Final Fantasy X-2: Terror In The Desert (f-best,rape)
by The Porn Cat ([email protected])

It was the middle of the day before Yuna decided that she wanted to return
to the Bikanel Desert for some more excavating work.

Rikku was thrilled with the idea, but Paine reminded her that they were
sphere hunters, not excavators! But even she was no match for Rikku's power
of begging...

So they turned their Airship the Celsius and they were off!! At first they
were all happy to see Nhadala and the rest of the excavators again. But after
learning that there had been several attacks on the excavating crews, they
had started to change their minds.

Now they were out in the blazing hot heat, Looking for fends. "I'm hot!!"
Rikku complained in her whinny voice as she let her arms dangle at her side.

"But we can't give up now!" Yuna Replied "Nhadala and the others are counting
on us!!" She said trying to cheer Rikku up.

"Besides, Didn't you beg to come here?" Paine added.

Rikku dropped her head to her chest and shook her arms from side to side. But
she quickly brought her head back up...

"Does anybody else hear that?" She asked looking around.

Yuna was about to ask what she meant, when Paine drew her sword. A second
later they were surrounded by three fends.

"Be careful!!" Paine shouted as she and Rikku faced the two Killer Hounds.
Leaving Yuna to fight the large Hrithmus!!

Yuna was the first to open fire, being as she was the only one to have the
gunner Dressphere. But Soon Paine was slashing away and Rikku was laughing
that she'd stole five hundred gild. The only problem was the fiends weren't

"Oh No!!" Rikku yelled out.

"Their using OverSoul!!!" Paine yell before being knocked over into Rikku
sending them both falling over each other.

Yuna quickly turned and fired on the closest hound to her friends. But it did
little good. Before she could even fire more then a few shots the Hrithmus
had sent her flying several feet from her friends.

She quickly staggered back to her feet. Since her gunner Dressphere wasn't
working she'd thought she'd try something a little stronger. But As her
gunner clothes disappeared No new clothes re-appeared, She was now NAKED!!!

Yuna quickly shrieked and covered herself with her hands.

The Hrithmus had no trouble knocking her back and forth tell she laid
sprawled out on the desert sands.

Rikku had been the first to try and help Yuna, but she ended up face down in
the sand with the killer hound laying on top of her.

And Paine was far worse! During her fight to help Yuna she'd had her top
ripped off and was now laying on her back kicking the hound attacking her
while still trying to cover her now exposed breasts. And even worse then
that... the Hound had her boot in it's mouth and was playing a game of

The hound would pull on the boot... and since it was attached to Paine's
pants, they'd be pull down to her knees exposing her panties. And Paine with
her free hand was trying to pull them back up, at the time using her free
foot to kick the hound in the face.

However both girls froze when Yuna let out a bloodcurdling scream!

They turned and watched in horror as there friend was practically being
bounced on the biggest cock they'd ever seen!!!

The Hrithmus had simply picked Yuna up and lowered her down on his giant
cock! Yuna could only moan in protest as the Hrithmus bobbed her up and down
on his cock like she was some kind of sex toy.

Paine was the first to act! Letting go of her belt the Hound flew backwards
taking Paine's pants with it. Paine now almost completely naked charged
towards Yuna. Only to be tackled by the Killer hound that had been sitting
on Rikku. Now it was Paine's turn to have her face in the sand as the Killer
hound pinned her down.

It looked to Rikku, as if Paine had been mounted by the hound. And since
Paine was closer then Yuna, that's who she tried to save first...

Rikku jumped in close and made two long slashes against the Hound's fur, but
to no affect. She was going back when she fell a strong tug on her shorty
shorts quickly followed by a loud ripping sound. Before she even knew what
was happening she was completely bottomless.

Rikku slowly turned to see what had happened. Behind her stood the other
killer Hound, her shorts and thong hanging in it's mouth.

"Oh boy!!" she stammered before screaming and throwing her arms up, taking
off running at full speed.

She didn't make it two steps before she was once again pinned in the sand
this time her ass stuck up in the air, being pressed uncomfortable close to
the Hound's crotch.

Rikku didn't even notice that fact tell something warm and slimy started to
rub against her ass cheeks.

By the time her mind thought everything through the hound had already
lined itself up. Rikku only got out.. "Oh, my God he's going to
RaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhh!!!" Before the hound shoved it's cock all
the way in her.

Paine wasn't doing much better! The hound on top of her bent it's head down
to hers and had taken to licking her face with his slimy tongue.

She'd made the mistake of opening her mouth to protest and wound up french
kissing a slimy dog tongue! That was tell she bit down...

That sent the hound flying back, but it only gave her time to turn around
before the hound was back, it's teeth only inches away from her face. She
looked over at Rikku just in time to see her getting stuffed from the hound
on top of her. Either from the shame of begging fucked by a dog, or the
whole sex act, but Rikku was squirming and moaning. Strangely she didn't
seam to be fighting the hound anymore!!!

Looking over at Yuna she saw an even stranger sight.

Yuna had her arms and legs wrapped around the Hrithmus. It was now Yuna who
was bouncing under her own power while the Hrithmus fondling her ass cheeks
and sucked her breasts. Yuna just kept yelling "Yes" over and over again....

Paine was brought back to her scenario when the hound put it's paws on her
shoulders and pushing it's self up. Paine groaned seeing the hounds erected
penis. She quickly turn her head to the side trying to avoid the already
dripping member. She was thinking of trying to take a bite at it, when the
hound used it's paws to start pounding her face from side to side. Tell she
opened her mouth...

The hound howled as it shoved it's cock into Paine's mouth. Paine was about
to bite down when she felt the hounds claws digging into her shoulders.

The hound shoved it's cock in and out of her mouth almost gagging her each
time! It's thick slimy pre-come leaking out and sliding down her throat, she
gagged again and spit out as much of the cum as she could.

Yuna and Rikku weren't doing any better.

Rikku was panting and moaning loudly as she was pounded from behind, and the
back of her head was soaked with drool from the hound.

"Ewwwwwww!! doggy drool!" Rikku cringed then shirked as the beast pushed it's
knot into her.

She shirked in pain as the hound shoved in her roughly from behind. Her eyes
grew wide suddenly "Ewww!! Ewww!!! Eww!!" she cringed "'s cumming
inside of Me!!!" she shirked as she grabbed her tummy.

Paine was moaning too! But not from being cummed in, but cummed on!!

Her hound had taken it's time, slowly fucking her mouth, all the while
leaking what seamed to Paine like gallons of doggy cum! She had tried to spit
what she could out but she was soon having to swallow it just to keep from
drowning in it's cum. Even then it's Cum flowed out of her mouth and puddle
at her belly, crotch, and legs. And just when she though it couldn't get any
worse the hound let out a horribly loud howled and pulled it's cock free from
Paine's mouth.

Paine was overjoyed at first! Tell she was hit point blank in the face with
the first of many shots of thick gooey killer hound cum!!

When it was over both Paine and Rikku laid naked of the desert sand covered
in cum.

"That was amazing!" Rikku panted.

"What??" Paine hissed.

"Uh... Nothing..." Rikku panted. "Hey!! Where's Yuna??" She shouted jumping

"I'm right here!" A soft voice said from behind them. They both turned to
look at Yuna standing behind them with her normal smile and sway.

Paine looked at both Yuna and Rikku starring at their content faces.

"We're going to be coming back here a lot aren't we?" Paine mumbled.

Yuna and Rikku giggled and smiled as they both nodded....

The End... Tell next time!!!


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