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Final Fantasy X: A Blitzball Bash (MMF)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

At Spira's annual blitzball tournament the surprise Besaid Aurochs had
reached the championship match against the Al Bhed Psyches. However though
by the time the Aurochs reached the final match they had suffered a number
of injuries to their players and were reduced to the minimum five players.

The championship game was as good as anyone could have expected. Both teams
were taking great shots, but both goalies were playing very well. Tackles
were being made, passes were stolen, and it looked like the match might go
down to the wire when Letty got smashed between two Psyche players.

The arena whistle beeped and a voice came over the speaker system.

"Injury time out! Both teams have five minutes!"

"Oh great! What're we going to do now?" Wakka said as he and Tidus pulled
Letty from the sphere and helped him to the locker room.

"Sorry to let you down guys," Letty groaned in pain as he laid on one of the
tables and held his ribs.

"Hey don't worry about it. There isn't anything anyone could have done about
it," Tidus responded.

"Yeah it's those damn Al Bheds! They're dirty players!" Wakka scowled.

"Which is why you need me," Rikku said as the lockerroom door closed behind

"You any good Rikku?" Wakka asked with a surprised look on his face.

"I'm alright. Better than anyone on my brother's team anyways."

"So why aren't you on his team?"

"Something stupid he said about blitzball not being a sport girls can play."

"One minute left!" The speaker system belted this time.

"Ah... What do you think Tidus?" Wakka asked looking over at Tidus.

"Well if you're finally over Rikku being an Al Bhed, then I say let's go for
it. Besides we've really got no choice. We'd have to forfeit if she hadn't
decided to help."

"Great guys! Let's win this!" Rikku said with enthusiasm as she exited the
lockerroom and headed for the sphere.

"Well, she does seem enthused..." Wakka said as the remaining members
followed suit.

* * *

After a few minutes of Rikku getting dirty looks from the Al Bhed team and
words being exchanged, the match resumed and played much like it had right
before Letty's injury. With one minute to go both teams a managed to score
one goal a piece. Tidus had the ball and was currently dribbling toward
the enemy net. He was sieged by two Psyche players before barely passing
it off to Wakka. Rikku had worked her way down near Psyche net, but she
including the other members on her team, failed to see how four Al Bhed
players were swarming towards her, and just one was left to tackle Wakka.
He didn't realize what was going on until after he had passed Rikku the

"My dear brother how it'll embarrass you so much to lose to Besaid," Rikku
said as she performed a tech kick that sent the ball blasting past the four
defenders and then past the goalie to make the score two to one in favor of
the Aurochs with only two seconds to go. Everyone in the sphere just stared
at each other until the face off was set and released.

Bzzzzt! The stadium buzzer went off as time ran out.

"The winners of the match and this year's blitzball grand champions, the
Besaid Aurochs!" The stadium speaker bellowed.

"Yeah!" Tidus and Wakka yelled raising their fists in victory.

"Told you I was alright," Rikku said smiling as she swam past the two of
them and headed for the locker room.

* * *

When Tidus finished showering he stepped out, dried himself off, and put on
his robe. He was in his kitchen fixing himself a drink when he heard the
doorbell ring.

"Huh..." Tidus thought as he looked at a clock. "They're a bit early."

"Hey Rikku," he said as he opened the door and greeted her. "I wasn't
expecting either of you for another twenty minutes."

"Should I come back in twenty minutes then?"

"No it's alright. I was fixing to get dressed anyways, it'll just be a few

"Alright. I'll just wait by the couch then," Rikku said entering Tidus'

"Let Wakka in if he too gets here early. Oh, and nice shot today Rikku."

"No problem, and thanks."

Tidus walked to his room and shut the door behind him. He then threw the
robe onto a nearby chair and took some underpants out of his dresser drawer.

"You've got a cute butt," Tidus heard Rikku say from behind as he started to

"Rikku!" Tidus yelped in surprise as he hurriedly pulled up his underwear and
turned to face her.

"What? It's true Tidus."

"Well regardless Rikku you shouldn't just walk in on people like that."

"Normally I would, but..." Rikku began as she walked towards Tidus.

"But what?" Tidus asked starting to shift uncomfortably.

"My brother was obviously pissed off about me helping Besaid win the match,
but the real reason I helped is because I wanted to be near you." Rikku said
before kissing Tidus on the lips. Rikku then removed her clothes and kissed
Tidus again.

"Go lay on your bed," Rikku demanded.

"Wakka will be here any minute, we've got to stop." Tidus said backing up.

"We're not stopping. We'll worry about Wakka when he gets here. Now lay
down." Rikku then pushed Tidus backward onto his bed. She pulled down his
underwear exposing his member and started rubbing it up and down.

"Rikku... stop..." Tidus moaned out one last feeble plea.

"Too late for that Tidus," she said before going down and deep-throating him.

As Rikku bobbed her head up and down sliding her tongue around Tidus' cock
and he started to breath heavy and moan a bit, neither Rikku nor Tidus heard
Wakka's knocking or his coming in when nobody answered until he called out.

"Yo Tidus, Rikku anyone here?"

With one big slurp Rikku pulled her head up.

"Yeah! In Tidus' room!" Rikku yelled before going back down on Tidus.

"Rikku!" Tidus groaned at her yelling. "Oh shit! Don't come now!" Tidus
thought as he felt his cock start to pulse greatly.

"Come on Tidus cum for me!" Rikku said smiling as she lifted her mouth and
started to jerk him off again.

"Oh god Rikku!" Tidus moaned loudly as he lost control and started to shoot
his white fluid all over Rikku's face some of it landing in her mouth.

Rikku smacked her lips and licked them, and then licked the residue off of
the head of Tidus' prick.

Tidus' just laid there for a moment when he felt Rikku move around and speak.

"Hey Wakka are you just going to stand there and gawk?"

"Wakka?!?" Tidus said opening his eyes in surprise as he tried to get up
to cover himself. With his eyes closed Tidus hadn't seen how Rikku had
positioned her cunt right above his dick so as he attempted to get up it
slid right inside her.

"Good Tidus, you're prick's still hard," Rikku said as she pushed herself
onto his dick. "Now again Wakka stop gawking, drop your pants, and come

Still not having said anything Wakka looked to Tidus. Tidus partially
shrugged as he grabbed hold of her hips and helped Rikku move as she started
to bounce up and down on his member.

"I know I shouldn't trust an Al Bhed, but she did help us and damn she looks
good," Wakka mumbled to himself as he watched Tidus slide his cock in and out
of Rikku's vaginal cavity and felt his own dick harden.

"Excellent!" Rikku squealed as she saw Wakka drop his pants and his hard
member came straight for her.

"The Al Bhed must be masters at more than just machina," Wakka thought to
himself as he felt Rikku's lips wrap around his shaft and her tongue start
to moisten it as it ran itself up and down.

As Rikku continued to suck on Wakka's dick, Tidus still grasping her hips
began to increase his pace and thrust deeper and harder into Rikku's vagina.
Rikku's bouncing and shaking body only added to the oral pleasure she was
giving Wakka and he grabbed hold the back of her head and began to thrust
himself deep down her throat.

As both ends of Rikku's body continued to get penetrated and filled, she felt
an orgasm start come on and her body began to shake.

"Oh god Rikku! You're pussy is so tight!" Tidus half yelled as continued
to bounce her up and down on his enlarged cock. Rikku was only able to moan
and grunt with the mouthful she currently had, but soon she was climaxing and
her fluids seeped out all over Tidus' prick. With Rikku's body now shaking
with orgasm and her cream flooding out Tidus could no longer hold back and
pulled out as he came a second time, this time his cum spraying all over her

"You little Al Bhed slut..." Wakka sneered as he continued to push Rikku's
head towards him jamming his member deep down her throat. "It's my turn
now," Wakka said as he thrust his cock into Rikku's mouth one last time
before his semen shot down her throat. "Mmmmmm.... lick it clean," Wakka
said as Rikku slid her tongue along his shaft one last time.

After he pulled out Wakka walked back over to where his pants lay and started
to put them back on.

"Mind if I take a quick shower?" Rikku asked getting off the bed.

"No go ahead. Just one thing though," Tidus said as he rolled off the bed
and got up.

"What's that?"

"Why'd you do this?"

"Yeah Rikku why? Oh, and sorry about the name-calling. I don't know what
got into me," Wakka said apologizing.

"Why? I guess because it's been the first opportunity I've had since our
journey ended and you two did help me royally piss off my brother, though
don't think I'll be this easy every time. Oh and don't worry about it
Wakka. Auron gets much more verbal."

"Auron?!?" Tidus and Wakka said simultaneously.

"I thought you said this was your first time since the journey?" Tidus

"It is. Those damn snow mountains are cold though," Rikku said with a
devilish grin before leaving the room.


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