Final Fantasy X: Other World (M+f,Mf)

"Well, I just fed the prisoner." Rikku announced, stepping into the main
cabin. She walked to the center of the room and deposited the empty tray
she'd been holding with a muffled *clang* on the sturdy wooden table that
had just served her own meal.

Glancing around the dingy setting, she saw her fellow Al-Bhed were spread out
in the corners of the room, their hidden eyes roaming over her body as their
long-expected prize entered. Catching on to the mood, she pursed her lips
into a pouty frown. "Aww..." she said with a hint of smile. "Is it that time

* * *

This was Rikku's first voyage as a Companion, one of Al-Bhed's more unique
professions. The social niche had it's beginnings about twenty years ago when
her people established a city on Bikanel Island that managed to bring the
scattered nomads back together for the first time since Zanarkand had been
destroyed. When "researchers" at shipwrecks near Luca began kidnapping
townspeople to relieve the sexual tension of a life at sea. It nearly came to
war before one brave teenage girl volunteered herself to appease the sailors,
offering her body as a sacrifice for the many humans who had been forced by
the Al-Bhed.

Her story came to be a great legend among the people, immortalizing how the
Al-Bhed would support one another rather than see themselves dominated by
outlanders. It changed their entire morale as a people, turning them from
outcasts rejected by humans into courageous freedom fighters, struggling to
get by in a world of inequality.

The sand-dweller's culture had always much more open and relaxed than the
humans, so they found no moral qualms in finding young girls to accompany
scavengers on their missions. The job turned from prostitute to hero
overnight throughout Bikanel, with hundreds of eager teenagers pledging
their careers to their country by "serving" the military. Within a few
months, there were enough women signing up to be Companions that the
entire Al-Bhed Navy was satisfied.

Companionship flourished throughout the years afterwards, but had since
weathered a steady decline of late. Now that the land had been relatively
unmolested by outsiders, the patriotism of the once proud people had waned
slightly. Still, the recruiter's office found enough willing females to
keep the men happy, although there was now a strict limit of one girl per
crew, much to the dismay of many hardened sailors. Most of them, of course,
were poorer girls looking for a relatively high-paying job without a lot
of effort, but every once and a while someone of note would shop up and
surprise them.

* * *

And that's where Rikku came in. Choosing to become a Companion didn't
exactly please her father, being the daughter of the Al-Bhed's leader and
all. However, she still felt proud in offering her Yevon-given gifts to the
glorious Al-Bhed empire. After a lengthy and near destructive argument with
her family, she left her home on a sour note, even more determined to explore
the rest of the world by shedding the prestige that had kept isolation the
normal her entire life.

Arriving at boot camp with little more than the clothes on her back, she
threw herself wildly into her sexual orientation, learning every way to
please a man and then practicing ferverently until she was the top of her
class. The one-week crash course started with mild hand-jobs and cock
sucking, moving quickly to full-blown intercourse on the first night.
Many young Al-Bhed girls saved their virginity to be taken by the skilled
instructors each year, and Rikku bravely joined in with them.

The coming days brought forth even more challenges as the pretty blonde
girl struggled to master every conceivable position. From missionary to
woman-on-top and sideways. Then the more advanced techniques, such as
mutual masturbation, rear-entry, and even anal. It was exhaustive work,
but not very difficult. Rikku enjoyed her training and the increased
libido it awarded her, much to the chagrin of her classmates. Sometimes
she would be feeling randy after hours, when sex was supposed to be
off-limits. Then, there was nothing else to do but take matters into her
own hands -- literally. Her voracity for masturbating late at night in
bed, or bright and early in the showers became legendary at the academy.

So it was no surprise that the end of the four-week course, she was chosen
to be the headmaster's date to the graduating formal. While the sailors on
shore leave at the time had to fight each other to win the privilege of
attending with a brand-new Companion, Rikku was granted a rare gift, sex
with who was widely regarded as the most expert lovemaker in all of Bikanel.

After a fabulously relieving party, devoid of any sexual overtones
whatsoever, she was fresh and charged up for a night of erotic bliss. And
she was not disappointed, tossed around in the bed like a rag doll, limp
from multiple orgasms as his expect techniques utterly fulfilled her primal
desires. In the wee hours of the morning, even she gave up, satiated by the
happy throbbing in her pussy. Smiling the whole time, she lay back while her
lover had his way over and over again with her willing body until he too,
could stand no more.

* * *

"And now it's time for more of the same..." she thought with an inward smile,
coming back to reality. "So," she called out seductively, spreading her legs
apart and putting her hands on her hips. "Who's first?"

The two men closest to her immediately pounced in a playful manner, grabbing
her two frontal private parts with lustful abandon. Rikku giggled jovially as
the sailors groped her body, sending tingles through her breasts and warm
heat through her crotch. "Oh my!" she cried out, stifling laughter. "Why
didn't you tell me you needed some so badly? You know I'm always up for

Rikku's voice trailed off as she realized that her shipmates weren't paying
attention. The Companion's outfit had that effect on people, since it exposed
her in all the right places.

She wore a red blouse, or what was left of it now that the entire front was
cut out. Along the bottoms and cleavage between her breasts, green bands were
stretched from the shoulder and helped keep her firm beauties boldly outwards
where they could be seen by all. At her waist was a belt, with a strap going
underneath her legs to just barely hide her vagina and butt. Her privates
were still mostly visible, though, and anyone walking by could see her butt
cheeks, inner thighs, and plenty of beautiful golden bush.

Having received such excellent training, she didn't give a second thought
about walking around in such provocative attire. She knew that the happier
a crew was, the more enthusiastic their salvaging operations became. More
salvaging meant more money for the kingdom, and of course, *everyone* knew
how to make seamen happier. Give them free licence to fuck a beautiful,
willing female any time they wanted.

All this flashed by the teenager's mind in a second as she was slowly dragged
over to the table that stood in the center of the cabin. This was her first
voyage, after all, and she delighted in taking such a professional attitude
towards her work. That is, until her juices started flowing. Already, the
manhandling of her breasts had caused her nipples to swell to a delicious
erect state. And the one at her slit was doing a nice job of warming that up,
too. By now, the belt strap had slipped in her delicate folds, sliding back
and forth across her clit with his touch.

When the trio got to the platform that was to become their coital pad, the
men stopped to admire their sexy shipmate. First, her underwater mask was
removed, allowing Rikku to reach up behind and undo her hair from the tie
which had confined it. Grabbing one of the pink braids from the yellow locks,
she chewed on it impatiently as the hands moved to her middle, unclasping the
strip which held her entire top together. With a deep sigh of relief, she
arched her back and allowed the revealing garment to slide off her back,
freeing her naked form from the waist up.

Immediately, the one who had been fixated on her breasts earlier resumed his
work, taking one of the sensitive nubs on her chest into his mouth. Leaving
trails of saliva where his tongue had met her creamy flesh, he proceeded to
take rapid turns, alternating between licking and rubbing her luscious

Down below, the second man decided to help himself to her juicy vee. Watching
her pretty face turned to a blissful, vacuous state, he slid the soaked strap
from between her legs and inserted three of his fingers. Jamming wildly into
her cunt, he looked on with pleasure as she moaned heavily, staring off into
space as if all her concentration was focused on feeling the pleasure
coursing through her vagina.

At last, she saw the miracle-worker who was making her feel so good stating
into her gorgeous eyes. Panting weakly, she closed her eyes and opened her
mouth, inviting him to indulge. He dove in greedily, licking her parted lips
before sealing them together with his own, sucking her outstretched tongue
with vigor.

Then, as if an unspoken message had been transmitted between the two sailors,
they started shifting their petite lover towards the oaken table. Momentarily
letting the teasing of her breasts abate, Rikku hugged the man pleasing her
pussy. She could feel him reach around to lift her up, caressing the cool
skin of her bottom, and then a slight bump as she was deposited on their
usual fucking platform. She could feel her legs dangling limply over the
edge, and the space between them widen as they were spread apart.

With a soft "unhh", she arched her back to allowed the eager crewman
between her legs to undo her belt piece, sliding the flimsy band covering
her privates off. Her dewy tuft, set high on her quivering mound, glistened
invitingly. It craved attention, which Rikku had well in hand. Almost
immediately after plopping down on her back, her nimble fingers began probing
her womanhood, seeking to draw out the pleasure up until the moment she was
filled with a satisfying cock.

"So fast..." she whispered, shutting her eyes tight as one of her small
digits brushed against her exposed clit, spreading a bolt of
semi-consciousness across the nubile girl's body. "I bet you just can't wait
to fuck me..." she teased, now looking directly at the man who was going to
be her first for the night.

The sight of the young vixen pleasuring herself, as well as the erotic flow
of her voice, utterly broke the awaiting Al-bhed's resolve. Kneeling down,
he unbuttoned his trousers and positioned himself under Rikku's legs, now
parallel to the ground in anticipation of the soon-to-be lovemaking. By the
time he stood up again a mere second later, he was brandishing a large staff
of meat towards the prone blonde.

Gripping her ankles, which were now resting on his shoulder, he slid into her
hole quickly, not even giving her a moment to adjust before he began drilling
her tightness like a madman. His short, stabbing strokes were more
reminiscent of an animals humping than a wonderful union of human hearts, but
the delighted Companion did not mind in the least. Her training also included
the development of a lengthy patience, and she knew she would ride at least
one orgasmic wave before they were all finished.

"Oh! Oh! Oooooooh!" the prostrate sexpot moaned. While an enthusiastic
performance was encouraged among the professional girls, she was one of the
lucky few who got real enjoyment from her job. The audible grunts of erotic
lust were the real thing.

Her insatiable appetite for sexual pleasure asserted itself once again.
Without even thinking, her small hands wandered up to her chest, kneading and
massaging the tingling mounds. They were soon joined by one from the other
sailor, who had already disrobed and was busy stroking himself slowly to keep
ready for his turn.

If Rikku had any idea of how sexy her slippery cunny looked, she would no
doubt have creamed all over the invading shaft on the spot. Her previously
pursed labia were now split in an impossibly-large circle, with red marks
forming on the top and bottom of her slit as her thin vaginal walls attempted
to swallow such a beefy member. "Oh my goodness!" the sexy vixen cried out.
"I feel so full!"

With each thrust, her tiny bush flopped back and forth as the curve below her
tummy rocked under the influence of such a rapid pounding. Inside her smooth
channel, the invader made quick work of further lubricating her already gooey
hole, sucking the fragrant girl-cream from her womb and whisking it off to
her puffy nether folds, eventually accumulating enough to drip out of her
into a small pool forming on the tabletop.

"Come on..." Rikku encouraged, watching her feet bounce up and down on her
mate's shoulders. "Do it faster. Blow it all in me." While greatly enjoying
the stimulation, she also had a head to look out for others, and still had
two more crewman to service. With her sexy egging on, the man lost his nerve
quickly, letting loose a quaking groan as he bent over, letting her lower
limbs once again fall into empty space.

Hugging her tightly, he began to spew cum inside her waiting hole. With an
impish smile, she locked her hands around his back, and pulled his sweaty
form into her own. "It's so warm and good..." she whispered to him, being
entirely truthful. Within seconds he was flailing wildly under the additional
morale boost, plunging into her warm depths even harder as he sowed his seed
across her fertile passage.

And then he was finished, standing up and watching as her feebly stretched
slit gaped open, dripping the proof of their love. Rikku was still panting
with exhaustion, waiting for her next lover. Luckily, he wasn't about to
disappoint the awaiting piece. Having torn himself away from her pert breasts
while she was being pumped full of sperm, he moved behind his comrade to
wait. That taken care of, he wasted no time in pulling her close and turning
her light weight over.

Now on her stomach, Rikku's feet easily reached the floor, and she moved to
brace herself for being fucked from behind. Within seconds, the seeping from
between her legs was plugged by another ready penis, moving in her with deep,
long strokes. "Ooh, nice!" the blonde purred, happily enjoying the change of

The man's penis was moving with ease in her love tunnel, well lubricated by
the mixture of male and female juices. On each stroke, he pulled out until
the crown of his cock head was peeking out. Without missing a beat, he would
slide back in to the hilt, repeating the process in an ever-increasing fury.

Rikku had turned her head to watch the erotic spectacle, but suddenly felt a
gentle finger tugging her cheek. When she looked forward again, a slick rod
was dangling before her. Without hesitating, she took it into her mouth and
began cleaning the tool, sucking gently while being plowed from behind.

No sooner had she begun the oral stimulation when a quickening shudder
reverberated against her tiny buttocks. Clearly, she was about to feel
another hot bath of cum splash up inside her, which was a shame. This
position was starting to really feel good for her! With each shift of her
hips, her sensitive nub brushed up against the polished edge of the table,
sending tingles of happiness around her privates. "Yes, keep it up!" she
cried out with a giggle. "I feel like I'm on fire!"

Unfortunately, it was not to last. A wheezing grunt signaled the end of the
line for her mate. Standing straight up on his tiptoes, stiff as an arrow,
as he sank into her one last time, spilling his cum all over her already
drenched passage. After a few intense moments of utter utopia, he collapsed
like his friend had, on top of Rikku's sweating body. She enjoyed the effort
he spent to kiss the nape of her neck softly as he recovered, dutifully
contorting her sensuous lips around the staff in her mouth until it was
suddenly removed.

In exact timing, the man behind her disengaged, and she was releived to be
momentarily releived from any sexual duty. Rolling over onto her back again,
she graciously accepted the hand of one of the sailor, and pulled herself up
to a standing position again. Only then did she realize what had caused the
show to grind to a halt. The third crewman was still sitting motionless in a
dark corner, simply watching the scene with disinterest.

* * *

"Oh, come on!" Rikku tisked in an annoyed tone. "You can't hold out
forever..." She advanced towards him, feeling the soup in her womb slowly
flowing out, and knowing it made her look that much more irresistible.

"I... can't do it!" the man protested, shifting uneasily on the barrel he was
perched on. "You can't expect me to do that to my own sister!"

Rikku placed her hands on her hips and shook her head as the figure filled
her field of vision. By sheer happenstance, her own brother had been
scheduled for rotation at the same time she graduated. And either by blind
luck, or the result of a bemused staff member at High Command, they had
ended up on the same vessel. Now, three days out, he had refused to take
part in any of the frequent and sometimes completely spontaneous sex play
that kept the crew seaworthy. But he was getting to the breaking point,
and Rikku knew it.

"You know, it's my job." she reasoned. "I'll get it trouble if they find out
I didn't take care of you." Closing the gap between them, she reached out and
traced a line down his face with her finger. "There's nothing wrong with
doing your job, is there?" she coyly continued.

"No, not really..." her brother replied, the rest of his body quaking
uneasily as his resolve broke.

"And wouldn't you like to just try it" Rikku added, kneading her breasts
softly. They shimmered with a coat of her sweat, as well as the rest of her
body. "What if we start small, and work our way up? How's that?"

"Are you sure it's okay?" the broken man blathered, sill unable to accept
what he was about to do.

"There's no one else I'd rather do it with..." she whispered to him, bending
down to loosen his pants. They followed her down to the floor, where she slid
them off easily with his boots. Shifting to her knees, she got her first look
at the great rod standing tall in his lap. Whatever his mind thought about
this, his dick obviously felt a different way.

"What a beautiful cock you have, big brother!" Rikku swooned, cupping her
boobs together before sandwiching the bulging meat between them. The stiff
meat jerked violently, either from her erotic tone, or the feeling of her
creamy flesh caressing it, but the young girl was easily able to time her
movements to match. The other two shipmates looked on in pride as their
comrade finally got a taste of Al Bhed's finest, envying his first time
with a new flavor.

Just as Rikku's elder sibling was beginning to feel complacent in his
actions, lolling his head lazily from side to side as his own flesh and
blood pleasured him, she set her long-decided plan into action. Leaping
up, she straddled him for a moment, only long enough to align their
genitals together. Then, impaling herself on his tool, she licked her
lips, looking directly into her lover's horrified eyes.

"Rikku, no!" he cried out, halfheartedly attempting to shrug her off. "What
are you doing? We can't... we're..."

"Having..." Rikku grunted, interrupting him. "A... *UNGH*... great...
*OOH*... time!" She bobbed enthusiastically on his fuck-pole, her eyes in
a dreamy land far away from where her delicate blond flower was churning
with speedy insistence.

"Oh, Rikku..." the sailor moaned, reaching out to feel her breasts. "You're
right. This is so good... it can't be wrong!" He was really getting into it
now, his hips lifting up to meet her thrusts and drive in deeper. Rikku was
falling into her own orgasmic world too, now a helpless moaning shadow of
the charismatic leader who'd just orchestrated this whole union.

"Oh! Oh! OOOH!" she exclaimed, her hot hole pouring forth honey as she
jackhammered her crotch. "It's going to happen soon!" Her small feet were
turning white from pressure as they tried to support her whole body weight,
but that was small concern to a girl about to see heaven.

"Now, now, do it!" she panted, her voice swallowed up by the sounds of
lovemaking. And then, she exploded, hugging her brother fiercely as the
familiar surge rocked her small frame. Her brother came too, erupted
torrents of semen into his partner with unrestrained ferocity. The
whirlwind of action slowed down regretfully, the steamy pair ending up
quivering in place from the afterglow.

Rikku would have been content to fall asleep in his arms, but duty called,
as usual. Gingerly, she placed all her weight on her feet again, unsure if
she could even stand in this dazed state. Miraculously, her body decided to
allow her to stave off rest, and she caught her balance. Wobbling over to
the table with her thighs pressed together, she grabbed a damp cloth from
the wall and gingerly went over her sensitive areas, clearing the runoff
from her legs before it made more of a mess but leaving the mess inside her
intact left her partners desire a second round.

As her brother dozed, and the other men rested, she busied herself in
cleaning up the mess of fluids now providing a fragrant bouquet of musk
throughout the room. The group did not bother to dress immediately, Rikku
least of all not seeming to mind as she went about her work, her every
crevice being probed by their wanting eyes. With a sneaky grin, she bent
seductively over to wash the table, giving the tired crowd a lovely view
of her recently-violated cunny.

When at last she deemed her tasks complete, she reached her hands high above
her head, stretching delightfully before them. Still, there was nothing. No
rush of eager hands to her sweaty breasts, no eager dicks trying to cram
themselves in her wet box, nothing. Finally satisfied that her lovers were
indeed too tired for another go, she slung the spooge-soaked cloth over her
shoulder and made for the door outside.

A stinging rain had fallen, and Rikku shivered slightly as she moved from the
steamy cabin to this damp environment. As she moved about the deck, her hands
wandered all over her clammy flesh, allowing the tepid rainwater to cascade
down her naked form. Her bare feet carried her to edge of the platform.
Bending over, she could see the wake of the ship as the water passed under
it, the churning water even more violent as the delicate spatter of raindrops
disturbed it.

She would've stayed motionless for far longer, enjoying the gentle fall of
the water and sounds of the sea, had not an unusual sound broken her trance.
Cocking her head around curiously, she spied the prisoner they had recently
captured poking around one of the temple ruins. Since the crew had not let
him inside, he was huddled against a tall post, trying to stay out of the
blowing rain.

If he was asleep before, the sight of a naked blonde girl had surely been
the cause of his rising. Of course, Rikku had no problem exposing her nether
regions, and was momentarily befuddled by his intense interest in her. Gazing
down at his weather-beaten face, she suddenly felt an enormous sense of pity
well up inside. Realizing that what she routinely endured every day could
very well be the highlight of this man's year, the young girl made the
generous choice.

"Fine..." she muttered, hiding the enthusiasm in her voice. "You can do me
too." She moved into position, grabbing the post above where he lay and
bending over. Now directly underneath her crotch, the prisoner couldn't take
his eyes away from her dripping pussy, now mere feet away, and spread

"Are you going to stare, or come up here and fuck me?" the Companion asked,
wiggling her butt a little to get his attention. He got the idea, sliding out
from under her and grabbing the creamy globes of her ass.

"Just hurry up..." Rikku encouraged him, feeling him already beginning to
poke inside her gooey entrance. "I don't want them to see this." She knew
they really wouldn't mind, but the illusion of a forbidden interlude was
starting to turn her on.

"Ooh, come on, faster!" she groaned, feeling him already filling her up with
furious strokes. The rain made the encounter even sexier, the lukewarm water
acting as a slick lubricant between their conjoined bodies. Even as Rikku
struggled to hold on to the wooden support under the onslaught of thrusting
into her pink tunnel.

Tidus was no slouch when it came to sex. After every blitzball victory, there
were always plenty of willing female fans to choose from, and he'd screwed
most of them silly. But this girl here was something all together wonderful!
Her tight vise seemed to suck on his member lovingly, the luscious folds
softly caressing him with each movement.

It was all too much. With an embarrassed grunt, he doubled over, shooting
into her with days of pent-up frustration. With a knowing smile, Rikku bucked
wildly for him, determined to at least maximize his own please. After a few
intense moments, he collapsed mortified behind her. With a teasing grin,
Rikku stood up and turned around, never ceasing to be amazed at how erotic
she looked with white cream pouring from her womb.

"It was an accident." Tidus attempted to explain, catching his breath. "I'm
not usually like..." Rikku bent down, silencing the sputtering mouth with her

"It's all right!" she replied brightly, not indicating any sense of
unfulfillment. "Did you enjoy it?"

Tidus' expression morphed immediately into an ecstatic display. "You bet!"
he exclaimed. "That was the best ever!" Rikku was beaming.

"I'm glad you liked it." she answered, sitting down and swinging her legs
over the side of the boat beside him. Breaking off their conversation for a
moment, she grabbed the rag from the deck where it had mysteriously fallen.
Taking only a moment to grab it, she began cleansing the used material from
the accumulated come.

As Rikku caught Tidus watching her bending over to reach the water, she got
an idea hat would solve both of their problems. "You know..." she started
smoothly. "If I came every time someone did it to me, my poor snatch would
never get a break!" The boy nodded uneasily, being unfamiliar with her
position, the remark went lost to him.

"But if it makes you feel happy, I'll get off right here..." she continued,
swinging one leg onto the wooden planks and giving him an obstructed view of
her front. Before Tidus could even react, she leaned back, allowing the rain
to flow over her breasts and vagina. Before the water could wash away the
sticky load resting in her crack, she gently splayed her labia open, watching
as her voyeur looked on excitedly.

Already aroused from the sex, she wasted no time in flourishing her best
techniques. Her hands were a blur, between rocking the knuckles back and
forth, to pinching her reddened clitoris, to full-on poking with single
slender digit, she brought her nubile body to the brink in no time.

Rikku found his sperm to be an excellent stimulant, watching her hungry cunt
undulate it's gift with each contraction of her inner walls. Her quim surged
with each thought, knowing that the longer she let the potent seed soak in,
the greater the risk of getting pregnant.

Not even caring, she continued to plunge her fingers into the warm depths,
jamming Tidus' semen into her awaiting belly. Rikku grew appalled at how
jellylike she'd become just from pleasuring herself. Already she was rolling
about, whimpering softly as her hand worked it's magic. Even had Sin emerged
from the water right then and begun attacking, nothing could separate her
from what she was doing right now.

She was so engrossed in what she was doing, Tidus' planning escaped her
usually watchful gaze. Intent on making up for his previous lacking, he had
begun massaging his own piece, waiting for the time to be right. As soon as
she was distracted, he leapt, easing her away from the precipice and onto
her back before leaping on himself.

As he sank into her tightness again, he watched her expression change from
exuberance, to surprise, and then back to happiness again. Overjoyed that
his actions were welcome, he began pistoning into her lovely hole once more,
relishing the feeling as well as his second chance.

Although he was still totally unprepared for the exquisiteness of loving
the beautiful Al-Bhed girl, he was fortunate to begin when she was already
primed for release. Within seconds of their renewed passion, both were
wildly thrashing into each other, swimming in collective orgasm. Just before
Rikku passed out, she grabbed hold of her new lover and held him tight as
the fireworks exploded within.

* * *

Coming to several hours later, Rikku found herself still underneath Tidus,
staring into the pitch black sky as he rested comfortably atop her. With a
sudden pang of carelessness, she realized that her loins were still very
much filled with all that accumulated cum. Slowly grinding her hips, she
could feel his flaccid penis stir up the long-cold seed. It was much too
late now.

"Knocked up..." she thought lewdly, easing herself out from under her mate.
Prying open her pouty folds, she could discern nothing left but sticky film
coating her honey pot. "Oh well... I've got to be pregnant now." she mused
with a hint of smile.

The last thing Companions were instructed before they set sail was that every
one of them would, of course, be pregnant by the end of their three-month
tour of duty. For all their fine training, there was no way to avoid nature.
Since the inception of the program, not a single fertile belly was left
unfilled by the relentless assault of the sailors.

Patting her belly, Rikku stood up and headed back inside, determined to throw
herself into her remaining time with fervor.

* * *

Upon re-entering, she immediately noticed that her crewmates were absent.
Tiptoeing across the empty room, she silently opened the door to their shared
bedroom before slipping under the covers with one of them. The anonymity
thrilled her, the possibility of having sex when she didn't even know who
with. Her wet cavity stirred, pleading for more attention as her clammy skin
steadily heated up.

From off to her side, Rikku could soothing hands come around massage her
breasts. In a graceful swoop, the blonde teenager was whisked on top of her
bedmate, impaled directly onto his stiff cock. And just as the first moan
began to form from the depths of her soul, the man next to her gently climb
aboard, easing himself into her butt. Rikku screamed out in happy glory,
pistoning between the two sailors before her mouth was gently silenced by
the third awaiting male.

And before she was carried off into orgasmic bliss, she heard a far off voice
whispering from below.

"I'm going to be the one to have your baby, sis..."

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