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Someone asked me to write this for them and I liked the idea so I did. The
story's a bit shorter than I would like it to be, but other than that I think
it came out ok.

Final Fantasy X: Black Magic Fun (MF, bond, magic, reluc)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

As Yuna and her guardians sat at the cafe and ate, Tidus was still thinking
about the shock he had received that day. To have Auron say that Sin was
Jecht really didn't bother Tidus all that much. As a matter of fact it
really didn't surprise him at all and to a degree strengthened his hatred
towards Jecht. Still though Tidus didn't feel much to be around anybody
this particular night and he proceeded to get up from the table.

"Hey guys, I'm a bit tired and I am going to bed," Tidus said before leaving
the table to go back to the inn.

"You ok Tidus?" Yuna asked with concern starting to get up.

"Let him go," Auron said as Tidus walked out of the cafe and Yuna started to
go after him. "He'll be ok. He just needs time."

* * *

Tidus really didn't want to go to bed, but there was little to do in this
town so he decided to go ahead and lay in his bed in the dark and think.
Tidus had a hard time recently getting to sleep so he now slept with a sleep
mask. He quickly changed into his sleeping clothes and put on his mask.
Tidus then turned out the lights and jumped into bed.

Tidus' thoughts recently revolved mostly around his father. Growing up he
hated Jecht because he was an asshole, and now he hated him even more so for
being Sin and destroying cities and ruining people's lives.

As his thoughts ran through his head switching from his father, to Yuna's
quest, to finding a way back home, Tidus soon found himself getting sleepy
and eventually he fell asleep.

* * *

"Tidus... Tidus... You awake?"

"Huh...?" Tidus responded as the whispering of a female awakened him.

"It's Lulu."

"Lulu? What're you---" Tidus began as he attempted to reach to remove his
sleep mask, but realized his arms and legs are tied to the four corners of
the bed.

"Hey what's going on here?"

"Nothing yet..." Lulu whispered as she stripped off her robe and then pulled
down Tidus' pajama pants revealing his limp cock.

"No Lulu... Now's not the time..." Tidus stammered as he felt her dart her
tongue at his scrotum and shaft.

Tidus resisted and tried to free himself from the ropes but found he

"Those ropes are bound by my magic, you're not getting out until I let you.
Oh and if you plan on screaming I've placed the entire inn under a sleep
spell. It's just me and you."

"But Lulu," Tidus continued to protest.

"Shh... Stop resisting..." Lulu whispered as climbed on top of Tidus with her
face near his crotch and his face near hers.

"Ah-Ah... Ok, ok," Tidus finally agreed as Lulu took hold of his cock and
started to jack it up and down.

"Come on Tidus, you have to help too," Lulu said as she lowered her pussy
down into his face and continued to rub his hardened prick.

"Mmmm... Good boy..." Lulu purred as she felt Tidus' tongue wiggle inside
her cunt and splash around inside. "Now spread my lips and dig deep inside,"
She cooed as the ropes disappeared freeing Tidus' limbs.

Without hesitation Tidus removed his sleep mask and did as he was told, but
now was fingering her cunt as he licked at it. Lulu continued work Tidus'
dick up and down a bit more before going down and taking it whole in her

"Oh God!" Tidus screamed half-muffled as he felt Lulu's sudden deepthroat of
his member.

Tidus contained himself as best he could, but started to eat out Lulu's anus
and wipe her cunt juices from his fingers onto it.

"Oh Tidus..." Lulu moaned as she felt him lick at her asshole and rub her
juices all over it.

"Oh yes! Oh Lulu," Tidus started to groan as he was now frantically bobbing
up and down on his prick, her tongue wrestling with the shaft.

"Cum for me Tidus! Cum for me!" Lulu urged Tidus as she continued to lick
his cock.

"OH GOD!" Tidus screamed as he could no longer hold himself in and started
to cream himself all over the inside of Lulu's mouth.

Lulu continued to suck and lick on Tidus' dick as the white cream splashed
all in her mouth and she started swallowing it.

Tidus laid back on the bed trying to regain his composure as Lulu finished
cleaning him up. After a bit he noticed he was still very erect and his
thoughts now turned towards Lulu's ass. Almost sensing what he was thinking
Lulu spoke.

"You want to poke me in the ass don't you Tidus?"

"Uh.. What?" Tidus asked surprised.

"You're still hard as a rock," Lulu said as she rubbed Tidus' member up and
down once more. "And I felt the way you ate away at my ass earlier."

"Well it did taste pretty good," Tidus said pretending he was trying to

"You know the answer's yes," She responded moving around and letting Tidus
get up.

Lulu then turned herself around with her ass facing the foot of the bed and
Tidus stood there behind her. Tidus leaned forward spreading Lulu's ass and
licking away at it again. After a bit of that he stood up grabbed hold of
her hips and pressed the head of his cock into her anus.

"Oh yes..." Lulu moaned as she felt her ass slowly get penetrated by Tidus.

Lulu's butt was a tight fit for his member, but slowly and surely Tidus
worked it inside inch by inch and bottomed out. Tidus then began the process
off pulling it out and pushing it back in.

"Oh Tidus..." Lulu groaned as she felt Tidus' prick plunge in and out of her

"You like that? You like that Lulu?" Tidus teased Lulu as his member was
now pounding her anal cavity with a fury.

"Oh god!" Lulu moaned loudly as her body shook with orgasm.

Tidus himself almost came but held himself back and continued to penetrate
Lulu's asshole.

"You have a nice tight ass!" Tidus exclaimed as he felt Lulu start to push
back on his cock.

"Cum for me Tidus! Cum for me! I'm fixing to cum agaiiiiiiiiin!" Lulu
screamed as her body shook with a second orgasm.

"Oh shit!" Tidus moaned as he plunged his cock deep into Lulu's ass one last
time before spilling his seed a second time and painting the inside of Lulu's
anus white.

When he finished cumming Tidus pulled his still dripping dick out of Lulu and
fell onto the bed next to her.

After a few minutes of composing themselves Lulu spoke.

"It's too bad I had to use magic to get you here."

"Next time you won't have to."


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