Disclaimer: This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good thing, you're pretty much a supreme asshole. While I'm disclaiming, racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking stupid. I don't own Fallout: New Vegas or any characters and make no profit from this story. Please read the story codes above to ensure that you are not going to be offended by, or otherwise dislike, the content. This is a re-write of one of my old stories from 2007/2008 and is hopefully now improved.

Description: Gloria Van Graff takes brutal revenge against the Courier with a gang of horny rapists.

Content Codes: M+F, F-gang, bond, cons, rape, pwp, bukkake, cream pie, fist, inter, viol, ws

Fallout - New Vegas: No Mercy In Novac
by JD ([email protected])

The sun had finally set on a long afternoon. The sounds of a drunken party out front filtered through the cracked window and thin door. Gloria was snoozing on the bed, a half hard cock still inside her sticky ass belonging to the passed out thug beside her. Simon had come so many times he thought he might never need to get hard again. It sure beat guard duty at the Silver Rush. He slapped one of the courier's breasts and commented to the big bearded man who'd just dribbled a final watery cumshot into her hair from his fat stubby prick.

"You know this slut was supposed to be pretty tough? Faked it like a pro, I guess."

"No shit? Doesn't seem like a badass to me. Does seem kind of like a pro though. Huh, huh."

"For real. They said she took back Nelson single handed. Literally! Sneaked in with a displacer glove. What I seen today, I don't believe a fuckin' word. Did it really happen, bitch?"

Molly Johnson was in no position to answer. The courier's panties had been stuffed in her mouth, with a strip of duct tape to hold them in. Her wrists were grazed and sore where the rough rope had bitten into them over the previous three hours. Each wrist was secured to a leg of the table by a short length of rope. The table was small, and Molly's ass hung slightly over the edge and forced her back into a painful arch. Her legs were tied by similar lengths of rope, but even shorter, to force them wide. Spasms of pain came from her aching, cramped muscles.

Sperm was draining heavily around the beer bottle someone had pushed up into her pussy. The cool glass had actually felt good on her abused inner tissue though she wouldn't have wanted one in her ass, which felt like it was gaping still. There were little bruises all over her thighs, fingerprints from ungentle hands. Her breasts were in a worse state, having been mauled and nibbled until they were darkly bruised and tender all over. They were swollen enough from the abuse that they'd actually grown bigger on her finely muscled torso.

Not every rapist had come inside Molly's two lower orifices. Some of them had pulled out and splashed cum across her stomach, or even her breasts. A few had made it around the table and jerked off into her desert-roughened auburn hair, pasting the curls with sticky ejaculate. There had been at least twenty guys with the Van Graff caravan, plus one super mutant, and all had come more than once, so there was a lot of spunk dripping off, or out of, Molly Johnson. She smelled atrocious in the hot poorly ventilated room.

The throbbing in her right eye told her that the bruise must be a real shiner. She was right; it was almost swollen shut, with a wide spectrum of purples, blues, yellows all colouring the lightly tanned flesh. She thought she'd lost a couple of teeth as well during the initial brutal blows that floored her. It was a very dumb thing to trust someone without knowing them a whole lot better. Even then...

She'd arrived back in Novac a couple of days before, paid Ada Straus for a few stimpacks and some radaway, and set to recovering both from obtaining from the effort of obtaining the Deathclaw eggs for Red Lucy, and the nightlong reward she received from the Mistress of The Thorn. That morning a knock had come on the door of her former motel room and she'd glanced through the view hole to see the super mutant, Neil, she'd met at Black Mountain. He'd seemed like a good guy so she'd smiled, and pulled it right on open.

"Hi Ne-"

She didn't even have it the whole way open before he landed a strong punch in her gut. Even with her Mojave honed reflexes she couldn't brace in time. The air had been forced from the courier's lungs with a surprised gagging noise, as she folded over the punch. He'd just grabbed her hair, wrapped his fist into it to pull her face up and, WHAM! He landed a stiff jab to the eye, followed by another right in her wide-open mouth. If he'd been hitting with full strength her skull would have cracked like the precursor to an omelette.

As she fought to drag air back into her emptied lungs, there was nothing to scream with when the fresh pain hit. She saw stars, and momentarily lost her sight entirely as her skull rocked under the jabs. Molly was vaguely aware of being dragged back into her room, and the sound of other people following. Good quality boots on the hard floor. Tears flowed from her eyes, while a trickle of blood ran down her chin.

They'd been very well organised. Some carried in a couple of crates of beer, others the binding rope and one carried the table. They had everything they needed for hours with Molly, and could send out for more supplies if needed. Neil towered over Molly, and held her up off the floor by her hair, a macho show of strength to the humans. If she had Pushy on her arm, she could do him some serious damage. Trying anyway, she landed a hard blow on his chin. His head rocked back, but he only smiled. The pain in her scalp was surprisingly mild, but felt worse quickly. He let her feet back to the floor and slapped a big green hand over her mouth. Two of the other men came around and took a hold of her arms. He didn't speak; the voice that did came from behind him,

"You brought this all on yourself, you fucking bitch. Remember what you saw the first time you walked in the Silver Rush? That man had been my lover, and he got an easy death. You, though? You were an employee and my little mole down at the Outpost told me you've passed information you shouldn't have to Ranger Jackson. Last mistake you'll ever make."

Gloria Van Graff! She was an inch taller than Molly, and heavier, though maybe not as muscular given her day-to-day work at the Silver Rush. The African-American woman lifted up her plasma rifle and pointed it between Molly's eyes, searched for fear in the courier's expression and then dropped the barrel away,

"Like I said, he got it easy. You ain't gonna. We can deal with Jackson, we do have people there. Just weren't worth spending the resource for that bitch Cassidy. She'll be next, by the way, soon as she steps off the strip."

Molly doubted the Van Graff's people could take Jackson; but Cass? Cass wasn't as good in a fight as she thought. The courier wanted to try to reason, to plead, hell, to bribe. Her words were muffled by Neil's big green hand. Gloria wasn't joking there. She was mad as hell and making a point. Neil, though, she couldn't understand why he was helping the psycho gun dealer. She saw the men carrying in beer, and her heart sank when the last one closed the door behind them. It sank even further when she saw Gloria had a hand inside her pants, clearly rubbing herself intimately.

"You're going to get fucked by a lot of guys. They're going to do whatever they want to you, and I'm going to watch, have a few beers, and listen to you suffer and cum at the same time! Afterwards, we'll take you back to the Silver Rush, tattoo you all over with instructions on how hard to fuck your whore ass, weld a mask over your face and sell your ass to the Freeside scum for two caps a pop. I can't wait to see that Garret bitch's face when we take a slice of their business. When you're all used up and too loose we'll crucify you out by the river and blame it on Caesar."

Gloria pulled her fingers from her pants. They were slick with her honey, and she smeared them under Molly's nose, just above one of Neil's fat fingers, as the courier tried ineffectually to pull loose from the relentless grip on her body. She was badly outnumbered, but it was Neil that tipped the balance. The scent of Gloria's perverted arousal filled her nostrils. The bitch was really enjoying her plans for the courier.

"What are you fools waiting for? Strip the bitch!"

Gloria moved back to let them work. As the table was set up, two men approached Molly and tore open her vault jumpsuit to expose a black bra. Since Neil had one hand on her hair and the other on her mouth they only had to pull the blue leather down her arms and expose the torso. One of the men cracked a switchblade open, and showed it to Molly. Her gut twisted with a first spasm of fear, but he only used it to slice her bra strap.

"Hey, Courier-slut. Your tits ain't so bad looking. Little small maybe. Everyone get a good look!"

The men pulled Molly's arms down to her side, and then with Neil twisting her hair like a puppet's strings, they turned her around in a slow circle to show everyone her bared breasts. As Gloria said, Molly' breasts were mighty fine, even if a little smaller than some would choose in fantasy. Once they'd displayed her like a piece of meat, they set to sliding the jumpsuit off her legs, tugging off her boots, and then tugging her panties to the floor.

Gloria approached again, and ordered the men to hold Molly's arms. Molly groaned as the African-American woman's fingers brushed her pussy, remembered Red Lucy carefully shaving her, as Gloria tickled gently around her hooded clit. The rapists' ringleader knew her stuff, and soon had Molly unwillingly dripping wet and moaning into Neil's rough green hand. Molly saw the hungry expressions in the faces of the men, most of who were already stripped off. They were all Van Graff thugs, but some looked like they'd barely left raider gangs. A few were definitely on chems. The Van Graffs were equal opportunities; some were black, some Hispanic, an Asian-American and even Neil, the Super Mutant.

Molly Johnson knew she was going to be raped, and she hated that they could see her hard nipples and oozing twat - as if she wanted the violation. Gloria finger banged her harder, suckling on a nipple.

"Maybe we'll milk these udders when you're good and knocked up, sell it by the bottle," Gloria muttered between licks. Sadistic in the extreme, Gloria nearly came every time she glanced up at the Courier's humiliated, angry, face.

As Molly' body stiffened up the super mutant removed his hand from her mouth. Gloria spat in her face as she screamed with the forced climax, raped to orgasm by another woman. Molly was a real gusher, and her explosive blast of girlcum drenched Gloria's arm and leather pants, while Molly herself was seeing stars. The incredible shame made her orgasm even more intense, triggering smaller multiple bursts of pleasure as she thought of the show she'd put on. The other folks of Novac had to have heard; would they know what was happening, try to help, or just assume it was a party?

They had her tied to the table by the time she was properly aware again. Gloria had taken off her clothes, and climbed on with her. She positioned herself to kneel over Molly' face, and just as the Courier was getting ready to scream for help, for Manny or Andy or even No Bark, she muffled her victim with snatch.

"Holy fucking shit, this bitch is good! Neil, put your green ass to work, suck my tits! Hard!" Gloria moaned, as she wrapped her hands in Molly' auburn hair and ground the bound woman's face into her cunt.

There were whoops and hollers from the thugs at the show. While normally they might fight for jobs or promotion from the bosses, the sight of a hot woman raping another hot woman brought them together. Neil, the super mutant who'd held Molly, had been retrieving her panties and the duct tape. He left both on the table and lent down to suck and fondle Gloria's breasts, giving her the additional stimulation she desired.

Even though Molly wouldn't lick her, the muffled screaming, the friction on her clit, and Neil's mouth on her breasts, was all enough to bring Gloria off with an even louder scream than Molly had managed. Cliff Brisco was banging on the door of the Novac room by the time she finished yelling. Fuck him, she thought, as a thug opened the door to give him a beer and some caps, and explain they were celebrating.

Gloria was panting, but incredibly relaxed. She smiled wickedly down at Molly, and released her bladder. The pungent waste fluid sprayed down into the courier's open mouth. She had no choice but to swallow or drown, and so, feeling utterly revolted, she gulped down Gloria's hot amber nectar.

"Come on piss-slut. Drink it!"

She'd eaten some nasty things to survive in the Mojave, but even so Molly' stomach rebelled, and she thought she would vomit. She hoped desperately that this would be it, that her punishment was over as she swallowed the last vile trickle.

But it wasn't.

Gloria climbed off, and used Molly' hair to wipe her snatch dry. Neil, who really was huge - he barely fit in the damn room, even bending down- held Molly' jaw open and forced her own panties inside. Gloria pulled off a strip of the duct tape, and stuck it across her mouth. No way for her to spit out the taste, now, or call for help. Molly struggled against the tight ropes, and twisted her head from side to side. Her wet hair whipped around as she explored her helplessness.

"She's all yours! No shoving to get to the meat!" Gloria laughed, then continued for Molly' benefit, "remember this is because the bitch dissed me, and my family. She wanted to fuck with us, so she's got it. Oh, and if she enjoys it too much, you're doing it wrong. Don't just fuck her, fuck her up!"

The courier's piteous groan made Gloria's cunt twitch, so she selected a thug to spend some quality time with during the gang rape. She knew the Silver Rush's doorman Simon was scared of getting into any relationship with her, and that fear excited her too. Gloria walked over to where he was sitting, and simply sat down onto his hard cock. Gloria faced away from him, to allow her to watch the show. She bit her lip as he stretched her already drenched pussy, but the real action was taking place at the table.

Neil was up first. Some of the guys objected to taking a super mutant's sloppy stretched out seconds, but not loud enough that he could hear them. The hulking giant revealed a mammoth organ in keeping with his build, easily longer than any man in the rooms and yet still only semi hard! He pulled the foreskin back to reveal a bloated dark-green, smegma encrusted, crown oozing pre-cum. He pinched Molly' clit between two huge fingers; tugging and twisting the little nub to make her squirm and groan. He stroked himself with his free hand, grinning like cuddles had when he got his new toy car.

"Get the fuck on with it!" cried the jet junkie thug who was number two in line. Neil broke his nose for him with an elbow without even turning, and as he dropped unconscious another man stepped up as number two.

The bound courier shook her head violently from side to side. Her hair tangled around her face. She started pleading 'No! NO!' into the panties'n'duct tape gag. Neil's thick cock was over a foot inches long, rock hard. Thick and throbbing. He forced it all the way into Molly's womb, via her cervix, in the first brutal thrust.

"Delivery for the courier!" he grunted.

The wet slap of balls to cunt mixed with a muffled scream of pain and violation. Molly Johnson was impaled on her rapist's shaft. She felt like a baseball bat had been shoved inside her, and tears ran down her cheeks. The agony of her torn cervix was truly mindblowing. Neil slapped her tits hard, leaving vivid red hand prints on the firm flesh. They hadn't even stopped shuddering by the time he gripped each breast in a heavy hand and used the leverage to rape Molly with long, deep strokes.

"I can't believe how tight she looks wrapped around that big green cock! The bitch is totally getting off on this shit! She loves being raped! What a slut!"

The second thug's commentary drew some laughs as Neil hammered Molly' cunt, but Molly herself hated it. She wanted to black out, for the agonising fire in her crotch to end, for her rapists to be beaten to death and buried in the desert. Neil spat right in her eye and laughed as she tried to blink the saliva out. Tears ran down her darkly flushed face. He battered her womb over and over, putting on a big show for the others to live up to. Molly squealed with each thrust, and each muffled squeal was closer and closer to the last as Neil sped up.

"I'm going to come right in your womb, Courier. And I want to you remember this moment even after all the other men have had you. I asked for your help at Black Mutant, and you killed all of them! They were't evil, just stupid! Well, I can be evil, you human whore!"

Neil's growl rose in pitch as he squeezed her tits and blasted his thick seed right against the back wall of Molly' womb. The wet squelching grew even wetter as he emptied his balls inside her. It was the best fuck he'd ever had, with the sheer pleasure of Molly' tight wet cunt mixed with the feeling of power he took from taking revenge against a hero of the NCR. The look of pain and anger in her eyes made his whole week.

The Courier wanted to apologise for Black Mountain, even as pain radiated through her body. It had been an accident, to be caught, then self defence. Neil hadn't seemed to angry at the time, but she'd been armed, and strong, and yet now... As helpless as a teddy bear, with a too-thick cock being tugged painfully from her bleeding uterus.

The second he pulled out, the next man started rubbing his smaller black tool at Molly's opening. Neil grabbed a beer and watched as red stained semen drained down the crack of Molly' ass around the dark purple head of the second rapist's cock. Gloria beckoned him over, and Neil eagerly held his shaft out as she licked and sucked it clean, without missing a bounce on Simon's cock in her own pussy. Gloria worked his Super Mutant cock like a pro, and his knees wobbled as her tongue lashed the spongy crown. She'd been the first human woman he'd fucked, years before, and it had been glorious.

Molly felt the new shaft thrust inside her a few times, and then to her surprise the rapist pulled out. The pain in her cramping arms seemed to intensify as she raised her head to see why, and then felt the prodding at her tight ass. Realisation hit and she struggled for all she was worth, pleading incoherently through her gag.

"Fucking look at this will ya! Super Mutant fucks her, no problem. Hard working human guy wants a piece, the ho ain't interested. I fucking hate that shit!"

He pulled back and landed a sickening punch right in Molly's cunt. The wet meaty impact seemed to quieten the room for a moment, but the noise level rose again as Gloria pushed away Neil's cock and screamed like a banshee. The incredible agony in Molly's crotch almost made her forget all of the other aches, pains, and soreness. The black rapist ground his knuckles against her messy hole, appearing ready to fist her.

"Don't you fucking dare do that!" said another, "I want me a piece of her too, she's gonna be loose as it is since the jolly green giant's had his turn!"

Molly sobbed bodily as the rapist forced his way into her tight, hot, ass. He wasn't gentle, and she was sure he was tearing her internally as he grunted and increased the pressure. Once he was past her straining sphincter he slid in more easily, and pulled out to rub more of the mess leaking from her cunt around his shaft. After a few repeats of this, he was sliding easily into Molly's ass. He lent over the sobbing Courier, biting on her tits as he humped like a rabbit.

She felt like a red-hot poker was violating her ass. She tried to block it out, to lie there and take it. So the Rapist tugged on her clit, bit into her nipples. He made the courier writhe on his cock, as much she could within her tight bondage, before collapsing with his face between her breasts as he fired his sticky load into her rear.

He was replaced quickly, and the gang rape went on. Some of them fucked her ass, and then stuck their dicks up her cunt to come. Some took her two at a time, dicks rubbing together as they stretched her out further. They beat her and slapped her and used her cunt and ass over and over, until everyone was satisfied. A couple of them - both Hispanic - were very gentle, drawing shameful orgasms from Molly, to the amusement of the other thugs.

The second rapist hadn't got to fist Molly, but a big former Scorpion did towards the end. As his hard arm muscles stretched her out further, it seemed to Molly as if she was giving birth. He insulted her in Spanish as he slammed his arm painfully agonisingly against her ripped cervix. He understood better than most of them that the rape wasn't about sex, it was about power. After leaving her gaping, he got on the table to jerk off over her tits.

After Simon came inside her, Gloria fucked a few more of the guys willingly, and jerked off more as she watched the show. She got a few of them to be rough with her, loving their fear. If she changed her mind, any one of them could be right there beside the Courier with a Super Mutant up his ass. Mostly though, she watched. Gloria stood at the Courier's head, with a dozen guys' spunk running down her thighs, and looked deeply into Molly's eyes. And smiled.

Nothing lasts forever though, and soon Molly was alone on the table with a beer bottle stuffed inside her loose cunt. After a little rest, Gloria had her untied, and carried through to the Novac room's restroom. They sat her on the toilet, and every single guy pissed over her. It took a while, with the beer-fuelled waste fluid stinging horribly in her eyes and sore gaping pussy. They drenched her from head to foot, until auburn strands of hair clung to her yellow stained skin and a lot of the cum had been washed away.

Gloria approached when the last guy had shaken off, and tore the duct tape from Molly's mouth. The panties caught on the sticky side, and dragged out too. Molly squealed weakly at this pain, though it was nothing to the aching of her rape-wracked body.

"Here's the thing, you foul smelling bitch. If any of those Novac assholes ask questions I'm gonna say we both had sex and I'm gonna say it was consensual, that we into this shit. You try and say anything different, and we'll kill them all anyway. No witnesses, right?"

Gloria's evil words had only begun to sink in when Molly was grabbed again. They forced her into a set of sexy sleepwear, and carried her through the room. . She was just too tired and cramped to put up a fight anymore, and Neil was close behind the whole way. A few of them took her hard earned trophies, another took Pushy. They got her out onto the walkway, and started on the way down.

Neil's head exploded, and despite everything, Molly smiled. She recognised the crack of Boone's rifle before the rest of the gunfire started. Later, she'd find out that Jackson had got the whole plan from the dumb sumbitch who'd tried to off him, and put a call through to her companions at the strip. Just before passing out on the stairs, Molly felt hope again.


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