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stop reading. This is a PARODY, PARODY, PARODY; I don't own any of the
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Alright, I woke up today and saw "Final Fantasy the Spirits Within" This
read this and bitch about SPOILERS THAT ARE IN THE STORY!!!!!

Ok, simply stated, I saw this movie and I loved it. I laughed, I cried, I
came. I think it was great, well worth the time, money and effort on the
behalf of all the people who made it. But of course, I couldn't help but
gawk at the beautiful Dr. Aki. She was what most of the FF Vixens have not
been. Huge breasted, young, and carbon copies. She was actually one of my
favorite characters, the way she had a sort of inner conflict. Any who, I
just had to write a fic on her and Gray. This scene comes from when Ryan
and Neil set the two up for some downtime, when she is scanning for life
forms. This is, of course, the Bastardized extended version, in which,
guess what, they do it. I am making very wild presumptions about their
past, in which they were somewhat romantic. The speech isn't 100% accurate,
I didn't memorize it. Actually, I made up around 90% of it. Probably more.
Ok, enough talk. Time for lemons. Here's my totally unoriginal lemon name.

* denotes thought, you'll figure it out

Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within: Fantasy Becomes Reality

"What are you two doing over there?" Jane Proudfoot said, as she walked up
to the platform for the elevator, seeing Neil and Ryan, two of the other
members of the Deep Eyes Squad.

"I'm just setting the Captain and the Doctor up with some time to get to
know each other." Neil said, from under the dark metal control. He was
engrossed in what he was doing and didn't bother to look at her whilst he

"I can't believe you're doing this" Jane said, only in moderate disbelief
at her team member. She and Neil had a love/hate relationship that spanned
ever since they met. He was always a wiseass, always cracking jokes, and
she never got his humor.

"Don't look at me, it wasn't my idea." Neil said, passing the blame on as
he continued to toil under the control panel.

"Ryan?" She said, surprised that he would consider it. He had always been the
big hulking quiet type, and he was almost as strict as Gray was. *Probably
why he was the second in command* she thought.

"You know he needs some time to relax. He and the doc go back a whiles" Ryan
said, his deep voice booming in the almost empty room.

"...imagine, a seven year old girl ready to die?" Aki said, her face full of
sorrow. She knew that in part she was alive because of what the poor girl
had given her, and there wasn't a damn thing that anyone in the world could
do for her.

"This is a war we have. The victims aren't only soldiers." Gray said, he
could feel Aki's pain, even though they had been away for so long.

"How long has it been Gray?" Aki said, trying to change the subject. It was
a hard story for anyone, and it hurt her just as well.

"Too long. When you up and left..." Gray started, but he stopped. He
remembered a lot of pain from when she left, mostly from the fact that she
was the only person he had ever loved.

"Yes?" She said, moving towards him. She knew he had always been very
protective about his personal feelings.

"I just became...immersed in the Deep Eyes. I tried to do everything I could
to be the best I could be, to make sure my group was always protected, that
I wouldn't risk their lives. I guess I just wanted to make sure I didn't lose
anyone else." Gray said, as he took a seat on a metal bench on the lift.

"I really am sorry, but there were other circumstances. I just...can't tell
you. I'm sorry." She said with a sigh. She wanted to tell him, but she feared
that any such knowledge would scare him. She sat down next to him, feeling
how cold the bench was.

Aki looked up and stared into Gray's eyes. She saw in him a mix of emotions,
she always could tell. She saw his longing, and his fear. She could relate,
as her life was now searching for the eight spirits while the fear drove her,
fearing that parasite in her body got more and more closer to taking control

"I just...I keep fighting the war, trying to do my part, but it doesn't seem
to matter. For everyone I kill more come. For every life I try to save, more
die. Now there's the Zeus cannon, but it could destroy the Earth, and then
there..." He started to say, but was interrupted by Aki's lips. Gray was
taken by surprise, but he regained his composure a moment later.

Gray felt the lips he had longed for all those years burning passionately
against his. He closed his eyes, savoring the sweet moments as though each
second was a lifetime of bliss. Gray was sucked back to the world he knew
however, as their lips parted.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that, but" Aki started, however this time
Gray took the opportunity laid out before him. Aki had loved Gray so much,
but she had to worry about her life before she could be with him. Yet now
all of her reasons made little difference, as her hormones took control of
her reasoning as her mind turned to thoughts of love.

Aki's hands explored Gray's body as their tongues danced passionately. She
explored his chest, feeling how well built he was. He had a stomach you could
do your laundry on, and a physique that would put Arnold to shame. Aki felt
the force of gravity on her hands as she moved down, and found his belt
tightly holding the shirt for dear life. Aki yanked the cotton shirt, feeling
the contrast of how soft and fluffy the shirt was while how hard and hot his
chest was.

Their lips once again broke as she dragged his shirt over his head, yanking
the garment as her passion took control of her. Aki moved her head further
back, her hot breath serving only to drive Gray hotter as she slowly let her
tongue out, allowing the hot and wet muscle to made contact with his earlobe,
sending a thousands waves of pleasure through his being. Gray went back to a
place he had not gone over in a long time, a world of pleasure he thought he
had long since been sent in exile. As Aki's tongue and her mouth slowly took
his earlobe, bringing him to such levels of pleasure that one cannot bring
upon himself.

Aki stood up, ready to remove her shirt, when she remembered about her
breastplate. "Gray, I have to tell you something before I take off my shirt."
Aki said, she felt her apprehension growing with every aching second. "I
cannot take off my breastplate, no matter what. Please, don't ask me, I just
can't, but please, ju,"

"Don't worry, if you need it on you need it on" Gray said, a little bit of
wonder was left in his mind but most of his blood was drained elsewhere in
his body as Aki began to disrobe, revealing her very smooth white midriff.

Aki returned to the bench, returning again to the heat of passion as their
lips intertwined once more, giving Gray a turn to give his hands the
occupation of explorer, while his lips the occupation of passion. He explored
her legs, feeling how strong and yet so delicate her body was, and roaming
over land he had not been familiar in ages.

His hands almost trembled as he sent them on another mission, this one more
private. Smoothly, slowly, and skillfully he brought his hands closer to in
between her legs. Upon arrival, he could feel the heat escaping her nether
regions, like sparks off sheet metal.

Gray took his time exploring her inner legs, painstakingly taking his time
refamiliarizing himself with every detail and contour of her sweet supple
legs, the same that he had dreamt of for months on end, always taunting him
from afar.

Suddenly he was interrupted as she broke off their kiss, and brought her
hands south of the border, unzipping her pants to give Gray better access to
what they both wanted. With some small assistance that would no doubt be
rewarded she removed her pants, exposing only her panties.

Gray set Aki on the bench lying down, and he proceeded to explore the new
territory, go deeply into regions unfathomable, distances unreachable, and
destinations too pleasurable.

Gray now had a perfect view of the girl, and look he did. He at first took
great care to notice the flimsy piece of purple satin that separated him from
ecstasy, his Berlin Wall in this war that raged on. And yet history repeats
itself, and the wall must fall.

In a flash he was in between her legs, delicately playing with her womanhood,
inflaming her labia with passion while arousing her clitoris through the
purple undergarment, using it's smooth silky surface to give Aki a contrast
from his muscles.

Aki sighed in anticipation as she felt Gray's actions. He slowly began to
pull down her panties, taking great care to be gentle as he made his way to
her womanhood. He gently took his fore finger and index finger, and tenderly
began to massage Aki's pink puffed out lips, feeling both the insatiable heat
and the dewdrops amounting on her begin to amass. Aki felt his hot breath
moving slowly over her, enveloping her as the pleasure continued to surpass
that which she had felt in the pass. She felt the breath getting hotter and
stronger as she felt his head go closer in. She could feel as his tongue made
it's way out of it's cavern, gently taking it's time as it gave lubrication
to her inner legs, inching closer to amid her legs.

Gray let his tongue linger just a second longer before allowing it to taste
the sweet nectar that was Aki. Aki softly moaned as she felt his tongue
explore tenderly her womanhood, taking great care to probe into each nook
and cranny, patiently pleasing her as she felt herself begin to build.

While Aki could feel Gray's tongue exploring her, she felt his hands gently
make it's way to her clitoris, massaging her engorge pleasure organ, she felt
herself give into the delicious pleasure as Gray continued to lap at her
soaked womanhood.

Gray could sense Aki was nearing climax, and he made appropriate adjustments
in his technique. He moved his attention to the clitoris, using his tongue to
wrap around the nub as he continued to lap greedily at her juices, taking as
much of the strong nectar as he could while he brought her closer and closer
to orgasm.

Gray felt her muscles contract, and a river of torrential pleasure erupt from
deep inside her as she climaxed, Gray going to great lengths to take in as
much of her sweet sticky juices as he could. Aki let a moan escape her lips
as she felt herself climax for the first time in weeks.

It took minutes before Aki could again regain any composure she once had, but
when she did she took it upon herself to immediately take action. Aki pulled
Gray up, and quickly made her way to his pants, taking the now tight clothing
off. She could see under his briefs his member, already at full attention.

As she pulled them down, she was surprised at the size of it, she had always
been known he was big but it seemed like he was even larger than normal, he
seemed almost eight inches close up.

Aki wasted not a second, and gently began to put her hands to good work,
feeling the size of his shaft and gently pumping it, feeling his reaction as
she worked his member. She smelled his musk scent as she brought her face
closer, and let her tongue out, tasting his member for only a second,
bringing back memories of nights past.

Aki let her tongue do the work, gliding the length of his penis as her hands
stroked his penis, slowly at first but beginning to increase the speed as she
continued. Aki slowly let her mouth come to the tip of his member, and she
slowly allowed it in. Gray couldn't believe how incredibly hot and wet her
mouth was, as she slowly began to glide it down her throat. Aki slowly let
guided it down, taking care to release her jaw muscles, taking in as much of
him as she could.

Aki took maybe five inches of his member before she came to the realization
that it would go no further. She then began to bob her head, patiently
sucking on his member as she felt him going wild with ecstasy. Gray felt
himself coming closer to orgasm, but he didn't yet want to finish. He slowly
pulled Aki back, his member still wet with her saliva. He helped guide her
body down on the bench, and he helped balance her as he placed the tip of
his member at the entrance to her vagina, savoring just for a second the
sight before him before he was ready to go.

Aki bit her lips, she had not had sex since they had been together, and she
was a little afraid of his massive member. Gray was gently though, and slowly
pressed his member in, slowly making headway into her, feeling both her
tightness and her wetness as he pressed forward.

Aki closed her eyes as she felt his member press forward, her vagina
beginning to stretch to make way for him inside her. She felt herself
building for another orgasm, getting wetter as she felt his member going
deeper in her. She looked down and saw he was almost three quarters of
the way in, and she was amazed at how gentle he was as he pressed on,
being both persistent and patient.

Suddenly, Gray stopped, and Aki looked down, only to find that he had
actually fit his entire member in her. Gray almost painstakingly slowly began
to back out, preparing to begin driving him home. He slowly began to thrust,
his member tightly pressed against the walls of Aki's womanhood, feeling how
wet she was getting.

Aki began to gently rock her hips in unison with Gray, trying to help him
speed up and give herself a release. Gray did increase his pace, building up
slowly but steady his thrusts forward, driving Aki closer and closer to

Aki was so close she could taste her climax, but she needed something to
drive her over the edge. When Gray thrust forward once again, she thrust her
hips forward, pressing his entire length deep within her, driving her over
the edge as her body was enveloped in an orgasm the likes of which she had
never thought possible.

Gray felt Aki's muscles contract as she went under the throws of orgasm,
clamping down on his member as he felt her floodgates release, feeling as
her body randomly burst into bouts of pure pleasure as her orgasm took over
her body. Gray was all but halted in his attempts to continue his forward
thrust as her orgasm raged on.

Aki felt her body begin to release as her orgasm subsided, but just as she
did she felt Gray continue, rekindling the fire within her. She felt his
penis thrust this time quicker into her, her previous orgasm having
lubricated thoroughly her vagina, giving clear leeway to bang her senseless.

Gray took his hands and placed them each under one of Aki's firm supple
buttocks, enjoying for a moment the curve of her cheeks before he lifted
them, bringing Dr. Aki's bust six inches off the bench, giving him perfect
leverage to thrust his penis deep into her, getting it as far as he could.
Aki began to moan loudly, as her first two orgasms had already made her
incredibly sensitive there. Gray began to thrust forward steady, almost
violently, deeper and deeper into Aki. Aki couldn't contain herself anymore
and cried out, feeling yet another orgasm bubbling up in her. Gray began to
pump furious into her, needing to finally cum after so much anticipation.
His hips went wild as he continued pumping, his body aching to cum. He
could hear Aki's voice rising, telling him she was getting close. He could
feel the semen in him build up, like a rocket ready for blast off.

He felt as he could go no longer, and he bit on his lip tightly, closing his
eyes as he felt himself go off like a garden hose, letting loose his load
deep inside of Aki. He moaned as he felt spurt after spurt leave him, each
one like a massive explosion of pleasure going off inside of him, each one
stronger, more powerful as he felt himself begin to empty inside of her.

Aki couldn't keep herself any longer, each blast inside of her driving her
deeper and deeper still, driving her over the edge. Aki felt herself go on
fire, her entire body going nuclear with pleasure and passion as she was
overcome with the throes of her orgasm. She felt herself leave the planet
as her body began to violently shake, her mind slowly taking in every ounce
of pleasure as her orgasm took her.

Minutes passed, though they seemed like hours to Aki, and she finally felt
her orgasm subside. She opened her eyes, and saw Gray standing there above
her, his muscular chest literally dripping in sweat, she noticed he had
withdrawn. She didn't know what else to do, she jumped up and hugged Gray,
her hair tossed and tasseled as she embraced her, a small tear falling from
her eye.

"I-I love you Gray," Aki said, nearly choking on her words as she felt the
emotions she had tried to hold back for so long let loose.

"I love you too Aki," Gray said, wrapping his strong arms around her.

And that ends that. Gotta love that kinda stuff, no? This was a bit of a
departure, really romantic style, geez I feel like a cheap novelist. Except
emphasize on the not much money, and not on the novelist. Still, emailing
is a good idea. Of course I take requests, etc etc etc. I really liked this
movie, I wish it did better. It was really good, but I guess you can't force
people to watch a movie...or can you? Look for an insane guy forcing
people out of stupid movies to see this one on the news sometime soon.

(This file was created by [email protected], so send all flames
there. Don't use without permission, and don't claim it's yours. Spread
freely as long as this and the disclaimer above as well as the story
entirely are untouched, unedited, and worshipped for the holy script they
are not.)

Critiques, comments, flames, any responses are welcome, if they are pro,
then I'll consider making more. Don't be a jerk, send me a simple 2-minute
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