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characters of this story are Ronso, which have beast like appearances.

Spoilers: Spoilers for Final Fantasy X and X-2.

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Summary: Alright this story is a bit weird in how I laid it out and it sat
around for a long time before I decided to submit it. Basically Kimahri is
receiving a blowjob from an unnamed woman. While this is going on he is
thinking back to past sexual encounters. However as I change frequently
there is no separation in parts, so it goes from past recollections to
present situation very quickly at points. Hopefully it remains followable
but for the most part is PWP.

There is a lot of anal sex in the story, that wasn't the plan, but being I
wrote it in parts that is just how it came out.

My idea for this story was to think of a concept that could get a lot of
women from FFX-2 into a very short story. I hope it worked out and hope you

Final Fantasy X-2: Good To Be King
by Archer15

Kimahri reached one giant hand down caressing the head sucking away at his
cock. He wasn't thrusting down her throat yet, he was letting her get used to
his enormous cock first. There would be plenty of time for fucking her face
soon enough.

Every time he had a woman like this on her knees in front of him he thought
back to what an excellent idea it was to impose the "Mt. Gagazet" tax. When
he had become chief he had been given the almost impossible task of keeping
the Ronso together. His people lived in a barren land, had recently been
nearly wiped out, were spoiling for a fight, and without a sacred mission
to guard the summoner passage to Mt. Gagazet they had lost their purpose.
And Ronso with a grudge and nothing to do were a dangerous force.

A chance encounter with a Calm Land merchants lead to a discussion about
their poor economic outlook. They had little means to grow food, no money,
and many had no other course of action but to call for war (which given
their depleted numbers they would surely lose). He asked the merchant what
other leaders did to help run their kingdom. The merchant went on and on
about many things but the one thing that Kimahri heard was "tax".

Of course traveling the world he was familiar with the concept though the
Ronso had always gained their funds from Yevon donations for protecting the
path to Zanarkand. That path was still being used, as Gagazet was the main
connection of Spira's two main attractions, the Calm Lands and Zanarkand,
but they weren't getting any money for it.

Kimahri changed that fast. He imposed a tax on all travelers through the
mountain. It was by no means excessive, but brought in much needed currency
to provide for the Ronso, they even had enough left over to begin excavating
the mountain for many of its lost treasures from the Machina War.

But the money only took care of their economic troubles, he still had a rowdy
population on his hands. So he came up with the second part of the tax, that
any woman traveling the Mountain, in lieu of payment (which was often made
quite substantial for very attractive women), would be required to service
the sexual desires of the Ronso.

While there was some worry about women not going along with this part of the
plan he knew, that human women craved to get a piece of Ronso cock, once they
were exposed to it at least. Even if they didn't get a craving for their
large beast-like tools or the Ronso longed skilled tongues were not enough to
bring them around, it wasn't like there would be much they could do against a
people that were much taller, stronger, and trained fighters. The Ronso might
not be able to win a war of aggression, but on their mountain they were
kings, and they fully intended to make any woman passing through their bitch
if they wanted.

They had made sure to make a public announcement of their plan, inviting
Shelinda and one her camera men to the mountain. They had first explained the
need for the tax, and then demonstrated for the second part. Looking back on
it Kimahri realized they really were not that rough on her, compared to some
of the others who had come through then. Sure they had made her suck off most
of the present clan, but only five to ten Ronso had used her pussy, and
Kimahri was the only one who had taken her ass. The former Yevonite had quite
a body and slutty streak under her bulky clothes, she had even begged into
the camera for more cock as he was drilling her ass, before fucking herself
with the microphone she had.

It was a fortuitous event in many ways, it got their message out, and
maybe even helped attract women after having seen Shelinda pass out from
her numerous orgasms. It also brought in a large number of men, and thus
taxpayers, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Ronso clan gangbanging a woman.
Also Shelinda was seen as a Yevon follower by the Youth League, who were
more than happy to see her clothes ripped and defiled by the Ronso cocks,
and Yevon saw her as one who had strayed from the flock, so lying on the
ground covered in cum was just divine punishment; so the Ronso netted
points with both groups.

Kimahri's hand went from caressing to gripping as he grabbed hold of her hair
and thrust his cock forward into her mouth, not nearly as hard as he could
(or would) but enough to let her know what was coming.

Letting the women know what they were in for had been one of Kimahri's major
concerns, though there were a few that got a pass from him. For instance the
High Summoner was granted free passage. Not just because of her deeds, though
that would have been more than enough, but Kimahri had known her since she
was a child, the thought of using her sexually seemed very wrong to him. So
when Yuna said she retracing the old route of summoners Kimahri quickly gave
her permission.

Though that didn't mean all Ronso failed to see her in a sexual light.

Garak had been consumed by his loss to Yuna and had planned one revenge idea
after another. When he learned that she was on the mountain he apparently
threw all his plans out the window and went with the simplest idea, kidnap
the girl and fuck her like crazy.

Kimahri did not see what actually transpired in the first few days though he
heard of it. Apparently Garak had gotten a few other Ronso and ambushed Yuna
in the middle of a snow storm, and even then barely managed to get her.
Kimahri did not make his way up until the third day, while he would normally
do anything to save Yuna the Ronso had very strict set of ethics about
entering another's territory.

He had to stand in the distance and watch as Yuna was fucked again and again
by four different Ronso, primarily having to take it up the ass and suck down
load after load of cum. He had left knowing that Garak had got the message,
but that there was nothing short of someone coming and taking Yuna that would
cause him to let her go.

"I doubt a guy has ever needed to force you to do anything," Kimahri
mentioned as he continued to thrust his cock into her mouth.

"Mmm?" she moaned wondering what he meant as she shot her blue eyes up to
look at his face.

Kimahri laughed as he thrust forward, sending his long cock even deeper down
her throat. "That's a good slut, don't take your mouth off the cock to the
job is finished."

The mountain pass got all sorts of visitors and Kimahri did his best to
ensure that they all paid the tax one way or the other. One of the most
interesting cases had been the girl Callie, a Chocobo fanatic. She had
been taking a a small group of Chocobos to a field of greens that grew
on the edge of the mountain. She must have thought with the Chocobo
speed she could outrun them, what she didn't take into account was that
they would be able to use the tunnels they knew about to cut her off.

Most of the Chocobos had scattered on her but she had managed to find a bit
of safety on a ledge with two Chocobos. The Ronso could easily get up there
but Kimahri knew a cornered Chocobo could be a dangerous creature. Instead
he had his men go out and get mating greens when he noticed both the Chocbos
were male.

He had really expected that once aroused by the greens the Chocobos would
take off from the ledge and look for nearest available mate, he didn't expect
them to see Callie as a mate. He wasn't exactly unhappy with the outcome,
watching the Chocobos rip her clothes off before taking turns fucking her
again and again (they had thrown a lot of greens up there). Eventually they
had stumbled down, she was more covered in cum then even the women that the
Ronso had gangbanged. They figured that was enough to cover the tax and got
her cleaned up and even collected her runaway animals for her, though they
charged a blowjob for each one they brought back. Kimahri had been the only
one to fuck her, and despite the tightness of her ass (her pussy left gaping
by the large cocks she had had before even getting to his), she smelled
horrible do to the animal cum. But she needed to be punished for trying to
evade them, and whether he loved it or hated it, it was Kimahri's job to
give the punishment.

"Of course that isn't nearly as bad as what happened to Garak," Kimahri
thought as he pulled his thrusts back for a moment allowing her to tease his
cockhead with her tongue. "And not nearly as bad as what we have in mind for

It had been a week since Yuna had been first captured and Kimahri believed he
had finally let enough time pass that Garak had clearly lost his territorial
rights. He was ready to go up and bring Yuna, and Garark's head, down when he
received word that an intruder had been caught.

By the time he made it to the scene he found Paine, having taken out a number
of skilled Ronso warriors before finally being brought down. She had been
carrying Yuna down the mountain.

Kimahri went up to check to see how Paine had got Yuna free. Surprisingly no
one had been killed, though the injuries some of them sustained would never
heal, and as far as pride went was probably worse than death. Kimahri
certainly found Garak's punishment fitting.

Despite Kimahri perhaps wanting to reward Paine for her actions, he knew
there would have to be punishment. Ronso viewed their land as holy,
trespassing, no matter how noble the cause, had to be punished. Thus he
declared that as Paine had violated the Ronso lands, so all of the Ronso
would be given the opportunity to violate Paine.

It was a new concept Kimahri had taken and it wouldn't be the first time he
used it. Instead of the woman being put through one specific ordeal she was
made to serve the needs of the clan. It turned out to be a fairly effective
punishment for many of the women who went off the main trail. While many
Ronso clamored for a punishment in the weeks if not months Kimahri set it
at three days.

Of course for those three days they had her do about every sexual thing
imaginable. Kimahri thought that there was scarcely a moment of those three
days that she didn't either have a cock in her or cumming on her. They hadn't
allowed her any clothing and staying outside at night wasn't an option so she
had little choice but to seek shelter, and pay for it anyway she could. He
recalled one instance where she was sent between houses, one Ronso carrying
her a good quarter mile, the whole time thrusting his cock into her. Kimahri
himself had fucked Paine four times, his favorite being the time he had taken
her up the ass in front of Yuna, who was suppose to be asleep but had awoken
halfway through it. After an initial gasp of surprise Yuna had just settled
back in watched. While she might have appeared naive at first Yuna understood
the reality of the world and why Kimahri had set things up this way.

When he came all over her face while Yuna watched was probably the closest
moment to breaking Paine that they came. Most women lost their coherency not
long after being worked over by multiple Ronso, in some instances being
little more than fuck-puppets. Not Paine though, she struggled and fought
them the whole time.

At the end of three days they let her go, Yuna having to wait while the Ronso
cued up for one last blowjob (which Paine had gotten significantly better at
giving since she was first captured). They then sent her down the road into
the calm lands merchants, naked and covered in cum as the Ronso kept their
possessions for her crime (though in Paine's case Kimahri sent them back).
This led to another attraction for the Ronso mountain, where crowds would
gather in the hope of a woman having to make the cum covered walk of shame,
men getting the chance to grope the whole way.

Though in Paine's case it was more like a chance for men to get their arms
broke. Which didn't stop the men from groping, or Paine from breaking their

Kimahri doubted he would ever forget the image of her naked ass, coated in
cum, walking down the path. He also doubted he would ever fully realize how
many Ronso had a chance to fuck her ass over those three days.

"That was pretty damn harsh," Kimahri thought as he skullfucked the woman in
front of him, she had her hands on his hips trying to push him off but wasn't
even slowing him down, thinking back to that day always got him going.
"Though Paine healed, Garak will never get it up again. And these things can
be done so much easier."

Nhadala had been one of the most interesting people to come to the mountain.
She had come with a variety of offers, she had goods to sell, wanted quicker
teleportaion past the mountain to Cid's attractions in Zanarkand, and was
interested in getting the right to excavate parts of their mountain. They had
more than enough supplies with their recent increase in monetary assets,
weren't keen to turn over easy teleportation past their prime money making
route, and they weren't going to allow anyone on their mountain to dig it up,
no matter how attractive their offer was.

Then she had upped the offer. In exchange Kimahri could have his way with her
in any way she wanted.

At first he turned her down without a second thought, he had all the women
he could want. But she came back every day, wearing more and more revealing
outfits. It had been a long time since Kimahri had wanted a woman, but
couldn't have her as she showed no intention of using the mountain barring
them paying. It was driving him crazy and she knew it.

Eventually he caved in though he made sure to haggle the most out of the deal
as possible. He didn't give into all her demands at once, instead starting on
the supplies, he would agree to a small contract and in return she would
spend the night with him (or the other Ronso if it was a big deal). Part of
her teasing him had meant that he had come up with many many fantasies about
what he was going to do to her. She didn't seem to mind, and she must have
known he was dragging it out as long as possible, but she went along with it
happily to get the deal no one else could. The screaming orgasms she tended
to get from him probably didn't hurt either.

The last time Nhadala was in they had sealed the latest deal with a titfuck.
"Bet you love to get titfucked," Kimahri commented to the woman blowing him.
Her outfit certainly highlighted her breasts and she seemed to be drawing
attention the area between her tits.

"Mmmm," she moaned at the suggestion looking up at him wondering if that was
a request. Kimahri shook his head no "Maybe later," he thought with a smirk.

Of course not all Al Bhed were as smart dealers as Nhadala and Paine wasn't
the only Gullwing who had tried to sneak onto the mountain. While Nhadala had
tried to barter to get access to the long frozen over machina Rikku had tried
a direct approach. They weren't sure how many times she actually succeeded
before she was caught, she of course had claimed it was her first time and
she was just looking, but Kimahri suspected she had managed to sneak in
fairly frequently before they wised up to her.

The punishment many had thought for Paine Kimahri was forced to give to
Rikku. Her crime was viewed as very serious and three months as a Ronso fuck
toy was the punishment.

He still remembered the surprised look on her face when he actually issued
the punishment, the slight quiver in her lip as she debated whether to pout,
and the feel of his cock slapping against her face as he let her know that
they fully intended to go through with this.

The best guess was that it was two minutes later that she was already sucking
a cock while her hands made to clasp around two Ronso cocks. It was probably
at around six minutes after his ruling that she was being triple penetrated,
he remembered that because he was face fucking her at the time.

Strangely over the weeks that she was there her situation probably wasn't as
bad as Paine's much lesser charge. There wasn't the same sense of urgency
that had been around when they had Paine. No idea of 'Get this piece of ass
before it is gone'. Everyone knew they would have ample chances at Rikku.
Kimahri never saw Ronso carrying her across the street to her next
destination, fucking her at the same time (though on a number of occasions he
did see her fucked in the street). Sure she spent more of the day having sex
then anything else, but the Ronso made sure to keep care of her being she
would be there awhile. That meant baths and good meals, even if she had to
give blowjobs during the baths and take it up the ass while eating.

Probably even stranger was how much she seemed to absolutely love it.

"Rikku probably came more than any woman who has been through here," Kimahri
thought, which reminded him of the current situation. "Play with yourself
while you suck me off," he ordered getting a quick response as she dove a
hand down into thong getting three fingers into her pussy. "Work your way up
to a fourth," the Ronso instructed smiling as he began to pick up the speed
of his thrusts.

Of course there had been women who came to them with offers other than just
Nhadala. The Youth League had wanted some of the harsher areas to use as a
training ground that Kimahri had once said to a Crusader long before Sin was
vanquished 'We should give those areas away for just about anything that is
offered'. Amazingly that Crusader survived and ended up becoming one of the
high ups in the Youth League, he also hadn't forgot Kimahri's words.

They knew the drill and how things were working on the mountain and sent
Lucil and Elma to negotiate. Kimahri was ready to take just about anything,
not one to go back on his word, but it seemed the Youth League was willing
to give more than he would request, perhaps in the interest of good will.

Lucil told him in return for the training ground she and Elma would have sex
with each other and the Ronso could watch.

Kimahri jumped at the offer, they got a lot of women but mostly just one at a
time. A couple times they had tried to make the tax 'you two women will have
to fuck each other'. Unfortunately it was difficult to get women who weren't
into girls to do that.

Still fun to try though, but to actually get two women volunteering for it
was something to see.

Though Lucil's description of 'we'll have sex' should have been 'watch as I
make Lucil eat my pussy to orgasm to orgasm for over an hour and then fist
fuck her for five minutes.'

It was after that Kimahri learned why they had agreed to perform the scene,
and why Lucil had requested as many of the Ronso elders be there as possible.
After an hour of watching they were all incredibly ready to fuck. Lucil had
kindly offered Elma to be gangbanged (for which Elma had almost protested
before Lucil shut her up with a look) in exchange for Kimahri looking over
some contracts the Youth League was interested in his opinion on, and that
when he finished Lucil would be all his.

Kimahri wasn't really sure at the time some of the things he signed, just
that the Youth League got access to their training grounds, the tax was
greatly reduced for members on official duty, and a number of other things
that he might come to regret.

But when he felt his long cock push open Lucil's very tight pussy while
watching one Ronso after another come up and fuck Elma, the only delay being
the debate over which way to fuck her, it was all worth it.

"A plan," Kimahri thought as he watched his cock finally get completely
deep-throated. "A plan would of helped you as well." Lucil and Elma had not
been the only lesbian occurrence the Ronso had watched, and it certainly
wouldn't be the last if Kimahri had anything to do about it.

A little over a month had gone into Rikku's time. While there wasn't a rush
to fuck her no one let the opportunity pass them by. Kimahri figured he had
got to see her about every other day, catch up on old times, talk about
mutual friends, and fuck her. He personally enjoyed a nice blowjob to warm
him up before taking her ass which stayed surprisingly tight. She kept on
her very short skirt, despite the cold, though now without panties. Seeing
her walking around when he wasn't fucking her just made him think about when
he would get a chance at her ass.

Her stay was suddenly interrupted by a surprise visit from Lulu. She was
very straightforward with her offer, let Rikku go early, and that for the
night they could have both girls. Lulu pointed out that they must be tired
of fucking a flat chested girl, and that big breasted woman would be worth
giving up the extra time.

It was probably one of the longer and more heated debates the Ronse had ever
had but they eventually decided to accept Lulu's offer. Kimahri had literally
spent days staring at her tits while traveling and he was the first one to
get his cock fucking them. It was probably also the only time that night that
Lulu had only one cock to handle. Seconds after he had painted her face with
cum she had been flipped over and a cock shoved in her pussy and mouth.

They made good on her commitment to use her any way they wanted that night.

The next day Lulu was given a bath and time to wash herself (while the Ronso
took one last series of turns fucking Rikku). She emerged back in her dress
and her hair up, looking like she had never gone through the experience at
all. The last Ronso finished cumming in Rikku and Kimahri told her she was
free to take Rikku and leave.

Lulu first took a nearby seat and ushered Rikku, still naked and covered in
cum. What happened was on of the more surprising and erotic scenes Kimahri
had ever seen he didn't think he would ever forget a moment of it.

"Rikku dear," Lulu said to her cum cover covered friend. "I was able to wash
all of the cum off my body but I don't think I was able to get all of it out
of my cunt. Be a good girl and lick it out."

Rikku stared at her old friend in shock "Lulu what ..."

"Listen," Lulu said as she hiked up her dress a little and spread her legs.
"I got you out of this, so I figure you owe me at least a month of serving me
for what I had to do. So get down and lick me out."

There wasn't much Rikku could say to that, especially when Lulu grabbed
hold of her and pulled her down. Kimahri was pretty sure that Lulu had
intentionally avoided washing her pussy, instead making sure there was
plenty of cum to keep the Al Bhed between her legs for close to an hour.

At one point while getting eaten out Lulu looked over at the Ronso and
noticed their obvious arousal, and then down at Rikku, "You know I don't
think this slut is nearly covered in enough cum, if you want anyone who
is ready can jerk off on her face."

There were more than a few takers for that exciting offer and while Lulu
held Rikku in place on her knees one Ronso after another went up covering
her face, and subsequently most of her body, in cum.

The fun didn't end there though. A large crowd had gathered when word got out
that Rikku would be sent down. Lulu didn't allow Rikku to wipe a single bit
of cum off her body as she led her down the path. She also didn't seen to
have any problems with the frequent gropes along the way. In one astonishing
scene she even invited a curious group of schoolgirls from the Calm Lands
fair over and allowed them to play with Rikku's body (from the signs which he
had plenty of time to pick up, it looked like Rikku had another orgasm when
they began to experiment with her cunt).

At the bottom of the trail Wakka was waiting and Lulu made Rikku suck his
cock right there in the field, before they took her back to Besaid. Kimahri
didn't know what happened to her there, though he heard a rumor that the
Besaid Aurochs gave her a few gangbands that would have even made the Ronso

Now that she had gotten the large Ronso cock completely down her throat
Kimahri was thrusting his hips as he held tightly to her head. Thinking back
to all the pleasant memories had him moment's away from cumming. "You are one
of the best sluts I have had suck my cock," Kimahri commented and, like a
good slut, she gave an appreciative moan. In fact there had only been one
better that had come through.

Donna had really impressed Kimahri when she and Barthello arrived. She had to
go to Zanarkand and she knew the price she would have to pay. To say her body
was desirable would be a vast understatement. Once it was clear that her need
for getting there was great they set the price high, outlining every possible
act over a few days they could think of. It was far higher than the normal
price of a few blowjobs and fucks for a couple Ronso that they asked from
normal female travelers. While their was numerous occasions of women being
fucked for days and made into sluts for the clan, this was more often because
they tried to break one of the Ronso rules, satisfying a few Ronso was all
that was normally required.

But Donna had come with a counter offer. "I am in something of a hurry. How
about my offer, I will take five men and fuck them until they are very
satisfied, until I am done Barthello will attend to as many of the women as
you want."

The Ronso women, while not completely upset with the arrangement Kimahri had
made, weren't exactly thrilled either. While the men could take women against
their will and still get pleasure out of it (or in some cases when taking an
unwilling woman, more pleasure) the Ronso women couldn't force a man to have
an erection (though they certainly tried). Donna assured them that with her
instruction Barthello would keep it up without a problem.

Kimahri was fairly sure that he wouldn't be to fulfill his end of the
offer, it would take quite a while to satisfy five Ronso men and he thought
Barthello would either be unable to fake it for that long or if he was one
of the few men that they had encountered who where into the Ronso women he
would be drained well before five Ronso had finished with the incredibly hot
former summoner. After that Donna would have to fulfill the arrangement the
Ronso had come up with.

Besides when Barthello was requested to pull his pants down to show the
women what they would have to work with the women were adamant about their
decision. Barthello was larger than pretty much all the Ronso men, a very
rare occasion for a human. Kimahri probably would have had half his
population rioting if they learned he turned the offer down.

It took Donna a little less than two hours before the five Ronso who had been
chosen (Kimahri of course included) were laying exhausted. He learned that at
that point Barthello was still going with the women, only having cum once and
that barely even slowed him down.

While in truth Kimahri and the other men where sad that they had such little
opportunity with Donna, and the ones who didn't get a chance incredibly
pissed, there was some gladness that they left. Having the women have a
chance with a larger, more talented lover than the Ronso themselves created
many a problem for some of the men and a bit of a reverse situation. While
some women where flocking to the mountain for Ronso cock, the Ronso women at
times took off to the rest of Spira for sex. He still got numerous requests,
sometimes very forceful, from the Ronso women that they officially invite
Donna and Barthello back, pay them if necessary. Kimahri thought he would
probably have to cave into the request eventually. Another chance with
Donna's amazingly talented mouth would probably be worth it.

Kimahri let out a load moan, almost the equivalent of a roar as he felt his
cock deepthroated and her tongue slide out and flick against his balls. It
was finally too much for the Ronso elder and he knew he was about ready to

"Time for me to cum, you ready to have it coating your face?"

"Yes!" she moaned finally taking her mouth of his cock. "Please cover me in
cum. I have heard Ronso's can shoot massive loads of cum and I want to be
completely covered in it."

"Well then Leblanc, you are going to get your wish," he yelled pulling back,
stroking his cock a few times, before he began to cum. What Leblanc had
said was true, Ronso could produce a lot of cum, and it was soon covering
Leblanc's face and as much in her mouth as she could manage.

"Mmmm," she moaned as she brought cum to her mouth after Kimahri had finally
finished spraying her. "Its delicious too."

She stood up, cum still covering her face and dripping down onto her tits.
Kimahri's cock hung limp at the moment, they could fuck for a long time and
produce huge amounts of cum, but repeat performance was not their strength.
"Is that it? Can I go find those spheres now."

"Well I did say you would be welcome to hunt for those spheres when you paid
the tax, but you aren't finished yet," Kimahri said as he spun her around.
Behind her stood at least 20 Ronso warriors, most with already naked, their
large cocks pointed at Leblanc. "The tax requires you to please the Ronso,
not just me."

Leblanc stared in shock before she felt herself pushed forward, Kimahri's
strong hands on her back. Instantly the other Ronso were upon her barely
giving her time to scream. The Ronso had plenty of time to set up and
Leblanc was being tripled penetrated almost instantly. She was set aside
one large cock while a line of Ronso formed up at her mouth and one got
behind her taking her ass. Her clothes were ripped off her body and Ronso
hands explored every inch of her body.

Kimahri grinned as the Ronso in her mouth pulled out and bended down,
thrusting his cock between her breasts, giving Leblanc time to scream out
"Yes! Fuck me!"

Kimahri smiled as he went off to check to see if there were any more
travelers, it was good to be king.
_ _ _

Alternate Ending (this ending came to me as I typed the story. The above
ending is how I originally planned the story to end, this is a longer and
more detailed concept)
_ _ _

She stood up, cum still covering her face and dripping down onto her tits.
Kimahri's cock hung limp at the moment, they could fuck for a long time and
produce huge amounts of cum, but repeat performance was not their strength.
"Is that it? Can I go find those spheres now."

"Sure," the clan elder told her. "The tele-pad behind you will take you up
to the top."

"Thanks," Leblanc said jumping on the pad, in her excitement forgetting to
wipe the cum off her face and body. She used her foot to push down on the
activation button and everything went blurry for an instant.

When her vision cleared up she was face to face with a large clan of Ronso
and a television camera.

"What ..." she began as she felt her arms grabbed from behind, she turned to
face whoever had grabbed her. "Yuna! What are you doing?"

"Its called a trap, love," Yuna smirked using one of Leblanc's catchphrases.
"Well a trap for you, a party for the Ronso."

Around the room an all out orgy was underway as Kimahri teleported in. Nearby
Donna, who had come quickly when Kimahri had made the invitation (with the
sizeable sum of money the women had gathered), was lying on her back, one
cock in her pussy, one between her tits, and a layer of cum already coating
her body. Kimahri imagined the Ronso women had already taken Barthello off
somewhere for their own fun.

Her hands chained up against the wall Kimahri spotted Rikku, her shorts
pulled around her legs, while she was getting drilled up the ass. It was
getting easier and easier to catch Rikku as she repeatedly snuck onto the
mountain looking for machina, though Kimahri thought it more likely she
was looking for the punishment. Kimahri recognized the Ronso as one of the
previous followers of Garak, Kimahri had been using Rikku's hot little
body as lure to get many of the rebel Ronso back on his side.

Near her was Lulu, who still had her dress on despite most of it being thrown
off. The back was pulled up and she was getting fucked up the ass while she
had freed the top exposing her tits. Four Ronso stood around her jerking
their cocks as she instructed them "Make sure you absolutely coat my tits, we
will make that little slut lick me clean when you are finished. That should
be a good start to her punishment."

Nearby sitting on a rock surrounded by a few exhausted Ronso warriors was
Paine who had apparently already worn them out. She had ripped her outfit
enough to give access to her breasts and pussy. Kneeling in front of her
was Garak, Paine had one strong hand holding onto his horn as she made him
lick out her pussy. Garak might no longer to be able to put his cock to any
use but that hadn't stopped Paine from coming back and making him her bitch
and taking care of other needs. Kimahri couldn't be happier about the
arrangement. Garak got what he deserved for how he had treated Yuna and it
taught an important lesson to many of the young Ronso that they weren't
invincible and that there were humans out there who held a lot of power.

Shelinda was operating the camera, a bit shakily do to the fingers she had in
her pussy. Still there weren't many people better able to operate a camera
and she had been more than glad to help out when she hold been told what was
going to happen.

"So is everything looking alright?" he heard as another person teleported in.

"Yeah Nahdala," Kimahri told his partner. "Everything is in place. Cid all
set up for the distribution?"

"Absolutely," Nahdala told him. "Cid will be distributing the video in no
time, your clan and the Youth League will be made very rich off this."

"And the Al-Bhed," Kimahri told her as he saw the reason why the Youth League
was getting a sizable share of the profits.

Lucil came around the corner leading a series of Chocobos pulling a heavy
chain. At the end of the chain was a Malboro, the multi-tentacled monsters
that roamed the area around these caves. The Youth League had captured one
and "trained" it to not eat people but instead use its tentacles as sexual
tools. They had informed him they trained it via having it fuck Elma three
times a day till it was very proficient with its tentacles. He was told it
was captured when the idea of this video was made, but Kimahri had his own
suspicions. He had heard the Youth League had a new integration tactic that
would get any holier than thou Yenonite to talk in an instant and he
suspected it had something to do with this creature. But as he was about
to use it for a similar purpose he guess he didn't really have any room to

The Chocobos had been provided by Calli who Kimahri expected would show up
for the party at some point, if she got done enjoying her Chocobos.

Awhile back Cid had come to Kimahri with an offer. He had explained that a
vast majority of the visitors to Zanarkand where really hoping to catch a
glimpse of the Ronso's new action. Cid had a simple solution to the high
demand, make a series of videos.

They already had a few under their belt and Cid was getting ready for the
Sphere releases. It was actually Nhadala who had come up the current plan,
that the videos would do even better if there was an extra special one, for
an extra charge of course. Leblanc had stolen Sphere's from a lot of them,
so put fake information about a series of Sphere's being located on Mt.
Gagazet, and just wait for her to show up, it hadn't taken long at all.

Cid had actually came to Kimahri and told him if he needed to feel free to
use his daughter in the movie too. Kimahri was still unnerved by that, he
didn't know if Cid just had a secret fetish for his girl or if the prospect
of extra sales was just that appealing to him. Kimahri didn't know which
concept disturbed him more. He didn't plan to use Rikku, she was still his
friend after all, but it wasn't completely out of the question. She might
just jump at the chance to get penetrated by multiple Malboro tentacles with
how she had been acting.

Kimahri nodded to Lucil who directed the Malboro into position and instructed
Elma to remove her armor. Part of the Youth League's cut was for providing
the creature, part was for providing another hot woman for the scene. With
little more than a sigh Elma began to do as she was instructed.

Leblanc had overcome her shock and now was screaming and kicking but to
little avail. Yuna had ripped her clothes and used them as improvised bondage
tools rendering the sphere hunter helpless as Yuna dragged her over towards
the monster.

Kimahri found a comfortable seat and leaned back to watch the scene. The
Malboro instantly knew its job, soon as Leblanc was within range it grabbed
her with its tentacles picking her as Yuna jumped out of the way. There was
no hesitation as it plunged one long tentacle into her pussy. Kimahri watched
as Elma finished undressing and slowly, though steadily made her wave over to
the the monster.

Apparently they had done a good job on training it on what people would want
to see. The Malboro grabbed Elma just as quickly but instead of fucking her
right away it brought her up next to Leblanc, pushing the two women together.
While Kimahri did not know Leblanc's attitude towards women Elma's was well
known and she was quickly using her tongue to help the Malboro make Leblanc's
cries unwittingly turn pleasurable.

Kimahri motioned to Donna as he released his cock, the eroticism of the sight
enough to get him rearoused as he watched Leblanc get a tentacle pushed into
her ass and mouth. Donna kneeled down in front of him giving his cock a few
licks. She turned around to check out the sight behind her. She gave him a
sly grin after looking at the scene and before diving down on his cock and
whispered "Looks like fun, maybe I'll give it a try later."

The former Guardian turned Ronso leader leaned his head back letting out a
loud moan, it was good to be the king.

The End


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