Father Knows Best: Betty Teaches Bud (mf,Mf,inc,first)
by Swanson

Jim Anderson yelled down the basement stairs, "Bud you're going to the dance next Friday. You have a week to learn how to dance."

Bud yelled back, "I'm not going; I'm cannot dance. You can't make me dance with Kathy."

"Bud, Kathy has a sleepover tonight. Your Mother and I are going out later, so Betty agreed to teach you how to dance." Jim answered.

Bud answered, "Well OK, I will be right up."

Jim put on some music and Betty took Bud into her arms. "1-2-3, 1-2-3, Bud, please focus 1-2-3. Stop stepping on my feet! 1-2-3, come on Bud concentrate."

Jim laughing said, "Bud, I will show you how it is done. Betty, let's show him how I taught you to dance." Betty and her Father danced for several minutes.

"OK, Dad I get it. Don't you and Mother have to go out?" Bud said.

After everyone was out of the house, Betty said, "Bud I'll show you how the kids dance now. They hold each other closer than the older generation."

Betty presses her body against Bud and started another dancing lesson. "1-2-3, 1-2-3. Bud you're improving, 1-2-3, 1-2-3."

Bud said, "Betty dancing like this is nice. Do all the kids dance like this?"

"Bud what the heck!! Do you have a hard on? You're disgusting." Betty yells as she runs off to her room.

Bud looking down at the bulge in his pants and decides to go up to his room. Once in his room he pulls out his dick and starts to rub it. He is thinking even though Betty is his sister, her body pressing against him was a turn on. As he builds up speed pumping his dick; Betty open the door and says, "Bud I'm sorry....OH!" She turns and runs out of his room. But returns in a few seconds later and says, "Bud you want me to help you?"

"What, you want to jerk me off?" Bud asks.

"YES, Yes." Betty answered as she sits down in front of Bud and grabs his dick. She starts pumping his dick; she begins stroking with both hands.

Bud moans, "Betty don't stop it feels great. I'm going to..." Bud suddenly shoots his cum into the air, some of it hitting Betty.

Betty laughs and says, "Did you like it?" Bending forward she begins to lick his dick, taking some cum into her mouth.

After watching Betty lick his dick, he asks, "Betty can I do anything for you? I could help you to masturbate or suck on your tits."

Betty realizing that her panties were soaking wet, said "Bud, OK but only hands and tongue nothing more."

Bud helped Betty remove her clothes. Laying back on the bed, Betty begins to rub her pussy. She says, "OK, Bud watch what I'm doing and do the same."

Bud begins rubbing her pussy and Betty starts to moan. She reaches down and moves his hand and yells, "There, there faster." Her moans were getting louder as he continued to rub her wet pussy. By accident, he inserts his finger into her pussy and she said, "Yes Bud, use your finger, move it in and out of me. Yes, Yes, Oh my God!!"

Suddenly her body starts to shake and quiver. She pulls her legs up and screams as she has an orgasm.

As Betty was catching her breath, Bud removes all his clothes and lays down next to Betty. Bud he says, "Betty, are you a virgin?"

She answers, "No."

"Can I ask you how old were you; how many times have you done it; and with who?"

"I have done it twice, I was 14. As to who, I promised I would never, ever tell." Betty responded.

"Betty, I'm laying here naked next to my sister, having just finger fucked her, and she just jerked me off. Why would I tell anyone? Please give details." Bud pleads.

"OK, you promise. You are never going to tell." Bud shakes his head in agreement. "Well, remember 2 years ago when you, Kathy and Mother went to Aunt Joan house for a weekend. Father had a big insurance presentation and I had some fundraiser on Saturday morning. After the fundraiser, I was home and Father came home all excited, he had a bottle of champagne and was babbling about getting his biggest sale of the year. I think he forgot Mother was not home. However he still wanted to celebrate, so he poured me a glass of champagne. I guess I had 3 glasses and was feeling a little weird. I started to get up to go to bed and I wobbled a little. Father said he would help me to bed. In my room I was having a hard time unbuttoning my dress, so Father helped me take it off. He took a couple steps towards the door and looked back at me. I was standing in my bra and panties, as he looked at me, he said I looked beautiful. For some reason I undid my bra and let it fall to the floor. Father came back towards me and kissed me on the mouth. I inserted my tongue into his mouth as he cupped my left breast. He then started to kiss my neck and moved down to suck on my nipples. He maneuvered me to the bed and laid me down. He pulled off my panties and started to rub me between my legs. I tried to pull him down on me but he stood up and walked out of the room saying No I can't. It was about 10 minutes later when he returned. He was naked with a huge erection. He told me to relax, and climbed on top of me. He pushed my legs apart and guided his penis into me. He slowly began to pump me; he moved his penis in and out of me. It hurt a little but it also felt very nice. After a few minutes and he pulled out and shot cum on my stomach."

A shocked Bud said, "You lost your virginity to Father?"


"Betty who was the other guy, you said you've done it twice." Bud said.

"Father, we did it again the next morning. This time I really enjoyed it, he made me cum. We did it doggie style." Betty answered.

Looking at Bud's huge erection, Betty said. "Do you want me to help you again?" Smiling she spreads her legs; motioning to him to get on top of her. She grabbed his dick to guide it into her waiting pussy. Slowly Bud pushed forward sending his entire dick deep into Betty wet pussy. Her pussy was tight and definitely felt a lot better than holding his dick in his hand. Betty said, "Bud move up and down, slowly a first then go faster."

"OK," Bud said as he started to pump her. He slowly built up speed as he pounded her pussy. Betty started to move her hips as he slammed into her. "Betty, do you like me inside of you? Am I doing it right?"

Breathlessly Betty said, "Bud you're doing I love your dick in me, fuck my pussy, shit it feels sooo good."

As Bud move in and out of Betty, he inadvertently pulled out of her. She quickly rolled over unto all fours. Bud took no time to reenter her pussy from behind. He grabbed her hips and pumped her harder.

Betty moaned loudly and screamed, "Bud, do you like my pussy? Oh God! Fuck me. I'm cumming."

Bud feeling Betty's body quivering and her pussy grabbing his dick, suddenly let loose. He shot cum into for several minutes. Lying on their backs as they caught their breath, Betty looked at the clock. She suddenly said, "We better hurry, Mother and Father should be home shortly."

Bud finished dressing first and ran downstairs. Betty was walking down the stairs when their parents entered the front door.

Father said, "Betty did you teach him everything he needs to know?"

"Father, I taught him everything you taught me." Betty said.

Bud said to the family, "Father knows best."


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