Final Fantasy X: Hopeless Desire (MF,ncon)

Yuna grunted forcefully as she was thrown end over end into the hold on an
Al-Bhed ship. She had ceased fighting her captors once they had come aboard,
knowing this was too far away from the city for anyone to hear her cries of
distress. Whatever these men were after, though, the young summoner was
defiant that they would not get it.

"I know what you're want!" she lashed out hotly, glaring at the goggled
faces sizing her up. "And you won't get it! I have four Guardians with me...
they'll be here to rescue me soon!"

One of the men stepped forward, surveying her with hidden eyes. After a few
seconds, he turned to a comrade and nodded. "Dea ran." he ordered

As if sensing what was about to happen, Yuna lay still for a moment, waiting
for just the right moment to pass before striking out heroically when one
approached. Her boots connected solidly with the Al-Bhed's shin, sending him
tottering away in pain. The smile of triumph on the summoner's face lasted
only a second, just long enough for the leader to get in close and slug her
in the gut.

"Dra rynt fyo, drah..." he snarled, reaching behind
her to untie the large yellow bow about the pretty female's waist. Too out of
breath to stop him, Yuna simply choked as her white blouse was pulled away,
revealing a lacy black bra beneath.

"Hela..." he continued, leering at the covered mounds protruding
from the teenager's chest. "E lyh'd fyed du caa ouin bicco." see your pussy.>

Yuna let her head sink down at what she knew must be obscenely foul words,
finding enough courage to respond only when his hands began to make their way
towards her blue dress. "Nothing you can do will stop my pilgrimage..." she
hissed, loud enough to halt him. "Not even if you dishonor me!"

"Cmidc ynah'd ymmufat eh dra dasbmac..." temples..."> her attacker replied coldly, pulling the long skirt away with
great force. The onlookers behind let loose a chorus of approving gasps as
her flesh came into view, accented by a pair of matching black panties
covering her holy place. It took all their willpower to resist pouncing on
the helpless girl, but they knew patience would yield a turn at her body in

"Oui'na fad vun sa..." the man said softly from
between Yuna's legs, deftly rubbing her damp crotch. She clenched her teeth
and turned away as her vestal cleft was gently probed, wondering if he really
thought she was aroused by this whole debasement, and not just sweaty from
the warm Lucan clime.

It would only be a matter of time, Lulu had warned when they set out from
Besaid. The elder woman knew all too well that such a beautiful summoner
would prove to be an irresistible target to anyone with a penis. Yuna had,
of course, responded with a look of abject horror, unable to believe anyone
would dare rape a servant of Yevon. The godless people of Bikanel, however,
had no such qualms about forcibly taking her chastity.

"No..." Yuna moaned feebly, shuddering as the now-nude Al-Bhed crawled along
the length of her body. She could feel every minute detail of his features as
their skin pressed together, and then a uniquely insistent throbbing poke at
her belly. He had taken *it* out, and soon it would be inside her.

"Please... don't!" she begged now, starting to cry as her bra was torn open
and undergarments pulled down, releasing her untouched breasts and vagina to
the world. "I'll do anything else, just not that!"

"Duu myda..." a heartless voice muttered, gripping the shapely
female's shoulders as he began to push into her deepest reaches.

Yuna lost all composure, yelling out in vain as her virgin tunnel was
penetrated. Shutting her eyes tightly, she forced a few tears out even as the
hot spike continued to ravish her loins. It was not so much painful as having
extremely filling, drowning out all other sensations. By the time she had
regained herself, the evil man was entirely in her womb.

"Oh... no...!" she sobbed dramatically, feeling a sticky fluid running down
her thighs, knowing her purity was lost forever. "Take it... ooomph! Out!"

"Hu fyo..." her violator groaned, then switching to English to
deliver an especially sharp barb. "Virgins are always the best."

Her dread and revulsion at such a remark was dwarfed only by what the hapless
sorceress did not know about Al-Bhed culture. In such a remote and relatively
lawless society, young girls were routinely "relieved" of their virginity
quite early -- by marauding bands who simply scooped up the nubile youths on
machina digs.

Not even their leader's daughter, Rikku, was immune. Before even entering
puberty, the cute blonde had spent many cold desert nights on her back,
taking an endless stream of penises up her hairless crack. If the thugs were
all spent before sunrise, they would usually capture a fiend from outside
their hideout, then roar with delight watching her try to mate with it.

Shrieking every time the dirty member polluted her inner sanctum, Yuna tried
to vocalize her plight once again, but only managed to squeal lamentably as
the unwelcome lover rolled their conjoined bodies closer together. Still
groaning, the desecrated caller found herself suddenly on the receiving end
of long, deep strokes, her tits forced to bounce repeatedly by the strength
of their slapping crotches. She felt like nothing more than a common whore,
but the struggling seemed to only incite the watching rouges even further.

"You can't..." she panted, feeling the hot spike begin to pulse in her
sopping quim. "I am a... summoner. I must... remain... pure!"

"Cunno..." The grunting man intoned selfishly, holding her tightly
to him. "Rana ed lusac!"

"Nooooooo!" Yuna wailed desperately, tears springing from her eyes as warm
fluid began splashing her sacred womb. To add insult to injury, her Al-Bhed
partner brought his goggled-eyes to hers and licked every inch of her face as
he erupted, soiling her from each end until totally wasted.

Crying, the Besaid beauty was helpless to prevent even further degradation
as the heartless male stretched her legs apart and showed off his handiwork
to the others. Instead, she closed her eyes and allowed them to examine her
tarnished womanhood, barely flinching when another moved in to repeat the

This time, there was no pain at all when he entered -- the previous violator
had really stretched her tunnel with his relentless pummeling. Still, as she
was rolled over onto her side and forced to lift her leg to provide access,
Yuna had to hold back a sniffle until her sanctum was penetrated once more,
allowing her mind to be swallowed by the steady, sexual rhythm.

She rocked and swayed with each push, trying to stifle anger at the way her
vagina was facilitating violation by blithely accommodating each invading
rod. Unsatisfied with merely taking in the delights of her pussy, the man
reached forward and groped Yuna's breasts shamelessly, rewarding his
unwilling partner with even harder lunges when the nipples eventually became
tantalizingly erect.

The prone summoner started to wheeze each time the forceful jabs sent the air
out of lungs -- ashamed at the way she knew she must sound, but also knowing
it had a better chance of ending the depravity quicker than a lackluster
performance would have. She did not have to wait long for it to have an
effect, for the dirty man responded almost instantly to her vocalizations.

Resting her leg on his shoulder so he could get in even closer, the second
Al-Bhed furiously fucked Yevon's disciple, relishing greatly an opportunity
to expel his seed in a holy woman's unprotected belly. Yuna only gritted her
teeth defiantly while he sprayed her already greasy channel with sperm,
offhandedly wondering how Lulu could ever have consented to this with Chappu.

For the second time, she felt the pressure in her moist canal ease, leaving
her seemingly hollow and empty. The interlude did not last, however, and the
last one took his place with an especially avid grin. After allowing his
hands to wander her nearly-naked form, he coaxed the shapely female onto
hands and knees without any protest at all.

All Yuna could concentrate on was enduring this final test and getting back
to her journey. The shock and frustration of her broken celibacy was quickly
receding, and she at least had the comfort of knowing that none of her
guardians were here to witness it. She was so lost in thought that her
muscles had already compensated for the beast-style trespassing by the time
it commenced.

Although this was by far the most awkward position so far, with her mounds
flailing wildly underneath and the underlying implication that she was
raising her butt in the air as a sexual offering, Braska's daughter remained
silent as the stranger had his way, playfully slapping her ass as he reamed
her slick hole.

Having had to wait so long, and manually keep himself hard, the last man
was in no state to maintain pace for long. For awhile, he kept it up nobly,
trying urgently to savor what would be the highlight of his miserable life.
But, Yuna was skillfully squeezing her inner walls together, providing an
intense burst of pleasure that virtually pleaded with him to squirt right

Unable to resist, he let go and discharged his spunk, the copious amount
mixing with the previous two loads and sloshing out all over the brunette's
dainty genitals. She emitted a slight "aah" of relief as he softened, only
to follow up with a disgusted groan as he rubbed his rod all over her bush,
completely drenching her pubes in cum.

Yuna moved hesitantly towards her clothes, wondering if they would simply
stop her and just continue to relentlessly hump her to death. No harsh
words impeded her progress, however, and the worn summoner slowly pulled
her panties back on. It was mortifyingly revolting to feel the baby-juice
still leaking from her twat, now spread everywhere by the silky garment,
but there was simply nothing that could be done.

The Al-Bhed were perfectly content to let her go, seeing as that trying to
keep someone so famous hostage would be quite difficult, even if it meant
they would be able to pound such a fine pussy literally at will. So, upon
standing up and rapidly striding towards the exit, no one made an effort to
stop her. She quickly disappeared onto the deck, racing towards the dock
and nearest inn.

Yuna knew that her secret would eventually be discovered, at least by a few
of her friends. There was usually no hiding anything from Lulu, and Kihmari
would definitely pick up the unusual scent with his strong nose. The
important thing, though, was that *he* would be too busy trying to get close
to her to notice any change of demeanor. And that was exactly how she wanted
Tidus to act around her -- blissfully unaware.
_ _ _

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