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* denotes thought
---ATE--- denotes Active Time Events

Final Fantasy: Epic Proportions Part 3 - Summer Wind
by Some Random Bastard

"Dear, it is too hot to sleep here" Hilda said, fanning herself with her
pocket fan. It didn't help too much, but at least it let some of the sticky
air around her move.

"Well dearest" Regent Cid said with a devious smile "We don't necessarily
have to go to sleep." He said.

"Oh you are just incorrigible!" She said, her mind starting to consider it.
"Dear, I'm thirsty, do be a upstanding Regent and try to fetch us a bottle
of wine. Who knows, it just might remove my inhibitions" she said with a
wink, and it wasn't but a few seconds until Cid was outside.

*Now where could I find a bottle of wine here. I know, maybe Tot has a
bottle. I wonder if he is awake at this time of the night.* Cid thought,
rubbing his chin.

He made his way, slowly in the heat, to the Doctor's studies, hoping maybe
the good man was doing a little late night work. Eiko was luckily sleeping
in a different room *Garnet is smarter than I give her credit for* he thought
as he realized how dreadful it would be to try to enjoy the night with his
adopted daughter in the next door.

He finally found the entrance, and made his way through the cobwebs to the
inner library. "Tot? Dr. Tot, you up?" He said, trying to keep his voice down
so as not to wake the scholar.

"Hmm, someone about this time of the hour? Ah, Regent Cid, what an honor it
is, I must say it's rare to have many visitors down here, especially one of
your stature. What can I do for you?" The doctor said, a little sweat
dripping off his nose as he did.

"I was wondering if you might have a bottle of wine I could borrow off you?"
Cid said.

"I'm afraid I can't help you, I haven't had a drink in ages. If it's in the
castle maybe you should ask Beatrix, she usually is around making her last
parameter check about now before she goes to rest. Sorry I can't be of more
help" Tot said.

"Very well, I thank you anyway." Regent said before walking out. He looked
around for any guards about, but he couldn't find any. He sighed as he just
started walking around, trying desperately to hear or see any signs of life.
But unfortunately his age and the weather together got the better of him,
and he say down with a sigh.

"'Scuse me." A deep voice said from behind.

"What, oh, sorry, Amarant is it?'

"Yea. You alright?"

"Just a bit tired. Where are you off to at such hours.

"That's my own business. The real question is why is someone like you
wandering around getting yourself tired for?"

"Heh, never changed, have you?"

"Not especially, but don't avoid the question." Amarant said, his voice

"I was just looking for a bottle of wine. Don't suppose you might know where
I can come upon one?" He said with doubt in his voice.

"Not my kind of drink, but I suppose in the kitchen if anywhere, unless
there's some wine cellar I'm not aware of." He said.

"I see."

"By the way, have you seen the Queen anywhere?"

"No, is she missing?'

"Not really, she went for a walk and Beatrix doesn't know where she is. If
you see her tell her that her bodyguard is looking for her. I need a bite to
eat. I'll be seeing you." Amarant said, moving away from Cid.

Cid got up, and starting looking again, this time for Garnet. Then he
remembered something Zidane told him, and he made his way through the castle.
He walked out, going to the only place he knew he could find the Queen. He
went to her mother's grave, the place where he knew she went to gather her
thoughts and go where she didn't want to be found.

"Garnet?" he said, and he could hear the young Queen gasp, he obviously
startled her.

"Yes Uncle Cid?" she said, her voice barely audible.

"What in the heavens are you doing out here?"

"I'm just, thinking I guess." She said with a sigh

"Oh I see." He said, understanding immediately. "So what has he done this

"What! I mean, uh..." she started

"I know that look all too well. I've seen it many a time, and I'm sorry to
say I've probably caused it more often than my share ought to have been."

"He just...left. He didn't even talk to me, after we...umm..." she started,
trying not to say what she desperately wanted to.

"...spent the night together?" Cid said it, trying to put the girls mind at

"Yea..." she said, feeling a little guilty.

"Well, I don't know the specifics of the case, and quite frankly I'm sure you
would rather go without telling me. However I wouldn't put too much worry
into Zidane, perhaps he was just trying to give you some room to breath for a
little bit, and get more accustomed to the idea. Or perhaps he himself wanted
to get his mind cleared a bit." Cid said, trying to cheer her up.

"'s not just that. In the morning, him out of the room before
anyone saw..." she said, her voice a mix of shame, fear, and nervousness.

"I see, and now you are afraid that he thinks you don't care for him at all,
and are only interested in him for...physical gratification. As I say that,
do you realize just how silly that sounds. If you hurt his feelings, he's a
man now, he can deal. If he's hurt yours I know he will be a man and make the
right choice."

"Yea" she said with a sigh "I suppose so. I think maybe I should go back to
my room" she said

"Well, this area can't do much for making you all the more pleasant." Cid
said, helping her get up. "Now let's see if we can't get back to the castle
and attempt to try to get you a little sleep" he said.

Garnet started walking, with Cid aside her, back to the Castle of Alexandria,
it's gigantic sword illuminating the way back.


"Hi Amarant. You need good yum yums? I make for you!" Quina said, in his
usual cheery nature.

"Sure, if you really want to. How about you make me a sandwich. And, for a
break, how about no exotic foods in it. Nothing like frogs or oglops. Let's
just have a nice roast beef sandwich, on normal plain white bread, with
regular mayonnaise and some normal cheese." Amarant said. *Why did Dagger
ever let this oversized marshmallow puff be the chef* he thought.

"Ok, you like good, make great sandwich!" Quina said, immediately going to
work "So why you up so late?" Quina said, making small talk.

"I got a friend coming in tonight. I'm gonna 'meet' her, if you catch my
drift." He said with a wink

"I no get" Quina said, raising his eyebrow. At least Amarant thought he did,
it was kind of hard to imagine.

"We are going to get together. Hook up. Understand?"

"I no get. You no make sense."

"Right, I'm the one that doesn't make sense

"Now I get!

Amarant sighed, tired of the foolish game, and just ate his sandwich. "Not
bad" he told the head chef, as he continued eating it.


"My Queen, there you are. I was beginning to become worried." She said with
a salute. "I thank you for spending time to find her Regent Cid" she said
with another salute.

"I'm sorry to have bothered you. I guess I just lost track of time. I think
I'm just going to relax on the balcony for a bit, the cool air there is a
refreshing in this heat. Beatrix, take a break for once, and catch some
sleep." Garnet said.

"Sleep is for the weak your highness. I will have an eternity to sleep when
I have passed on" she said.

"Just go to bed Beatrix. That's an order. And once again, thanks Uncle."
Garnet said before leaving them. Garnet walked up the stairs, and Regent Cid
made his way towards the kitchen.


Beatrix made her way through the now-empty halls of the newly rebuilt Castle
Alexandria. It always amazed her when she walked through just how much
attention had been paid to detail.

She went to her room and lied down, with a sigh. *Steiner why are you such a
blockhead* she thought as she removed off her armor, revealing her sweaty
body. She was always a little sweaty after a full day of work, but on such a
humid night it was near impossible not to be soaked in sweat.

She grabbed her normal nightclothes, just a simple set of normal clothes. She
sat down on the bed and just started to think, trying to put her mind at ease
before she went to bed, or else she would never be able to get any rest.

She thought about the day, mostly at what had upset her. Steiner had upset
her true, but why was it so bad? He was just being his usual self. But this
time, it was different, almost like he wanted to prove himself worthy, no
matter the cost.

Beatrix lied down in her bed, feeling the soft silken sheet rub against her
body. She ran her hands over her brow, feeling the sweat gather on her hand.
*I'm not gonna get much sleep tonight* she thought, and sighed.

She accidentally brushed her forearm against her breast, and was surprised to
find it arousing. She thought for a second if anyone would be around to hear,
but she decided to err on the side of chance.

Beatrix slowly took off her clothes, feeling the warm air hit her naked
flesh. She let a silent moan escape out of her lips as she once more lay down
on the bed, feeling the soft silken sheets envelop her body, gently caressing
her buttocks and back

Beatrix took her strong warrior hands, and put them to better use. She began
to slowly caress and play with her nipples, feeling her pleasure begin to
rise. Slowly she felt her nipples begin to harden, becoming erect with little
effort. She began to tweak her nipples, feeling just a tiny amount of pain
through all the pleasure. But she knew that this isn't what she really

Beatrix brought her hands lower, past her now fully erect nipples, past her
smooth cream colored muscular chest, past her innie belly button, past her
well balanced curves to her womanhood.

She felt her small mound of pubic hair. Beatrix didn't keep herself shaven
everyday, but she didn't like to let her hair get very long. It was short and
trim, and the way it was felt almost like it was a road to something better.
A road she herself planned on traveling upon.

She slowly began to massage herself, gently rubbing her labia, feeling her
soft lips begin to puff out, extruding more and more heat as she continued
rubbing, feeling the friction starting to make herself wet.

She could feel her clitoris start to become erect, and as she was rubbing
herself she began to slowly massage her clit, feeling as it became harder and
harder. She took her thumb and forefinger, and began to gently play with it,
almost milking the pleasure organ as she went.

Finally Beatrix could stand no longer, she needed release. She continued
rubbing her now puffed out labia, and suddenly slipped a finger in her now
wet pussy. A quiet moan was the only other noise that could be made as she
began to finger herself. Slowly she started working her finger into herself,
feeling the pleasure of penetration as she continued rubbing herself.

Beatrix brought one of her hands back to her breasts, allowing it to tweak
her now aching areoles, they felt as though they were burning with passion.
She began to roughly squeeze on her nipples, feeling only the pleasure. But
she knew this wouldn't be enough to bring her over the edge.

Beatrix turned around and lied down on her stomach. She took her right hand
and brought it back to her now soaking love hole. She now inserted two
fingers, and began to almost furiously fuck herself, feeling herself coming
closer and closer to climax. She started bucking her hips, trying to force
more and more of her fingers deeper and deeper into her snatch. She could
feel her nipples scraping against the silk, making them only more aroused
and bring more pleasure. She could barely contain herself, as her nipples
were bringing so much pleasure she could barely keep her mind on the task at

She started to moan as she put in a third finger, feeling herself start to
rub against the walls of her own pussy, the friction making her wetter and
wetter, driving her almost to the edge. She now had all three finger to the
knuckle buried deep inside of her, pounding in and out at a furious pace,
faster than she thought she could. Her entire body was soaked with sweat,
but she didn't care anymore, all that she needed to do now was to cum.

Finally her furious finger fucking, and the attention to her nipples brought
her to the brink and over, and she came in a particularly hard orgasm. She
felt her body quiver as every inch of her body exploded in sweet release, her
body spasming with pleasure. She put her face to the pillow so as not to
bring anyone to her, and began to moan loudly into the pillow, as a river of
sweet juice flowed constantly from her pussy.

It took Beatrix five minutes of straight pleasure before she could begin to
catch her breath. She grabbed a quick change of clothes, a small nightgown,
and threw it on her body before she collapsed from both exhaustion and


Regent Cid walked down the stairs, his body fraught with sweat. He could
feel some of the heat lingering from the day's meals, and he could smell some
delicious food.

"Finally made it? Find the Queen?" Amarant said, finishing up a sandwich.

"Eh? Yes, although I must say she is quite depressed." Regent Cid said,
dabbing at his forehead with a handkerchief.

"Garnet is no happy? Why that?" Quina said.

"Zidane has left for Dali, and that has apparently left her lovesick." Cid
said, being careful of how he worded himself.

"So that little idiot went off and got himself some adventure when he had a
woman waiting at home. I swear I'll never understand him" Amarant said in
between bites.

"Needless to say, the Queen is less than pleased with this." Cid said,
enjoying a relaxing sit.

"I guess. Geez I can't take the kiddy love story anymore." Amarant said,
rolling his eyes.

"What you mean by that?" Quina said

"These two are either making a purposely making life hard for themselves, or
they are stupid. Two lovebirds, they go together and be in love. Zidane is
being an idiot, and Garnet is being foolish to mourn the idiots temporary
departure." Amarant said.

"Zidane strong. Need him go help Dali maybe?" Quina said

"While I think it's all pretty well known that Zidane is an accomplished
combatant, I believe that Steiner along with both Freya and Vivi would be
capable of defeating the likes of most." Regent Cid said. "However maybe
they aren't sure how to feel, I mean this is their first love, they are
young, and indeed foolish. Maybe Zidane didn't know what to do, so he
decided to put a small distance between them for a short period, so he
could deal with it in his mind."

"Then perhaps someone should cut their short period even shorter and wake
them up to reality." Amarant said.

"You have airship. Fly Zidane back?" Quina said to Regent Cid.

"I would fly out tonight, but my crew is likely asleep or otherwise busy. I
believe it would be best to head out in the early morning and make my way
there. I'm sure Tantalus would be ready and able by then if my crew is not."
Regent Cid said.

"Well, I'm off, I think I've had enough talk about the romance. I think I'll
have a few words with the Queen myself before I let myself out." Amarant
said, as he wiped his mouth and walked to the door.

"Been nice talking to you" Cid said to the Flaming Amarant as he left.

"Maybe I go. Talk to Queen, make feel better." Quina said.

"Before you do, help me pick out a wine, would you? I've gone to quite a
number of trials just to get here." Cid said.

"Want good wine, come down here, secret wine cellar."


Amarant walked down the path, towards the Queen's chambers, when he saw her
above the balcony.

"Hey, Garnet."

"Oh, hi Amarant."

"I talked to Cid. He told me about your problem."

"Oh, uh..."

"He didn't go into detail, so don't worry, I'm sure I won't ever know what
really transpired. But I do want to tell you something. Once, a long while
ago when we were traveling, I asked Zidane a question, what motivates him
to do what he does. He told me that he did it all for you. I just wanted
to tell you that, and also just tell you something. In case you hadn't
noticed, this is a city where woman are in charge. So take charge and make
sure he doesn't make a choice like that without your say. So just make sure
that kid stops acting so childish" Amarant said, nearly shouting. "Anyway,
I got to head out for a little, I'll be in town if you need me" he said,
and walked out of sight before Garnet could respond.


"Here, good wine" Quina said, as he took a vintage bottle dated about 110
years ago.

"I don't know if the Queen would like me taking such an expensive and rare
bottle of wine" Cid said, staring intently on the wine bottle. It was a
light green, and it shone from the light of the torch.

"Queen no like wine. You family, she want you take wine." Quina said,
holding it out for Cid to take.

"I suppose it wouldn't be too rude just to borrow one bottle" He said,
taking it.

"Good. I make yummy sandwich for Garnet. She need be happy." Quina said,
walking back to the kitchen.

"Oh, and Quina, just one last thing" Cid said.

"Glasses in cupboard" Quina said, his back facing towards Cid as he started

"Thanks." Cid said, darting out of the kitchen and back towards his beloved

He noticed that he had been running chores for near an hour, but it didn't
matter much to him all the same as long as he would have his Hilda once more.
He had been unfaithful, and had paid dearly.

He finally got to his room. He opened the door and found his wife sitting in
a chair by the window fanning herself.

"Lady Hilda, I have returned with a very fine wine" He said, holding the
bottle out and smiling.

"I would hope so, you certainly did spent quite a while getting it," She
said, getting up from the chair and walking towards her husband. "I say, you
are already sweating, trying to start without me are you?" she said, fanning
her husband for a moment.

"I have done quite a number of chores in order to obtain this. First, I..."
he started saying as Hilda took the bottle out of his hands as well as the
glasses and poured them each a very generous glass.


Quina, quite happy with himself, bounced towards the Queen's room. He found
her at the balcony before he made it there.

"Hi Garnet. I make special yummy sandwich" He said, presenting her a sandwich
cut horizontally. Garnet couldn't tell what kind was inside, she could only
see that it was made out of a newly cut piece of bread.

"I hear you sad. Me no want you sad." Quina said as Garnet took the plate
from him.

"Thank you for caring." She said, trying to be polite to the often times
foolish Que standing beside her.

"I have advice, maybe feel better." He said

"Sure, everyone else is giving me advice." She said with a small sigh.

"This from memory, not perfect maybe."

"Alright." She said, taking a bite of the sandwich. She was pleasantly
surprised when she tasted the sandwich, and although she couldn't tell what
it was, it did taste superb. Besides, most often with Quina it is best not
to ask.

Quina cleared his throat, and then said in a deep voice, "Love is an eternal
emotion that transpires in many forms, and can transgress any distance no
matter how far, and time no matter how long, and any fight no matter how big.
But love is merely a seed shared between two people, it requires to be
nurtured by both sides or else it cannot survive the smallest hardship, only
with constant love can there be any strength in the eternal bond."

Garnet sat there in complete shock. She sat there blankly, her mouth ajar
with some half eaten food in her mouth. She shook herself out of it, and said
"T, thanks Quina. I, um, appreciate it. I think I need to get some rest"
Garnet said, putting down the sandwich.

*What the hell was in that sandwich* she thought as she walked away. All
Quina though was *I hope she liked the sandwich*


Hilda heard Cid going on and on about his "epic" voyage, but she didn't pay
much attention as he prattled on, instead focusing her mind on the glass of
wine in her hand. The wine was a refreshing cool splash against her throat,
which cleared her palette of the sticky taste that humid days leave in one's

She stared at her husband as he went on, picking up every few words he said.
Finally she had enough, saying "Dear, you must have parched yourself, please
take a drink"

Cid sighed, and brought the glass to his mouth, tasting the sweet, cool
liquid splash against his mouth. He watched as his wife walked back to the
bed, his heart rate increasing with each step he heard.

"Now dear" she said, a devious curve aligning itself on her face, "Whatever
naught thing were you planning to do tonight? What, perhaps you thought you
would be able to touch these?" She said, pointing towards her breasts,
enticing him. Cid didn't say a word, his attention focused elsewhere and he
sort of liked the idea of her taking charge. Hilda sat up on the bed, her
feet dangling to the side, "Or maybe you thought you could get into my dress.
Ah yes, Regent Cid, you are fabled of being a particularly affectionate
lover. Tell me, was I ever so cold you needed leave my chambers?" Hilda said,
in a mock upset voice.

"N-no my lady. My prior transgressions were just that, in the past."

"Well let's see you prove that, I'm sure your up to the challenge?" she said,
pulling her legs up onto the bed, her knees slightly crossed.

Cid took naught a moment to tarry about, he pounced on his wife. He brought
his lips to hers, with a small amount of surprise that was quickly forgotten
as their lips intertwined, a passion long left without a kindle burning with
a flame not seen since the destruction of Alexandria.

Cid brought his hand to Hilda's hip, feeling the thin, soft material her
night clothes were made of. He began to slowly massage her through it,
rubbing the soft texture against her side.

He broke off the kiss, bringing his attention to her ear, as he slowly
kissed, following down her neck all the way to her breast. He took a moment
to inhale her sweet, sweet scent before he lowered her dress further,
exposing his wife's good sized breasts to the hot and sticky air.

Hilda let off a soft moan as she felt her bosom fall out of her dainty night
clothes, her aureoles already beginning to harden under Cid's masterful
manipulations. She could feel herself begin to get more and more aroused, her
entire body glowing in the reflective pleasure her breasts radiated.

Cid could feel Hilda's body begin to writhe in pleasure as he expertly
pleased her. But he was not done yet, not by a long shot. He brought his head
lower, bringing Hilda out of her state of pleasure, but only for a moment as
it reappeared, this time lower and more intense.

Cid slowly began to massage his wife's cotton underwear, playing gently with
the flimsy material, feeling it as it soaked up as much moisture from her as
it could. He toyed for it a moment more, before bringing his arms around
either side of her, to pull down the soft garment.

Cid began to slowly massage his wife's clitoris, feeling the moisture well up
and let out inside of her. Hilda could feel his fingers moving masterfully,
her mind being drowned in a constant flow of pleasure. She let out a yelp as
he brought his tongue to her clit, bringing her to another level of pleasure.

Cid worked quickly, but masterfully, his tongue moving where his hands could
not, and vice versa, bringing the maximum pleasure possible within such co
straights. He worked gently, using his tongue to encircle and then prod at
her now fully-erect clit.

Hilda took her own breasts in hand, massaging them as though she couldn't go
a second without the pleasure she felt. She could feel herself being brought
nearer and nearer to the edge.

Cid continued with her, bringing her closer and closer without pushing her
over the edge, constantly pleasing her with his tongue, then waiting a few
seconds, until her roar became more of a growl, and would resume. This
brought Hilda closer and closer to cumming, but without enough stimulation
to provide release.

Hilda could stand it no longer, and grabbed her husband's head, forcing his
face directly into her snatch, forcing him to bring her off. Cid complied,
and just moments later he was assaulted by wave after wave of her sweet
juices as she hit orgasm. He could feel her body tremble as the orgasm took
hold of her, zapping more pleasure than a brand new Diehard.

When her orgasm subsided, she could still feel her body almost hum, as though
that was only the beginning. She pushed her husband down, getting on top of
him, without saying a word. She went down on him, painfully slowly removing
hid pants, watching in demurred glee as she saw his bloated member spring to

She brought her tongue out, letting it barely glide the surface of her
husband's penis, gracefully gliding across his dick, feeling the struggle he
put up to feel more. She slowly made her glides longer, tasting the shaft of
his penis.

Hilda slowly brought her head to the tip of his member, giving it a few short
kisses before taking it in her mouth. She heard Cid let out a short throaty
grunt as she did. She began to slowly let more and more of his hard member
enter, his body writhing in anticipation.

The queen began to slowly increase her pace, working progressively faster.
Cid could scarcely contain himself, he could felt his body coming closer and
closer to climax. He had to stop Hilda, saying "Dear, if we continue at this
pace I'm afraid that I will be done too soon."

"Well then" she said, after having removed his now glistening member "Come
over here and give me a hand getting this...small...dress off" she said,
standing up, her back facing Cid. Cid got up, and unbuttoned the three
buttons on her back, and watched as the frilly nightclothes fell, his eyes
following the fall and admiring the full figure of his wife. She turned
around, holding an ancient candleholder in her hands, the flame illuminating
the figure of her breasts, and Cid had but a second to make out the outline
before Hilda parted her lips, blowing the candle out.

Cid heard the clank of the metal against the light stand beside him. He felt
Hilda's body press 'gainst his, her lips tenderly kissing his. She broke off
the kiss, falling onto the bed. Cid could see only a small part of her body
through the moonlight that broke from the small window, but he saw enough,
and quickly got onto the bed.

He positioned his body, aching for release. He was finally able to position
himself correctly in the darkness, and brought himself to the entrance of
her sweet womanhood. He pressed forward, taking it slow, enjoying the hot
stickiness that surrounded his rock hard penis.

Hilda moaned, feeling emotions she hadn't felt in such a long while. Her body
covered in sweat, her vagina dripping sweet juices, the taste of her husband
still in her mouth, and now her husband was expertly thrusting in her,
bringing her nearer to her next orgasm.

Cid continued his rocking action, using his hands to steady himself. He
increased his pace, going faster, his member going deeper into his wife's
well oiled love machine. He could hear her breaths quicken and her body
begin to tighten up, and he knew that she was nearing the brim.

He brought his hand down, massing her thighs as he continued unabated,
bringing her closer. She began to moan out loud, her pleasure levels far
beyond what she was used to, and he kept bringing her further.

Finally, she could take it no more, and every muscle in her entire body froze
up, as her entire body shook passionately with one of the strongest orgasms
in her entire life. She could feel everything magnified ten times, each bead
of sweat moving on her skin was a streak of pleasure, each labored breath out
of her lungs breathing in new pleasure, everything in the world stopped for a
moment as she went over the edge.

Cid continued, and it wasn't too long before he felt ready, feeling himself
climax deep inside of her, each shot leaving a small fragment of entire
pleasure going off further in his head. He continued until he emptied
himself, shooting off a dozen or so shots, neither one of them could remember
after what they had just done.


Amarant walked through the doors of the hotel in Alexandria, apparently
waking the napping clerk when the door closed a bit too loud.

"Uh, huh...Can I help you?" the clerk said, barely conscious. Before he could
talk, he heard an all too familiar voice from above the stairs.

"Don't worry, he's with me, go back to sleep old man." Lani said from above
"Come on in Amarant, it's been hard enough to keep the place warm for you"
she said with a shake of her hips.

"So what's so important you couldn't wait?" he asked, but she didn't answer,
instead disappearing behind the door. He followed her into the room, a rather
poorly kept room, lit by only one candle in the center table. He looked from
side to side, and saw her standing in a corner, a seductive look on her face.

"So what is it anyway? I'm getting a bit sick and tired of these childish
games." Amarant said, almost like an adult sternly disciplining a child.

"Oh come now, I knew you couldn't get through a night without me" she said,
slowly taking steps toward her.

"Oh, judging by who went the furthest distance, I would say it was you who
couldn't go without me" Amarant said, as she continued stepping closer.

"Well, there's not much a girl can do by her lonesome." She said, face to
face to him. "Besides," she started, turning around "with a man like you, who
can help but be anxious" she said, slowly grinding her behind against his,
feeling his member spring to live.

"God, your incorrigible" he said, his breathing labored

"So I take it you mean no?" she said, turning around, her ample cleavage
almost spilling out of her dress.

"Now, now, no one said that." He said, taking a nice view of her body.

"Excellent." She said, licking her lips. "Well don't just stand there,
undress" she said, as she unzipped her dressed. Amarant took no second longer
before he was completely disrobed, his pale white skin barely visible in the
dark room, the candlelight now extinguished.

Lani moved down, quickly getting on her knees and letting her tongue touch
his now fully erect penis. She and Amarant had been together for a long time,
and she knew just hat he liked. She didn't take too much time, letting her
tongue appropriately lubricate his member before she took it in her mouth,
quickly at first, but slowing down to a nice pace, bringing him further and
further along, without giving him too much.

Lani continued sucking almost greedily on his member, enjoying the grunts and
moans that escaped his lips as she continued to let more and more of his dick
in, now deepthroating him. She continued to suck on him, and let one of her
hands slowly grasp his balls, at first she did it almost menacingly, but she
soon was massaging them, bringing him closer to orgasm.

Amarant was letting out a steady stream of moans now, he could feel it in his
balls that he was gonna cum soon. "L-Lani" he started, but she looked up at
him with a disagreeing stare, and continued to suck on him, increasing her
tempo, and bringing his member entirely out before putting it back in.

That was too much for Amarant, and he let out a yelp as he felt his balls
contract, and stream after stream of his load shoot into her. Lani held him
inside of her, grabbing him by the asscheeks and forcing him there until
each shot as deep in her belly.

Lani pulled his member out of her mouth, the still hard member shining in the
moonlight. Without saying a word, she got on her hands and knees, shaking her
ass just a little bit to entice him. He didn't need much enticing at this
point, and he quickly was behind her, his rock hard member now aligned almost
perfectly to enter her now dripping love hole.

"What's wrong, just gonna stand there and stare?" she said, edging him on.
He didn't need anything to begin with, and as his dick penetrated her soaked
pussy his mind was overcome with a sense of pleasure. Lani herself was going
crazy with pleasure, each thrust into her was a wave of adrenaline and
pleasure rolled up into one.

Amarant was starting to pick up the pace, he was losing control fast as he
felt the adrenaline pump continually into his brain, bringing him faster and

"Come on, fill me up. Harder, ohh that's it! Fuck me, come on, smack my ass!"
Lani yelled, her body filled with pleasure as Amarant continued to bang her.
Amarant started to smack her ass, feeling her writhe in pain and pleasure,
moaning after each hit.

"You love, it, don't you?" He said in partial-belief, but not too much. All
he could hear is a faint moan, which he assumed to mean yes, as he continued,
each thrust forward met with another slap.

"Oh, god, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna cum!" She yelled loudly, and
Amarant was sure that anyone within a couple blocks could hear her. He
continued nonetheless, as he felt her climax, her pussy now flooded with
sticky juices, making his fucking all the easier. He continued, feeling
her now tender pussy muscles contracting, but he didn't care anymore, he
needed release.

He stopped smacking her now crimson bottom side, and grabbed onto them for
support, using it as a grounding to continue. He then let loose, pulling his
member all the way out before pushing it back, all the way in. After a few
more times like that, he couldn't stand it anymore, and he shot a second
load, this one smaller than the first, deep inside her soaked pussy. He
thrust forward a few last times, completely draining himself before he
pulled out, his now flaccid member shining in the reflected moonlight.

He had about enough energy to drag himself back onto the bed before
succumbing to complete exhaustion. Before he passed out, he could feel
Lani's sweat covered body drop next to him.

And that ends that. We all had fun, didn't we? Well, be sure and thank the
friendly neighborhood lemon-man, otherwise they don't appear too often
for ya. And be sure to send in every cent you have to the Grey Archive.
And don't ask me for a request unless ya got something real, not just "I
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