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---ATE--- denotes Active Time Events

Final Fantasy 9: Epic Proportions Part 2 - Hold Yer Horses
by Some Random Bastard

Garnet got up as a small jet of cool air blew past her face, waving her hair
over her face as she slowly got up. Zidane still had his arms wrapped around
her, and she looked back, and smiled.

She looked out at the window and was surprised Beatrix hadn't woken her up
yet. *Oh no* she thought as she heard a knock on the door. "Zidane, quick,
get up!" She said, frantically shaking him to wake him up.

"Huh, again, gosh your incorrigible" He said groggily as he opened up his
eyes and sat up.

"You have to get out, Beatrix is at the door!" She said, trying to keep her
voice down so no one heard her. She said, trying to push him up. She was
afraid that it would get out that she and Zidane spent the night together.
She wasn't ashamed of him, but she didn't want to be known as a sex-
kitten Queen, and it would only take one Plutonian Knight to cause the

Zidane got up quickly, and grabbed his pants as he jumped out onto the
terrace. He had just enough time to jump into them as he made his great
escape. He could hear behind him Betrix and Garnet talking, but his prime
concern right now was getting back to his room just in case some particularly
heavyset knight with a rusty pair of armor was going to play Big Brother on

He made his way through towards his room, taking precaution to keep out
of the guards eyesight. When he got back to his room he was surprised to
find Vivi Orunita, the little black mage with a heart of gold and a body full
of destructive magic.

"Oh, uh hi Zidane. I just wanted to talk to you, it's been a long time since,
you know." The diminutive black mage said, as he fixed his hat.

"Yea, I'm sorry about not telling everyone, but it was such a huge thing
that happened. You see..."


Princess Garnet Til Alexandros the 18th finished putting on her dress and
walked out from her room, checking herself in the full body mirror as she
went out.

"Your highness, there is some news that there has been an attack of a
giant snake-like creature in the area near Dali. They have asked us for
assistance in removing the monster, it has already been responsible for 3
casualties and over a dozen people wounded in the surrounding area."
Beatrix said, reading it off from a messenger's scroll.

"That's terrible, but I thought all the monsters left when the mist went
away?" Garnet said, her spirit brought down somewhat by the news. There
was too much suffering in the world for her, and she had hoped that with
the elimination of the Iifa tree would come the finishing of the monsters,
and at least some of the suffering.

"Many were your highness, but unfortunately the villagers have reported
that there was a nearby cave that some of the younger boys were playing
near. They think the kids might have woken up the monster. The children
were reported saying that the air was thicker down there, and we believe
there may be mist down there." Beatrix said, closing up the parchment

"What do you think we should do Beatrix? We can't just leave the village
alone with a monster running about." Garnet said.

"Steiner has already said he would personally go with the Knights of
Pluto, but many of them are out sick. Freya has already volunteered to
help if you will consent." Beatrix said, a little annoyed at Steiner. He
always tried to prove the honor of the Knights of Pluto, but sometimes he
went just too far.

"That will be fine, I just hate to break up a celebration with a monster
hunt, especially in this dreadful weather."

"It is unseasonably hot, but maybe our victory might help rally the people
in this heat wave." Beatrix said with a sigh. "And hey, maybe the victory
will be blessed with a nice rainstorm."

"Stranger things have happened I suppose"


"...And that's pretty much it Vivi." Zidane said

"Wow, that's amazing."

"Yea, I'm even more world weary now Vivi" Zidane said, in his classic
boasting stance.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Come on in" Zidane said,
expecting a happy surprise. It was a surprise nonetheless.

"Master Vivi, I just came here to tell you I cannot join you tonight to play
cards, duty calls."

"Heya Rusty, put 'er there!" Zidane said, putting his hand out for the
armor clad knight in front of him.

"It's good to see you made it back well." He said as he shook his hand. "I
hope you don't mind my asking, but why aren't you wearing a shirt?"
Steiner said, his suspicion rising.

"Oh, it was just too hot last night. Anyways, what are you doing that calls
you away from the castle so?" Zidane said, trying to casually steer the
conversation away from that.

"There was a snake attack near the village of Dali. The Knights of Pluto
are going to be dispatched to remove the problem." Steiner said, putting
emphasis on Knights of Pluto and remove.

"B, but I thought that the knights were sick?" the young mage inquired.

"Indeed they are, but there are two others, and that should be plenty to
take out the serpent." Steiner said, not a break in his macho tone at all.

"Hey Rusty, I'll go on for a trip. Whaddaya say? I bet even Vivi will
come along to show you how to really fight."

"I would be honored if Master Vivi would accompany me." Steiner said,
ignoring Zidane's request.

"S-Sure, it'll be like old times. I like Dali anyways, they have such nice
windmills." Vivi said.

"Then it's agreed, when we are we going?" Zidane said enthusiastically.

"We...I would have imagined you would want to stay here...I was sure
you have some 'unfinished business'" Steiner said, trying to be cautious as
he spoke. He knew that with Zidane, Freya, and Vivi, there wasn't a shot
in the dark they could possibly loose, but there was something suspicious
about Zidane wanting to skip town as soon as he returned.

"I would, but I think Dag-I mean Garnet would be too upset until this was
done. She's got too much heart."

"Perhaps..." Steiner said, the doubt in his voice was made clear to
Zidane. "We plan to leave in an hour, if you want to come we will
assemble at the gate." He said, and walked right out the door.

"Well, I should go, I have to get ready to leave." Vivi said, heading
towards the door.

"Alright, see ya in an hour." Zidane said as the young mage walked out
the door.


"You're highness, Zidane and Master Vivi have volunteered to accompany me
to Dali." Steiner said, saluting his liege.

"Really' the Queen said, a confused look came over her face. "I didn't think
he would."

"You majesty, with Master Vivi, Zidane, and Freya accompanying me I believe
there will be little problem in removing the beast." Steiner said, his voice
booming in the room.

Steiner walked out, and saw Beatrix standing outside. "Hello Steiner" she
said, in a voice he knew could only mean trouble.

"Hello Beatrix. I trust this day finds you well?" Steiner said, hoping for a
nice distraction. *Come on random act*

"Why are you so dead set on beating the snake with the Knights of Pluto?
We've been over this a million times, you saved the world, people already
respect and honor them." Beatrix said, in a lecture Steiner had heard
dozens of times before.

"Worry not, Zidane and Vivi are coming along with Freya. We cannot lose."

Beatrix walked up to Steiner, with maybe an inch between them. "Well,"
She said into his ear "You all had better return, or else you won't have an
opportunity to enjoy your victory, if you know what I mean" she said.
Steiner was a deer in headlights, and he barely registered as Beatrix
walked out the door.


Freya Crescent was packing up her things, when she heard an all too familiar
voice behind him.

"Heya Freya" Zidane said in his usual cheerful voice. "Coming on the hunt?"
He said, inspecting what she was packing.

"Yes. I take it you are?" she said, trying to concentrate at the task she was

"What, me stay away from adventure? You know me better than that." Zidane
said, puffing out his chest.

"I know you good enough to know you stay where the girls are at." Freya said,
turning her head to make sure Zidane heard her.

"Ouch, that's harsh." Zidane said, faking emotion.

"Sad but true." She said with a laugh as she returned to packing.

"Perhaps. Anyways, Vivi is coming along too, it'll be a whole party. Just
like the old times."

"I suppose so." She said, turning around to put her backpack on. She took
her Kain's Lance out from the closet.

"Why are you using that old thing, I thought you had the Dragon's Hair
lance?" Zidane said.

"I let Sir Fratley borrow it before I came here." Freya said with a sigh.

"Oh, he didn't come here?" Zidane said with a little surprise in his voice.

"No, he didn't want to come here, he barely knows anyone here and he has been
busy in the work rebuilding Burmecia." Freya said.

"I see. Well Vivi and I were gonna grab a bite to eat before we go, want
to come with?" Zidane said, trying to cheer her up.

"Sure, I could use something. Besides, Quina is the head cook now, and he is
a great chef." Freya said.

"Let's go." Zidane said, as he walked out into the hall, Freya following.

They walked through the large expansive hallways, noticing how everything has
been rebuilt, almost perfectly to what it used to be. As they made their ways
to the stairs, they saw Vivi leaning against the wall there waiting.

"Hi Zidane, hi Freya." Vivi said as he stepped from the wall. Unfortunately,
with age did not come grace, and Vivi fell face forward. He got up and dusted
himself off, and fixed his hat.

"You alright Vivi?" Freya asked.

"I'm fine, thanks." He said, and started down the stairs.

*I hope he doesn't fall down the stairs* Zidane thought, imagining all the
pain that would bring.

Vivi led them down to the kitchen, where there was none other than the great
white blob, Quina Quen standing there working zealously on the meal.

"Hi Quina" Zidane said as he could feel the aroma of whatever Quina was
cooking force itself up his nostrils.

"Hi Zidane. You good friend. Me make good meal. Sit, eat!" He said, in his
classic almost monosyllabic speak.

Zidane and his friends sat down at the table, as Quina brought the food to

"So what did you make Quina?" Freya said, her mind weary of what Quina's
unique tastes included.

"Stew. Is good. Lots of tasty yummies!" Quina said, barely able to restrain
his contentment he seemed so happy. "Zidane, try, it good!"

Zidane took his spoon and plunged it into the bowl, finding an odd piece
of meat as he pulled it out. He couldn't determine what exactly it is, or
rather was, but he nonetheless bit the bullet and ate it. He was surprised
as he found it to be really good. "Wow, it's great" he said, as he began to
shove more and more of the mystery stew into his mouth.

* * *

Zidane could barely believe all the stew he had eaten. He was only going
to have one serving to be nice, but now he couldn't remember if he had had
4 or 5 bowls of the delicious stew.

"Um, guys, I think we have to go soon." Vivi said, looking at the clock.

"Zidane, he is right, we should go." Freya said.

"You're right. Thanks a lot Quina, that was some of the best tasting stuff
I've ever had!" Zidane said, feeling the contents of his belly shake a bit as
he moved.

"You welcome. Come back soon, I make more Frog Stew!" He said as they made
their way out the halls.

* * *

"Where are's almost time to go." Steiner said. He was waiting at
the gate with Weimar and Haagan, the only two Knights of Pluto that were
in shape enough to make the distance.

"Maybe they are saying goodbyes Captain." Haagan said, trying to delay his
commander's notorious anger.

"Perhaps...I expected it out of Zidane, but I expected a little more from
Vivi. It's surely his influence." Steiner said, with a sigh.

"Captain, permission to speak freely." Weimar said.

"Permission granted." Steiner said, quickly and concisely.

"Why do you dislike Zidane so much? Didn't he defeat Kuja with you and help
save the world?" Weimar said, trying to get something off his chest he had
for a while.

"It's not that I dislike him, I just...I'm at a loss for words. I want him
to be as good a person as possible, I strive to make him into a person more
suitable for royalty, and when he does things like show up on time, it just
shows me how much I have to finish." Steiner said, and the two Plutonian
Knights couldn't help but notice a little bit of shame in his voice as he
said it.

"There they are" Haagan said, pointing to the other end of the circle
inside the gate. Zidane and the others were over in no time.

"Everybody ready?" Zidane said, looking around. He expected a couple more
of the knights, but then again he could live without a bunch of little

"We've just been waiting on you." Steiner said. Before we go, here's the
information we have. This snake has been estimated to be somewhere in
the length of 20-25 feet long from tip to base. It's teeth are six inches
long, and it's supposed to have venom that is not lethal, but paralyzing.
It's been responsible for 3 deaths, and over a dozen people have been
wounded. We should make it to Dali in about six hours, which should give
us enough time to take the beast out and rest at the inn, and then return
tomorrow morning. " Steiner said. "Now let's move out."

The two knight and their Captain began to march in a standard military
fashion, toward the grassy plain while the rest took a more leisurely
walking style behind them.

It wasn't long that they were walking when Zidane saw his Tantalus brother,
Blank. Blank looked up, and said "Yo, Zidane, what are you doing out here? I
thought you'd be haunting the castle, trying to get some action." Blank said,
with a nudge to Zidane's arm.

"Heh, I'm off with Rusty and his little Rust-ettes, we're off to get that
snake thing in Dali." Zidane said with a smile. "So what are you doing, I
figured you'd be in the city enjoying all the attention a member of a
popular acting group would get."

"I would, but I heard from Marcus that Ruby likes to take nature walks, but
he didn't know when. So I figure I'll just stay here and enjoy the scenary."
Ruby said, the last part sarcastically.

"Oh how horrible, I mean there's not even anything for you to kill around
here." Freya said, mimicking his sarcasm.

"Well, too bad I don't have an oversized mouse to keep me all bothered.
So guess you guys have to be going, huh?" Blank said, his eyes returning
to the ground.

"Heh, yea, if Rusty gets too far ahead of us we're gonna have to hear his
lecturing." Zidane said, then waved his arm forward as he started on his

"So Vivi, I was wondering, I hear you got yourself a whole set of kids.
Now have you been holding back on some girl you got back in the village,
or am I just hearing wrong?" Zidane said, his question sounded more like
a comment than an inquiry.

"W-well they are my kids, but n-not in the normal fashion."

"Come again?" Zidane raised his eyebrow.

"Well, see, you know how Kuja told us that black mages are made of mist, and
black magic?"

"Yea. He also said you guys would only be alive for a short time"

"Well, yea, he did. But then when the genomes came along, we found that
they had a normal life span, or at least a normal human life span."


"So what we did was we basically took our knowledge of genomes, black mages,
and humans, and we went about to try to give us more time. We found out that
the DNA of black mages started off very easy, but the stuff mutated as time
went by. That's why we were eventually able to gain consciousness."

"So you guys did some science and figured out evolved?" Zidane
said, trying to summarize what he was hearing.

"Basically. But the thing we found out that was the oddest is that, um,
there are no girls, just boys." Vivi said, and Zidane was sure that if it
wasn't for the fact he had a face the likeness f a black bowling ball the
little mage would be blushing.

"Eventually, we came to the conclusion that Kuja knew we would evolve, but
he didn't want us to rebel, so he programmed us to die early and be incapable
of reproduction." Vivi said. All he could hear was Zidane sigh, and he didn't
want to go any further with it, he knew how Zidane felt about Kuja. "Anyways,
we found out how to reverse the problem of aging, but not reproduction. We
basically were going to live until we were in our eighties, but then we would
leave nothing behind left except some history."

"So you had to find a way to make more black mages?" Zidane said, trying
still to understand how this was connected to Vivi's sons.

"We could just do what Kuja did, but we didn't want to make mindless clones.
Then we found something out, it was possible for Genomes and Mages to...
um..." Vivi started.

"Alright, so you got yourself a cute Genome back at home?" Zidane said,
still a bit confused.

"Well, not exactly. See, in order to know, we had to test it out."

"So you're kids are what, a science experiment?"

"Well...kinda. It's like a test tube baby, I used my own genes to create
the first few, since I was capable of a longer life already and I was the
strongest. I didn't experiment til I was sure, but when I did I tried it over
five times, to be sure it worked. And if it didn't work I could try to find
out what went wrong." Vivi said, trying to dumb it down for Zidane. His
work was more involved, but going over the little idiosyncrasies of it
would be confusing at best.

"And those five are...?"

"Yes, those are my sons. As it turns out, I was born as a child, but my
lifespan was only supposed to be short, so I was grown almost fully in a
short time. When I saw those kids actually grow, I couldn't let them just
be alone in the world, so I did the only thing I could, I raised them. They
are aging faster too, but not as fast as I did. They should age about the
same way as a normal human." Vivi said.

"So let me try to get this straight, after some pretty freaky science you
were able to figure out how to make a child with a combination of genome
and black mage? But your children look nothing like genomes." Zidane
said, confused.

"Only the boys turn out to be mages. Not all of them too, but in my case
they were all black mages. All the girls are genomes, and some of the boys
are too." Vivi said.

"Now that makes sense...I'm actually surprised I got that." Zidane said,
nodding his head.

"Um, where's Freya?" Vivi said, looking back and on each side.

"Oh geez, I can barely see Rusty up there, maybe she's with them, let's
catch up." Zidane said, increasing his walking pace.


Freya jumped from treetop to treetop, her mind busy thinking about Sir
Fratley. It was a shame he couldn't be convinced to come along, but it
couldn't be helped. She just needed to clear her head from all the talk
among the boys.

She always enjoyed the solitude of the skies, as most dragon knights did.
She kept on the trail, at least as close as the trees would allow her.

"Sir Fratley..." she said with a sigh.


"Zidane, how long have we been walking anyways?" Vivi said, his feet were
beginning to ache a little bit.

"I think we're about halfway there. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so
hot around here. " Zidane said, his mind starting to wander elsewhere. He
started to think of cool beaches, the wind blowing in his face as a beautiful
woman served him ice cold drinks. Suddenly he sees a beautiful woman
running across the beach. She turns around to show her face, and he

"....Zidane, Zidane, can you hear me?" Vivi said, tapping Zidane in the side.

"Sorry man, I just kind of zoned out there. What did you say?"

"Steiner said we are gonna take a rest break. You okay?"

"Sure, I just need a quick break I guess."

"A break from what? I hope the infamous bandit Zidane hasn't gone soft"
Steiner said with a condescending voice.

"I haven't, I'm not the one who started a break there big guy." Zidane said,
trying desperately not to pant. "And in any case, can I see by a show of
hands the people who have gone from one continent to the next with only a
boat and a moogle." No one raised their hands, and Zidane looked around while
saying "No people, wait and let me count before you put your hands down. No?
Then just leave me be Rusty." He said, and Rusty heard a stifled laugh from
his inferiors.

"Actually, Vivi, can you do me a favor?" Zidane asked, a thought forming
in his head.

"Uh, um, sure. What do you need Zidane?" Vivi said.

"Could you cast Blizzard on me?" Zidane said with a smile.

"Uh, ok. Everybody get away." Vivi said, taking out a staff. Everyone got
away from Vivi, and within a minute a barrage of ice was descending upon the
tailed hero, bringing a relaxing, soothing feeling to him in the dead head.

"Alright everybody, only a couple more hours to go" Steiner said, as loud
as he could, hoping Freya could hear.

"I wonder what's wrong with Freya Zidane." Vivi said, concerned for the
well being of his friend.

"I'm sure she's just sad about Sir Fratley. I think that even thought she
won't admit it, but they are more involved than we knew about. I guess it
sort of made her sad to be rejected by him." Zidane said, trying to sound
sagely as he spoke.

* * *

"Hey, I can see the windmills from here!" Vivi said jumping up and down.

"Finally here." Zidane said. A second later a flash of light red flashed in
front him.

"That was a pleasant change of pace" Freya said.

"So nice of you to finally drop in" Steiner said.

"Oh ha-ha" She said sarcastically as she walked forward. "So where is this
snake anyways?" She said, her head turning from side to side.

"We are supposed to formally inquire any civilian here for any information
pertaining to the beast, then make an attack as the sun is going down."
Steiner said, sounding more like he was reading from a paper than saying
something he would.

"Relax man, it's not like this is a war." Zidane said.

"I am merely following the official code of the law." Steiner said.

"Well I think tha-" Zidane started, but something captured his attention.
"What on Earth is that?" He said, pointing to the East. From there emerged
two people pulling a stretcher. They couldn't make out who it was, there
was a sheet on it, but it didn't look human.

"Out of our way, emergency here!" He heard a couple of people yell in the
local hick dialect.

"What happened?" Vivi said.

"Walk and talk guys, we gotta get this going" The man in front said.

"Steiner, let's give em a hand." Zidane said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"This guy went off at that stupid snake thing. I told him that the
Alexandrians were coming, but he didn't listen. Said something about an
old alliance or something. You guys the troops from Alexandria?" the man
in the back said, as Zidane and Steiner grabbed onto either side of the

"Yea, we're them. Can you tell me about the snake?" Zidane said, trying
to keep the pace.

"Soon as we drop him off at the inn. The guy got poisoned kinda bad, but
it looks like his body is resisting the poison or something. He's not banged
up too bad, but for a while that snake was on our heels."

"We're almost there." Vivi said.

"Um, do you know who he is?" Freya said, her words showing careful
contemplation on her behalf.

"Pardon?" The guy said in between pants.

"Who the guy is?"

"Sir something. Said something about Burmecia." The guy said, slowing down.

"We're here" The other one said. "Thanks for the help. You can talk to
the guy if you want to as soon as we can get him down. He's kind of out
of it, but he is conscious."

"I can't believe..." Freya started, her hand shaking as it turned to a fist
"...that he would be so stupid."

"Alright, you guys can come in here." One of them said though the door.

It was indeed Sir Fratley that was lying there, a nasty wound on his leg.

"How can you be so stupid?" Freya said, her voice changed but steady and

"What the, hey come closer I can't see ya right. That you Freya? I didn't
know you were coming. There's this snakey kinda thing out there, caught
me off guard. Hey, take the Dragon's Hair lance back. Maybe you can use
it better." He said, his voice slurred and his mind clouded.

Freya's was able to stop herself from getting too angry at him. "Yes Sir
Fratley, I will get the snake for you. Just lie down and recover." She said
with a sigh.

Freya walked out the door, and the others followed her. She was surprised
to hear his voice behind her. "Hey Freya!" He said, waiting for her head
tot turn around before he talked again "For Burmecia!" he shouted.

"For the love of...somebody get him off that leg before he doesn't have it
anymore!" Said one of the people who had the stretcher.

"Hey, cheer up Freya. Come on, what's so bad?" Zidane said, trying his
best to cheer her up.

"Where should I begin?" She said in a glum voice.

"How about the fact that Sir Fratley is here, mostly well, you are among
friends and we're going to avenge the wounding of him in a short while."
Zidane said. "And at least while he is injured, he's going to need a nurse"
Zidane said with a smile.

"Is your mind ever clean? Like, when you eat, or is it always the same?"
she asked, trying to change the subject.

"I tried that whole clean living thing once. Didn't much care for it" he

"Uhm, guys, isn't that the snake's cave?" Vivi said cautiously, pointing to
a hole in the ground about 50 yards away.

"It does indeed match the description the town folk gave us." Steiner said,
pulling his sword out.

"I'm betting dollars to donuts a couple swipes from my Ultimate Weapon
and it'll drop." Zidane said, lifting his weapon with both hands over his
head. "So what do we do, wait for it, call it out, or just go down." Zidane
said, examining the tracks around the snake's cave. They seemed to go
eight ways, in almost a perfect octagon's points. The grass under them had
been yanked, and the dirt under it seemed new.

"All things put aside I'd much rather not sit here like ducks." Haagan

"I've no want to attempt scaling any cave, especially one with mist and a
snake in it." Weimar said.

"Enough of your talk knights. Vivi, do you think you could maybe give
our friend a wakeup call?" Steiner said, looking down at the young mage.

"S-sure." Vivi said, as he begun casting a spell. Moments later the ground
shook as Vivi cast a powerful Quake spell, causing a hole in the ground.
The group could suddenly hear a hissing sound.

"And we have our snake" Zidane said. Suddenly the snake came out, a
large purple snake, it's body covered in hard scales. It moved quickly, it's
body trailing a slimy ooze as it made it's way.

"Attack!" Steiner said, but Zidane was already a step ahead of him.
Zidane made three quick strikes in a row at the beasts chest, but he had
little damage on the serpent in front of him, and was quickly bounced
away with the beasts might.

Steiner attacked, his Ragnarok Sword above his head. He dove, his blade
finding it's way into the beast's scales, but he couldn't force the sword
into the beast, and had to move to keep himself safe.

"Captain, are you ok?" Haagan said, diving towards the snake, swinging
his sword rapidly to try to strike anything.

"Twas nothing but a slap. Vivi, let us use Doomsday Sword Magic on
him!" Steiner said, gearing himself up. Vivi cast the spell, giving enough
time for the rest of the members of the party to get some cover as the
ridiculously powerful spell took it's toll on the snake, causing noticeable

Zidane had recovered, and he attacked again, this time jumping up high
and attacking the beast in it's face, striking lethal blows to the serpent
before he returned to the ground.

"Physical attacks don't seem to hurt it" Weimar said. "Vivi, blast this
mother like it ain't no thang!" He yelled at the young mage.

Vivi prepared himself, and started casting Flare, but he was stopped as the
beast began bearing down on him. Zidane dived at the young mage, pulling
him out of trouble in just the nick of time. He ran away from Vivi, yelling
to the snake "Hey you big worm, come on and fight like a real beast!" as he
moved away from Vivi. Vivi quickly cast Flare on the beast.

"Where's Freya?" Zidane said, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"I haven't seen her since the battle began!" Steiner said, attacking with a
Flare Sword.

Haagan and Weimar starting using potions on Vivi and Steiner, while Zidane
continued taking swipes at the snake.

"You hear that?" Zidane said, hearing a faint voice.

"I think it's from above...maybe Freya?" Vivi said to Zidane.

A flash of light later, the bloated beast was assaulted with a barrage of
lances. "She's in trance" Haagan yelled.

"What the...?" Zidane said, as he saw his compatriot come down from the
ground faster than he ever saw her before. She had her lance in hand, and
was about to drop right on the beast. All he heard was "FOR BURMECIA!!!"
before she dropped on the serpent, impaling the thing's head as she made
it down. The snake cried out for a second before dropping, lifelessly on
the ground.

"Yes!" Zidane said as the victory music began playing.

"Everyone ok?" Steiner said, looking around.

"I told you everything would go just fine Rusty. Now let's get back for some
R&R. My dogs are barking." Zidane said with a yawn.

It was almost night by the time the group got back to the small village.
They each broke off in their separate ways, Steiner and the Knights of
Pluto going to the local bar, while Freya went over to check up on Sir
Fratley. Vivi wanted to take a look at the windmills.

"Geez it sure gets lonely here" Zidane said to himself as he walked around
the almost vacant street. He looked left and right, seeing only a few houses
with lights on. Wonder what everyone is up to.

Zidane noticed Freya standing over outside the inn, and went over to talk
to her.

"How's he doing in there?" He asked.

"He'll be fine. The doctor administered a drug that'll clear out the poison
in him in a little bit." Freya said, staring at the dirt.

"Don't get hung up on it Freya, he was just trying to do a good thing."

"Yea, and damn near get himself killed.

"Oh, and I suppose our suicide attacks against Beatrix were of course for
good fun." Zidane said sarcastically.

"Well, we..."

"We were no different than him, except we didn't fair as well after the
fight. The longer you're angry at him, the longer it'll be before you make
up. And the worse it'll be. Just forgive him." Zidane said.

"When the hell did you get so smart?" Freya said.

"Hey, I'm a world weary traveler." Zidane said, returning to his usual
sense of self confidence and false bravado. "I'm gonna go see Vivi, wanna
come with?"

"No thanks, Sir Fratley is going to be coming out in a little, I want to be
around when he does." Freya said.

Zidane left Freya to her own, he figured she needed some time alone to
contemplate what he said to her. Besides, he couldn't help but notice
something was bothering Vivi.

"Hey, Vivi, how ya doin?" Zidane said to the young mage.

"I-I'm good Zidane. I just been thinking is all." Vivi said.

"Sometimes it's not too good to think so much. Maybe I can help you, what
are you thinking about?" Zidane said, sitting down on the cool earth.

"Well, sometimes, I don't know, I start to think, what if I am wrong. I
mean about the science I've done for the mages. What if I'm wrong and
I'm just going to wake up one day and be alone." Vivi said, with a sigh.

"I trust what you've done, and I think you've already had a lot of evidence
that proves what you did was good. But if you want some advice, here's the
best I can give to you. Sometimes when you are surrounded by people you are
alone, You can never be alone as long as you have friends. It's not the
number of friends, it's the quality." Zidane said.

"Yea, I suppose so." Vivi said, still a bit glum.

* * *

"Uh" Sir Fratley said as he sat up. "Where am I?" he said, clearing his

"In Dali, a couple of guys found you and grabbed you in the nick of time.
Otherwise you would have been in a whole lot more trouble than just me.

"Freya? Oh no, I think It would have been better to be back there with the
snake..." He started saying.

"Oh, now be nice. Besides, we took the snake out with little difficulty."
Freya said.

"We?" he asked.

"Yea, Steiner, Zidane, Vivi, and a couple of the Knights of Pluto came
with me. We beat the snake before we came back here." She said.

"...Back?" he asked.

"Yea, we came here when you were getting dropped off. You were out of
it though." She said.

"Yea, my leg is hurting like a son of a gun."

"Let me see it." She said, her tone changing to that of concern.

"N, no, don't worry" her said nervously.

"Relax, I'm trained as a healer." She said, lying to try to calm him down.

"It's really not necessary" he said as she removed the sheet, examining
his wound. She pulled up his pants leg, when she noticed something odd.

"Well now, what's this?" she said with a wicked smile.

"That's perfectly fine" he said nervously.

"Well, I think it's only fair for me to make sure it's in...perfect...
working...order" she said, stroking his member through the pants leg. He
moaned as he felt her hand slowly pump his member up and down, all the
blood leaving his brain and moving elsewhere.

"Let's make you a little more comfortable" she said, unzipping his pants
and springing open his member. She slowly played with it, feeling the
smooth hairless contours of it in her hand.

"Now, now, no fair for me to be the only comfortable one" he said, lifting
an eyebrow.

"Oh, you mean this old thing. Well maybe you'd like it better if I just" she said, slowly and deliberately removing her dress,
revealing her figure to him. Despite wearing the dress which hid much of
her form, she was actually in great shape, and had considerably large

Freya took her mouth, lowering it to his aching member. She slowly licked
up and down his hard red member, tasting the mouse meat as her tongue made
it's way along his slicked member.

She slowly began to stroke his rodent love rocket as she brought her mouth
to the tip of his penis. She slowly worked the Fratley's penis into her
mouth, agonizingly slowly as she worked it down, inch by inch. Fratley could
do nothing but moan at the incredible pleasure he was feeling well up inside
of him. She moved his cock out of her mouth, then said, "Feeling a bit better
now are we?" as she slowly got on the bed, on her hands and knees. "So are
you up to it, Sir Fratley?" she said, putting emphasis on 'Sir'.

"Come hell or high water, I'll always be ready!" He said, ignoring the
pain as he got behind Freya, getting ready to fuck her doggy style. Or
rodent style.

Fratley let one of his hands inspect her vagina, making sure it was moist
enough for them to continue. Fortunately, their earlier foreplay was able to
generate enough lubrication.

He gently brought the tip of his mouse meat to her the entrance of her
vagina, and began to slowly push his red hot member into her. The two
had had sex before, and he knew exactly what she liked.

He brought his hands around, playing with the fur on her breasts as he
brought his member deeper and deeper into her, feeling the heat of her
body press against him with each thrust. He began to gently rub her
nipples, tweaking them with each thrust forward. Freya moaned, the
feeling was great but she was worried about him cumming first.

Her fears were allayed when he took his right hand and began to play
with her clitoris, gently at first but the playing became more and more
quicker and hotter as he continued.

When he had his entire length in her, he focused his entire attention on
bringing her over the edge. Freya kept her own nipples pleased while he
was busy. Then she remembered what he liked. She brought her tail creeping
up and up his leg, until the tail reached his member. She used it to slowly
play with his balls, gently dragging her tail across one and then the other,
she knew it was obviously pleasing him. It was at that point she could feel
herself nearing the edge.

"Oh, S-sir Fratley, I'm g-g, I'm gon-na c,c,c,cum oh please don't stop,
please don't st-op" she said, feeling the muscles in her vagina squeeze
down on his member, and she knew she was just a thrust or two before she
went over the edge.

She felt a surge of hot mouse cum blast into her, driving her over the
edge. Her body exploded in pleasure with each shot deep inside her mouse
hood She moaned in pleasure, trying to keep her voice down so she wouldn't
be detected by anyone, this was the last time she would want monkey-boy
running in. It took minutes before she could even speak a coherent

"Well, you get a bill of clean health, but I'm afraid you are going to need
some more of the 'treatment' before I let you out of my sights again." She
said, a sly smile on her face.

* * *

"Well whut in tarnation, izzat you there Blank? Whut's someone like you
doin' out here, 'snot like ah fig'rd you're a nature boy" Ruby said. She
could tell from the lantern's light the silhouette of his body in the dark.

"I heard from Marcus that you like takin' walks in the dark. Figured I'd
meet you sooner or later." Blank said, not moving a muscle more than he
needed to talk.

"So whut did y'wanna talk to me 'bout anyways?" She said, her mind puzzled.

"I just wanted to talk...that's all." Blank said, trying to remember what he
wanted to say. He had spent the entire day figuring out all the cool things
to say, the slick kind of things that would make her fall, but now he could
barely remember how to talk.

"Oh, I see." She said, starting to figure out what he meant.

"I just, wanted to tell you..." he started, his voice beginning to waiver.

"Yea?" She said, trying to fill in the quiet spaces in between his bursts of

"That I..." he said, with a gulp.

"Uh huh?" her patience was starting waiver.

" you" he said, in one last burst of breath.

"Izzat it? Shucks, you could 'ave told me any 'ol time! Whud ya wait now
fer?" she said, raising her voice, but not angry.

"I don't know, I guess I was just...scared" he said, the last word
particularly hard to get out.

"A'scared of whut, ah might not say yes?" she said, stepping towards him.

"I guess." He said, a little shame in his voice.

"S'why now? Why waitin' til now, why here?'

"I didn't want to be rejected in front of other people"

"Gosh" she said, only a few more steps between her and blank, and she was
quickly making those up, "I di'nt know ya cared s'much fer me" only a couple
more steps between them, "But seein' as we both know, hows about you jes shut
up an' kiss me?" she said, gently dropping the lantern on the ground. The
little window was open, and the flame went out instantly, but neither one
noticed nor cared.

Ruby and Blank lips intertwined. Ruby had always found Blank attractive, but
she never knew that he cared so much for her. She pulled him down to the
ground, to a patch of grass next to the road. Once again their lips met, but
this time Blank let his hands do some investigating. Even in the dark, he
could still locate what he was looking for. Ruby let him bring her shirt up,
releasing her breasts from the captive material.

Blank brought his lips down, tasting her breasts. He couldn't believe his
luck, and most of all he couldn't believe what he was doing now. He heard
Ruby moan as he began to tenderly play with her nipples, making each of
them erect. He moved a hand down, and unbuckled his pants, getting himself

"Hold yer horses there cowboy" she said when she noticed. "You got yerself
some business south of the border" she said, opening her legs slightly.

Blank took no time to waste and brought his hands down, finding her panties.
He pulled them down, smelling the sweet smell of her womanhood as he did. He
brought his now hungry lips down, and gently began to taste her. He quickly
increased his pace, lapping her up, making her enjoy every second of it. He
gently glided his hands along her soft, puffy labia while he licked her
clitoris, making it erect.

He continued for another five minutes, playing with her clit while lapping
up the sweet sticky juices that flowed forth.

"Oh, that's enough cowboy, bring the herd on home!" She said, a bit loud
but she didn't care right now.

Blank didn't have to be told twice, and within an instant he was ready. He
slowly began to get ready to enter her, making sure he had himself aligned
right(he didn't want to mess up in the dark) and when he was sure he had,
he pressed on, feeling her warm and tight womanhood hold tightly against
his shaft, bringing more pleasure than he thought possible. Ruby wasn't a
virgin, but she wasn't a loose girl either, she had only had sex with three
guys, including Blank.

Ruby could feel the sweet pleasure/pain as Blank pressed forward, smoothly
but steadily. Ruby braced her body, feeling the intense force of his member
thrusting into her. She began to play with her own breasts, the actress
barely able to contain herself. Blank was working himself, he was determined
to make sure that she came as well.

Blank grabbed onto the starlet's hips to brace himself, he was in all the
way and now he wanted to ready himself. He slowly began to thrust back and
forth, her sweet sticky juices lubricating his motions as he continued.

Ruby started to rub her hips against his thrust, she knew she was close to
cumming, and she knew that this would be a really strong cum. She continued
playing with her nipples, squeezing them slightly just to feel the pleasure
it brought.

Blank could tell in the dark she was getting near, just from the motion of
her hips, but he didn't want to finish yet, this was the most incredible
feeling he had ever felt in his life and he didn't want to sell himself short
just because he couldn't hold out a little longer.

Ruby, on the other hand, was seeking relief desperately, but she wanted to
cum together. "Blank, finish t'job" she said, barely able to get the words
out of her mouth, the pleasure was getting to be too much. But Blank wasn't
one to ignore the requests of a lady.

He increased his thrusts, his intents perfectly clear. Ruby moaned, each
propel forward bringing her nearer to rapture. Suddenly, she could fell her
mind leave her body as she had an Earth shattering orgasm, her entire body
spasmming as she came harder than she ever had in her life.

Blank was seconds away from cumming when she climaxed, and he pulled out,
shooting his load all over the outside of her now soaked love hole, each shot
on her like a little grenade of pleasure going off in her mind.

The two lied there, their breaths heavy in the humid air but their minds
running blank. It took minutes before they were capable of intelligent

"S-Shucks Blank" Ruby said, staring at the sky. "Whut in tarnation did we
wait fer?"

Blank just sat there, a huge smile on his face and sighed. He just looked up,
put his hands behind his head, and relaxed.

Yikes, over 15 pages, that's real good for 1 chapter. And hell, 2 sex
scenes. Damn. I'm good. I got lots more work cut out for me, but hell this
isn't a bad showing for 2 days worth of work. I suppose it's part
inspiration and part alcohol. Or maybe just part alcohol and part pr0n.
Yea, that's probably it. Bah, no matter, I hope you enjoyed my seamless
integration of plot and sex into a coherent story. And btw, don't email me
about mouse sex, I don't want to know how well off I did or didn't do the
story. Actually, fine, email me, hell it might add up to a couple more
emails. And remember about the cheerleading pics.

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