Final Fantasy X: Underground Activities (Mf)

"You have made the right choice, young one..." Maester Seymour said calmly,
settling down into a comfortable chair in his private quarters. "It would
truly be a shame if *he* were to learn about your ancestry."

"Fuck off..." Rikku muttered under her breath, snapping the buckles on the
side of her shirt and pausing. "I can't believe I agreed to this..."

"It would seem you have wisdom beyond your years, my pretty Al-Bhed." Seymour
answered back, smiling. His gaze bore into her eyes, almost willing her to
take the next step. Before she knew it, the lithesome girl peeled her red top
away, unveiling a set of breasts too small and proud to require a brassiere.

"I've always had a fondness for the slender females of Bikanel..." the seated
Guado complimented, extending a steady hand to fondle her tiny buds. Rikku
shivered at the touch, wondering how any flesh could be so shockingly cold.
She did not shy away, though, knowing that this liaison was by mutual consent.

"Let's get this over with..." she interrupted at last, pulling away just far
enough to disrobe fully. In quick succession, her gaudy belt, worn sneakers,
and green shorts joined together in a pile on the floor, leaving the frail
youngster clad only in a pair of pink cotton panties.

"Allow me the honor..." Seymour said alluringly, instilling that same sense
of hopeless obedience that had initiated this travesty. Rikku moved closer
without a word, hands across her chest and looking straight down. The wicked
Maester did not mind his lover's reluctance at all, however, knowing the
coming pleasure would be the same nonetheless.

Reaching out once again, he slipped his fingers into the waistband, rubbing
her finely-downed slit in a lazy fashion. Even so, Rikku found herself
struggling to fight the sparks of delight exploding inside, and was actually
relieved when he ceased to remove her last remaining stitch. Even if she had
to do it with this awful fraud, she would rather be stuffed in the ass by
Kihmari than let anyone (other than Tidus, of course) bring her sexual

Seymour smiled at her radiant nudity, piercing every inch of her flesh
with carefree glances. Affronted, Rikku uncovered her small boobs and stood
defiant, trying to stare him into submission. The fact that her puffy,
fifteen-year-old slit was starkly visible detracted a bit from her ferocity,
but the gesture was noticed nonetheless.

"Anxious to proceed, are we?" he quipped jovially, raising the cincture of
his robes down far enough to free the massive rod imprisoned within. "Then,
by all means..."

Gazing at the eight-inch phallus with wide-eyed wonder, Rikku bowed her legs
out and hobbled nearer, shocked at how the crown was easily able to kiss her
womanhood even standing up. Aligned thus perfectly to take him into her body,
Rikku looked worriedly at her elder partner.

"Just... don't go too fast..." she appealed faintly. "Okay?"

"I'll leave that up to you..." Seymour responded in a surprising show of
sympathy. "Seeing as to what I'm asking, you're welcome to take as much time
as you like."

"All right..." the limber Al-Bhed female finished with a grimace, grunting as
she allowed an inch of his meat to permeate her tender vagina. "Yevon, it's

"Precisely why I am so endeared to you, young one..." he intoned solemnly,
showing not a whit of emotion as her tight vice engulfed his prick.

Rikku, on the other hand, displayed a most intimate glimpse of the struggle
her warm, unused tunnel was undertaking. Each minute contortion of her
vaginal walls as they stretched to accommodate Seymour was mirrored in the
teenager's angelic face. Just as her vulva bulged proudly under the strain
of accepting such an oversized member, her mouth gaped wide open at the
sight of her abdomen rapidly expanding.

"You are still pure, then?" the lustful Gaudo announced suddenly, just as
she felt his rod come to a halt at her maiden barrier. The young girl tensed
for a moment, wondering if all his careful restraint would suddenly vanish at
the opportunity to deflower a summoner's guardian.

"Of course!" Rikku snapped back rudely. "What kind of girl do you think I
am?" Then, the subtle realization hit that she was willingly bare, and
half-impaled on a cock of a complete stranger about to sacrifice her
virginity to keep a secret. The thought left a sickly feeling in the pit
of her stomach, but nothing, she knew, compared to the building pressure
in her untouched canal.

"You can only experience this once..." Seymour warned, reaching forward and
idly tracing the bulge of her labia with a long finger. "I suggest you enjoy

"Easy for you to say..." she hissed, rising up a bit to relieve the pressure
on her strained membrane. For a few seconds, Rikku hovered between performing
the crucial deed herself and having full control, or simply waiting for him
to shove his dick forward and release her from any part in this charade.

Eventually, her hips began to move downwards again, just before the decision
was actually made. The Maester smiled at her choice, helping by spreading her
legs even wider to ease the imminent pain. With a grunt, Rikku settled back
onto his pole, entire weight resting on her cherry. It did not take long to
completely rupture, and she suddenly rushed forward, stopping herself only
after swallowing another two inches of flesh.

The pricking sensation was minimal, and actually served only to energize the
young Al-Bhed. After regrouping her courage, Rikku grimaced and pushed on her
loins, waiting for the throbbing deep inside that would signify she had taken
it all. Due to Seymour's excessive length compared to her tiny crack, neither
expected her to actually reach the hilt, but both were pleasantly satisfied
when the stiff implement came to rest just an inch shy of being wholly

"Very good!" he praised loudly, taking great pride in seeing her at the limit
of strength, wheezing from the exertion of stretching her pussy so quickly.
"Now then -- the quicker I finish, the quicker *you* finish..."

"Okay..." Rikku said breathlessly, anchoring her stocking feet to the
floor and slowly extricating herself from his lap. The thought of her blood
seeping out was particularly disconcerting, so she focused on his placid face
instead. He, though, watched with interest as her slick twat yawned open, as
if wounded from suffering such an experience.

"And again..." Seymour commanded firmly, watching as she sank down again
onto his shaft. There was a bit of displeasure, but not nearly as much as the
first dreadful stroke. Once Rikku felt him at the deep of her wet channel,
she withdrew again, now settling into a self-sustained rhythm.

"Learning quite fast, my dear..." the Guado lauded, his voice quavering for
the first time under the effects of intercourse. His youthful Al-Bhed partner
began riding dutifully, her limber thighs flexing most attractively with each
rise and drop of her frame. Already, the constant, regular thrusts were
causing her petite breasts to bob in a sensual dual tango.

"Hurry... up..." Rikku growled, acting unnaturally placid for one supposedly
in the throes of passion. "I can't keep this up all day..."

Seymour, while selfish enough to demand sex just because he had the power,
still felt saddened at the affirmation that it would be impossible for him to
bring her any pleasure in this manner. The Maester had, of course, hoped that
she would fall into an orgasming mess the moment they began coupling, and was
disappointed to see his mate was totally disgusted with the entire act.

"So sorry to have to taint..." he whispered gently, taking her chin in his
hands. "Such a beautiful desert flower." And, even as she continued to fuck
herself on his massive phallus, he brought her mouth to his and kissed
deeply, letting go of all control the instant he tasted her sweet oral honey.

Rikku sputtered at first from his sheer audacity, then cast her eyes open in
alarm as greasy ropes of semen began inundating her spasming passage. Seymour
took advantage of the teenager's indecision, inserting his tongue into her
mouth for a few blissful moments until she finally reacted, pulling away and
lifting her butt out of his lap.

"You never said anything about that!" the feisty Al-Bhed bawled, leaning back
and furiously covering her sex even as he continued to shoot long stands of
sperm over her fingers and stomach. When the squirting abated, she cursed
loudly in her own language and distanced herself.

"Uuuugh!" Rikku bemoaned again, disgustedly scooping the white fluid from
her crotch and wiping it on her legs, wondering if she was already pregnant.
"This is *so* gross!"

"But you have made me so very happy..." he countered calmly, waiting
until she accidentally looked at his softening erection, lubricated with
pink-tinged cum. "And I shall keep my end of the bargain."

"Oh, you're soooo welcome!" she responded sarcastically, still not even
thinking to cover herself up.

Seymour was pleased to see Rikku had quickly regained her old spunk, and
would not be permanently scarred from their little interlude. She had been
quite a vigorous and emphatic lover, and would probably be a good stepping
stone if he hoped to get in close with Yuna in the future.

Covering himself with his robe, he offered to let her freshen up in his
presence, but the slender teenager politely refused, having decided he'd
seen her nude long enough. She rerobed lightning-fast, slyly rubbing sticky
hands on her panties so no one would be the wiser to what had just happened.

Rikku's voyeur watched intently as she departed, both knowing that a repeat
performance was just another threat away. Still, the awful encounter was at
least behind her for now. All Cid's daughter could think about for the
present was her last night in Guadosalam, and how many times she would have
to cream her shorts to relax enough for the journey through the Thunder
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