the beast inadvertently fucked a little lower and
thrust into her asshole. Quistis cried out in shock and pain as she was
penetrated in a virgin area. As the Mesmerize kept plowing into her, Quistis
was pleasantly surprised to find the pain dissipating very quickly. Another
side effect of the collar or not, she enjoyed it. The Mesmerize whinnied and
thrust its last, shooting its sperm deep into her confines. Quistis came with
the beast, her juices gushing out, splashing all over its balls and dripped
down its cock to the entrance of her ass.

Selphie and Rinoa stayed still where they were, transfixed by the sight of
their most reserved friend taking a Mesmerize in both her holes. Quistis
still lay on the table, panting loudly, the Mesmerize cock still inside her.
After a few more minutes, Quistis slowly pushed herself off the cock and
slid off her table to the grass, her legs too weak to stand on. She sat
there, leaning against the legs of the table, feeling the Mesmerize cum leak
out of her asshole.

The two girls approached the blonde. "Wow, Quis, " Rinoa said, "that was

"Yeah," Selphie continued, "I know he's probably your favourite, but could
we fuck him too?"

"He's a bit tired right now." Quistis said tiredly, "There are two more
tables back there, though." she said, indicating the mobile pen.

Smiling, the two girls ran off to retrieve them, leaving Quistis futilely
trying to finish her sentence. "Wait, I have to show you how to do it,
they're too big.

The girls excitedly set up their tables under the two remaining Mesmerizes,
each taking the one they had previously sucked off. Rinoa was pleased she
had gone first before because she ended up with the largest cock out of the
three. In the dim light she could make out twelve inches of hard Mesmerize
cock that was two inches around. Selphie wasn't disappointed at the eight
inches of her beast. From her experience, she could tell it was at least
three inches around.

The two girls raised their hips until they touched the animals, placing their
pussies in line with the head of their cocks. The girls thrust against them,
penetrating themselves on their lances. Feeling something warm and tight wrap
around their cocks again, the two beasts thrust forward automatically,
shoving their entire length into them. Twin moans escaped the lips of Selphie
and Rinoa as each had their pussies stuffed full of hard cock. The girls
thrust back against them, finally satisfying the enhanced libidos the collars
gave them.

Quistis watched the two in amazement. She could only take the shorter of the
two adults, and even then she had to use magic. Then again, she had never
worn the collar this long without fucking something.

Selphie was totally lost in her pleasure. The beast's cock stretched her
pussy to its limits while it thrust fully into her. Her pussy continually
leaked juices, coating its cock, making her an easier fuck.

Rinoa was experiencing the power of her beast first hand. The Mesmerize
rocked the table she lay on with every thrust of its twelve inch penis. Her
clit rubbed against the beast in time with its thrusts, multiplying her
pleasure nearly tenfold.

Rinoa came first, followed shortly by Selphie, their juices coating the
Mesmerize cocks and sprayed out as the beasts continued to pound them. After
the pleasuring they had earlier, they could hold out longer at the best part.
In and out, they fucked the girls mercilessly as they moaned underneath them.
Finally, the Mesmerizes whinnied and emptied their balls into them. With
their pussies stuffed full of cock, the Mesmerize cum sprayed back out,
dripping onto the table and grass below them. The girls came one last time
with their beasts, the juices dripping down and mixing with the Mesmerize

Rinoa and Selphie lay there panting. Never before had either of them been
fucked so thoroughly. Quistis walked over to them and led the Mesmerizes
back to their pens. The girls shuddered as they pulled out of them. Their
underbelly hair rubbed against their clits, sending small waves of pleasure
through their bodies.

After putting away the Mesmerizes and her table, Quistis took off her collar
and gathered the various articles of clothing that were scattered around on
the grass and organized them according to owner. When she was finished,
Selphie and Rinoa finally stirred from their post orgasmic nap. The girls
slid off their tables, steadying themselves for a moment before walking
towards her. Taking off their collars they each gave her a deep, sensual

"Thank you for this, Quistis." Rinoa said.

"It's the best present anyone could give." Selphie continued.

"You haven't enjoyed all of them yet." Quistis replied. "How 'bout we take a
nice relaxing dip?"

The three of them sighed as they lowered their bodies into the hot water.
Selphie smiled inwardly at what she had unintentionally caused. What started
as a simple scheme to get at Rinoa's pussy ended up with all three of them
getting sex from sources she had never known about before. Whatever future
slumber parties would hold for them, it was good to live in the Garden.

Angelo watched his master in the bath with the other two. It had been a long
dryspell, but his master more than made up for it by finding two more bitches
for him; whose pussies were always hot and tight. Tonight he fucked all three
of them and each one took his seed willingly, loving it when he knotted with
them. It was good to live in the Garden.

The End

Author's Note: After reading all that I'm sure there are questions you may
want to ask: Why didn't Quistis use Float instead of going through all the
trouble of finding boxes and getting her own massage table? The answer is
Float doesn't provide friction. Essentially, she would fly off the cock the
first time the Mesmerize thrust into her, making it quite pointless to use.


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