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get all my information off fansites. If my rendition of the characters seems
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Final Fantasy X-2: LeBlanc's Arena (F-beast, group)
by Lord Naughtius

"Another day, another boring shift," the guard muttered under her breath.
'They might as well call me a Greeter. I do more of that than anything else.'

Just then a large red airship flew overhead and landed not far away. The
guard immedediately recognized as Summoner Yuna's airship. 'Lady Yuna,'
she corrected herself. 'She's not a Summoner anymore.'

The Celsius landed near the LeBlanc Syndicate's headquarters in Guadosalam,
raising some dust as the landing gear touched the ground. Three girls exited
the vehicle and walked towards the main entrance of the Syndicate's

"Greetings Lady Yuna, Rikku, Paine." The guard said as the trio approached
the entrance. "What is your business with the LeBlanc Syndicate?"

"We have an appointment with LeBlanc." Yuna replied.

The guard checked her schedule sphere and found the time slot. "Go right in."
she said, letting them past the main doors.

Another girl met the three in the main foyer, not far from the entrance.
"This way please, LeBlanc is expecting you." With that she led the way to
LeBlanc's lounge.

* * *

"Welcome, girls." LeBlanc said warmly, beckoning Yuna, Rikku and Paine into
her personal lounge.

"Hello, LeBlanc, may Spira smile upon your day." Yuna replied diplomatically.

"Still the Summoner, I see." LeBlanc said teasingly.

"So whatcha ask us here for?" Rikku piped in cheerfully.

"Ah, yes." LeBlanc produced a remote control and pressed a button. A motor
could be heard whirring to life and the curtains behind her slid apart,
revealing a large oasis that could be seen through the floor-to-ceiling

"Oooooooh." Rikku said in awe, "Nice window."

Yuna tried to supress a laugh, but failed partly and turned it into a giggle.
Paine bit her lip trying not to smile, but in the end revealed a grin.

"It's what's outside the window!" LeBlanc shouted exasperatingly. She swore,
if it wasn't for her genius with machina, she would have written Rikku off as
another dumb blonde.

LeBlanc collected herself, presenting a calm demeanor once more. "I
thought you of all people would recognize this immediately, Rikku." LeBlanc
continued, "Perhaps you as well, Yuna, although your eye isn't as keen as
hers when it comes to machina."

"Machina?" Yuna wondered, looking at the oasis. "What do you mean?"

Rikku pressed her face up against the glass. "Yeah, it looks real from here."

"And if you were to touch it, it would feel real as well, but it's not."
LeBlanc said with a sly smile on her face.

"Wait a minute." Rikku said as the answer dawned on her. "Is this
holo-projection technology?"

LeBlanc nodded; a smug smile on her face.

Yuna recalled that the late Maester Seymour had given them a virtual tour of
Zanarkand with the same technology.

"But you can't touch holo-projections." Rikku said, voicing Yuna's thoughts
as well.

"You can touch mine." LeBlanc said with just a hint of superiority. She
pressed another button on her control and the oasis vanished, leaving behind
a massive circular room. "Let me present to you, LeBlanc's Training Arena!
Made with the very latest in technology, it can reproduce any environment
exactly, right down to the smallest detail. I also have a vast menagerie of
fiends, specially raised by my trainers. Some can't even be found in the

"Wow." Rikku said; in true awe this time. A touch of jealousy crept in,
however. Her people, the Al Bhed had been working with machina for
generations, yet they have yet to produce something like this. She turned
to face LeBlanc.

"Before you ask," LeBlanc said, preempting her question, "yes, I did hire
some Al Bhed to create this technology. If you want the best, hire the best
to make it. They studied the original technology and improved on it. I don't
understand it myself, but it has something to do with making light bend to
make it look like a normal object and then making it solid somehow. In the
end it mimics the shape of an object."

"It's still impressive." Yuna said, awed by the possibilities of this new

"There are limitations, though." Rikku reasoned, "You can't create food
with it. If you bit into a solid-holo fruit it would feel right, but you'd
basically be eating air. You can't create guns or poisons because of the
same reasons. You can only mimic a shape, not what something is made of."

"Correct." LeBlanc answered. 'The girl certainly lives up to her reputation.'
she thought. "Also, anything created in this arena stays in this arena." she
said aloud. "The technology doesn't extend beyond these walls and the

"Impressive." Paine said; the only thing she had uttered since arriving.
"But couldn't you create fiends also?"

"Yes," LeBlanc replied, "but the real ones function much better and all we
have to do is catch them."

"I want to market this technology. But before I can, I need to know it works
properly." LeBlanc told them. "That's why I've called you three here. Who
better to test my arena than two of the people who defeated Sin and one of
the most capable sphere hunters in Spira?"

LeBlanc pressed a button on her remote and a girl entered the room. "She
will lead you to the trainer's entrance." she told the trio.

After they left another servant girl entered LeBlanc's lounge, wheeling in
a chest and three large spheres on a cart.

"Leave them there." LeBlanc ordered her, indicating an area in front of the

After the servant left, LeBlanc settled down to enjoy the show.

* * *

Now that they were actually in it, the arena looked even more expansive than
from LeBlanc's lounge. The arena was made entirely of grey metal. To Yuna it
looked kind of like a blitzball stadium, only there was no apparatus where
the giant Water generator would usually be. There were several large
guillotine doors situated in the walls all around the arena and a separate
area for combatants to enter, which they had just come through.

"Alright, let's get started." LeBlanc's voice boomed over the public address
system and echoed across the barren room. "Where in Spira would you like to
train? Besaid? Bikanel Desert? Mt. Gagazet?" The arena shifted before the
girl's eyes from Yuna's island home to a hot desert to the ancient ruins on
Mt. Gagazet's peak.

"I can even feel the sand beneath my feet!" Rikku remarked. "Let's go to the
Calm Lands! she shouted, "I want to go after some Malboros!"

Yuna and Paine looked over at her in a mix of shock and wondering if she
had gone retarded. "Rikku, you know that Malboros are some of the toughest
monsters we've faced, right?" Paine asked.

"Yup!" Rikku returned cheerfully.

"So why do you want to fight one?" Paine reasoned further, confusion on her

"Because me and Yuna here fought and defeated Sin. Don't worry, we'll take
care of you."

Paine blinked at this piece of logic. "But " she began, but was interrupted
by LeBlanc over the PA system.

"Calm Lands it is." With that the arena shifted once more into the Calm
Lands. One of the guillotine doors at the far end opened, letting a Malboro

"Time to kick butt, er, tentacles!" Rikku shouted, pulling out her twin
daggers and running towards the monster.

Yuna shrugged at Paine and ran off after her, pulling out her twin pistols as
she ran. "Idiots." Paine muttered unsheathing her sword and took off after
the other two.

* * *

The trio took position a few feet away from the fiend. "Have you all prepared
your status ailment defenses?" Yuna asked the group.

Rikku nodded.

"Yes." Paine said.

"Anybody notice this Malboro looks a little different?" Rikku commented,
"It's looks more blue than green and it's kinda smaller than the ones we
normally fight."

Yuna ignored her. "Alright, let's do this." she said.

Rikku went in first, making quick slashes against its tentacles, putting it
on the defensive. Paine rushed in next as Rikku fell back, cutting wide
swathes across the fiend's body and cutting off a tentacle or two. When she
fell back, Yuna opened fire with her pistols, giving the two girls time to
recover. The monster screeched in pain and fury over this attack and emitted
a series of sonic wave attacks from a crown of hollow tubes along its skull

The girls covered their ears. Yuna knew what this behaviour precipitated.
"Get ready!" she shouted over the cacophony.

The Malboro reared back its head, and opened its mouth. The girls took
several steps back and shielded their faces in preparation for the Bad Breath
attack. Instead of a dark poisonous cloud, the fiend sprayed a white mist all
over them. Rather than a noxious odour, the cloud had nearly no smell at all.
Rather than waste time contemplating their luck, the girls got back into
formation and prepared to attack again. Just then the Calm Lands shifted,
solidified, and shifted again. Bikanel Desert appeared in its place. The
Malboro shrieked at the feeling of hot sand underneath its tentacles and
rushed back towards the door it came from, shrieking every time its tentacles
touched the sand. It bumped into it once before it opened, letting it in for
some respite from the desert heat.

"Sorry." came LeBlanc's voice over the PA system. "I guess there are still
some glitches in the system. But since you're already in Bikanel, how about
fighting some Killer Hounds?"

Another door opened to the girl's right. The three repositioned themselves
and readied for battle. Three Killer Hounds stepped out into the desert sand,
a larger one in front and two smaller ones in back. Even so, those two were
large enough to tower over them with their heads raised.

"Let's attack the bigger one first." Yuna said. Rikku and Paine nodded in
response. The two rushed in together while Yuna took sniper shots at the
other two, putting them on the defensive and not letting them flank Rikku
and Paine.

Rikku slashed low while Paine slashed high. Rikku cut the Hound's legs while
Paine aimed for its head, occasionally dodging its jaws. The two rushed back
to Yuna, leaving the fiend bleeding profusely into the sand, but still
standing. The monster howled and an aura enveloped it and the two smaller
ones. Magically, the bleeding stopped and the damage done by the
blade-wielders healed.

"Damn." cursed Yuna. "Again!" she shouted. "Equip some elemental attacks!"

Rikku and Paine ran in again, their blades glinting in the light as they
slashed again and again. Yuna shot at the other two, just as before, except
this time she swore they were healing between shots. By the time they
regrouped the hounds were fully healed.

The lead hound howled again and the three charged as a group. The girls leapt
to the side to avoid them and regrouped further away.

"They're using Regen! Switch!" Yuna shouted, "Rikku, you be a White Mage and
Paine and I will be Gun Mages!", The other two nodded in response, and the
three activated their dress spheres. Swirling lights surrounded them as their
clothes and weapons disappeared. When the lights disappated, the girls got
the shock of their lives as they were replaced by nothing. No large elaborate
guns, no magic staves, no clothes, not even the boots on their feet.

"What happened?" Rikku shouted, balling up her fists in a pitiful attempt to
defend herself.

"I don't know." Paine replied, warily eyeing the beast in front of her,
backing away slowly now that she was unarmed.

Yuna winced as her feet now touched hot sand, cursing this dress sphere
malfunction for taking her boots as well as everything else. Rikku had her Al
Bhed ancestry to thank for her natural resistance to the discomforts caused
by sand, and Paine apparently didn't feel anything her namesake suggested.

The hounds advanced, easily separating the girls from their group formation.

One of the Killer Hounds charged Rikku, knocking her down onto the sand with
its paw. She looked up in fear as the monster advanced slowly.

Paine ran to help her, but the other hound ran ahead and cut her off. Paine
skidded to a stop right in front of the beast. As if it had a sense of
humour, the Killer Hound gently nudged her with its snout, pushing her
backward into a sitting position with her legs falling slightly apart.

A few feet away Yuna was left to fend for herself with her own hound.
Secretly she wished she was one of the other girls, for while she was faced
with the same fiend, this one was nearly twice as big as the other two.
Gathering some courage, she scooped up some sand in her hand and threw it at
the fiend's face. Momentarily blinded the beast took a step back and shook
its face free of the annoying particles. Yuna saw her chance and took it,
running swiftly to help Rikku. She didn't count on the fiend's keen sense of
hearing, however, and she was quickly sent sprawling in the sand by a well
placed swat of the paw. A little dazed, she raised herself on her hands and
knees, spitting the sand out of her mouth and brushing it from her eyes.

The fiend was now in no mood for more games. From the beginning of the battle
it had smelled something coming from these girls and it had him in heat.
Taking a whiff of her raised ass, it detected the scent of a female. Whether
the bitch was in heat or not, he was ready now and was determined to get what
he came for. Its cock lengthening, the hound moved into position, lining up
with Yuna's pussy. Being large enough to stand over her completely, there was
no awkwardness.

Feeling something poke her behind her, Yuna looked back and saw the hind
quarters of the beast. More accurately, she saw the underside of the hind
quarters of the beast, and with it, a monstrous cock dangling dangerously
close to her pussy. It wasn't even fully erect yet and she could see it was
nearly nine inches. Yuna quickly shuffled forward away from it, only to be
met with a growl near her head. Looking up she saw the fiend baring its
fangs at her, threatening her to stay where she was. The hound moved
forward, attempting to find the bitch's pussy again.

Yuna couldn't believe this was happening. There were no reports of fiends
ever behaving this way. Looking underneath her Yuna watched the cock come
closer and closer to her. What surprised her the most was that it looked
like a human penis, only larger. 'I suppose it makes a little sense.' some
small part of her logic reasoned, 'After all, fiends are just human souls
that were never sent. If it's got human needs, maybe if I satisfy them
it'll leave me alone.' Making up her mind, Yuna reached back, grasped the
cock and positioned it in front of her vagina. She rubbed the head around
her lips, letting its precum coat them, lubricating them. Then she began
thrusting back onto it, letting it penetrate her slowly, inch after inch.

LeBlanc enjoyed the show from her view in her private viewing room. The wide
window gave her a panoramic view of the entire arena while several recording
spheres treated her to up close shots of the three girls. She currently had
her attention on Yuna's, watching her pussy get pounded full of fiend cock.
She was actually surprised that ex-Summoner Yuna would be the first to engage
the beast, and without the full effects of the Malboro's pheremones to boot.
If anything she thought it would have been the Al Bhed, what with her chipper
can-do attitude and penchant for trying new things.

Turning her head to the other spheres she saw that Paine had not yet
succumbed - her fear was still clearly etched across her face. Rikku,
however, was coming along nicely. Manipulating the sphere a bit, she
zoomed in on her pussy and saw it was literally dripping wet - the
juices leaking out had created a damp spot in the sand right underneath
her lips.

The Killer Hound that was advancing on Rikku was starting to get affected by
the pheremones on the girl. Its cock emerged, swaying in the air as it became
more and more erect.

Rikku started noticing some changes in her own body as well. Even though her
fear had entrenched itself firmly in her head and was guiding most of her
actions, she noticed her body was listening to something else, as her pussy
had become extremely wet. 'Now's not the time for that,' she complained
inwardly, 'Paine is in the same situation I am and Yuna really needs -'
Rikku's train of thought came to an abrupt halt as she saw what Yuna was
doing. There she was on all fours, actually pulling the beast's cock into
her. Not only that, Yuna's moans and facial expression suggested she was
enjoying it.

A poke to her left cheek broke her out of her trance. Expecting to come face
to face with the fiend, Rikku was shocked to find she was facing an enormous
cock, glistening with precum at the head. Like Yuna she didn't expect a fiend
cock to look like a human one. The beast poked her with its cock again,
leaving a trail across her cheek as she pulled back. Expecting revulsion,
Rikku instead experienced attraction. In fact, Rikku noticed she was heating
up, and not all could be explained by the temperature. 'What's wrong with
me?' she thought, 'I'm practically horny for its cock right now.' Thinking
back to the strange species of Malboro, she had a moment of clarity. 'It must
have been what it sprayed on us!' Indeed, the pheremones were now having
their full effect on her. The clear-headedness fear brought was now being
clouded over by unbridled lust. She reached out and grasped the cock, pumping
it lightly. She was pleased to see that it had not yet reached its full
length. As she moved her hand over the rod it grew from a semi-hard nine
inches to raging twelve inches and nearly two around. Rikku had to use both
hands to pleasure the beast. Seeing a drop of precum build up at the tip she
reached out with her tongue and licked it, savouring the flavour on her
tongue. The taste of it fueled her libido even more. She opened her mouth
wide and stretched her lips over the cock head. She could only reach just
past the crown, but the fiend didn't seem to mind one bit. Rikku began to
suck on it, moving her head back and forth, using her tongue to get more
precum from the tip of the cock.

All this time Paine was caught in her own stalemate. After being knocked down
the fiend seemed to want to play with her first before it began attacking.
Any direction she moved, it would follow. If she moved backward, it would
step forward. If she tried to get up, it would knock her back down. By now
the pheremones were nearing their full effect in her. She could feel her
pussy was already wet despite the situation she was in.

The Killer Hound detected a new scent in the air coming off the girl in front
of it. It was different than the pheremones but no less potent. It leaned in
close, sniffing the girl from head to toe to find the source. When it finally
got to her pussy it gave it a lick to make sure it had found what it was
looking for. "Ahhhhh." Paine moaned as she arched her back. She hadn't
realized that she had this much tension built up in her. She desperately
needed release, and for some reason, didn't mind that it was a Killer Hound
doing it.

After the initial lick the hound went back for more, licking furiously over
her lips. "Ohhh, yes!" Paine screamed. Even though the hound was cleaning out
her pussy thoroughly, she was still producing more juice. It seemed to never
want to stop, not that Paine minded. She was now flat on her back, her legs
spread wide, giving the beast full access to her pussy.

Yuna had now completely surrendered to the beast pounding her pussy. She
stopped guiding its cock into her when she felt she couldn't take anymore
into her and was now letting it fuck her with abandon. The fiend couldn't
fit its entire length into her, but Yuna didn't mind. She couldn't even
remember the last time she had been this full. The Killer Hound was
furiously shoving twelve of its sixteen inches into her pussy. "Oh, fuck,
yes! Fuck my pussy hard!" Yuna screamed, although there as no way the fiend
could understand her. At last the hound thrusted its last into her and
unloaded its balls deep into her pussy. Since it was stuffed full of cock,
it began spraying back out, coating the last four inches still outside her
pussy and dripping down onto the sand. Yuna moaned as she orgasmed with the
beast, her juices spraying out and mixing with the cum collecting in the
sand below her.

The beast pulled out of her and Yuna's body landed on the ground with a splat
as it hit the puddle of girl and beast cum. Yuna turned herself over onto her
back as the Killer Hound made its way back to the door it came from,
wondering if such a ferocious animal had really just given her the most
pleasure she had ever had. Suddenly remembering Rikku and Paine, Yuna sat up
and saw the two girls pleasuring their own hounds. She laid back down,
smiling as she thought of how the hounds would return the favour.

LeBlanc smiled as she watched Yuna lying down in the sand, completely sated.
The other two still had a while to go and she was afraid the effects of the
pheremones would wear off of Yuna by then and go to waste. Deciding to
literally get more bang for her buck, LeBlanc summoned one of her trainers
to her lounge. "Release four more." she ordered, "Make sure they get the
treatment first." The girl nodded. "Hold on." LeBlanc said, just before the
trainer left the room, "Wait for my signal before you release them."

"Yes, LeBlanc." The girl replied and left the room.

Rikku couldn't believe how much she was loving fiend cock. The endless supply
of precum had shot her libido through the roof. She was kneeling down in the
sand sucking on the cock head and jacking the beast off with one hand while
rubbing her clit with the other. Though her pussy ached to be filled, she
couldn't bear to part with a cock in her mouth.

Yuna herself was just now getting to know the taste of Killer Hound cum. She
was rubbing her clit and finger fucking herself while she watched Rikku and
Paine. Occasionally she would bring her fingers up to her mouth and lick them

From her lounge LeBlanc saw that the time was right. She summoned the trainer
again. "Release them." she told her.

Yuna was nearly close to an orgasm when she heard a door opening and saw four
more Killer Hounds emerge, running straight for them. Getting up, she was
ready to run to the other girls and somehow tear them away from what they
were doing so they could defend themselves. As the hounds got closer, she
noticed that what she thought was a tail between their legs was actually
their cocks. She felt her pussy moisten again at the thought of another
beastial fuck. She wondered how she going to take all the cocks. She had yet
to be fucked up her ass, but it would mean her pussy would be empty. It would
be the same vice versa. As if in answer, one of the hounds tripped in its
excitement in getting to her, rolling down a sand dune and ending up at her
feet flat on its back. Yuna smiled. Though Yevon had been proven to be a
false religion, she felt someone up there was smiling on her from above.

The Killer Hound servicing Paine couldn't get enough of her pussy juices.
Every time it licked her clean Paine would cum, sending a torrent of girl
cum gushing out of her pussy. She was experiencing multiple orgasms by
this point, and because of all the liquid coating her lips, the beast
occasionally dipped its tongue between her folds.

Deciding it was time for its own release, the hound stopped licking Paine
and moved around to her head. Paine opened her eyes, wondering why the beast
stopped. Then she saw its giant cock just inches from her face with a drop of
precum collected at the tip. She reached out and grasped it, running her hand
back an forth across the shaft, wondering if it wanted her to do what she
thought it wanted her to do.

Yuna crouched down and began sucking the fiend's cock to its fullest length.
She could take it easily in the beginning, but found herself having to stand
up part way and crouch down again as she progressed. She soon had to get down
on all fours and suck it sideways to get at it comfortably. Two of the hounds
seized this opportunity and dove in for her pussy, their tongues licking all
over her pussy lips and asshole, cleaning her out of the previous hound's
cum. The last hound to get there circled the group dejected that it couldn't
take part. Sniffing the air, it caught the scent of two other bitches in the
area and trotted off to the nearest one.

Rikku didn't know what it took to get this hound to shoot its sperm into her.
It felt like she had been sucking it forever but all she got was precum.
Suddenly she felt something cold poke her in the back. Turning around she saw
it was another hound, and it was sniffing her. Once it got between her legs,
it licked her pussy and then took a step back and turned sideways, presenting
a profile of itself to her. Rikku, however, was more interested in what was
underneath it. Looking from the cock she had to the one in front of her, she
felt like her wish had been granted. Getting on all fours she reached back
and guided the first hound's cock into her dripping pussy. Then she reached
forward, grasped the second hound's cock and took it in her mouth. When the
hound behind her felt its cock being wrapped with a warm, wet, tight pussy,
it immediately thrust forward. This forced the girl to deepthroat the beast
cock she had at her lips. Rikku thrust back on the cock, pulling the cock out
of her mouth as she did so to try to get some control of the situation.
However, the fiend she was sucking was just as impatient as the one she was
fucking and thrust into her as the other hound pulled back. The two beasts
began to seesaw the girl between them, eager to dump their load into the

Yuna found that she loved having her ass licked, but she wanted a cock in
her even more. 'Three cocks.' she corrected herself. She stood up and
straddled the fiend she had been sucking, lowering herself on its twelve
inch cock. Though it was smaller than her last lover, she knew she could
take it, feeling the beast bottom out beneath her. Seeing her ass was free
once more, the hounds went in to lick it some more. However, only one of
them could fit at a time. Yuna had quite a task trying to get one of them
around to her head before the cock in her pussy got soft, but she finally
did it. She leaned forward and sucked it into her mouth. Then she reached
back and guided the last hound to her ass. Once it penetrated her she began
sucking and thrusting back on the cock in her ass, trying to set up a rhythm
between them. Eventually the hounds got it and began fucking her in time.
The hound in her ass would thrust forward, pushing her off the cock beneath
her and onto the one in her mouth. The beast in front of her would then
thrust forward as the one behind her pulled out, slamming her onto the cock
beneath her, whose owner began licking her swaying tits. Yuna felt like she
had been sent to the Farplane - she was being banged in all her holes and
was completely stimulated. It wasn't long before she started cumming.

Paine looked over to where Rikku was, and was amazed to see her servicing two
fiends. She was floored to see that Yuna was fucking three of them. Thinking
it would never be satisfied with just her mouth, Paine sucked it hard and
fast to get it fully erect before getting on all fours for the beast. She
didn't even need to guide it in, as it found the mark on the first stroke,
burying itself up to the hilt.

"Ugghhh!" Paine moaned as she was pushed face first into the sand. She pushed
herself up and braced herself on her elbows as the fiend plowed into her;
grateful that it had given her so many orgasms. If she hadn't been so slick,
she doubted she could have taken it all in.

Rikku was well on her way to her third orgasm by now. Her pussy had never
felt so full in her life and sucking on a cock kept her in perpetual bliss.
She learned to relax her throat so that she could take as much of it as
possible when she was thrust forward. Thrusting back with the fiend behind
her, she was able to take more and more of its cock up her pussy. In fact,
it was bottoming out in her right now. She could feel something hard hitting
her cunt lips with every instroke. Thinking it was more cock, she thrust
back with passion, eager to get all of it into her. With her help, the beast
was able to fuck its knot past her lips, tying with her in one last mighty
thrust. It howled as it finally knew release; shooting its sperm into her,
spurt after spurt.

The heat of the hound cum filling her up pushed Rikku into another
earth-shattering orgasm. "Mmmmm." she moaned around the cock in her mouth.
The added stimulation got that cock spurting as well. The first shot was
during a deepthroat and went straight down. After all the work that went
into getting it, Rikku wanted to taste every drop of it. The next spurt
filled her cheeks to the brim. She pulled her mouth off so she could swallow
it, letting the beast shower her entire face with cum before pulling it back
in. Breathing through her nose, she was able to fill her mouth and deepthroat
it at the same time. Once it was done, it moved away, its cock retreating
back into its sheath. Rikku couldn't move since she was tied to the hound
behind her so she stayed there, on all fours, using one hand to wipe her face
and lick up all the hound cum she could find.

Yuna didn't want her group orgy to end. Since she had starting cumming, she
hadn't stopped. But, like all good things, it was about to come to a close
whether she wanted it to or not. The hound pounding her ass came first,
shooting deep into her bowels. The sensation of cum hitting a virgin area
sent explosions throughout her body. She bucked up and down, slamming her
pussy on the hound beneath her and moaning around the cock in her mouth.
Like with Rikku's hound, this one couldn't hold out much longer under this
new sensation. The first spurt filled her mouth, some of it dribbling out
the corners. Yuna didn't have Rikku's talent, however, and had to pull it
out of her mouth while she swallowed. Thick ropes of jism covered her face
and hair. Yuna opened her mouth wide to catch what she could. Once the two
were done, they pulled out, leaving her with one more to satisfy.

Being in an awkward position, the hound couldn't thrust into her, and Yuna
enjoyed a good thorough pounding. She got off the beast and onto all fours.
The fiend didn't need further encouragement and quickly got up and speared
her again, slapping her pussy lips with its knot. "Ahhhhh." Yuna moaned
sensuously. She had missed this feeling so much, and she had only begun
fucking fiends not two hours ago. The two of them fucked in time. Whenever
the beast pulled out, Yuna leaned forward so that all but the tip remained
in her. Then she pushed back as the hound thrust forward, stuffing all she
could into her pussy. Before long, Yuna was cumming again, her pussy juice
spraying past the thrusting cock, coating the beast's knot and dripping
down into the sand. With this added lubrication, the hound fucked its knot
past her lips, tying them together as it shot its sperm into her. The
feeling of white hot cum filling her up made Yuna cum again, and for the
second time that day, her juices mixed with a hound's.

Paine was having multiple orgasms under the pounding beast. It seemed this
hound had a magic cock as well as a magic tongue. There was already a large
wet spot underneath the junction of the two where all the girl cum had
dripped. The power of this beast was unbelievable; Paine had left deep ruts
in the sand where her forearms were because the hound pushed her forward a
little bit with every thrust. Without warning, the hound fucked its knot
into Paine's pussy, howling as it dumped its seed into her. The two came
together, their juices mixing and sloshing around inside her.

LeBlanc smiled at the scenes on her viewing spheres. She summoned a servant
with her remote. "Bring the original recording spheres here. There are to be
no copies or backups made." The girl nodded in response. "Tell the trainers
to make a note of the potency of the Blue Malboro in a battle scenario."

"Yes, LeBlanc." the girl replied.

"Also, send some girls to take care of them." LeBlanc said, indicating the
three girls on the screens.

LeBlanc called another one of her servants over. "Make sure these get back to
their rooms without anyone knowing you were there." she said, motioning to
three dress spheres sitting in a chest on the floor beside her. The girl
nodded, picked up the chest and quickly left the room.

* * *

Yuna, Rikku and Paine rested on the desert sand, each tied to their own
Killer Hounds; each lost in their thoughts of what had just transpired.

'What was that weird blue Malboro?' Rikku thought.

'What did it spray us with?' Yuna thought.

'Where did the other four Killer Hounds come from and why didn't they
attack?' Paine thought.

'Why didn't the first hound attack me when it was finished?' wondered Yuna.

All three came to the same conclusion of the one person who had the answer:

Thirty minutes later the hound cocks softened enough the let the girls go.
They got up and walked toward one another as the fiends trotted back to the

"Are you two okay?" Yuna asked.

"Us?" Paine said incredulously. "You were the one taking on three Killer
Hounds at once."

"Three?" Rikku said, eyes wide in amazement. "I only managed two. By the way,
you got something on your face." Rikku reached out, wiped a drop of hound cum
off of Yuna's nose and licked it up. Paine was surprised at her behaviour,
but Yuna simply smiled.

"Lady Yuna! Rikku! Paine!"

The girls turn as they heard their names being called. Three servant girls
were running up to them, each carrying a robe.

"Please come with us." the lead girl said. "LeBlanc would like to extend her
apologies for what has happened to you. There was an accident in the holding
pen and four Killer Hounds escaped into the arena. It's amazing that you
managed to handle them all."

Yuna didn't buy the story one bit, but if she didn't know better, she could
have sworn she detected some admiration in the last part the girl said.

* * *

"Please, let us take care of you; don't worry about a thing" the servant girl
said. The three had led the famous trio to their spa area, where everybody
came to relax.

She directed them to the sauna. The servants removed Yuna, Rikku and Paine's
robes and laid them down on the benches. They removed their own robes as well
before they began washing them gently with sponges and sweet smelling rose
water. When they got to their pussies, the three servant girls dropped their
sponges and began using their tongues.

"What?" Yuna gasped as she sat upright. Rikku and Paine had the same
reaction. "What are you doing?" she asked the servant.

"Taking care of you." the girl replied with a smile. "I can tell that Tresk's
been taking care of you too."

"Who's Tresk?" Yuna asked.

"Why, the Killer Hound you fucked." the girl replied. She smiled. "I trained
him myself."

"It seems you had Rall." Rikku's servant said. Then she stood up and kissed
Rikku on the lips. "And Ymaq." she continued.

"It appears you had Gehk." Paine's servant girl said. "I know how rough he
can be."

Suddenly all the pieces fit together. The girls laid back down and enjoyed
the servants thoroughly. After Tresk and his friends, it was the most
relaxing thing they'd experienced all day. When the girls got to their
arranged rooms, they all fell asleep within minutes, each with a servant
girl beside them.

* * *

Yuna, Rikku and Paine stormed into LeBlanc's lounge and marched up to the

"Ladies, " LeBlanc said soothingly, "You look a little distressed. Wasn't
the spa relaxing? How was your stay?"

"Shut up. Why did you do that to us?" Yuna demanded.

"My arena needed a test run. As well as my fiends." LeBlanc replied.

"Enough with the double talk." Paine interjected, "You know what we're
talking about."

"Don't threaten me." LeBlanc said, her voice rising. "I have enough footage
to make you three whores known all across Spira!"

"But you won't use it." Rikku said.

"And why not?" LeBlanc sneered.

"Because then we'll be forced to tell what really goes on in this place. You
won't be allowed anywhere near a civilized area and no one would want to do
business with you ever again." Rikku said triumphantly.

LeBlanc blinked. "Well, it seems we're at an impasse." she said, her voice
calm once more.

"Not really, " Rikku continued, "You may keep the recording in your private
collection but we have some conditions for you."

"What are they?" LeBlanc asked.

"You'll never mess with our dress spheres again." Paine said, stepping

"You'll tell us everything if you want us to test your technology again."
Yuna said.

"You can never record us again and you'll let us come back whenever we want
and use your facilities however we wish." Rikku said.

LeBlanc was stunned at the last part. "What?" she said.

The girls smiled. "You heard us." Yuna said. "The next time we're here, you
roll out the red carpet. And have your 'Killer' Hounds ready." With that the
girls left the LeBlanc Syndicate, boarded the Celsius and took off into the

The End


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