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Final Fantasy: Epic Proportions Part 4 - Reunion
by Some Random Bastard

Zidane woke to the sounds of shouting outside the room. He awoke his eyes,
his mind groggy, his eyes straining to see in the little light. He got up,
and looked out the window, only to see the dawn barely rising and already
old bucket head was forcing the knights to do morning exercises.

He shook his head a far times, and sat back on the bed, trying to decide
whether he should go back down to sleep or whether he should get up. *What
the hell, I'm already up* he thought, and stood up, his body a little weary
from the day before. But that wasn't what he was thinking about, not by a
long shot.

He was so engrossed in thought he didn't hear when Vivi opened the door and
came in.

"Morning Zidane" Vivi said, his words shocking Zidane out of his state. "Are
you ok? I didn't mean to scare you" he said, fixing his sombrero hate.

"I was just thinking about something. Getting up early just isn't for me.
And we have the return hike going back in a few hours anyways." Zidane said,
scratching the back of his neck.

"Yea, I guess. By the way, have you seen Freya? She hasn't been around since
early night yesterday, and we should make sure she knows when to leave" Vivi

"She's...busy right now, I'm sure she'll come out when she's good and ready
to. Until then I'm sure Steiner will be abusing those guys for quite some
more time" Zidane said, with a smirk.


"1-2-3-4. 1-2-3-4." Steiner kept repeating, making sure his troops were in
perfect formation, anything less just wouldn't do.

*I can't believe he won't let us just sleep in* Haagan thought with a grunt.

*I hope this ends soon* Weimar thought, as he tried his best to keep in step.


Zidane had a rather bland breakfast and strolled outside to see Steiner still
abusing the poor soldiers. "Hey Rusty, when are we gonna get a move on?"
Zidane yelled across the field.

"We will leave when Freya is prepared! Did I say you can stop! On the double!
1-2-3-4" Steiner yelled across the field.

"Then you need not wait any longer" Freya said, stepping from behind Zidane.
"I am afraid that I won't be coming along though, I'm sorry but Sir Fratley
needs me. Give my deepest regards to the Queen please Steiner." She said, her
voice sullen.

"I am sorry to hear that. I trust he will be ok?" Steiner said.

"He will, but his leg is badly broken, and we can't lift him out. It would be
different if we had the invincible still, but now we really couldn't without
endangering or hurting him." Freya said

"Geez, that's a tough break. Want me to ask if Cid can fly the new Hilda
Guard over here to pick you up? I'm sure he would hate for you to have to
miss the celebrations." Zidane said.

"I wouldn't want to be a pain. I'm sure he has better things to do than to
pick up..." she started, when suddenly she heard a low rumbling.

"What the...?" Zidane said, jerking his head towards the noise.

"Knights of Pluto, at arms!" Steiner said, taking his sword out.

"Wait a second, I know that noise!" Zidane said, putting his blade away.

"W-what is it Zidane?"

"It's the Theater Ship!" Zidane said, running towards the noise. A few
moments later the massive airship emerged from the tree line. "Come on, it's
gonna land over there!"

"How do you know that?" Freya asked

"Because I flew this thing here!" Zidane said.

* * *

"Baku! What the heck are you doing here?" Zidane said as he saw his foster
father step off the airship.

"Couldn't let you get all the glory. What, you already done here?" Baku said,
crossing his arms.

"We were just about to get going. Think we can hitch a ride?" Zidane said,
in a mock-teenager voice.

"What, I came here for my health? Get on already, ya lunkhead." He said,
waiving his arms

"Wait up, Freya has a friend here that's injured, can we bring him over?"
Zidane said

"If ya hurry up. I can't move this thing over anymore, but if he can get
here, sure he can come. But let's hurry up, I don't want to miss much of
the celebration." Baku said.

"Rusty, come over here, and give me a hand." Zidane said.

"Ugh, I cannot believe you got us into this" Steiner said, straining to
carry the stretcher that contained Sir Fratley's rat body.

"What, getting too much for you, old man?" Zidane asked with a sneer.

"Nothing I cannot handle, by the sweat upon your brow I'd say you were the
one near exhaustion"

"No one said anything about exhaustion there Rusty."

"Oh do shut up" he said gruffly.


"Vivi, I'm going to go see if they need a hand, I'll be right back" Freya
said, leaping high into the sky.

"Heya Vivi, whut's goin' on?" Ruby said, her arm and Blanks joined.

"Oh, hi guys. Freya went to go help Steiner and Zidane" Vivi said.

"More like to babysit those two.

"I know, whut in tarnation is wrong wit 'em? I mean we've been here whut,
not a 'alf hour and they's at each uthers neck like a pack'a wild dawgs!"
Ruby said.

"I know, they never fought like this before" Blank said.

"I-I" Vivi started, then stopped. "I dunno..."

"What is it Vivi?" Blank said.

"Well, I don't think they are fighting, I think Steiner's not sure Zidane
is very...kinglike."

"So whut, izzit like sum kinda test or sumpin?" ruby said.

"M-maybe, but I don't know for sure, it's just what I was thinking."


"Hey, you guys need some help?" Freya said, making a perfect landing on the

"No, problem, I got it" Zidane said, suppressing a grunt as beads of sweat
fell off his forehead.

"I shall not require assistance in the near future" Steiner said, feeling his
body covered in sweat start to shake ever so slightly.

"If that's the way you are going to be about it, fine, just don't drop him,"
Freya said with a sly grin.

"Nary a chance" Steiner said, the determination could he heard in his voice.

"Don't count on it" Zidane said.

"Alright guys, slow it on down, we're almost there" Freya said, guiding them

"Did you hear her fiend, she said slow down!" Steiner said.

"Alright, alright, cool your jets." He said, starting to slow down.

"Ok, watch it, take him up nice and easy" Freya said.

"We set up a room in this closet, it ain't the ritz, but it's padded
enough so he should be pretty well off" Blank said, opening a door near
the entrance.

"Jes let 'im in nice 'n easy" Ruby said, stepping aside to let them put
the stretcher in.

"Alright, everybody ready?" Baku said, not waiting for an answer before he
started up the engine.

"Here we go!" Blank said, stepping up to feel the breeze as the massive
airship started up.

"How are you doing Vivi?" Freya asked from behind the young mage. He turned
around from the edge of the ship, and fixed his hat before saying, "P-pretty
good thanks, why do you ask?"

"You always said to get sick on airships...I guess you grew out of that" she

"I'm surprised you're here, I would have suspected you would be with Sir
Fratley" Vivi said.

"It wouldn't make much good, the doctor gave him something to knock him out,
he'll be gone until after we're at Alexandria." Freya said. "Have you seen
Zidane around?"

"I saw him up on the top, he said he wanted to get away from Steiner and his
Knights" Vivi said.

"Alright, thanks Vivi" Freya said.

"Hey" Freya said to Zidane. He was sitting Indian style staring out at the
landscape as the Prima Vista shot past it. When she spoke she could sense his
body tense up. "Sorry if I startled you there."

He sighed and said "Don't worry about it, I just didn't hear you come up."

Freya took a few steps closer, and took a look at the majestic view before
her. The airship had a view of at least a dozen miles, and she could see all
the green valleys, the bright blue skies, the robust green trees below.
Everything seemed different, better, since the dissipation of the mist. "I
came to talk to you about..."

"Let me guess, Garnet?" he said sarcastically.

"Yes...Garnet." Freya said, attempting to keep calm.

"What about?"he said, avoiding her.

"Just what the hell was wrong with you?" Freya said, through with games.

"What kind of question is that?" He said, turning his head around.

"My god, just how dumb are you?" She spat out.

"Look, you don't know anything. Just leave me alone." He said, annoyed and
turned his head.

"What's with you all of a sudden?" she said, confused at him. Zidane was
never one to back down from a fight.

"'s not all of a sudden. Garnet and I had...well we had something grand.
And now I just...went. I-I-I don't know why. I just ran."



"Maybe you just don't know how to deal with your emotions. Genomes aren't
exactly the most romantic people, and you are used to dealing with problems
at the end of a dagger. Perhaps you just aren't versed in this kind of
struggle." Freya said.

"Say what?"

"You have neglect issues. You don't know how to deal with your feelings for
Garnet, so you put as much distance as you can between yourselves. That way
you don't have to deal with what you don't want to." She said.

"Hmm...Where did you come up with all this shrink talk?

"A girl has to have some secrets. Seems I've already talked your ear off,
why don't you mull over what I said and maybe come back later when you're
feeling better?" she said, turning back and walking down the stairs.


"Hey little guy, what's goin' on down there?" Baku said, with a laugh.

"Oh, h-hi Baku." Vivi said, startled by the large man with his booming voice
talking directly to him.

"Say, you seen my boy Zidane around here lately?"

"Oh, h-he went to the front of the ship, Freya just went to see him a little
bit ago." He said.

"Hah, could you do me a favor and give him a good talking to? If he won't
listen to me, maybe he'll listen to you." Baku said.

"Sure" Vivi said, a little intimidated by the large man.

"Thanks, I already sent Blank to go speak to him" Baku said, then sighed.
"He seemed off lately, ever since the Iifa Tree. I dunno what it is about
him, maybe its her, but sometimes I think he's so caught up in himself he
wouldn't know how to unravel himself if he wanted to, which he sure enough


"Sup bro?" Zidane said, talking to his brother in Tantalus who was behind

"Sup?" Blank said, and sat down next to Zidane.

"Well?" Ruby asked.

"Well what?" Zidane asked, his eyebrow going up.

"Well aren'tcha gonna tell 'im?"

"Tell me what?"

"Ruby, can you just let me and Zidane have a guy-to-guy moment here?"

"Shucks, you boys get more pigheaded the more you grow!" Ruby said before
stomping out.

"So what's happening now? Am I gonna get the next version of the 'Stop being
stupid' speech? Because Freya already beat you to it."

"Beat me to what?" Blank asked

"The whole psychoanalyst junk. Just give me a break and spare me the whole

"Want me to spare you? Alright, then indulge me for a minute."


"Do you love her?"


"Do you love her?"

"What the hell business is it to you?"

"Just answer the question bro. Do you love her?"

"Alright, yes dammit, I love her."

"Does she love you?"

"I think so."

"Then just get away from all the stupid bs and be with her."

"It's not that simple, there..."

"No, it is that simple. Stop thinking and start acting. Start acting like
someone who truly belongs in Tantalus." He said, walking out. Before he
stepped out the door, he turned, and said "Oh and Zidane" Zidane looked
over to him "Whatever happened to that 'give 'em hell' attitude you used
to have? Don't let love change you, let it help you grow" he said, stepping
out, thankful he remembered that line from the play.


"Rasafraskin-stupid Blank gets angered at me cuz 'e thinks hes better 'an me,
I'll shure show 'im sum-" Ruby said, storming out, and accidently bumping
into Vivi. "Shucks, I'm sirry Vivi, I din't see yous there."

"Are you ok Ruby, you sound a little mad." Vivi said, getting up and fixing
his sombrero.

"It's jes Blank and Zidane, thinkin' they so smart all the time, like I got
notin' good ta say." Ruby said angrily.

"Is Blank talking to Zidane now?

"Yer darn tootin' he is. Whatyou need wit them anyways?"

"Baku asked me to speak on his behalf.

"Shucks, I swear Vivi if it tweren't fir you I'd a thunk all men were as
denseas a rock."

"T-thanks...I think. What did they do that made you so angry?

"They....shucks I dunno Vivi, they jes bugged me 'sal" Ruby said. "I guess
they just w'nted to be alone, and I jes w'nted to help."

"M-maybe they just needed to be alone."

"Whut, like they were intimadated by me or sumpin?"


"Aw shucks, I dunno. Nevermind, jes ignore me, I'm jes in a bad mood." Ruby
said walking away, noticeably calmer.


Vivi watched as Blank stomped out, without saying a word. Vivi jumped back,
remembering the effect Zidane had on Ruby. The diminutive mage walked through
the doorway and saw Zidane sitting Indian style staring outside.

"H-Hey Zidane?" Vivi said.

"What's up Vivi?" Zidane said.

"N-not much. Mind if I sit down?" Vivi said.

"Not at all. I suppose it's time for you to give me the talk?"

"Talk?" Vivi said.

"The whole 'Striaghten up and fly right Zidane' talk, the 'Get your head
together' talk. I'm just sick of it all, so spare me." Zidane said.

"Um, ok Zidane" Vivi said, sitting down next to him.

"It's just everyone is convinced they know what is best for me and no one
cares about asking me. They all force this down my throat. It's just so

"Oh, um..." Vivi said.

"And then!" he said, getting up "Everyone gets angry when I don't follow
their 'advice' perfectly!" Zidane said shaking his arms, "They act like I'm
the biggest jerk in the world!"

"Well I..." Vivi said.

"I mean it's not like I'm not listening to what they are saying. I really am.
It's just more complicated than they let on. I really do love Garnet. At
first it was just a stupid little boy-meets-girl boy-wants-girl thing, but I
really, truly, started to fall in love with her. That's the problem."

"U-um,..." Vivi said.

"I mean I can't live without her, but will I be good enough for her? Will my
being there be enough? Can I hope to be the princess and the pauper real life


"But I love her, and that's just it. I love her. So damn it all. Damn the
world and damn everyone else. I'm gonna make it work, dammit!" Zidane said,
in a reassuring voice. "That's it! Thanks Vivi, I needed that. Jeez, why
did Baku send in everyone before you?" Zidane said before walking out.

"Baku" Zidane said from behind his foster father, who was in front of the
wheel to the airship.

"Yeah you lunkhead? Finally figured things out?"

"Yep." Zidane said.

"Gonna return to the castle and work things out?" Baku said.

"Yep." Zidane said.

"Good" Baku said.

"I need one thing first." Zidane said.

"What's that?" Baku said.

"Let me handle the controls" Zidane said.

"Wha...?" Baku started, then grinned "Heh, that's my boy. The controls are
all yours!"

"Thanks, dad" Zidane said, grabbing onto the wheel.


"So, Vivi, you get anywhere with Zidane?" Blank said.

"I-I think so."

"Well whadaya mean you think soooo---!" Blank started, when suddenly the
airship shot forward twice as fast as it was going, throwing Ruby into Blank.
"Well well, aren't I the lucky one?" he said, his hands suddenly gripping on
Ruby's firm round bottom.

"Oh behave!" Ruby said. She slowly turned her head back, kissed him slightly
on the mouth and whispered "Maybe t'night if yer luck'y."

"W-what's happening?" Vivi said, holding onto the side of the ship.

"Loverboy got hisself de wheel no doubt!" Ruby said, standing herself up.

"Zidane's... not the safest pilot. I just hope Sir Fratley will be alright,
we boarded him up pretty good, but still Zidane' the need for speed."
Blank said.


"Zidane, we're approaching Alexandria!" Baku yelled.

"ZIDANE! SLOW DOWN!" Marcus screamed at him.

"Relax guys, I know what I'm doing" Zidane said nonchalantly.

"That's what we're worried about" Marcus said glumly. He then braced himself
for impact.

"Here goes!" Zidane said, slamming on the breaks and throwing the airship in
a 180 degree turn, stopping it backwards right into the docking bay, a mere
15 feet from the wall. "Shoot, missed it by a little. Mind if I try again?"
Zidane said.

"Don't you have a girl to catch or something?" Marcus said from under a
crushed box.

"Right! I'm off!" Zidane yelled as he rushed out.

Steiner (with the knights of Pluto, of course) and Vivi were at the ship's
ramp, ready to get off as soon as it connected. Steiner pulled out his sword,
and yanked off his helmet, and proceeded to cut a notch in his sword. Vivi
noticed that his helm was literally covered in notches.

"U-um Steiner, what's with the, um, helm holes?"

"Oh, these? For every battle won, I make a notch on my helmet. Tis an ancient
tradition that has gone on for many an age in the order of knighthood."
Steiner said with pride in his voice. He was happiest at the times he was
doing something worthy of a knight.

"Hey, here comes Zidane!" Vivi said, pointing at the top of the airship. They
all watched as he did a classic Zidane move, instead of walking down the
stairs he slid off an old rope, breaking it at the bottom in a stunning move
of luck and agility.

"Hmph, about time you arrived. Nice flying, I think if we blindfolded Weimar
here he could have done better" Steiner said gruffly.

"Hey, Zidane has a place to put notches too, but this one is on his belt"
Vivi said.

"Alright, where's the Queen? Anyone got a breath mint?" Zidane asked, quickly
changing the subject.

"The Queen!" Steiner shouted "Will meet us here promptly to receive the
report of our actions! And not a moment later!"

"Geez, calm down Rusty. Here they come now" Zidane said pointing at two
figures walking over.

"T-they?" Vivi asked, squinting his eyes.

"The Queen and General Beatrix, Vivi!" Zidane said with pride, holding his
chest out and beating it as Garnet and Beatrix came into view. To Zidane, it
felt like it was hours, but sheer seconds later they were at hand.

"My Queen" Steiner said, bowing. Zidane and Vivi quickly imitated him.

"How was the battle Steiner?"

"We succeeded. There was only one injured, Sir Fratley, but he is safe and
sound mending his leg. We have dispatched the snake with the quickest of
ease. We truly are in debt to the volunteers, without the masterful magics
of Vivi or the expertise of Freya and" he coughed before saying "Zidane,
there surely would have been more injuries."

"Excellent news Steiner." Beatrix said. She looked over the proud man. She
saw out of the corner of her eye Zidane winking at Garnet.

"Steiner, I am afraid I'm feeling a bit tired as of now. If you wouldn't
mind could you finish the report tomorrow?"

"As you wish, my Queen." Steiner said.

"And Zidane, I think we have something to talk about." Garnet said, turning
her back. She turned her head half around, and said "Dismissed."

Zidane stood outside of Garnet's room, waiting for his cue to be allowed to
enter. He suddenly heard the door open, but there was only Beatrix.

"Zidane, the Queen says you may enter" Beatrix said, saluting him before she
started leaving.

"What's with the salute?"

"You risked your life in the name of Alexandria and it's allies without
needing a reason to. In my eyes, as well as the Alexandrian Knights, you are
one of us." She said before heading down the hall.

"Hey Beatrix!" Zidane yelled from up the hall. When she turned around, he
saluted, smiling.

*And now, the makeup* he thought as he entered her room.

"Garnet?" Zidane said louder than he intended. He didn't see her and his
first thought was panic.

"I'm over here, on the terrace" Garnet said softly, almost quietly. Zidane
found her, wearing her old yellow-orange adventure clothes with her puffy
white shirt.

"So" Garnet said.

"So" Zidane said, scratching the back of his neck. There was a long and
awkward silence before he moved towards the end of the terrace. He stared at
the beautiful sunset over the mountain pass, a byproduct of having lived with
the mist is the beautiful suns sets and rises. He reached for the pebble, and
felt the rough texture of the small rock in his hand. "Ever have everything
to say but have no way to say it?" Garnet nodded, but Zidane didn't look
back. "I keep feeling like no matter what I do or say I keep feeling or doing
something wro---!" Zidane started saying, when he was yanked around 180
degrees and suddenly found himself in the middle of a French kiss with the
Queen of Alexandria.

Garnet broke the kiss and without a word went to the door of her room, gave
Zidane a come higher look, and went inside. *Hamina hamina hamina whaaa*
Zidane thought, before he dashed inside.

Garnet was sitting up on the corner of the bed. "Zidane" she said softly, her
actions were a dichotomy of happiness and remorse "I...I don't know what to
say." He could see a tear come to her eye, and he dashed over next to her on
the bed, pulling out his napkin. "It's just I have so many emotions, so many
feelings, and I don't want to ruin anything but everything I do just seems to
ruin everything" she sniffed "and I don't want to mess with anything but it's
just so frustrating and I, I, I just don't know what to do" she blurted out,
leaning on Zidane's shoulder.

"I think now" Zidane said, uncharacteristically softly, "Isn't the time to
be following thought, or reason, or logic. It's the time to follow our
hearts." Garnet looked up at him, here eyes clear of tears as Zidane said
the following: "Garnet, I love you with all of my heart and soul."

She started crying again, this time almost uncontrollably. Zidane started to
slowly move away from her, when she said, "N-no, they're happy tears. I love
you too Zidane!" she said, nearly pouncing on him, holding him in her tight
embrace. As she held him closer, she could feel his breathing become
strained, and to his surprise kissed him once more. This kiss, however was
not just an ordinary kiss. It was not just a meaningful kiss. This was a kiss
made only for lovers.

Garnet broke away, shocking Zidane for a moment. She reached onto the back
of her overalls and removed the two clips holding the orange garment up.
Zidane's eyes followed it as it fell, exposing the beautiful curves of her
body supported by her elegant pearly white legs.

She leaned over Zidane, pushing him down gently so he was lying on his back.
She kissed him once more, feeling his hands explore her curves as they
continued kissing. She also let her hands roam, gently unbuttoning his pants,
springing forth his throbbing member. She felt his pulse going wild through
the engorged organ, feeling his entire body jolt at the touch. She quickly
removed her white shirt, exposing her fully erect nipples to the warm humid

She started kissing him, gradually going lower, starting first with his chin,
moving lower, pulling his shirt away and onto his chest, going still lower
until she was face to organ with his massive member. Zidane's eyes shot open
at the realization of what she was going to do.

The Queen slowly let her tongue out, tasting for the first time the taste of
her lover. Zidane let out a silent cry of pleasure as he felt her hot warm
tongue, little by little glide across his penis, sending sheer bolts of
almost unbearable pleasure. She was gradually picking up pace as she coated
the shaft of his member.

She took her time, gingerly teasing his member, before she let her lips find
the very tip of the head. She let her face start to fall down, bringing his
cock into her mouth. Zidane was going crazy, the feelings going off in his
mind were insane. She worked her way down, lower and lower, looking at Zidane
while she did, admiring the pleasure she was inflicting on him. She could
feel her hair drop down, getting in the way of her job. Zidane noticed too,
and was quick to offer help, guiding her hair back up every few seconds.

She worked more and more of his member in, feeling his penis press up against
her tonsils. She relaxed her jaw muscles, allowing still more of his member
inside. She knew she was past the point where anymore of him could fit inside
her mouth, and when she looked up she was surprised she had engulfed all of
it. She began to work her mouth up and down on his member, the friction was
so great it must have felt like a vice. Her mouth was extremely hot, almost
as much as the outside. Sweat was forming on Zidane's brow as he knew he was
about to blow his load.


"Mhm? (what?)" Garnet asked, pausing for a mere fraction of a second before
returning to her action.

"I-ah-I-i-i-I AH!" he said as his entire body shot forward, the force of his
orgasm was draining almost all of his consciousness. The Queen could taste
his ejaculate as it came out, falling almost into her belly. She brought more
of his member out, tasting the strong taste of his cum as he emptied himself
inside her mouth. After he finished, he realized what just occurred.
"Oh-oh my god, I-I'm so sorry Garnet I didn't mean t-to"

"Don't worry" she said, while unbeknownst to her a small drop of semen
escaped out the corner of her lips. Upon seeing that, Zidane got his second

"Your turn" he said, picking her up and placing her dainty naked body down
on her stomach. As he stood behind he, he admired her robust form for a
moment. He took great pleasure from admiring her naked flesh, the contours
of her body, the curvature of her hips, her sweet smell. He noticed also
that she was completely hairless below the waist. He didn't know why, but
he didn't think much to ask.

"Zidane?" Garnet said after a minute or two.

"Yes?" Zidane said.

"What are you doing?"

"Admiring your body"

"Well what are you doing just standing there?" she said, almost demanding
an answer.

Zidane smacked himself on the head before he went to action. He bent down
on his knees, approaching the Queen's backside. He was amazed at just how
beautiful her rump felt, but that wasn't the area of concern for him. He
was more concerned with his immediate objectives.

He lowered his head down further until he was almost face to orifice with her
moist pussy. He took but a moment to inspect before he let his tongue escape
their white captives, tasting her sweet, sweet essence for the first time. He
let his tongue first encircle her outer lips, making Garnet quiver as she
felt the tingle down there. His tongue began to explore her vagina, seeking
out what he was looking for, the clitoris.

Garnet could feel her body heating up faster than she thought possible. She
had masturbated before, but not nearly so often and she could never get
herself nearly as hot before after thirty minutes of her own handiwork, let
alone it took him about three minutes. She felt her nipples turn to rocks,
and her clit almost immediately because aroused.

Zidane found the object of his attention, and with quick shot of the tongue
he was on it. Garnet felt shocks of beautiful pleasure jolt through her
entire being as Zidane curved his tongue in a 'U', massaging her clit,
changing from soft to hard and back again. She could feel her hips nervously
twitch. Zidane put on hand on each globe of her behind, keeping her in place.
Garnet couldn't believe the pleasure she was feeling, her entire body spasmed
at each movement of his tongue. She was on the verge of a major orgasm, and
she knew it.

Zidane continued with his actions, and he knew she was on the edge. He
tormented her for a little, bringing her right to the edge and stopping. He
finally brought her to the cliff and beyond, making her cry out in pleasure
as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her entire body arched, pushing
herself into Zidane's face. Her entire body tingled and shook with pleasure
as her mind was set afire with ecstasy. Her body reeled with an indescribable
amount of bliss surging through her entire essence. Despite everything that
was happening to her body Zidane stayed with her, never stopping for a second
to keep her going. After the longest, most powerful orgasm she had, her body

Garnet turned around, her entire body soaked with sweat and the room was full
of her aroma. As she lay there, on her back, her legs open and her pussy now
soaked through and through, she had a chance to see with the last embers of
the sun's light Zidane's fully erect penis glistening with her saliva.
"Zidane" she said in between pants.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking Garnet" Zidane said, cracking his jaw
back into place. Garnet nodded. "Then away, we go." He said, his body moving
like a flash towards her. A moment later he was kissing her, his penis at the
entrance to her soaked pussy. Using his tail as a prop he slowly brought it
forward, bringing it slowly inside of Garnet's soaked pussy, feeling her
warmness surround his member. She was still very tight, but now her wetness
provided enough lubricant so he could begin to press forward.

While he thrust his member forth, he turned his attention towards her
breasts. Her nipples were hard as a rock, and very sensitive, with every move
of his tongue Garnet moaned with pleasure. She could feel his member's girth
press forward into her, she felt the muscles of her vagina strain to give
way, each movement of friction a new trail of delight to her body, each
thrust setting off a new flame of lust in her body as well as her mind.

Zidane continued his almost fluid motion, attempting to get himself in a set
pattern. His body however, told him he was nowhere near capable of holding
out for very long. As he propelled forward, he attempted meagerly to think
of something, anything else, but the naked figure of Garnet's body wasn't
helping. He heard garnet soft moans, almost whimpers, and he knew she was
near an orgasm of her own, still riding partly on the crest of her last

He increased his pace, feeling the sweat begin to accumulate on his brow. In
and out, in and out, he built up speed with each driving force, each push
bringing another moan, every pull bringing out a slight whimper. He felt a
surge of adrenaline push him forward, his mind now blurring as he neared
further and further to climax. Garnet moaned as his speed continued to
accelerate; his hips were becoming nearly hazy.

Suddenly Garnet's hips locked down just as Zidane himself was finishing off.
Zidane pressed his face against hers, and their lips intertwined as they each
experienced orgasms of massive proportions. While Garnet's body writhed under
him, Zidane released him load inside of Garnet. As both of their orgasms
crashed against one another they only proved to drive them further into
pleasure. Zidane could feel his orgasm subside and opened his eyes to see
that he was still kissing Garnet and she was still in the midst of her own
climax. Moments later he felt Garnet's body grow almost limp, and her eyes
slowly start to groggily open.

They lay there a minute more, peering deep into one another's eye, before
broke off the warm embrace and mouthed "Garnet, I love you"

Steiner went to his room and removed his helm, it had been a long and tiring
couple of days, both mentally and physically. "I am getting too old for this"
he muttered to himself, removing his heavy armor from his body, feeling the
load he knew so well rise from him. He sat in his favorite chair next to his
bead and removed his boots. He inspected them for a moment, noticing the
deterioration from recent use. *I'll probably end up getting a new one* he
thought as wiped the sweat off his brow. The heat this time of the year was
bad enough, but trekking the last day and having to deal with Zidane was just
too much.

Steiner took from his shirt a key that was attached on a necklace. He brought
the key to a drawer, secretly stashed under his bed. As he opened the drawer
he could see the dust rise. He pulled out an old book, marked with age and
poor handling. As he opened the book he felt like his whole lifetime came
back to him. He read the first page on the inside: "Journal of: Aldebert
Steiner". As he sifted through the pages he remembered his life as a soldier,
his early days as a mere men at arms, his raising to Captaincy, and his
formation of the Knights of Pluto. As he sat there looking in on the book he
realized just how long he had been in service to Alexandria.

"Interesting read?" Beatrix said, standing in front of him, watching as the
unusually unarmored Captain sat with a book in his hand instead of a sword.

Steiner sighed and said "I suppose you could say that."

"Well what is it?" she asked.

"It is my journal." Steiner said, his cheeks starting to turn pink.

"Journal?" Beatrix said in puzzlement, she had never heard him talk of such
a thing.

"Yes, my journal. In my day all soldiers and knights were instructed to
keep a journal, a personal log of the events of the day. I don't think the
Alexandrian soldiers do it now, but I try to have my men fill them out."
Steiner said with a sigh, closing the book.

"This is the first I've heard you mention it." Beatrix said, surprised at
the notion there was something he was keeping hidden.

"Such things aren't really common talk, there has always been a fear that
some knights would record private information in their logs." Steiner said,
repeating a phrase he was sure was in the training manual he read so long

"Still, you never told me about it." Beatrix said, starting to understand
the need for such a secret.

"I suppose I didn't, no" Steiner said glumly.

"You should consider having it published, I'm sure that people would pay
a fortunate for it. It must be a fantastic story!" Beatrix said, trying to
cheer him up.

"I'm sure it would be a fantastic story. A story of fights spanning decades,
of wars and pestilence and disease and fire. Of battles with inhuman
monsters, and of watching my fellow men around me drop as causualties." He
said with a sigh. "Of watching the king die, the Queen-Former Queen fall
under the control of Kuja while I was too stupid to know what was going on.
Of the destruction of Burmecia and Lindbulm and Alexandria." He paused a
moment, like the last word got caught in his throat. "I'm afraid my life as
a soldier hasn't yielded much in the way of a fanciful tale."

"Steiner, don't be like that..."

"Like what? It's true, you know. Sit for a moment, and indulge me while I
tell you a story." He said, patting on his bed. As she sat, he thumbed his
way to a page number near the center of the journal.

"The Journal of Aldebert Steiner, Day XX Month XX Year XXXX. The battles
these last few days have been horrific. The enemy has besieged us and brought
everything they had against us, but the King would not allow surrender or
defeat. Even when the Captains died he pressed on. In a final last chance
attempt, myself and others from my battle group joined up alongside the King
and his Knights. We headed alongside the river with the aid of night, and
found our way to the enemy camp while they still sat, sleeping. With a mighty
cry of 'For Alexandria!!!' from the King, our entire group attacked their
formation, slaying the entirety of the foul enemy, many of whom could barely
arm themselves before death.

It was then the king jumped up on his White Chocobo, and proclaimed our
victory. Though the battle itself was not without loss. Almost 90% of the
entire army was decimated, including all of my battle group.

And tonight, of all things, the King has come in and handed me official
papers, signed himself. I am to be a Captain, and a Knight. I can only hope
that my new position will allow Alexandria to be spared from such horrors are

"When I was 24 years old. It was when I was 24 years old. And everything I
tried to achieve as Captain has been for naught. There has only been more
death and more horrors. Nothing good has come of it. If only I were better,
if only I had the intelligence to give forethought as to what was happening.
Instead, I failed not only Alexandria, but myself as well" Steiner said,

"Steiner..." Beatrix said, inching close. ***SMACK*** "Don't you ever talk
like that! Those weren't your fault and you know it! You saved the world for
Chrissake! I was in the same boat, and it's not like I noticed a thing, in
fact it took me even longer to realize than you!" Beatrix said, watching the
now doubtful Captain lift his eyes from his book. "What got this into you



"You know who, Zidane."

"What about Zidane made you think about this?"

"I'm not getting any younger Beatrix. All I can see about my career is me
trying to pick up the pieces of what I left broken. I don't want to see that
anymore. It's not good enough for the Queen, and it's not good enough for
Alexandria!" Steiner said with feeling.

"So what, you want to live vicariously through Zidane?"

"No! I want Zidane to learn from my mistakes."

"And how will he do that, by you barking orders at him?"

"No, I suppose not. I just want so much for the Queen."

"Sometimes when you look too far you end up losing sight of your goal."

"So you think I should apologize to Zidane?" Steiner said.

"Maybe. Or maybe you should give him some reading material." She said,
patting the journal.

"Yes, I suppose so" he said, putting the journal on the stand next to his
bed. "What did you want?"

"Pardon?" Beatrix said, with a puzzled look on her face.

"You came in here, what did you want?" he said.

"I just wanted to see you Aldebert." She said, reaching over to him and
kissing him on the lips. Whenever she wanted him to know they were strictly
talking personally she used his first name. And if that never failed a kiss
certainly would get his attention. "Now come on over here and get the spoils
of victory!" she said jumping onto his bed on her back.

Steiner was quick to act, and despite his feelings of being old he was on
top of her moments later. His lips were quick to move as his hands fumbled
on her breastplate, slowly attempting to unattach it as he felt her hands
explore his body. He always felt oddly vulnerable whenever he was not wearing
his armor, but the feeling of her cool fingers dancing along his body both
freaked him out and turned him on.

He finally undid the plate, and lay there a moment, in awe of the beauty of
her bountiful breasts. He could feel his member quickly become erect, as the
combined sight of his lover topless in front of him and her rambling hands
were a petrifying combo. Well, they were at least turning part of him to

As he began to kiss down her neck, he gasped as he felt her hands enter his
underpants, touching his now fully erect member. Beatrix smiled as she began
to slowly rub the rather large phallus. Not to be outdone, he quickly turned
his attention to her large breasts and her particularly large silver dollar
sized nipples. She moaned as he toyed with them, gently nibbling on her
incredibly sensitive nipples. She could feel her aureoles were on fire as
Steiner continued. She let go of his member for a moment, only to wiggle her
cute and well toned behind out of her uniform.

Steiner let his hands meander towards the curves of her body. As he drew
closer to inbetwixt her legs he could feel her warm sticky juices already
flowing. He began to slowly massage outside her vagina, slowly at first but
building in speed as he could feel her get more and more aroused. He slowly
inserted one finger, gently bringing it in and out in a continuous loop,
exciting Beatrix more and more.

Beatrix was now busy trying to remove his shorts. *What does it keep getting
stuck on* she thought, feeling her way down. She was surprised when she
found that his penis seemed larger than usual, and the material of his pants
weren't flexible enough to allow passage. After a little bit of maneuvering,
she was finally able to free his member. She gently pressed him down on his
back. She then squatted on his face while bringing her face to his wang,
into a 69 position.

Before she opened her mouth Steiner was a step ahead of her, tasting her
sweet, sweet womanhood and lapping at the delicious nectar. She moaned as she
felt his tongue glide along her clitoris. She took a moment longer before
starting to give his penis some more attention. She began to jerk it slowly,
building up steam. She could already see the precum building up at the
surface. She let out a tongue and caught a drop of his seed . She started to
let her tongue glide across the shaft of his penis, never staying in one
place for too long or staying in contact for too long. As she continued to
glide more and more she could feel his body start to jerk about, the pleasure
too much for his well disciplined body to handle.

*Enough is enough Beatrix* she thought as she opened her mouth and brought
it to the very top of his penis, slowly bringingthe member into her mouth.
Steiner continued increasing his pace as she fit more and more of his member
into her mouth. She now had over half of his member in her mouth and she
hadn't even started to slow down. He started sucking on her clitoris, feeling
the hard sensitive hard little nub react on touch to his attention. That sent
a jolt of pleasure down her spine as she could feel herself building up.

As her body came closer and closer to climax, she began to buckle her hips
and take more of his 'sword' into her mouth. Right when she was on the edge
of climax, she used all of her determination and moved away, stopping both
of their orgasms together.

"Just one moment loverboy" she said wickedly. She brought her body to his
penis, squatting down on his massive member, feeling the length and girh of
his member press up against the very walls of her vagina. She was no first
timer, but she had always had a rather tight body, inside and out, and
Steiner was giant. It wasn't a minute later when she felt herself back on
the edge of orgasm. Steiner was nearly there as well, his penis still
lubricated with the saliva of his lover.

Just a moment later and their bodies shook in unison as an earth shattering
orgasm overtook them. Spurt after spurt of semen flew from Steiner's penis
deep into her pussyas her body nearly went into seizures from the pleasure
she was feeling. She was off the world, every breath was labored, every nerve
was pleasure, and every bead of sweat was merely the means of pleasure to
her. Steiner felt himself empty what seemed like a gallon of cum inside of
his lover, as he continued to pump throughout both of their orgasms. She
could feel her body nearly fill up with his man jam as she pulled on her own
nipples, bringing even more pleasure to her pleasure-filled body.

For what seemed like an eternity they lay there, each having their own
orgasm, until finally Steiner felt himself stop. Coincidently, Beatrix was
just finishing her own orgasm off as well. As he pulled his now softened
dick out of her, he felt a breath of relief enter his lungs. He was happy,
and he had the woman he loved. And if that wasn't enough, then life wasn't
enough for him.

Epilogue, the next morning...

Beatrix woke early, she had a job and she could not afford to waste time.
She took Steiner's journal, and found a delivery box. Placing it into the
box, she gave one last consideration to whether this was the appropriate
ourse of action to do. Finally deciding that it was, she sealed the
envelope, addressing it to Zidane, and placed it outside the Queen's
chambers. Maybe she was doing the wrong thing, maybe she was doing the
right thing, but it didn't matter to her anymore, she was doing the thing
she had to do, and that was all she knew how to do.

With a barely audible drop, she walked away, back towards her room. She
still had to bath and change and be ready to wake at the crack of dawn for
her daily duties. Still, she had a feeling the Queen might be a bit
preoccupied. Nonetheless, that wasn't going to stop her from her duties.

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