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Date: 09/06/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, drug use, voyurism, BDSM, female solo sex, male
solo sex, graphic violence, female/female sex, rape, male/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Jo/Blair/m

Feedback: Yes, I want feedback.

Archive: Yes

Summary: After the students had turned in their test papers, a teacher asks
Blair to stay behind and let her friends go to the next class without her.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on a picture entitled 'Big Tittied Teens
65' by an artist named Randy Dave.

Dedications: None so far.

Facts Of Life: New School Year At Eastland
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all began on the very first day of the new school year at the Eastland
Academy For Girls, where all of the students who had already returned from
their summer vacation with their families had gone into their first classes
and started on the tests for the first year.

And then, after they had finished answering the questions on the test papers
and handed those papers over to their teachers, the bell has sounded and
each and every one of the Eastland students had left their first classes and
walked over to their next ones without any problems.

Well actually, there were some of those students who had been unable to go to
their next classes due to some sort of problems, like for instance: After all
of the students in Mister Walter Jameson had finished their test papers and
placed them on his desk, the bell has sounded and all of the teacher's
students -- including Jo Polniaczek, Natalie Green, Tootie Ramsey and Blair
Warner -- had started walking towards the door and over to their next class.

But just as the four formentioned students were about to step out of the
classroom, Mister Jameson had cleared his throat and said, "Excuse me. Miss
Warner, could you please stay for a little bit?I need to talk to you about
the scores on your test."

That had caused Blair to take a deep breath and agreed to stay behind, she
had turned towards her three close friends and said, "You girls just go ahead
and let Mrs. Garrett know that I'm going to be a little late. And you don't
have to worry about me. I'll be just fine. Okay?"

And after the three friends had said 'yes' to Blair and left the classroom to
go to their next class, the young blonde sociallite had walked herself over
to Mister Jameson's desk, taken a deep breath and said, "Look, Mister
Jameson. I know what you're thinking and you must believe me. I really did
try to answer those test questions as best as I possibly could."

That was before the handsome teacher had looked at Blair with a smile on his
lips, walked over to her, placed his gentle hands on her shoulders and said,
"Now, Blair. You don't have to worry about your failing grade on the test. We
can fix that. All you need to do know is just go lock the door and allow me
to give you some 'extra credit' work to fix it."

However, both Blair and the teacher were unaware that Jo had decided to skip
the next class and head back over to Mister Jameson's classroom to come to
her friend's defense... and just as Blair was about to close and lock the
door, Jo had just barged into the room, looked at the teacher straight in the
eye and said, "Look, you dumb-ass prick! I don't know what your problem with
Blair is, but if you're thinking about kicking her little ass out of
Eastland, then you might kick me, Natalie and Tootie out of here as well! Got

But after Blair had carefully closed and locked the classroom door, walked
over to her desk and pulled a chloroform-dipped cloth out of her book-bag, a
smiling Mister Jameson had looked at Jo straight in the eye and answered,
"Actually, Jo. I just happen to have something else in mind."

And after Blair had quickly wrapped her arm around her faithful friend's
chest and placed the chloroform-dipped cloth under her nose, Jo had tried as
hard as she had possibly could to break herself free from Blair's grip, only
to have the fumes from the chloroform to overpower her and cause her to have
no choice, but to drop down to the floor and become unconscious.

Just then, after she had finally opened her eyes and discovered that she had
been stripped bare-ass naked and tied down to one of the desks, a shocked Jo
had tried as hard as she could to free herself from her bondage and yelled,

That was before both Blair and Walter had placed their nude bodies in front
of a helpless Jo and allowed her to have no choice, but to watch her friend
pump two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her
own tits with the other hand and the teacher stroke his stiff cock.

And after he had placed his hand on Blair's golden hair and pulled on it
really hard, Walter had moved his lips close to her ear and said, "Well,
Blair! I did say that I was giving you some 'extra credit' work and this
is it! Go ahead and suck her pussy, Bitch!"

And then, after she had placed her hand on the teacher's bare chest and said,
"Yes, Master! Thank you, Master!" Walter had released his grip on Blair's
hair and allowed her to walk over to Jo, kneel herself down and start licking
on her helpless friend's exposed snatch and carressing her breasts.

And after a reluctant Jo had looked at what Blair was doing to her and said,
"Aaaahhhh! Please, Blair! Don't do this! Don't listen to him! He's nothing
more than just a heartless piece-of-shit! You're stronger than he is!" Walter
had smacked Jo really hard in the face with the back of his hand and said,
"Shut up, Bitch! You're going to nothing, but let her suck your pussy and
enjoy it!"

And then, after he had placed himself behind his blonde sex-slave and started
pumping his stone hard dick in and out of her asshole, Jo had no choice, but
allow a single tear to run down her cheek, because she was being forced to
have hot and steamy sex against her will by one of the teachers of the
Eastland Academy and the one student who had became one of her best friends.

Just then, after both Blair and Walter had started moving themselves harder
and faster and their lovemaking has finally made it back for its new school
year, the teacher, his blonde sex-slave and a helpless Jo had came and
collapsed due to exhaustion and Blair and her master had fell asleep with
their naked arms in a lover's embrace.

After Jo has finally been freed from her bondage and Blair had taken both
herself and her friend back to their dorm-room, a guilt-ridden Blair had sat
herself down on the bed next to a shaken Jo, placed her gentle hands on Jo's
shoulders and said, "Look, Jo. I really am sorry that I didn't say anything
about the agreement that Walter and I have to you. But I was afraid that you
would be unable to understand. Please, Jo. Please tell me what I should do
to make this up to you."

And after she had let out a small giggle, Jo had turned her smiling head
towards a wide-eyed Blair and answered, "It's funny that you should mention
it, Blair. You might want to go get some rope, so that you should let your
mistress tie your bare-ass naked body up with it, Bitch!"



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