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Final Fantasy X: The Oasis (MF)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

As Tidus opened his eyes he found his vision to be initially blurry and could
make out little except that it was very bright wherever he was. He pushed
himself up and brushed sand from his face and hair.

"Great! I'm in the middle of a desert!" Tidus thought to himself as his
vision returned and he saw he was sitting at the edge of an oasis. He still
had all of his collective memories up until he met his father, but between
then and now he couldn't remember a thing.

As unsure and unfamiliar as he was before with Spira, he was even more so now
being stuck in a desert having never seen one before in his life. The oasis
itself was different then what he had heard of them before. He had always
had this vision of a pond out in the middle of a barren desert surrounded by
palm trees. This one looked to be man made, as there were slabs of rock
stacked on top of each other forming a square u shape around the body of
water. Covering the top was what almost looked like a giant blanket or tarp
made out of some kind of animal pelt.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say this was an indoor swimming pool in the
middle of the desert," Tidus said out loud to no one in particular.

It was when Tidus bent over to get a drink of water that he realized that he
made had been passed out longer than he thought. Sand ran down his shirt and
pants and a lot fell from his hair too.

"This is like getting a haircut," he thought as he ran his hand through his
hair and onto his neck and saw the all the sand it had picked up. "This is
going to drive me insane when I go look for the others if I'm still this

Tidus then walked and stood at the edge of the shelter and looked around for
a bit.

"As long as I don't pee in the water it should be ok to drink," Tidus thought
as he walked back in towards the edge of the water stripping down naked.
Before he stepped into the water he shook his clothing a bit to get as much
sand out as he could. There was some pelt nearby that had fallen from the
covering and he set his clothes on that as to not get anymore sand on them.

Tidus then walked into the pool of water and waded around a bit occasionally
ducking under to wash his hair. As he continued to wad and float around the
water he started to try to figure out what to do now. He knew first thing
was to look for the other guardians and more importantly Yuna, but still he
was in the middle of who knew where and didn't have the slightest idea of
how to begin looking.

Not coming up with anything and feeling the comfort of the water Tidus' mind
was soon careening towards Never Never Land.

"You're not peeing in the water are you?" A female voice rang out.

"Oh shit! Who's there?" Tidus called out submerging the bottom half of
himself and turning towards the shelter's entrance.

"It's me," Lulu said walking towards the water. "Have you seen the others?"

"Uh... uh... n- no," Tidus stammered trying to cover his penis with one hand
and tread water with the other.

"Would you like me to leave while you finish?" Lulu asked seeing how
obviously awkward Tidus felt.

"Um, no that's ok. I was just washing off the sand and got lost in my
thoughts for a moment."

"Would it be too awkward then if I joined you? I have the same problem and
I promise I won't pee in the water."

"Uh I guess not," Tidus responded unsure.

"We're both adults right here. What about the water though, won't it be to
dirty to drink?" Tidus asked trying to sound sure of himself.

"I'll just use a spell to clean it if I have to," Lulu responded as she
disrobed and put her clothes on top of Tidus' clothes since there were no
other non-sand surfaces around.

Despite being a black mage who was somewhat cold at times Lulu had a body
that could make an impotent man stiff and it did just that as Tidus tried to
swim off and hide his erection until it went down. Lulu had a nice large
set of voluptuous breasts that had made every other set Tidus' had seen seem
insignificant in comparison. Lulu had an extremely curvy body with nice arms
and legs and a bush that was precisely and neatly trimmed.

Lulu either didn't see Tidus' erection or didn't care as she simply waded
around and ducked under occasionally like he had. With Lulu now in the
pool bathing and his erection not going anywhere Tidus was now getting a
bit nervous and closed his eyes to try and calm himself.

"Ok I'm done now," Tidus said opening his eyes back up. "Uuuuh... Lulu?
Where are you?"

Tidus looked around the shelter and didn't see her. Suddenly he felt an arm
underwater brush by his hip and a hand take hold of his cock.

"Oh geez!" Tidus squealed nearly jumping out of the water surprised at
Lulu's friskiness.

The hand released his cock and Lulu emerged from underwater.

"Sorry. Did I scare you?"

"No, not really... More surprised me I guess."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"I guess because you have showed any... I don't know... You seem so
straightforward and serious from what I've seen of you. Besides what about
Wakka and Chapu?"

"We're stuck in the middle of a desert. We have no idea where any of the
others are or even if they survived. It's a miracle we're alive and ran into
each other and at some point when we do leave here, even if we kill and eat
whatever creatures there are out there we'll eventually run out of water if
something miraculously doesn't happen first. As for Wakka and Chapu, Wakka
and I were never a couple and can never be. As for Chapu... I came to terms
with his death awhile ago. I miss him, but I can't let it be a distraction
to me, especially if we manage to get out of this mess alive and find Yuna."

"Yeah, I kinda know what you mean. My father's---" Tidus said catching
himself before he let his secret out.

"Your father? What about Sir Jecht?"

"Ah nothing. Forget it," Tidus said quickly as he got out of the water.

"You can tell me if you want to. You know you can trust me," Lulu said
assuringly as she got out of the water and stopped next to Tidus his back to

"Talk to Sir Auron if you want a complete story, he's the one who told me
this, but basically my father turned into Sin."


There were a few minutes of silence before Tidus spoke again.

"What're you thinking?"

"Nothing really. Just that it must be hard knowing you're helping Yuna to
one day kill your father."

"My father is dead. Whatever there is of him inside Sin doesn't want to be
here, which is why he let us live, so that we could help achieve peace. I
know the others are alive. It's just a matter of finding them now."

"Tidus, turn around."

"Yeah?" Tidus asked half turning.

"Turn all the way around."

"What is it Lulu? We should be going pretty soon," he said as he turned

"Thanks," She said before kissing him on the lips.

"You're welcome I guess. What was that for?"

"So you'll be ready for this," Lulu said as she reached down and grabbed hold
of Tidus' cock again.

"Uh.... Lulu..." Tidus said stammering.

"Shh...." was all she said as she started to jerk him off before getting on
her knees in the sand and taking his prick in her mouth.

Tidus was feeling good enough not to notice the developing sandstorm or that
Rikku had stumbled inside the shelter and was now standing near the entrance
with her hand down her pants rubbing her clit as she watched the two of them.

"That feels good... Oh yeah..." Tidus moaned as he felt Lulu's tongue
continue to slither up and down his member.

"Mmm... You like that don't you?"

"Oh yeah... Very much..."

"Your cock tastes so good," Lulu said deepthroating him, "but I want you to

Lulu laid down on the sand pushing her large breast upwards and playing with
them as Tidus mounted her. He then placed his dick between her tits and Lulu
squeezed them together.

"Fuck my tits Tidus," Lulu begged as she felt him began thrust backwards and

Rikku was now on the ground leaning against the shelter wall fingering
herself as she looked on.

"Oh god Tidus! Come for me! Come hard!" Lulu begged as she felt his cock
slid quickly between her breasts.

"Oh shit! I'm fixing to come Lulu... Fixing to..." Tidus didn't finish his
sentence as he started to ejaculate and spray himself all over Lulu's face.

When he finished Lulu took his cock into her mouth and licked it clean of all
fluids. She then started to wipe her face with her fingers and lick them
clean one at a time.

"I see you're ready for more big boy," Lulu grinned as she spied his still
erect cock.

"OH TIDUS!" Rikku shouted as she orgasmed and her juices started to leak

"Oh shit!" Tidus said as he caught sight of Rikku and picked up his clothes
to hide his privates.

"Oh shit what?" Lulu asked as she licked the last of her fingers clean.
"Rikku's alive which means there's a good chance the others are too."

"Who knows how long she's been here watching us?" Tidus said to Lulu.

"Well by the looks of things she's been here long enough to get off."

"Get serious for a sec would ya?" He said to Lulu. "Hey Rikku how long have
you been watching us?"

"Uh... well... ever since you stuck your thing in her mouth," Rikku stammered
blushing as she pulled her pants back up.

"Would you like Tidus to stick it in your mouth too?" Lulu asked.

"LULU!" Tidus screamed, "What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing. There's a big sandstorm outside right now and we've been on an
arduous journey for quite awhile now. Just calm down and relax a bit. You
covered in sand too Rikku?"

"Yes... Yes I am."

"Jump in and clean off then. The water's quite nice isn't it Tidus?"

"Yeah it is I guess," Tidus said trying to keep from blushing.

"You sure?" Rikku asked nervously.

"Yes Rikku it's ok," Lulu reassured her. "Tidus and I don't have a problem
seeing each other naked. If you're uncomfortable then we'll look the other

"No, it's ok I guess..." Rikku said as she stripped off her clothing and
ducked into the water.

As Rikku swam around a bit and cleaned herself Tidus went to get dressed.

"Not yet. Get back in there," Lulu whispered to Tidus before he dressed as
she pointed at the water.

"Why? I'm finished."

"Do you like Rikku?"

"Yeah as a friend, so?"

"Do you think she's cute?"

"I guess so, why?"

"Everyone knows she's smitten with you, just trust me and get back in."

"Ok ok." Tidus finally agreed dropping his clothes and getting back into the

Not having too much else to do in the shelter and not being able to go
outside because of the storm, Tidus soon found himself again floating around
with his eyes closed and lost in his thoughts.


Rikku's voice woke him from his temporarily slumber.

"Yeah Rikku?"

"Can I see your thingy?"

"What?!?" The question caught Tidus very off guard.

"Nevermind... I didn't mean to ask that?."

Tidus looked a bit confused and shot a glance towards Lulu who was still nude
and was playing with her moogle.

"Talk to her," Lulu mouthed.

"Uh... What is it Rikku?"

"I know you and Lulu are a few years older than me, but I'm sixteen now and
according to Al Bhed culture I'm a woman. I know everyone knows including
you, because I'm not good at hiding these sorts of things, but I really like
you and although I'm a woman I still feel like a child."

"What are you talkng about Rikku?" Tidus asked already knowing the answer.

"I want you to do with me what you did with Lulu. I know I don't have
breasts big enough for you stick your dick between so I want you to stick it
in my pussy," Rikku said abashedly.

Tidus again looked to Lulu for help, but she was too busy with her moogle
sucking on its rather large member.

"Uh.... Over here then..." Tidus said indicating to the sand near the
water's edge. "And lay on your back."

Rikku did as she was told and was soon lying in front of Tidus. Tidus was no
longer sure what was going on nor had he any thoughts of Yuna or her journey
at the moment. All he knew was that he was stuck in a sheltered oasis out in
the middle of nowhere trapped inside by a sandstorm with two horny females.
He knew he liked Rikku and all but wasn't sure that this was right. At least
Lulu was older and wiser and knew what she was doing.

"Something wrong?" Rikku asked sensing Tidus' unsureness.

"No, nothing," he replied looking down at the young girl, at her small body
before giving in to his own wants.

Tidus began by running his index finger down the left side of Rikku's face
and gently kissing her on the lips. He felt her kiss back with affection and

"You ok?" Tidus asked tentatively before moving on.

"Yeah... Please continue..." Rikku whispered.

Tidus then continued down her neck and chest stopping to squeeze and massage
Rikku's breasts. He took turns nibbling on the nipples a bit before moving
his kisses down her abdomen and stopping right before he got between her

"You two make a cute couple," Lulu thought to herself as she momentarily
looked at Tidus and Rikku. Lulu was now busy with her moogle at the moment
at it was starting to pump it's rather enlarged prick in and out of her
pussy. "Oh god that's big..." she moaned.

"Oooooh... Tidus.... That feels good..." Rikku moaned as she felt him rub
her clit with his thumb and lick the insides of her vaginal walls with his

"Stick it in me Tidus..." Rikku moaned after a bit of getting eatten out by

"This'll hurt a bit at first..." Tidus whispered as he turned Rikku on all
fours and slowly inched his dick inside of her.

"OH Tidus!" Rikku groaned loudly as she felt the head of his dick start to
poke at her hymen.

"It'll hurt just a little..." Tidus whispered as he thrust his dick hard into
her breaking her hymen small trails of blood flowing.

"Ow Tidus!" Rikku moaned a faint pool of tears swelling at her eyes.

"It's ok now Rikku. It won't hurt anymore." Tidus assured her as he started
to increase his pace.

Meanwhile Lulu was now clenching at the sand as the moogle's prick had
finally maxed out at it's unusually large size and it was currently ripping
it's way in and out of Lulu's cunt.

"Oh God it's been so long!" Lulu screamed in pleasure as the cock continued
to pound her.

The moogle continued thrust himself into Lulu's vagina harder and deeper with
every thrust until Lulu could no longer bear it.

"Oh god! Oh god!," Lulu screamed as her body started to shake with orgasm
and ejaculate her fluids all over the moogle's dick. Feeling her fluids
touch his shaft set off a chain reaction within the moogle and soon it was
shooting it's gooey white fluids all in Lulu's vagina. As moogle seed died
inside a human and never developed, Lulu did nothing as she felt her insides
get washed by a sea of white.

Hearing Lulu's screams of ecstasy caused Tidus to really push himself deep
into Rikku and cause her to start grinding back onto his groin area.

"I'm fixing to cum Rikku!" Tidus groaned as he continued to pound Rikku's

"OH TIDUS!" Rikku screamed as she could no longer hold out and her nimble
boy shook with orgasm.

"RIKKU!" Tidus moaned as he felt her fluids cover his dick and he
immediately pulled out. No sooner had he pulled out he started to shoot his
cum all over Rikku's back and hair.

After her finished both Rikku and him feel to the ground next to each other

"Thank you Tidus," Rikku whispered to him.

"You're a sweet girl Rikku. Don't let the anything get you down," Tidus

"Why don't you too catch some sleep for a bit. Night will fall soon and
we'll leave then to look for the others and whatever civilization there is,"
Lulu said as she watched the two of them together.

"Alright," they agreed not giving it much thought and they soon were asleep
in each other's arms.


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