IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the ONLY place a thing like rape should occur, in a
FICTIONAL STORY! I do NOT condone rape in any way, shape or form, if you
commit an act like rape you deserve everything you get. This is merely a
story based on a game, written for a cheap bit of fun. If anything, I wrote
it this way because i hate Rikku as a character in Final Fantasy X, she is
useless, lol. So enjoy the story, but remember my words.

Final Fantasy X: Al Bhed Bitch (MM/F, Rape, Anal, Oral, Magic)
by Hardcore Insanity ([email protected])

Its was late......

The group had just settled down to camp for the evening. Their quest to
defeat the evil Sin had been going on for a few weeks now, Yuna, the brave
young summouner undertaking this quest, had collected several Aeons along
the journey. With her were her Guardians Auron, Wakka, Tidus, Rikku,
Kimahri and Lulu. Lulu the black mage, Auron the mightly warrior who
defeated Sin 10 years ago along with Yuna's father Braska, Rikku, Yuna's
Al Bhed cousin, Kimahri the mighly Ronso warrior who had watched over her
since she was a child, and of course, the man she had secretly loved for
what felt like forever now, Tidus, from the distant past, who they knew
very little about.......

They had split up into 2 seperate camps as to not draw any unwanted attention
from the many fiends lurking the area. Tidus, Wakka and Rikku has set up camp
at the top of a hill about a quarter of a mile away from Yuna's camp so they
could keep watch. Yuna had set up camp with 3 of her guardians in Auron, Lulu
and Kimahri. The night sky was filled with stars, Tidus was lying down on the
rug that he lay out next to the fire, Wakka was in his and Tidus's tent and
Rikku in her own. Tidus was just staring at the stars thinking about Yuna,
and how much he cared for her. Little known to Tidus was that Yuna was doing
the exact same thing at the other camp. "Does she feel the same way for me?"
Tidus couldn't stop thinking about her, suddenly his thinking was interupted
by Rikku's voice from behind him........

Rikku: Tidus!

Tidus sat up in suprise.

Tidus: Rikku, what's up?

Rikku: Nothing, but what are you doing still awake? Its late and we've got a
long way to travel tomorrow.

Tidus: Yeah I know, I couldn't sleep.

Rikku: Really? Me too......

Rikku sat down next to Tidus and started chatting, this woke up Wakka in his
tent, Wakka was angry. He had hated Rikku since the moment he met her, it
wasn't just the fact that she was an Al Bhed, it was her incredibly annoying
attitude. Wakka sat up for a second and got his head together, he thought to
himself, "Whats the best way to get a bit of revenge on that little bitch?"

Suddenly Wakka realised he had a semi-hard on. Wakka hadn't got layed for
what seemed like years, what with Blitzball and his guardian duties, and he
couldn't ever try it on with Lulu, despite what he felt for her, because he
felt guilty about his brother Chappu, Lulu's exboyfriend killed by Sin. Wakka
had alwasys thought Rikku had a hot little body, for a girl who was only just
16, she had a very well developed chest and her ass stuck out nicely. Wakka
never thought about her that way, but he needed to get laid and he wanted to
teach Rikku a lesson at the same time. He thought about what he was going to
do to get what he wanted, and got a sly smile accross his face.

Meanwhile back outside, Rikku was boring Tidus to death discussing her crap.
Tidus snapped.....

Tidus: I'm going to bed!

Rikku was a little shocked but shrugged it off quickly and got up herself,
she smiled and said goodnight to Tidus before heading back into her tent.
Tidus sighed and headed baclk to his and Wakka's tent. Tidus try'd to be
quiet thinking Wakka was still awake, but when he saw Wakka was sitting up,
he just casually walked in and sat down.

Tidus: Hey buddy, didn't wake you did i?

Wakka: No ya, it was that little Al Bhed slut!

Tidus: Yeah she's a little loudmouth bitch isn't she? I thought she'd never
shut up there.

Wakka: Sounds like you don't like her?

Tidus: I don't, I try and be polite in front of the other guys, I know you
show your hate but I try and keep it inside. But i've had it with her right
now, I wish I could just shut her up.

Wakka smiled as he knew he could now start his plan.

Wakka: Really? Well it just so happens bro that I got a plan to teach the
little whore some respect, and it would be fun for us too, you want in?

Tidus: Sure, what you got in mind?

Wakka: I figure we grab her while she's sleeping and have ourselves a little
fun, we have hourse till morning before we have to meet the others.

Tidus: Really, I dunno, I mean I wanna get a bit of revenge but.......

Wakka interupts.

Wakka: Its ok man, I know whats wrong, you love Yuna.

Tidus was shocked

Tidus: You knew?! How?

Wakka: Wasn't exactly difficult to see buddy, you 2 stare at each other all
day and I can tell your hurting when your not with her......I feel the same
about Lulu.

Tidus: Yeah man I know, must be hard not being able to act, I feel that way

Wakka: Fact is, they aren't gonna get hurt by this, and even better, they
aren't gonna find out either.

Tidus: What?

Wakka: I know a couple of spells that will help us out and make this task a
lot easier, and fun, at least for us, hahaha!

Tidus: I see.......screw it, i'm in! I need a lay and that little slut needs
to make herself useful.

Wakka and Tidus smiled and stood up. They headed out of the tent and crept
around to Rikku's. Once in position Wakka signalled Tidus to stop and Tidus
did so. Wakka made some strange hand movements and chants for about a minute
or so and then suddenly stopped.

Tidus whisspered.

Tidus: Did it work?

Wakka: Yeah, she's out like a light, and the main part of the spell is, no
matter what happens tonight, she won't remember a thing in the morning.

Tidus: Fucking sweet!

Wakka: Yo lets get on with it ya.

Wakka and Tidus, now talking out loud, opened the coverings to Rikku's tent,
they liked what they saw. Rikku was fast asleep and looked as sexy as ever.
She was sleeping with her back to them, with nothing but her small and tight
jean shorts on, making her ass so visible and appealing. Other than that she
was totally naked and vulnerable.

Wakka: Let the fun begin......

Tidus and Wakka stepped into the tent, which was very roomey and had a lot of
headspace for even Wakka who was very tall compared to Rikku. Tidus went to
Rikku's feet, he slowly looked around to check she was asleep, she was out
like a light. Tidus then looked down and saw her huge breasts, just asking to
be touching. But Tidus held on for a moment while Wakka moved around to her
head. Wakka looked up at Tidus and nodded, thats when Rikku's nightmare

Wakka grabbed Rikku around the mouth so she couldn't scream, Rikku snapped
awake and try'd to struggle, but Tidus has grabbed hold of her legs and held
them firmly down, Rikku was trapped. She was still drowzy and didn't fully
realise what was going on until she saw Tidus holding her feet, she looked up
and saw it was Wakka behind her, she was both confused and scared at the same
time. She try'd to scream but Wakka's hand was held firm over her mouth,
preventing her from making a sound. Wakka spoke......

Wakka: Well well, bet you didn't see this coming did ya? Tell you what, I'm
gonna let my hand go from around your mouth, but I swear if you scream, I'll
break your neck right here.

Rikku was horrified at what Wakka said, however, she took it seriously. She
nodded......Wakka slowly let go of her mouth allowing her to speak.

Rikku: Please, stop it, why are you doing this?

Tidus: Because you deserve it bitch! Enough, Wakka, hold her down.

Wakka smiled and did so, grabbing Rikku's mouth again she screaming into it
but to no avail, Wakka laughed and held her down with his other arm, he was
far to strong for her to fight off, suddenly, that was the least of her
worries. Tidus was moving his hands up her legs towards her pants, she try'd
to struggle but nothing can off it. Tidus laughed as Rikku whimpered. Tidus
grabbed hold of her jean shorts by the sides and slowly pulled them down,
Rikku was sobbing now, as she knew what they were going to do. Rikku has
never even kissed a man before, let alone had sex with one, but not only was
she going to now, but it was going to be against her will by 2 people she
thought were her allies. Tidus gazzed slyly at Rikku, and then in one swift
movment, pulled her shorts off and threw them to one side, Tidus looked up
to see her clean shaven snatch, it was so small that Tidus could barely wait.

Tidus: May I do the honours of popping this bitchs cheery?

Wakka: Sure man, but I get to be the first to fuck her ass!

Rikku had tears running down her cheecks now, she was so scared she gave up
trying to fight and just went limp.

Tidus smiled and moved his hands up her smooth, long legs, he got up to her
pussy and without any warning at all, grove his hand up her cunt, Rikku
yelled out into Wakka's hand in agony, but Tidus hadn't even started yet, he
had made sure not to pop her just yet, he was just teasing her. He stood up
and started to unbuckle his belt, he dropped his pants to reveal his fully
errect member and Rikku looked horrified, Tidus's cock was abut 8" long and
about 2" thick, she knew she couldn't take that, but she had no choice. Tidus
left the rest of his cloths on and slowly knelt down. He positioned himself
so his cock was right at the front of Rikku's pussy, and his face almost
pressed up against hers, he saw the fear in her eyes and smiled. Then without
any warning, Tidus drove the full length of his member into Rikku, causing
her to shake and scream, floods of tears were now running down her face as
she felt herself being violated. Tidus was showing no mercy and drove his
cock as far up as it would go, tearing through Rikku's cheery. Tidus was now
building a very fast pace at which he was raping Rikku with. Tidus never once
looked away from Rikku's terrified eyes. After about 5 minutes of this, Tidus
finally looked away from Rikku and at Wakka, slowing down his pace.

Tidus: God she's so tight man, this will be the best lay you've ever had.

Wakka: Haha, I'm sure.

Tidus looked back at Rikku and got back to his fastest pace. Rikku was
hurting really bad, Tidus's cock was tearing her insides, it was agony. After
another 5 minutes of raping her, Tidus knelt back and let out a huge sigh as
her shot his load deep inside Rikku's box, causing Rikku to whimper. Tidus
caught his breath and signalled to Wakka.

Wakka: Listen to me bitch! I'm gonna let go of you now and your gonna get on
all fours and clean Tidus's dick, if you don't, we'll both fuck your asshole
at the same time, and belive me, if you think his dick is big, wait till you
see mine.

Rikku was scared at the thought, so she nodded as too agree. Wakka smiled
and relased Rikku. Tidus got onto his knees and his cock was now hard again,
Rikku slowly got onto all fours, she moved closer to Tidus's dick and slowly
licked the tip, without any warning Tidus forced the full 8' of his prick
down Rikku's throat, causing her to gag badly. Tidus started to fuck her face
with a cruel pace and power, each thrust down her throat caused Rikku to
choke, however, that feeling was nothing compared to what she got next. Rikku
felt a severly sharp pain, Wakka had not given any warning, he had shoved his
rock hard cock right up Rikku's asshole, Rikku screamed in pain into Tidus's
cock. Wakka was about 11" long and 3" thick, his huge dick was tearing
Rikku's back door wide open, blood trickled down her legs. Tidus was fucking
her face with full force now, Rikku could barely breath, but she was still in
so much pain from Wakka fucking her asshole. Tidus erupted again, shooting
his second load of cum right down Rikku's throat, Rikku was nearly sick, it
tasted horrible and bitter, but Tidus kept his cock in her mouth so she had
to swallow it all. Wakka was now fucking her ass at full pace, causing agony
for Rikku. Tidus pulled out once he had empty'd his load, Rikku now spoke, it
was hard to hear her as she was sobbing greatly.

Rikku: Ahhhhh, please.....stop it, it hurts so bad!

Tidus: Oh thats nothing, wait till I out my dick in your ass along with

Rikku: NO! You said you wouldn't!

Tidus: I didn't say that, Wakka said that.

Wakka: Hahahaha!

Rikku: Please dont! You've already taken my virginity and my ass, please

Tidus ignored Rikku's pleas and moved behind her, Tidus got on his back and
slid under Rikku. He positioned his cock right next to Wakka's and drove it
as hard as he could into Rikku's asshole.


Rikku screamed in pain, but Wakka and Tidus didn't care, they were in heaven
now. They started fucking Rikku's ass as fast and hard as they could, both
thusting as hard as they could, Rikku's ass was stretched wide open now, she
was screaming in pain and crying, tears flooding down her checks. Wakka and
Tidus didn't need long, they both came within a few minutes, both shooting
there load into her asshole, Rikku screamed even more.


Wakka and Tidus laughed as they both pulled out of her ass, cum leaking out
of her. Rikku collapsed onto her front, crying, she held her ass checks in
pain. Tidus and Wakka dressed and left the room, leaving Rikku sobbing alone.

The following Morning.....

Tidus and Wakka were sitting outside the tents, eating breakfast, when they
saw Rikku emerge from her tent, they waited anxiouly to see if the spell had

Rikku: Morning fellas!

Tidus: Hey Rikku, how did you sleep last night?

Rikku: Like a rock, I was suddenly so tired and out of energy. Weird....

Rikku sat down, and when she turned away, Tidus and Wakka both smiled, they
knew this journey just got a lot better.


Hope you enjoyed the story, its my second piece of writting for TSSA, but it
won't be my last, I have a few ideas in mind for more storys, look out for my
work in the next few updates. Happy Reading!


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