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Final Fantasy IX: The 'REAL' Story Part 1 - After Evil Forest

Epilogue (For Those that haven't played the game)

Zidane (hero) has just escape from the Evil forest after his ship crashed.
They were escaping the Alexandrian Queen Brahne, after they 'kidnapped'
Princess Garnet, who wanted to be kidnapped. (Confusing eh :D). While in
the forest Garnet was sprayed with a poison spore that has knocked her
unconscious. They escape from the forest with Garnet being carried over
Adelbert Steiner's (her weird duty obsessed bodyguard) shoulder. The forest
turned to stone after they escaped, trapping Zidane's thieving buddy Blank.
They have just set up camp and are looking at how they can cure Garnet.


"Its all your fault!" Steiner yelled at Zidane

"It doesn't matter whose fault it is at the moment, we need to save the
provinces. Look Blank gave me some medicine that he said could help..."





"Mister Steiner?" piped up the Black Mage Vivi.

"Yes Master Vivi?" His tone changed so rapidly that it was inhuman.

"If it wasn't for Zidane, and Blank, myself, the princess and you would be
still in that forest. He helped us once, why would they want to harm her?"
let try this medicine. How does it work?"

"Well..." Zidane said, very uncomfortably, "Here read." He tossed the bottle
to Steiner. Who read it with interest, which very quickly turned to rage.

ANOTHER PLOY TO DISHONOUR HER?!?" He raged, completely losing his rag.

"NO! I WAS GONNA LET YOU DO IT! Zidane raged back Steiner spluttered at this,

"Then what do you suggest we do. It says to cure the victim you must apply it
to an instrument and place it inside the victim's anus. That doesn't mean you
have to place yourself in there...though I would love to." He added this last
bit so quietly that no one heard.

"Master Vivi," he said, the same worshipping tone in his voice, "What do you
think we should do?"

"Me!" he said shocked at being asked.

"You are a great and wise mage, you are sure to know what to do."

Vivi heard Zidane mutter something in his ear, so Steiner wouldn't hear,
"Let me fuck her and you can to, put him to sleep with the spell you just

Vivi blushed, but his hat was so slow that they couldn't see.

"I think you should SLEEP." The last bit he said raising his hands, Steiner
blink and fell asleep straight away.

"Bravo, know throw me the bottle and let have some fun." Zidane said

"D...D...Did...I do the right thing?"

"Sure, know you get to screw the sexiest little thing in all the lands of the

" right."

* * *

Zidane unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, it was 6 1/2 inches in
length and three wide and was already at full attention. He unscrewed the
bottle and poured half the liquid on to his hands and used it as a lubricant
to prepare his cock for heaven, "Want some?" he said offering the bottle to

"Urm...I'...I'll watch first, I've...nev...never done it before."

"No probs." He said grinning; he would get her to himself for a while.

His carefully unbuckled Garnet's trousers and undid the zipper. He pulled
them down just enough to expose her pert, soft behind. Zidane moaned as he
slipped his hands in the sides of her lace thong, 'silk' he thought as he
slipped them down to reveal her cute, tight arsehole and pussy. He placed
a little more of Blank's medicine on his hands and used that to prepare her
hole. His placed his cock head at the entrance and, pulling her buttocks
apart to widen the hole, slipped his cock in. He placed one hand on her hip,
and another over her mouth in case she screamed when she awoke. He slowly
struggled to squeeze his cock into her tight virgin hole. He finally got
all the way in. The moment his ball-bag touched her cheeks Garnet began to
stir. She tried to move but couldn't. Zidane was holding her still; she
tried to scream, again stopped by Zidane.

"Shhhh." He said very calmly, "This looks really bad but if you read the
label on the bottle to you left it says this was the only way to apply the
medicine. I really am sorry, but I did it for you."

Tears rolled from Garnet's eye, she couldn't believe the man who she had
trusted, even with Steiner's comments, was raping her. Zidane released her
hand so it could grab the bottle that lay next to them. Reading the label
she saw it was true. She glanced at him hoping he would get off but he had
resumed the pumping, she tried screaming again but this time it was Vivi
who silenced her.

"SILENCE" he spoke, Garnet's voice died, and more tears rolled down her face.
She glanced up and saw Vivi removing his cock from his robes. He may have
been young but he was well build. It was only 5 inches erect, but it was the
same wide. He moved himself so he and Zidane could shift her body on to all
fours. Zidane removed his hand allowing Vivi to place his cock at the
entrance to her mouth. At first she refused, but he forced it in. Garnet
gagged as the monster penetrated her mouth. She felt Vivi place his hands in
her hair and thrust, again she tried to scream but the spell was strong. It
was at this time a strange feeling aroused inside her. She could feel her
crouch get slightly wet. Zidane also noticed.

"Yo, Vivi. She getting wet down here, the slut likes actually likes it."
He thrust harder and deeper into her anus. She liked it, she glanced up at
Vivi to give him a sign that she was allowing this to continue, but he had
his eyes closed in ecstasy. She began to suck his cock, as he trust it in
her mouth, she lick it and began to enjoy the pleasure the Zidane was giving
her arse. Vivi noticed the reaction and began to calm his trusts, he allowed
her to all the work, and finally caught the look in her eye, she muttered
the reverse spell and he moaned, "Thanks, god I love this, FUCK! Harder
Zidane, please, I'm your whore!"

"God, I'm Gonna cum! SHIIIIIT!!!" He let his seed go, in her arse, allowing
her to moan in pleasure as she felt the warm spunk fill her up.

"OHHHH GOD!" Vivi moaned as he too let his cum fill up the princess. He let
so much go the princess let some of it dribble out onto her chin, as she went
to lick it off, Zidane called her, "Leave it whore, and get over here and
clean my cock. Its covered in your shit!"

She hesitated and turned around allowing Vivi to play with her cum filled ass
and placed Zidane's half monster in her mouth. It tasted vile, she was almost
sick, but she sucked it, she licked down the shaft and placed several kisses
on the head. He slipped his cock between her lips as she suckled, making sure
she got all the shit off it, she was doing such a good job Zidane moaned as
his cock was rejuvenated. He relaxed allowing Garnet to enjoy his cock, and
him to enjoy her playing with it.

"Ohhh, Vivi!!!" she moaned, Vivi had started to play with her wet cunt. He
licked and kissed, taking care not to penetrate her. He then dove in, licking
her clit. She moaned as she sucked Zidane's cock. It was at this, quite
inappropriate time that Steiner awoke from his spell.

"What....Master Vivi?...PRINCESS!!!" He pulled his sword out and was just
about to attack Zidane, when she spoke.

"Steiner, I'm allowing them to, I like it here" She removed herself from
Zidane and Vivi and walked over to Steiner, removing the top half of her
clothes. This revealed a lace silk bra.

"Can you remove it for me, I can do without help?" she grinned slyly.
Zidane and Vivi chuckled. Steiner blushed, "Pri...Princess. This is hardly

"But I really don't want 'them' to help. They might force me to do other
things I'm unwilling to do." She nodded at Zidane and Vivi who grinned.

"Princess..." he pleaded.

"Do you want me to leave you out while we go and 'play'?"

"Urm...." Shaking he reached round her small frame and unclipped her bra.
She shrugged it off and quickly engaged Steiner in a passionate kiss. Stunned
it took Steiner a few seconds to realise what had happen and for him to
respond. Now his male instincts kicked in. He broke the kiss to remove his
helmet and, with great difficulty and laughter, he removed his armour. He was
well built and had an 8 by 3 cock, perfect for sucking. He knelt down placing
it on her lips, but her grabbed her head and thrust it in roughly, screwing
her head as if it where cunt. She tried to break away but couldn't. Steiner
now grinned, lust controlling him.

"You wanted to play princess, well we play be my rules. You're not a princess
you're a whore and a slut. You don't deserve to get screwed gently. He fucked
her head until he exploded, cum sprayed on the ground, her face and all over
her breasts. She fell on to her back gagging for breath. Zidane stepped over
to her and placed his hand on her small, pert breasts. He pushed them
together and slipped his cock in-between. He grabbed her hands and told her
to hold them still. He started slowly but sped up. Fucking her breast,
slapping her face with his cock as it went up and down. Garnet loved it, the
domination and three excellent cocks for her to play with.

"Vivi, come fuck my ass, it wants you. I'll clean you off after wards as
well." She whispered, erotically. No need to ask twice Vivi quickly moved
down to his knee, and slipped his cock to her ass. He placed the head at
her entrance and slipped it in. It only took one thrust, while garnet cried
out in agony, before he was all the way in. He hastily withdrew, and slammed
it in again. Again and again he slammed his cock in and out her tight hole,
Garnet screaming for more, while Zidane pleasured himself with her tits.
Steiner whispered something into Zidane ears and he removed himself, Garnet
pouted, "What up to....?" She couldn't help but moan as Vivi's
cock slid in and out. Steiner lifted the princess up a little and slid
underneath, he placed his cock against Vivi's, which had stopped, and pushed
it in her ass as well.

the top of her voice, Zidane quickly silenced her by placing his cock I her
mouth and thrusting it down her throat. She choked and more tears came done
her face as she felt blood come from her arse. With a bit of a struggle both
Steiner and Vivi had their cocks in her arse and were thrusting as if their
life's depended on it. It wasn't long before the pain subsided and pleasure
began to takes it place.

"Ohh GOD!, yes harder please, fuck my ass both of you, got mmmmm" she moaned
as she felt Vivi blow his load so it ooze out, and it wasn't long before
Steiner followed, letting his load go as well. They pulled out, their cocks
limp and cover in shit and cum,. Steiner moved out form underneath and while
Zidane emptied his load over her tits and She knelt up, expecting what
happened next. Zidane lay down, and moved Garnet over his mouth, allowing him
to lick her cunt, while, for the second time, she cleaned her own shit of
Steiner and Vivi's cocks. Their cocks quickly grew hard again and it wasn't
long before they came, though not as much as last time, in her mouth and over
her face. Steiner moved to replace his armour, and Vivi his robes, while
Zidane finished licking her out.

moaned loudly as she felt her own juices leave her body. Zidane caught all
of it in his mouth, and removed himself. He hadn't swallowed any, and as
they stood up, grabbed the princess and pulled her into kiss, allowing her
own pussy juices into her mouth, she nearly gagged, allowing some to mix
with the cum on the rest of her, but swallowed some. They broke apart as
they went to get dressed.

"Ohh," Zidane cried out as Garnet was cleaning the cum from her chest, and
eating it, "you're our slut know, and you will never be allowed to wear
underwear ok! And all your clothes must be tight, showing your very sexy

"I wouldn't have it any other way," she giggled, slurping the last of the
cum from her breast, happily dreaming of what other adventures they might
have together, and if anyone else would join them.


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